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A Malfoy and a Weasely Who'd have guessed? by Kirsty Weasley
Chapter 5 : The result
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Rose Weasley was sitting under a staircase with her head in her lap bawling her eyes out. How could her dad say those things to her? She always chose her family, she loved them, she was only seeing a boy! So what if he was a Malfoy. It's only a name for Dumbledore’s sake!

He said she wasn’t his little girl anymore! That his little girl wouldn’t act the way she had! He’d always told her that him and her mum would love Rose no matter what. Why had he lied? Fresh hysteria washed over Rose as she felt the hopelessness of her situation. She very rarely fell out with her parents, and never before on this scale. They had always been close. Just the thought of them no longer loving her was terrifying . She wanted to get up and move somewhere more privet but her legs refused to move. So insted she just cried hopelessly, praying that no one would see her.

There was no such luck for Rose, along walked the three people she least wanted to see. Wiping her eyes on her sleeve, while trying to pull herself together, Rose avoided eye contact with Fred James and Hugo. She could tell that they were exchanging looks trying to think what to do. This was hopeless, she put her head back in her lap. She heard their whispers while she was pretending she didn’t know they were there.

“Rosie?” She heard Fred’s voice but refused to look up, the three boys exchanged glances and encouraged Fred to continue.

“We’re sorry about over reacting and what we did Rosie.” Fred apologized solemnly. “But you don’t get it. We were extremely shocked. You’re my little cousin, we would have done the same if it was any of you girls. No matter who the boy was. Honest.” The other two boys were nodding their heads profusely in agreement.

Rose looked up at him, considering the explanation that she had been given.

“Forgive us?” Fred asked.

Rose nodded and then said quietly

“My Dad said I wasn’t his little girl anymore. That basically, I was a traitor to the family.” Rose's voice got higher and broke into sobs.

And the hysterical crying was back. Only this time it was a little easier because there was someone there to hold her.

“Oh Rosie, you know he can't have really meant that! Uncle Ron was just angry.” Fred reassured.

“Yeah, but why was he angry at me? I haven’t done anything wrong! I’m not the reason that they’re up here at the school! Its Hugo they should be mad at, he’s the one who was fighting!” Rose’s sobbing made her little rant almost unintelligible, so it took Fred a moment to work out what she had said. Once he had worked it out, he had no response. James and Hugo, looked at each other having a silent conversation, leaving Fred with a hysterical Rosie, explaining only through eye contact the actions they were about to take. They left it unspoken that Fred would keep Rosie with him and away from her parents.

He comforted Rose in silence for a while, and then the heard the shouting begin. Fred panicked, he was supposed to have gotten Rosie away before this started.

“Come on honey, I’ll take you up to the common room.” Fred said gently as he pulled Rose to her feet.

“But what’s that noise? Who‘s shouting? Is that..?!” Rose asked incredulously.

“Shh, never mind. Lets just go.” Fred was trying to pull Rose along a corridor, at this point. Beginning to panic slightly.

“Fred!” She resisted, beginning to gain back her strength after her recent bout of hysteria. “Let go of me! I want to know what’s going on!”

Pulling herself free, Rose started towards the place where the raised voices were coming from. She reached the corner when a hand reached over her mouth and pulled her back. Fred put a finger over his mouth, in the universal sign to stay quiet. The two of them peeked round the corner to watch the scene unfold.

Ron Weasley and Harry Potter were both standing shouting blindly at their sons, who were quite clearly yelling back and fighting some sort of battle. Hermione Weasley was trying to put some logical reasoning into the battle between the new generation and the old. But failing miserably.

“Rose should be able to be with whoever she wants!”

“You’re the ones who got into a fight over it!”

“We were trying to protect her! We went about it the wrong way. She should be allowed to be happy!”

“With that boy?! Don’t make me laugh, he’ll break her heart. He’s a Malfoy!”

“So? She says he’s not like them! I mean for fucks sake dad, you’re the one thats hurting her! You made her cry, she was in hysterics!”

“Don’t you use that language around me Hugo Weasley! Try to be reasonable!”


Hugo and his dad were yelling at the top of their lungs, roaring over what Rose’s uncle Harry and James had to say.

“Dad come off it, you only care about this 'cause he’s a Malfoy!”

“Rosie’s only just turned 16, she’s too young to have a boyfriend anyway!”

“Sure, and you and uncle Ron hating his dad’s guts at school has nothing to do with this.”

“Don’t use that tone with me young man! Hey! Don’t roll your eye’s at me!”

“Whatever, we all know the real reason you're mad.”

“James Sirius Potter…”

Rose had heard enough. She turned around and started trekking slowly back to the common room. Fred followed by her side making sure she was okay and wasn’t going to pass out from shock.

“You know Rosie, they were going to find out sooner or later anyway. At least now it's over with.” If Fred had meant this to be comforting then that boy was deranged. The look Rose gave him explained it all.

“You know I’m going to have to speak to my dad again. What is he going to say? That he’s sorry? That he didn’t mean it? It just seems like it's all a lie.” Rose said getting past the depression and on to exasperation at her dad’s reaction.

“Or maybe we’ll just never speak again! Well, not about this at least. He’ll just pretend it never happened? I’m so confused!”

Fred looked bewildered and was very glad that his sister Roxanne wasn’t this confusing and drama-filled. Or Kirsty, ah to be with a muggle born, there was no family issues there. Nice and simple.

“Never mind.” Rose said, beginning to climb the stairway to her dorm. “I’ll see you at dinner.”

Lying on her bed, Rose was trying to work out her dad’s reaction. She didn’t get why a name mattered so much. This feuding families thing, it was extremely cliché, way too Romeo and Juliet. And she’d never had much time for that kind of story. Sure the sneaking around was fun and a thrill. But Rose most definitely didn’t want to have the same end as that couple did. She had never had much time for Juliet, she was so, Rose didn’t know, there was just a quality about Juliet that made Rose hate her. It was most likely her spontaneity. Rose had always been careful with her decisions. That is, until Scorpius came along. 

There was a small voice in the back of her head, that Rose tried to ignore. Telling her that that quality was one that she shared with Juliet. The spontaneous side brought out by a boy.

Speaking of which…

She wondered how Scorpius was. How had his dad taken the news? Was it bad? Worse than her dad had taken it? Oh she hoped he would be alright. 

Scorpius POV

God, would his dad ever shut up?

“A Weasley? A Weasley! How could you be so….” If he said that one more time Scorpius was going to have to come up with some kind of sarcastic remark to say to his father. For Merlin’s sake, he had gone on like this for half an hour. Talking about how Scorpius could do so much better than some Gryffindor, some Weasley. To be honest, Scorpius had stopped listening about two minutes into this speech, why should he care about his father's opinion on his life? Please, his father saw him what, once or twice a year for a few weeks? He shouldn’t have any say in Scorpius’ life.

Scorpius was trying to look as though he was listening to what his father was saying, and that he was bored by it all, when really he was thinking about Rose. His Rosie. She had looked so scared when she left to see her parents. He had just wanted to take her and run away to somewhere that he could protect her and make sure she was happy and never afraid. Scorpius wondered how Mr. and Mrs. Weasley took the news about himself and Rose, were they really mad at her? Oh, if he had ruined her relationship with her family how would she ever forgive him? 

God, was his father still talking?

“….daughter of that filthy blood traitor and mudblood! That’s what…” Draco Malfoy could say no more on the matter. Because his son had him up against the wall by his throat so he could barley breath. Pressing his wand up against his father's throat, Scorpius whispered in a quiet deadly voice, “Don’t you ever, ever, talk about my Rose, or her family, in that way again. I don’t care if you’re my father. I don’t care about your opinion of my relationship. But if you ever talk about Rose in that way again, I will hurt you. Badly.” Scorpius dropped his hold on his fathers neck. Draco fell to the floor massaging his neck.

“Leave,” Scorpius said. “And don’t ever come back. Don’t try to talk to me or write to me. Just leave me be, and get on with your sad, pathetic, little life with whichever whore” He spat out the word “you have this week. Goodbye father.”

With that Scorpius left the room, and the man whom he used to call his father behind, knowing that he had just created an enemy of the man who he was supposed to look up to. Yet,  he didn’t care. Draco was no father of Scorpius, he never had been really. It hurt, but Scorpius had come to terms with that. And he still had Rose. A slow smile spread across his face. His Rose.

Rose POV

The hallway was empty apart from two entwined figures.

“How did he take it?” Rose murmured between kisses.

“Have you got a century to get into it? Or would you rather just kiss me and know it was pretty bad?” Scorpius asked teasingly.

“Hmm...” She said as he kissed her again. “I think the kissing sounds better.”

“Yeah.” Scorpius said happily “and at least we have your cousins on side now. They could have made my life much worse than your dad.”

Rose chuckled “True true.”

Scorpius looked nervous. Rose wondered as to why this was. They were having a perfectly normal conversation. Sure, she had just finished persuading him that she and her family would be fine and make up, not that she fully believed it herself, but she liked to think that she was quite a convincing liar. Rose’s pondering was interrupted by an outburst from Scorpius.

“Rose Weasley, I think I love you!”

Authors Note/ Disclaimer- I do not own any of the amazing character of the wonderful writer Joanne Rowling. I hope you are enjoying this story so far, I’ve really enjoyed writing it and getting into all the characters! Please please pretty please review and tell me what you think of it, and tell me how I did with Scorpius point of view, since it’s the first time I’ve done that and I’m not so sure if it works? Thanks for reading! And a big thankyou to my AMAZING beta and banner designer Ronsgirl23 you're amazing!  -Kirsty xx

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