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Recognising the Enemy by scarlett_811
Chapter 1 : Prologue - The Bet
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So I came back to this story after two years and realised that I hate almost as many things as I love about it. So it is getting completely rewritten; I hope those of you who enjoyed it will come back and read it. I guarentee my writing is much better now! Also- updates WILL be more frequent. I promise :)

Once again Hogwarts was disturbed by the very familiar shouting of two of its students. Adrienne King and Sirius Black were obviously trying to ensure that they filled their yearly quota of arguments before the year ended.

"You're nothing but a self- important womanizing asshole!" screamed Adrienne at Sirius.

"Oh really? Well at least I'm not an unpopular, heartless prude. Oh, and don't forget your most striking quality, your repulsive face! Tell me, Adrie, how many boyfriends have you had?" Sirius sneered back.

Adrienne flushed but looked defiantly at him and replied, "None, but how many of your conquests have lasted more than two weeks and how many have just been a quickie between lessons? Face it Sirius, no-one loves you enough to stay with you, not even your own mother."

Looking at the two students argue, it was not hard to see why they were adversaries. Adrienne was an ordinary looking girl whose features were hidden behind frizzy hair, glasses and braces. Her average-sized figure was concealed beneath the voluminous layers of her oversized uniform and robes, which looked like they had seen better days. Sirius, in contrast, was Hogwarts' resident playboy. His aristocratic features were currently twisted into an expression of hatred as he stared at Adrienne, but he was still undoubtedly very attractive.

Surprisingly, Sirius laughed, "Get real, King! I have a much better chance of being in a relationship than you do of making even one guy fall for you."

"I'm sure you could find some slag to sleep with for a few months, but most people wouldn't call that a relationship. I could make the whole of fucking Hogwarts fall for me before you got in a real relationship!"

"Fine!" Sirius yelled "Let's bet on it! I bet that I could find someone that is smart, hot and have a long term relationship with them before you can make all the boys in Hogwarts fall for you."

Adrie instantly agreed, "Yeah right Black, we both know I'm going to win. You better be ready to come crawling back to me when you can't find a single girl willing to put up with you for more than a week."

Sirius smirked at her, "You'll be crawling back when you realise that no normal guy wants to touch a chick whose hair looks like it's about to start attacking."

"You wait Black; by the time school starts next year I'll be ready to kick your ass!" Adrie smirked right back at him as she walked away, repressing the niggling feeling that she may have bitten off more than she could chew.

Okay, so here is the new prologue of this story. It is similar to the old one (except for small corrections) but I have written the whole next chapter, so depending on the response to this one (and the validation queue) it'll be up soon! 



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