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Fighting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 1 : When She Was Born
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A/N Alright so I have finally gone in and started editing the chapters to this story. I add updating them as I go, so if you see a grammar problem feel free to let me know and I will add it to my list. Also I will label the chapters that have been edited. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy. By the way I do not own any of the characters from J.K Rowlings beautiful story.

Chapter 1

Hermione lay in her bed, attempting to go back to sleep after being nervously awakened by her husband. She listened to the repetitive back and forth, pacing occur in front of her and it was driving her completely crazy. Finally she sat up and yelled “Ronald Weasley I swear if you do not stop moving I'm going to hurt you.”

Ron stopped mid step and stared at her “Sorry. Nervous.”

Hermione let out a light laugh “I can tell, but love your walking is stressing me out, and you know what the healer said, stress on me is stress on the baby.”

Ron immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion. “Are you all right? Is the baby all right?”

“Fine, we’re both fine.” She said calmly.

“Are you sure? Is there anything that I can get you.” He asked in a caring way.

“Well it would help if you came and lay down beside me.” She smiled at him

Ron grinned at his wife “I can do that.” He crawled on top of their bed and leaned over Hermione kissing her gently on the lips.

“Thank you” she said.

Ron got comfortable beside her, adjusting his arm around her so that it sprawled across her stomach. He kissed the top of her hair and closed his eyes.

“Ron” Hermione whispered.

“Hum?” he replied.

“Guess what?” she said a little too excitedly.

“What love,” he said opening his eyes to look down at his wife.

She smiled and turned her head so that she was looking up at her husband “We’re going to be parents tomorrow.” She was already in the early stages of labor.

“She may come earlier,” he complained like an impatient child, staring at the one on the clock.

Hermione shook her head, already knowing the fetus that was in her. “She is going to come when she is ready.”

Ron grind as wide as his mouth would allow. “Stubborn like me,”

Hermione nodded “Stubborn like you,” and then she kissed him on the cheek before turning her head around, the both of them falling asleep with smiles on their faces.


The next morning Ron got up, barely having slept, and started his usual routine. He watched his wife sleep as he got dressed, knowing that it would be less than twenty-four hours and he would be a father. Walking down stairs he greeted his in-laws, who flew in to see their only daughter give birth to their first grandchild just two days before.

“Morning” he said as he walked in to see them sitting at the kitchen table reading a muggle newspaper.

“Well, Good Morning.” His mother-in-law responded, lowering her paper and smiling. “Coffee is on the counter.”

“Thanks” Ron mumbled. After pouring himself a cup, he walked over to the table and sat down across from them.

“So how do you feel?” Mrs. Granger asked.

“I’m nervous.” Ron admitted. Mr. Granger chuckled from behind his paper. “What's so funny?” he asked.

“Nothing I just remember being in this same position about twenty-six years ago and feeling so nervous it almost hurt.” He said as he too lowered his paper.

“Umm, excuse both of you, but might I add that twenty-six years ago I do believe that I was the one giving birth. And I was the one in unbelievable pain.”

Ron looked at her curiously “Was it really that bad?”

“You never wondered why we only had one kid? I mean don’t get me wrong but Hermione was a very stubborn child.” She smiled

“Point taken,” Ron said taking another sip from his mug.

“I heard that,” Hermione said walking down the kitchen stairway.

Ron got up to help her off the stairs. “Hermione if you wanted to come downstairs you should have used the baby monitor I would have come up and helped you.” He said.

“Seriously Ron I am perfectly capable of getting down a set of stairs on my own. I’ve done it every other day of my life and I can do it today.” She said in a tone of independence.

“Okay” he let go of her “but every other day in your life you haven’t been carrying a baby.” He continued while closely following her around the kitchen.

“Yes but dear I have been with child for the past nine months and I could do it then.”

“Okay let me rephrase every other day in your life you haven’t been carrying my child.” He said watching her pour her coffee in to a cup.

“Except for the past nine months where I have been carrying OUR child.” She smirked up at his defeat as she poured cream and sugar into her coffee and began to stir it.

Ron rolled his eyes “True but you also had Ginny helping you.”

Hermione huffed “You know what Ronald Weasley I don’t want to argue with you. Yes I may have had help from your sister in the past but I don’t want help today. And I especially don’t want any help from you.” She stated in a harsh tone as she clinked her spoon on the side of her mug.

“Okay, fine I won’t help you if it was you want.” Throwing up his hands he stepped back and leaned against the counter.

“Thank you,” she said putting the spoon near the edge of the counter and reaching across it trying to grab a paper towel with her large belly in her way.

Shaking his head, Ron simple watched her as she struggled to tear it off. Just as she retrieved the paper towel she heard a loud clinking hit the floor. Hermione shut her eyes, in frustration, and turned to see, what she already knew, was the spoon that had hit the ground.

Ron looked at her and said “Do you want help?”

“NO!” she yelled and began to try and bend down to get the spoon but the large child in her wasn’t making that possible.

Ron semi-laughed and asked again “Do you want help?” She shot him a dirty look.

“I'm just saying that if you wanted help then I would be willing to spare five seconds of my time to retrieve a spoon for my very pregnant wife that I love very much.” he said.

Mrs. Granger finally finished with being amused by this spat decided to step in. “Ron what do you think you’re doing?”

“I'm not real sure but I know it’s not helping my wife.” Ron said in a mocking tone.

“Daddy will you make him stop?” Hermione complained to her father.

“I'm sorry, I didn’t realize that he was doing anything but being considerate.” Mr. Granger said looking at his daughter. “Do you want me to make the nice man stop being nice?”

Hermione stood up straight and looked down at the spoon and in utter defeat. Letting out a breath of hot air “Ron…” she drawled out.

He looked over at her and said in a sarcastic tone “Yes dear.”

She released another long and deep breath “Will you help me?”

Ron smiled in triumph “Sure thing love. All you had to do was ask.” He bent down and picked up the spoon handing it back to her.

“Thank you” she said in a defeated voice.

Ron stood by the sink as he watched her rinse of the spoon, while grinning over her shoulder. Hermione looked up at him and said “Oh wipe that grin off your face.”

“I love you too dear,” he said helping her to the table.


A few hours later, Ron sat in the room holding his newly born daughter. He couldn’t stop staring at her, and she stared back up at him with a look that could only be described as curious and indecisive. Blinking her little eyelids to try and stay awake, Ron chuckled softly. Ron found it slightly unfair, she had had months to bond with Hermione, immediately recognizing her as her mother, but he was a complete mystery.

Glancing to his wife, who was asleep in the bed, he made sure to keep a whisper. “Hello my little Rose. Do you know who I am? I’m your daddy.” He smiled at the word. “You know what that means don’t you? It means I'm supposed to make sure you never ever get near any boys and that you are going to have the best of everything.”

He heard the door to the hospital room open just a crack and the soft footsteps of his mother walk in. Turning to her  “What are you doing” Mrs. Weasley asked in a gentle tone.

“Just looking,” He replied tilting his head back down so he could see his baby again.

“It’s weird isn’t it?” she asked.

“What's weird mum.” He asked not turning his head.

“It’s just that I remember when you were first born. It seems like it was only yesterday and now here you are with your own child.” She grinned.

“She really is beautiful isn’t she?” Ron asked looking at his mum.

Mrs. Weasley knelt down beside her son “She’s gorgeous.”

“I know and she’s so tiny. I'm scared that I may break her.” Ron said, Rose feeling so light in his arms, almost weightless.

“You won’t break her.” Mrs. Weasley encouraged.

“You sure about that?” Ron joked lightly.

“Positive. Look you’re already a natural.”

Ron gave an unusual sort of grin at his mother’s words. Staring at his daughter, now soundlessly asleep in his arms, he had the urge to never put her down. Tucking the blanket around her head, Rose instinctively leaned in and nuzzled her cheek against her father’s fingers. It was then that he knew, she recognized who he was, and that she would always find safety in his arms.

Smiling at the thought, he continued to study the outline of his daughter’s face. Although his concentration was broken when he heard a deep voice that gave him chills down his spine, make its appearance at the door.

Ron looked up at the tall slender blond man with cold grey eyes standing in the door frame. “I can’t believe they actually let you reproduce Weasley.” The man let out a cold laugh.

“Same goes for you Malfoy. I heard your wife is pregnant too. How on earth you even convinced someone to marry you is bewildering.” Ron said in a harsh tone.

Draco didn’t correct Ron on the fact that his son had already been born four and a half months ago. Instead he stared at him with a cold expression.

Hermione woke up to the sound of the men’s voices. She looked over at Ron and Molly and decided to intervene before things went too far. “Ronald” She spoke lightly.

“Yes Dear.” He said still watching Malfoy.

“Ron let me see the baby.” She said a little worried, not that she didn’t trust Ron with their child but she knew that Malfoy had a way of getting under his skin.

Mrs. Weasley spoke with concern on her face “Ron why don’t you let me see the baby and I’ll give her to Hermione.”

Reluctantly he let go of his daughter, stood up and said “Malfoy shall we move this conversation outside. “

“Actually I need to speak to both you and Potter.” He said with a sneer.

As Ron left the room he looked back to his wife and mum “I’ll be back in a minute.” He mouthed.

When Harry saw Draco and Ron walking down the hall to the waiting room together, he knew no good could come from it. Standing up he walked over to the two men.

“Malfoy” He greeted with a curt nod.

“Potter” Draco responded back with the same nod.

There was silence for a moment.

Ron spoke “Excuse me, but if you don’t mind I would like to get back to my wife and new born child so if you would go ahead and tell us what you need that would be great.”

“Yes I can see why you would want to get back to that in there.” He said in a disgusted tone. “And you may go back after you just sign these papers stating that you agree with what the Death Eater has said, and you will testify against him at the trial.”

Harry bent down and signed the documents while speaking “So Ron when am I going to get to see that daughter of yours.”

“Soon, Hermione has just woken up so you can probably go back whenever you like now.” Ron smiled at Harry. “I never thought I would see something so perfect and sweet in my life.”

“I know, felt the same way after James and Albus were born. Speaking of which Ginny gives her regards to not being able to come but Albus is only a month old so she stayed to care for him.”

“I understand. It’s not like she will never see her niece.” Ron spoke at ease to Harry. Draco made grunting noise. “Do you have a problem Malfoy?” Ron asked his anger rising up again.

“No,” he shook his head condescendingly “I just can’t believe you named the kid Rose.” He said humoring himself.

Ron bent down taking the quill from Harry and started to sign the forms in a rush “Well Hermione and I both think that the name is beautiful.” he said trying to control his anger.

“Yeah that’s the only beautiful thing about that kid.” Draco mumbled.

Ron finished signing the form and handed them to Draco “You done?” He asked in an aggravated tone.

“Oh yeah I'm done, that was all I needed. But I hope you don’t mind me asking are you sure you are the father I mean I just didn’t see the resemblance.” Draco smirked at him.

Ron lunged toward him with Harry to hold him back “Ron calm down go see Rose and Hermione I’ll finish up out here.” Taking his friends advice he nodded and walked back to the hospital room.

He walked in to see Hermione holding his daughter, smiling down at her. She looked up to him as he walked over and kissed her on the head.

Unable to shake Draco’s words, no matter how untrue he knew they were, Ron couldn’t help but look down at his daughter to see if there really was a resemblance between them. As soon as he looked he knew that Draco was just full of it but he couldn’t help but let him get under his skin.

“Ron what was that all about?” Hermione asked noticing that Ron seemed preoccupied.

“Oh nothing, just something that the little git said that’s all.” Ron reassured his wife.

“Okay if you say so…daddy.” She added at the end gleaming up to her husband.

He knelt down beside her with the same smile of joy on his face. He looked at Rose “That right I'm your daddy little Rosie. Don’t worry about the mean little things the ugly ferret said about you.”

Hermione looked at her husband with a smirk “Ron please don’t start right now. This is a happy day. Think happy thoughts.”

Ron smiled back at Hermione and said I'm just thinking about how happy I'm going to be when our Rose beats his little mutant spawn in every test.”

Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at this, although she tried to discourage it “Ron let’s not worry about test until she can at least talk.”

“Okay dear.” He agreed, and continued in with his happy day.

A/N: I hope you enjoy the story thank you for reading and please review.

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