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Co-Captains by evanlyn
Chapter 2 : All Talk
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Our first training session was very interesting. I turned up for try outs at six in the morning in the biting air. Lots of players showed up – every quidditch player in the school and then some. I searched desperately for Scorpius, just for a little help with crowed control, but he was nowhere to be seen. I had to scream at the top of my lungs just to get them to sort themselves into year and house groups.


Half way through the try outs, Scorpius showed.


“So, who looks good?” Scorpius asked, leaning down over Rose to purposely intimidate her. She shoved him away with her elbow and sighed angrily.


“Well, you’ll have to just take my word for it, because you’ve missed half the try outs.”


He shrugged.


“Try outs are boring,” was his excuse. “Just pick whoever you want and I’ll start the real work this afternoon.”


“This afternoon?” Rose queried. “What, you’re going to hold your own try outs?”


“Nah, I’m not an idiot. I know you’ll pick the best players. I just thought we’d start training this afternoon, you know, run them through the games and who we’re up against,” he smirked, and gave a sarcastic smile. “Try to convince the poor buggers they have a chance against the Unicorns.”


“But everyone will be exhausted from try outs,” Rose argued, turning to face the cocky Slytherin beside her.


“Exactly,” Scorpius answered, looking down on her condescendingly. “They have to learn today that this isn’t going to be a holiday.”


Not a holiday? That was definitely the first thing to come out of his mouth that totally shocked me. I was expecting him to not really be a Captain, in fact, I thought he’d try to undermine everything I did, and just show up for the games. Scheduling a training session on try outs day was really crazy. It was tougher than anything I would have done.


Again, I was questioning my own training methods as too hard, too strict. I hated letting Scorpius get under my skin but the fact that he said my entire team had hated me still bothered me. I wanted to win, but I also wanted to be the hero Captain, not the dictator Captain. No one wants to be hated, right?


I chose five players based on the try outs, and I knew I had chosen the best. I tried to remain totally unbiased but still struggled to give five positions away to Slytherins. I almost felt like I was being a traitor to my old Gryffindor team. It is totally ludicrous and immature; after all, my loyalty had to be to the Hogwarts team now. But I did feel a slight twinge to my bones as I signed on the Slytherins.


The newly formed Dragons met in the middle of the Quidditch pitch. Scorpius got everyone to sit in a circle and began the introductions.


“Alright, for those of you who don’t know, because let’s face it, most Quidditch players are thick as shit,” he paused as the group giggled, infuriating Rose. She didn’t want Scorpius to be the favourite. “I’m Scorpius Malfoy, beater, and this is Rose Weasley, chaser, and we are your Captains.”


“How come there are two Captains?” Called out one of the Slytherins.


“Because life isn’t fair, mate,” Scorpius replied instantly. “So, let’s introduce ourselves. Name and position please.”


“Fred Weasley, beater,” spoke up the burly Fred, who had beautiful olive skin and sparkling brown eyes thanks to his parents George Weasley and Angeline Johnson.


“Weren’t you in seventh year last year?” Scorpius asked, pointing at Fred as he remembered his face.


“Yeah, but I failed on purpose so I could play in the Cup.”


“I like you,” Scorpius smiled. “You’ve got your priorities straight. You know I think beaters should chase the bludgers around instead of sticking with the other players.”


“I’ve never heard of that method before,” Fred admitted.


“I’ll show you,” Scorpius answered reassuringly. “Alright, whose next?”


“Lily Potter, seeker,” spoke up the miniature version of Ginny Weasley-Potter. “Thanks for letting me join even though I’m only a fifth year.”


The next one to speak was one of the Slytherins. Slytherins, Rose noted, were nearly always unbelievably good looking, and this one was so exception. He had a delicate face which made him look younger then he was, with handsome hazel eyes and sandy hair.


“Aiden Field, keeper,” he said with pride. He was very small for a keeper, but quick enough to zoom back and forth across all three hoops.


“Nice to see you again, Field,” Scorpius nodded towards him.


“Angus Wentworth, chaser,” spoke the next Slytherin, his deep voice coming out in a posh oxford accent. “Pleasure to be here.”


Scorpius nodded at him too.

“Nick Graham,” spoke up the last player, who was obviously a chaser as there was no other position left. He seemed shy, and didn’t say anything else.


“Right,” spoke up Rose, feeling it was time for her to be a part of this meeting. “Our first game is against the Krakens. They will arrive here at Hogwarts late October sometime.”


“No Halloween costumes necessary for those guys,” Scorpius interrupted with a shudder.


“And we play them early November,” Rose continued, ignoring Scorpius completely.


“The Unicorns play the Krakens in Bulgaria early December,” Rose said.


“And at Christmas the other teams are coming here and we’re hosting a massive blow out Christmas party,” Scorpius announced, to some cheers.


“And then we play the Unicorns here,” Rose said, still ignoring Scorpius. “Then everyone has played two games, and the two leading teams will play in France. Beauxbatons is planning a ball in honour of the Grand Final.”


“Beat me to the party announcements that time, Weasley,” Scorpius said to her quietly, looking at her out of the corner of his eye. “I guess all that’s left to say is, all things going well, we will probably be in the finals against the Unicorns.”


“Is it true that they have international Quidditch players on their team?” Asked Aiden.


“More then one?” Fred spoke back to him.


“I heard they have four,” Angus spoke up pompously.


“Well, that’s more incentive to beat their team, then. Maybe if we win we can take their international spots.” Scorpius spoke warmly, delicately avoiding the actual question. Rose appreciated that, especially because she had heard that they had five.


“My mother’s an international quidditch player,” Lily spoke up. “It’s no big deal really.”


Rose noticed a flash of admiration in Scorpius’ eyes and felt a wave of annoyance go through her. It was just so inappropriate.


“I think that’ll do for now,” Scorpius said, clapping his hands. “Good work, everybody. We’ll put training schedules on the Quidditch bulletin board in fourth floor hallway. No point trying to keep it secret as we don’t have any direct competition here.”


Everyone started to head back up the castle.  Rose noticed Scorpius stayed behind, and assumed he wanted to talk to her. Dusk settled in as the bright sky started to bleed to night. A few stars winked down from above.


Rose walked over to Scorpius, hugging herself warm in the cool summer air. He had her back to her. She wondered briefly if she should tap him on the shoulder to let him know she was there. Her hand hung pathetically in the air inches from him, as she found herself not wanting to touch him.


“Tactics, Weasley?” He said quietly. He knew she was there.


“What?” She asked, having not really listened to his question. He turned around and exhaled impatiently.


“Have you got any tactics for the games we need to start working on, Weasley. I thought that was supposed to be your specialty?”


“Oh, well, yes. I do. But first you have to stop calling me Weasley. I don’t like it.”


“I wouldn’t like it either,” he grinned.


“Hey!” She shouted angrily, generally insulted. “None of that, alright! I wouldn’t expect that kind of talk, not even from you.”


“It was a joke, Weasley’s kind of a dumb name, that’s all. Jesus, I didn’t mean, well, you know,” he said, looking shocked. “Can we just leave all that stuff out of this? Malfoys versus Weasleys, it’s so cliché. I’m more interested in Dragons versus Krakens right now.”


“Yes, well...ok then,” Rose replied, not really sure what she should say.


“’s Rose then, I suppose?” Scorpius asked.


“Yes, Scorpius.”

“No, you call me Malfoy.”


Rose sighed angrily and was going to storm off when she realised he was smiling. He was just pulling her leg.


“Let me think of some tactics based on our players strengths, and I’ll get back to you, alright?”


“Alright. I’ve got to get a girl for Field.”


“What?” Rose asked, sure she must of misheard him.


“Field. He’s never had a girlfriend and guys play better when they’ve got a pretty face cheering them on. You’ll see.”


“Hooking the team members up is not our job! I mean, what sort of person does that!?”


“A Captain, Rose.” Scorpius walked past her, just pausing when he was next to her, and whispered in her ear. “My own personal tactics.”


He walked away, whistling to himself. Rose stood in the middle of the field shaking her head in disgust before following him up to the castle, keeping her distance so she would not have to talk to him again.

Authors note: Edited in September because the number of players was confused before. It's all fixed now :) So it is chasers: Rose, Angus, Nick. Seeker: Lily. Keeper: Aiden. Beaters: Fred and Scorpius.

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