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Are You My Heaven? by PinkRose
Chapter 3 : Digging Deeper
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Chapter 3


“Ron this is the worst bloody thing that’s ever happened, screw Voldemort, and everything that happened at Hogwarts, I’ve never seen Hermione in more pain. We need to fix this!”

“I’m going to kill that prick, not only do I love and care about Mione way more than he ever has but now he’s got her pregnant and he’s left her. I would never leave her, ever” Ron sat, half ranting and half muttering to himself about Draco and how much better he really was for Hermione.

“Ron, we should go find Draco and ask him what’s going on, we should find out why he left, if he really loves Mione the way he used to claim he did the least we can ask for is an explanation. Let’s go” I prodded Ron to get off the couch.

He got up huffily and followed me out the door, we walked down to the place that Draco was said to be living, and the only address Hermione left us. I knocked and waited for a response. Finally and older lady came to the door.

“How can I help such young fine chaps today?” She asked in a loud booming voice, one you wouldn’t except in such an older lady.

Ron gave me a puzzled look but asked her “Do you know where we can find a man by the name Draco Malfoy? We believe he lives here?”

“Oh, Draco, yes I bought this place from him a month ago, when I asked why he was selling it he mentioned something about a new house he had bought, I’d tell you where he is but I don’t know, sorry for not being much more help!” And she closed the door in front of our faces.
“Might as well go back to Miones and see if her and Ginny are back yet,” Ron said.

“We aren’t giving up that easily mate. Let’s go back, but were using Miones computer and doing some research”. I told him

“Fine,” Huffed Ron.


I walked outside, and the smell of Mione hit me even more than it had inside the house. I shook my head; some girl must be wearing the same perfume as she had. It was so strong just as if she was right here. I walked down the path, around the lake, and I passed the big oak tree that I had once carved our initials into. WE were supposed to be forever, her and I.

I stood and stared at that tree for so long, a little gurgle brought me out of my little bubble. A mother was pushing her little baby in a stroller, he grinned at me with the biggest grin I’d ever seen. My thoughts immediately turned to Hermione, her holding a baby in a hospital, and the baby looking exactly like Tom.

I spit on the ground. I curse the day he was born, Tom that is, not the baby in the stroller. I put my hands in my pocket and with head bowed started walking back home. Something caught my eye, a bunch of white daisies were poking out of the ground I felt like I would die right then and there. Everything reminded me of Mione, how would I survive?


Life seems to be following the same rhythms, everything’s become sort of routine now, and it helps with the pain as images of Draco float in whenever I stop doing something, like when I’m about to fall asleep.

I’m at the Weasleys now and I had my first doctor’s appointment. Of course everything is fine with the baby, it is growing fine, and everything, its beautiful, yet looking at it makes me feel like crying. A baby is supposed to be a blessing, yet mine feels sort of like a curse.

Not to say of course that I don’t love this baby, its amazing what I’m feeling, unfortunately when falling asleep and knowing I now have life to take care of, I wish someone was out there who could take care of me.

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Are You My Heaven?: Digging Deeper


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