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Typically Me by LunaLuver
Chapter 1 : Typical Day
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Thanks to HarryandGinnyPotter@TDA for the wonderful chapter image



A/N  I'd like to thank Theia Luna for coming up with the wonderful title for this story. Enjoy!

*As of 4-24-12 this story is going through a slight rewrite of the first three chapters, after those nothing is going to be changed. Then Chapter six will be posted. So sorry for the horribly long wait between chapters, life has been quite the roller coaster ride for me the last few months. 




Beep Beep Beep...






"I hate it when that bloody thing goes off." I mumble to myself from under the pillow, as I reach out my arm and give the alarm clock a good smack so it will shut the hell up. Its a fact that morning comes all to early, and its way too bright I might add. What with the sun shining through my bedroom window and all. If your not too fond of the mornings like me then my advice, never get a room with an east facing window. I bury my head even further under my pillow.




Right about now you're probably wondering who I am. Well my name is Elizabeth Alexandra English, and I live in a small two bedroom flat smack dab in the middle of muggle London about a twenty minutes from Diagon Ally.




I'm 5'4, about average weight, not the skinniest girl in the world but I do have a nice figure. Along with hazel eyes that sometimes change color to green or gold depending on my mood, and light blond hair that comes a bit further than midway down my back. I'm also a muggle born, something I have always been very proud of, as my sister is too. It's rare for two magical children to be born to muggle parents, but it does happen every once in a while.






I work at the Auror Headquarters at the Ministry of Magic. I'm an auror in training, training under Harry Potter, ( yes THE Harry Potter ) as his 'assistant'. Or an "AIT" as we're sometimes called. My job is, of course, train to become a fully certified auror and to help Mr. Potter in any way that I can. Which a lot of the time involves doing paper work, he wants me to review all cases that come across his desk so I can see what it's really like in one of the more stressful, yet rewarding jobs the Ministry has to offer. Or at least that's how he puts it. I also make sure that reports from the different departments that tie in to what we are doing, and you'd truly be amazing how many that is, are in and on Mr. Potters desk by morning. Is case you were wondering, no, not every soon to be Auror does all this. Harry took me under his wing from the second I took the acceptance test, showing me all the ins and outs of the job. Not just the physical aspect of it, like learning how to hunt down and capture dark wizards, but the behind the scenes stuff. What is really takes to work your way up in the department. After all, Harry became the youngest Department Head the Auror offices have ever had.






All this on top of doing field work, security and such, and occasionally accompany Aurors on smaller missions. Oh yeah, I have one hell of a busy life.




"Alright enough stalling, time to get up." I sit up in bed and throw the covers off myself looking around my room as I do every morning. The walls are a pale purple with still life pictures of flowers hanging here and there (that I've taken myself. Photography is a hobby of mine) to the left of the bed is a nightstand with a lamp along with a few pictures of my parents. On the wall next to the window, which is covered in ivory rose patterned curtains, is the dresser and across from the bed stands a vanity between the doors to the closet and bathroom. On which the closet door hangs a Gryffindor banner. That's right I was in Gryffindor at Hogwarts, and still very proud of it, you know what they say; "Once a Gryffindor always a Gryffindor". That's how Harry and I know each other so well, I was a year below him.






I fluff the pillows and pull up the creamy colored lilac embroidered quilt before heading into the shower and getting dressed. I put on a simple black knee length skirt with a powder blue short sleeve blouse, I'm not do much with my hair today, its just a typical day at work. I give it a quick run through with the brush before leaving it down to fall around my shoulders in soft waves. I walk into the bedroom to my vanity and pull out a small Gryffindor crest necklace from my jewelry box, see what I said about the whole Gryffindor thing? Then I grab my black flats from the closet pulling them on as I walk out the bedroom. Down the hall, through the living room and into the kitchen, I quickly drink a glass of milk and eat a granola bar while standing at the counter. I've never been one for a big breakfast no matter how important my mother always said they were. I put my glass in the sink before walking back to the living room, grabbing my coat and purse which are sitting on the coffee table, and heading out the door.

Today is going to be a bit of a busy day so I got into work earlier that usual. First thing first, I grab a cup of coffee for myself and Harry in the ministry cafe ( something I started on my first day and it stuck ) before getting on a crowded lift down to the second floor.






I can see the large pile of paperwork on my desk as soon as I turn the corner, I sigh, "More mission reports to review and" I say to myself as I hand Harry, who has just walked out of his office, his coffee along with a friendly "Good morning Sir".






Things aren't usually very formal around here, but everyone calls Harry, 'Sir' at least a few times a day. Its amusing because most everything in the office either when to school with him, or knew him as a kid.


"Good morning Elizabeth," He replies taking a sip of his coffee "Don't forget the extra meeting we have today in the conference room at 12:00 o'clock, courtesy of the dear Miss Greengrass."


I chuckle "Who could forget." I say sitting down at my desk."I'll be there."

"See you then." I watch Potter as he walks down the large hallway toward the lifts but takes a right, heading to the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts offices. I turn my attention back to the pile of papers on my desk, and begin reading through them, after which each one has to be categorized and filed it in the file room. Think of how big the library at Hogwarts is, that's how big our file room is. Massive!


After a long morning of filing, I'm now heading to the conference room. I never told you what that was all about did I? Well you see Astoria Greengrass came in yesterday to see Harry, requesting extra security for her wedding to Draco Malfoy. Already half the auror department, including myself, has been assigned to this event considering all the high profile people who are going to be attending. The Minister of Magic, several department heads from the Ministry, Victor Krum, important witches and wizards from all across Europe,  just to name a few. Plus there's the fact of so many former Death Eaters will be gathered together the aurors want to keep an eye on them.






It was quite an intense conversation between Harry Potter and Lucius Malfoy six month ago when Lucius came to arrange it all. Never has the phrase "If looks could kill', been more accurate. But now Greengrass is insisting on even more saying "This is one of the biggest events of the season, I don't want to risk anyone doing something, trying to ruin my wedding because they have a grudge against the Malfoys."




I get to the meeting right on time and sit next to Neville Longbottom. Everyone's there so Potter begins right away, the meeting doesn't last too long, about an half an hour. Four junior aurors are being added to security and they will be stationed around the gardens, I'll be with Potter, Longbottom, Weasley and several others in the main ball room. Our team will be keeping the wedding party and former death eaters in our sights all day, while blending in with the guests as not to draw attention to the fact we're there.






Yeah like nobody's going to notice us.

"Elizabeth, how did you like the report on the werewolf mission in Oxford?" Neville asks as we are making our way down to the lifts.


"It was fantastic, you guys did a great job. Wonderful strategy work." I say as we enter the lift along with everyone else who's going on their lunch break. "Plus its nice you were able to help the werewolf's with Wolfsbane and nobody got hurt.


Neville nods his head in agreement. "I told Harry I'd like to take you along with us when we do a follow up in a few weeks. Think your up for it?" He askes smiling as we exit the lift out to the atrium.


"You mean it, really? I'd love to!" I reply enthusiastically, with a huge grin plastered on my face. "Thank you."






Neville and I have always been close friends for years now, we really helped each other during the time the Death Eaters occupied Hogwarts before the war ended. Those were months that showed who your true friends were, when the chips were down, who was willing to fight for what was right. No matter the outcome.

"No problem. I'll let you know what day we're going." Neville says with a wave, each of us heading a different way once outside the ministry.






Me, I'm going to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor.





This is the first OC I've ever created, I hope you all liked her and will follower her through what I can promise will be a very entertaining story. =) Or at least I hope it is lol. 


Please leave me a review letting me know what you think. 


Thanks for reading. :)



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