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Morning after Dark by Une jonquille
Chapter 1 : "Happy new year, doll."
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Ouch. That hurt. 

I tried to sit up. Bad idea. Not only my head was swirling along with the room, but a throbbing headache made herself known too. 

Too much drink? 

Probably. I think I was at some kind of party yesterday. Or something. I don’t really remember. 

I finally made up my mind to open my eyes again. Hopefully, this was indeed my room and not anything else. 

Too much light. Jeez, don’t these people know when it’s time to stop with the light? Honestly , whoever made the sun , he should’ve thought of some way us mortals could adjust it. 

Yep , my room. Score. That means I haven’t slept at any slimy drunk prick’s house. Empty bed. Another point for me. No slimy prick slept at my house either. Good girl. 

I spotted my cell phone one the bedside table and slided it open. No calls. One message. It’s about two p.m. now. The message says “Happy new year hon. Dinner at the burrow, see if you can make it. Love, Momma” . 

Oh damn. 

The New Year’s party. 

Let’s recap a little . 

Previous day , 9 p.m. 

I walked down the street to my boyfriend , Christian’s flat already dressed for the upcoming party . I had on my favorite blue short dress with some patterned black tights , a short dark red coat , my feet clad in some black heels and my blond hair falling around my shoulders. I was early , as he would only be back from his parents’ house until ten. I wanted to make him a surprise and wait for him there , since I had the keys to his flat . 

I said my quick hello to one of his neighbors and climbed up the stairs to his floor.
But as I neared his door I heard muffled sounds coming from inside. Unlocking the door , I entered his lobby and saw all doors closed , except the one to his bedroom. 

There was a shiny red clutch thrown on the floor right next to a pair of matching stilettos and his shoes. My mind started to work again , and I realized what was going on . Forcing every feeling I had to the back of my mind , I threw the bedroom door open and saw a path of discarded clothes leading to his bed , right where he was feverishly kissing the neck of a pretty bleach blonde that moaned under his touch. She seemed to be fifteen or something. 

As her eyes fluttered open for half a second she instantly saw me and stopped dead in the tracks. Reacting to her stunned state , Christian turned his head towards the door-towards me. 

In an instant he jumped out of the bed . 

“I- Rose . You were … I mean , ten o’clock. The…” he rambled incoherently . 

“I see.” 

I let my wand slide down from my sleeve where I kept it and pointed at a heap of fake pearls on the floor that probably had been the girl’s necklace. 

“Avifors.” In an instant the pearls became little birds that started flying chaotically around the room, making the girl cry out in her petty fear. 

“Look , Rose , don’t be like that. You know , I can explain.”My eyes flew to Christian . I looked him over once , taking in his crystal blue eyes and pitch black hair , the way his lips moved as he gave me some insignificant explanation . He was lying. He toyed with the silver ring he wore , the thing that always gave him away. 

I turned around , heading for the door. He started to follow me. Bad idea , boy. I pointed my wand over my shoulder. 

“Avis.”Little birds that seemed identical and just as inoffensive as the ones I first conjured flew hastily towards him. Yet those weren’t inoffensive. Nope , not at all. Thank you, Mom. 

As I started climbing down the long row of stairs , it finally hit me. Christian was cheating on me. With a girl that didn’t seem to be older than sixteen. Christian , my loveable , perfect , handsome boyfriend. Mine for two years. Now gone. 

I collapsed on the steps and cried till there was no tear left in me. 

Then I tried to pick myself up. It was New years eve, and I had a party to attend , after all. I rummaged through my purse and found a pack of cigarettes , my lighter , and a mirror. I looked at myself. My light amber eyes were even lighter due to all the crying , my lips were red and swollen and my hair had escaped the straightening spell I had put on it , it’s ends curled . I fixed myself up , lit a cigarette and walked out of the building . I headed towards the house where the party I had decided to go to was at. 

As I walked through the door I was met with the familiar mob of bodies moving to the loud music. I hid my purse in a small closet and made sure that only my touch could open it. Wandless magic was my speciality , after all.

I scanned the crowd for some familiar faces. There was Al , dancing with a pretty raven haired girl I didn’t know , Dominique and Lily dancing with each other and laughing madly, Scorpius Malfoy in a corner snogging Kamelia Kracer with his hands up her shirt and my friends Hanna and Tiffani seemingly having a drinking contest . 

There were only about four empty shot glasses on their table , and still they seemed drunk out of their minds. “Amateurs ,” I thought . I walked towards them , greeting a lot of people in my way , and climbed on the table . 

“Hey bitches. What’s up?” 

“We , are having , a drinking contest , Rose.”Hanna slurred. 

“Yeah , Rosey-Dosey , wanna join?”Tiffani giggled characteristically . 

“Bring it on,” I laughed. It was refreshing to witness their antics . From all the people I knew , the two girls were probably my best friends. Not in a “friends forever with no secrets” way , just very good fun-buddies. 

I grabbed two shots and downed both in an instant. Tequila. Perfect. I then stretched to grab a pack of cigarettes from the table and a lighter , not caring that they were not mine . 

The next thing I remember after that , not counting the many drinks I had and the guys I danced with , was a spin-the-bottle game. I sat in a circle , along with some of my cousins , my friends and about ten incredibly cute guys. A boy that I barely recognized at the moment , now identified as Malfoy , spun the bottle. Me again. I giggled loudly then crawled across the circle to the place where he sat , plopped myself in his lap, and started kissing him feverishly. 

Then another round , and another… then the game ended and all I can remember next is a muscular bloke scooping me in his arms , a husky , whispered “Happy new year , doll” and the hazy , vague , hysterically happy mist of drunkenness . 

A/n Hey people :) Here is the first chapter. I'm not really sure about this one and I'd love to know your opinions. Should I continue?
And before you ask , yes , Rose hasn't got the famous weasley hair. I just felt like making her different :).
p.s thanks for help with the title and summary:baletgir , elisalinguinex, PrincessPadfoot, silversprinkles, Childish Fairy, ohcrapidroppedmybrain, NGseries, RonsGirlFriday, long_live_luna_bellatrix and RonNifler at the hpforums :)

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