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Irreplacable by SiriuslyNot
Chapter 1 : Un
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~ ¤ ~
~ ¤ ~

"Scorp?" Rose Malfoy, née Weasley, called, walking in through the door. "I went shopping, look--"

"Rose," Scorpius cut off, just as Rose ambled into the living room. "Look what the cat brought in?"

Rose's eyes widened, as she saw a blonde girl sit next to Scorpius ont he sofa, her arms tanned and slender. Rose felt her heart thump unevenly, as the tears of joy appeared in her eyes.

"Hello," she said, standing up.

"DOM!" Rose shrieked, dropping her groceries and barrelled towards her cousin and best friend. "Dom, oh my God! What the ehll are you doing here!?"

Dom laughed, as she let Rose wrap her arms around her. "I came home earlier - wanted to surprise you!"

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!" Rose cried, pulling away and admiring her friend closely. "You should've called, or owled, or something! We would've put up a party for you! A welcoming party!"

Dom wrinkled her nose. "Exactly," she retorted.

Scorpius laughed, shaking his head at the blonde girl. "Only Dominique Weasley," he chuckled.

"Scorpius, bring the champagne!" Rose ordered, sitting down with Dom. "Tell me everything about Romania - are the stories about vampires true? Ooh! Did you get close to any dragons!?"

Dom told about her trip to all the places she had been to; Romania, Bosnia, Sierra Leone was included too, Australia and even Sweden. Rose listened intently, trying to understand every smile Dom smiled whenever she told about a certain thing or country. Had Dom met someone special there? Did she leave something unsaid? Had it changed her life enormously?

"... and on the fourth night," Dom went on, her face filled with joy. "We were able to change our station from Freetown."

"Wow," Rose breathed, her eyes wide.

"That sounds amazing, Dom," Scorpius agreed, his arm around Rose.

Dom's eyes zoomed in on their closeness, and she smiled brightly. "Well, I won't keep you away form each other any longer," she teased, standing up.

"What? You're leaving?" Rose exclaimed, watching Dom grab her rucksack. "Already?"

Dom threw a glance towards the old clock on the wall and grinned. "Rose dear, I've been babbling for two hours already - you must be bored out of your mind!"

"No I'm not!" Rose said, standing up. "Please stay for a cup of tea, atleast!"

"Maybe tomorrow," Dom promised, walking towards the door with Rose and Scorpius following right behind. "It was lovely to see the two of you after such a long time," she said, opening the door.

"Stop by tomorrow," Rose said, embracing Dom. "I have the day off - we'll go shopping, or watch a movie, talk and have tea, okay?"

"Okay, okay," Dom promised with a laugh. She turned to Scorpius, her arms extended. "Good night, Scorpius," she said, as Scorpius hugged her.

"Good night, Dom."

Rose watched with a bright smile as the two ofthem hugged each other. Her best friend and her husband. It seemed surreal that there had been a time when Scorpius and Dom had hated each other. Back in Hogwarts, when Rose and Scorpius had just started dating, Dom and Scorpius could barely even be in the same room. The tension between the two blondes had been unbearable to everyone, and Rose had had many, many arguments with the two of them.

Luckily, they had somehow overcome their differences with each other, and realized they were both equally important people in Rose's life.

And since their mutual agreement, the three of them had been best friends.

Scorpius closed the door after Dom, and turned around to face Rose with a small smile.

"What?" Rose said, answering his smile. She couldn't help it whenever he looked at her like that, with that special smile on his face. "What are you looking at?"

"My beautiful wife," he murmured, taking Rose's hand and pulling her to him. "I didn't get the chance to welcome you home..." he murmured, pressing his lips gently against her forehead.

"Oh," Rose said faintly, biting back a giggle.

"Welcome home, love," Scorpius whispered, trailing kisses down her face, until he reached her lips.

"Thank you," Rose said breathlessly, falling into the kiss like into a pond of cool water. "How was your day at the office?"

"Excruciating," Scorpius murmured. "You said something about shopping?"

"Oh!" Rose said, skipping eagerly back. She reached for her bags, and pulled out a dark blue cashmere sweater, holding it up. "Ta-da!"

Scorpius stared at her in disbelief. "Don't tell me that sweater is for me?"

Rose's face fell. "You don't like it?"

"I'll look ridiculous in it!" he said, but let Rose hold it up against his chest. "Rose, there is no way I'm wearing that thing!"

"I'm your wife," Rose said stubbornly. "You're supposed to wear the clothes I buy you!"

"Yeah, yeah," Scorpius chuckled, ruffling Rose's hair, before placing a kiss on her forehead.

The sweater remained in the closet.

~ ¤ ~

A few weeks passed, and Dom was still around. As Rose walked down the street towards her house, she couldn't help but wonder over her own life; it was perfect. She was happily married to a successful man, her best friend was back, and on top of that, Rose had just spent a lovely day with her cousin Lily - shopping, of course. Sometimes it annoyed Rose that she didn't have a job, but functioned as a homewife. But why would she need a job when her husband took care of everything? She didn't miss anything from her life, she was happy, what else could she ask?

Rose dug for her keys, and shoved them in the lock, unlocking the door. The house was silent, as she dropped her bags, and made her way slowly towards the kitchen. She froze, as she heard voices become louder and clearer with every step she took. As she neared the door, she realized she recognized the voices; it was Scorpius and Dom.

A mischievous grin appeared on her face, as she thought of the looks on their faces when she would show up unannounced. It took all her self-control to remain quiet, and tip-toe towards the half-closed door.

But it wasn't until she was right behind the door when her curiousity took the best of her, and she stopped to listen what they were murmuring. Rose had always been rather curious, and eavesdropping on her husband and best friend suddenly seemed utterly fascinating.

With a wide grin on her face, she bit down on her lip, and listened closely to each word.

"And Rose has no idea?" Dom murmured.

"Do you think I'm an idiot?" Scorpius snapped, surprising Rose with his tone.

Dom seemed unmoved by it. "Do you love her, Scorp?"

Rose frowned, her eyes narrowing slightly. What was going on? Was Dom trying to be protective of her, or something? Why were they acting so weird all of a sudden?

There was a sound of something hitting the table - probably Scorpius' fist - and chairs scarping against the wooden floor. "Of course I love her! She's my life, Dom!"

"So it meant nothing, then?" Dom demanded quietly.

"What are you talking about?"

"Us," Dom hissed, her voice so fierce it made Rose shiver. "The night before you asked Rose out?"

"I always loved Rose, and you know that," Scorpius said loudly.

"And I meant nothing to you?"

"No!" Scorpius said. "I told you then, and I'll tell you again! It was always Rose! You knew she was the one, and you agreed on those terms - nothing more than sex, right?"

"Oh really? And it meant nothing when you kissed me the night before you proposed to Rose, huh?" Dom said, her voice trembling with anger.

Rose suddenly felt sick. She could feel her knees go weak, as she clutched her head with her hands. What was going on? What were they talking about? Had they... no, it couldn't be. Dom would never do that to her! Scorp would never do that to her! They had always hated each other, they couldn't have been... lovers.

"YOU KISSED ME!" Scorpius suddenly roared, making Rose back away from the door - and make a vase crash down on the floor, breaking into pieces.

"What was that?" Dom said, her voice suddenly frightened.

"Hold on," Scorpius breathed, and a silence followed. Suddenly, the door was wrenched open to the kitchen, and the light from the kitchen washed over the trembling Rose, who stared up at Scorpius with watery eyes. "Rose?"

"Now I know," Rose whispered, letting her hands fall. "Now I know why you two couldn't stand each other; it was all an act for me, right? You two are in love."

"Rose!" Dom cried out, as she peered at Rose from behind Scorpius, her eyes wide with shock. "Rose, don't--"

"YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE MY FRIEND, DOM!" Rose cried out, letting the tears splash down on her cheeks. "I TRUSTED YOU!"

"Rose--" Scoripius started, reaching towards Rose's hand.

"Don't," Rose said, backing away. "Don't touch me, you mongrel..." she growled, her eyes flashing.

"Rose, I can explain!" Scorpius said desperately, as Rose turned away to leave. "Rose! Come back! Don't walk away from this!"

"Leave me alone!" Rose cried, flinching away from his touch, as he followed her down the corridor.

"I can explain!" Scorpius tried again.

Rose swiveled around, staring him down. "EXPLAIN!" she screamed, letting out a sob. "Explain to me why you thought it was okay for you to cheat on me the night before you proposed!" Rose sniffed, her voice trembling.

"I..." Scorpius said, his face twisted in pain. "You were never supposed to find out."

Rose stared at him, her breathing uneven. She reached for the door without taking her eyes away from Scorpius, before taking a deep breath. "I want a divorce."

With that, Rose walked out, without looking back.

~ ¤ ~

A/N: This is a different kind of story. Not quite a one-shot, even if it would be a perfectly fine one at that. I just thought it'd be too rushed to have it all in one lame chapter, all ratatatatatata, like a machine gun. I know, I would suck in the army with that pathetic piece of military knowledge :D
- Lily xxx

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