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Partner In Crime by darkkid
Chapter 4 : Christmas Break
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With sad eyes, Emily sat crossed legged, on the ground in front of the common room’s fire and stared into its dancing flames. Today was the first day of Christmas break and everyone was on the train heading home for a glorious holiday, and here she was, sitting in silence waiting for the annoying voices of James and Black to come mock her, she knew they wouldn‘t pass up a chance to annoy her. They never did.

She sighed as the sound of thudding footsteps could be heard on the dorm’s staircase. Here it comes, she thought bitterly.

James Potter soon plopped down next to her on the hard floor and gave her an amused look. Emily glared and turned her head away from him, staring at a wall in the opposite direction.

“Oh come on, Emily,” James laughed. “You’ll have a great time. Just think, two weeks of me!” He puffed out his chest proudly, as if what he was saying was something good.

“Oh joy,” Emily muttered, still avoiding his gaze. Why were boys always so persistent?

“I have some plans,” James said quickly, trying to catch her attention. “You know, for revenge against Sirius.”

“Oh do you?” Emily finally turned to look at him.

“I knew that would get your attention,” James said with a mischievous grin. “But I’m not going to tell you unless you promise to not be such a downer. I don’t like it when people spend all their time frowning.”

Emily sighed and forced a smile onto her face. “What’s your plan, Potter?”

“Hey, I thought we had a first-name friendship going here!”

“Don’t push me,” Emily gritted through her fake smile.

“Fine, fine,” James muttered. “But before I continue, I want you to understand a few things.” Emily raised her eyebrows, but nodded her head for him to continue. “Detention is a possibility if we’re caught.”

“Okay, we’ll just have to be sneaky then.”

“There’s a few more things,” James said promptly. “You must do everything I say. You’ll have to trust me.” Emily sighed and nodded her head slowly. “It’s also possible that you might lost your eyebrows.”

“What?!” Emily shrieked, her mouth gapped open in shock.

“Hey, I’m just kidding,” James laughed. “You’re eyebrows will be safe, I promise.”

“I feel like punching you right now,” Emily muttered with a relieved sigh. “So, are you going to tell me the plan?”


Emily scrunched her eyebrows together and gave James a confused look. “What do you mean, ‘No’?”

“Well, not yet,” James said. “I need some things first. I need you to find this book.” He held out a torn piece of parchment with the words Banned Jinxes from the 1400’s.

“Judging by the title, James, I have a feeling I won’t be finding this book very easily.” Emily said. “Besides, these jinxes are banned, meaning they’re definitely frowned upon and quite possibly dangerous.”

“I’ve heard about the book, and most of them are now commonly used,” James said reassuringly. “But there’s one in there that I can’t quite perfect.”

“Which one?”

“We’ll worry about that later, after you get the book.” He was silent for a moment, and then said, “The book might be in the restricted section.”

“Which is why you want me to get it,” Emily said. “Because Prefects have more privileges than…nonprefects..”

“You think you can get it, then?”

“Yeah, it shouldn‘t be too hard,” Emily said, folding the parchment and storing it in her pocket.

“Good deal,” James said, bouncing up onto his feet. “There’s no way you’ll be able to search through hundreds of books on an empty stomach, though. Let’s get some breakfast, alright?”

“What about Black?” Emily questioned, pulling herself to her feet. “I mean, you two are always together. Where is he?”

“He always sleeps in on the first day of holidays,” James answered, leading the way out of the Common Rom. “It’s his one and only lazy day of the whole school year.”

“He’s an odd fellow,” Emily muttered to herself. James laughed and bounded down the stairs, Emily followed suit and rushed after him. Though she didn’t want to admit it, James’ company was a little fun…sort of. They continued to run down the stairs until they found themselves in the middle of the Entrance Hall gasping for breath. “Maybe running wasn’t a very good idea.”

“Nah, we’ll recover soon as we get some bacon,” James said, leading the way again. He strode into the Great Hall, taking in a deep breath of the fresh smell of food, and walked in longs strides toward the Gryffindor table.

Emily had never seen the Great Hall so empty before. She looked at the four house tables, most of which were completely empty. How strange. One student resided at the Slytherin table, he look glum and bored as he levitated his fork over his plate. The Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables were completely empty, and one student sat at the Gryffindor table with a newspaper spread out before him. James strode up quickly to join him. Slowly, Emily followed.

Emily hadn’t ever talked to Remus Lupin before. She had seen him in class and would occasionally see him in the halls, and also during the meals in which James and Black forced their presence upon her he‘d sometimes sit with them too, but their friendship, or lack thereof, had never taken off.

“Moony, when’d you get down here?” James asked Remus, scooting into place next to him. Emily chose the spot opposite of the two boys, quietly pulling a plate and goblet to her side.

“About fifteen minutes ago,” Remus answered, not looking up from the newspaper he had his face buried in. “Is Padfoot still sleeping?”

“You know he is,” James answered, taking a piece of toast and shoving half of it into his mouth. Emily quickly averted her eyes. Boys are so gross sometimes! she thought, taking a small nibble from her own toast. “He’ll be up around noon I suppose,” James said through a mouthful of toast. Emily scrunched her face in disgust.

“I take it you have something planned?” Remus asked , finally taking a moment to look up from his reading material. His eyes locked with Emily’s for a moment, then he nodded in her direction. “How are you Emily?”

“Fine, thanks,” Emily said. At least one boy of the group knew how to be a gentleman. Remus nodded again and buried his head back into his newspaper.

“So after we eat,” James started while piling bacon onto his plate. “We’ll head to the library.”

Remus coughed and turned to give James and incredulous look. “You are going to the library? You haven’t been in there since third year.”

“Yeah, I figure Madam Pince is really missing me,” James said with a sly smirk.

“I doubt that,” Remus chuckled. “I bet she’s missing those books you destroyed, though.”

“Yes, well, I can’t quite help the fact that everything always gets in the way of my wand.”

Emily gave the two boys a strange look, but shook her head, decided she was perfectly fine not knowing what they were talking about. James was definitely a disastrous boy, she was beginning to wonder of trusting him was really a smart thing to do.

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