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Pour Some Sugar On Me by WeasleyTwins
Chapter 1 : Welcome to the Jungle
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Hello all!  As a writer, I decided that I should extend the boundaries of my writing and thus, this slash.  My first slash, so please, a review is much appreciated.  A special thanks to unwritten_curse, the lovely Validater, for scanning this for me xD

Through my eyelids, I can see him staring at me.  I cannot see him so much as I can sense his stare.  He has that look; a look of power and of passion.  I don’t want him to know that I’ve been watching him watch me, that I’ve been sensing his every move.  He can’t resist touching me every now and then.  Here and there it’s a calm, loving touch.  Other times, I can tell he’s hungry for the zeal only I can bring to him.  He’s getting sleepy; his breathing is jerky, but he’s starting to drift.  Soon, I’ll be able to open my eyes and observe him, touch him.  And there he goes, into the world of forbidden hopes, dreams.  When he closes his eyes, I can finally see him.

I hear the secrets that he keeps when he’s talking in his sleep.  One night he is clear, the next night, he’s mumbling and confused.  Tonight, however, tonight I’m going to stir him out of those dreams and show him.  I know that some like it hot.  Quietly, I inch closer, hoping that I will surprise him.  Slowly, so slowly, I kiss his face, each and every place on his face.  His jaw is scratchy and I like it.  His eyes flicker open, but I continue my way south.  Oh, and there’s his strong arms beneath my mouth.  He tastes like sweat.  I’m right here waiting on you, waiting for you.

He wants to begin his assault on me, I can sense it.  No, tonight, I will be the man, I will show him.  I know that he will let me have my way…this time.

“Sirius,” I growl. “It’s my turn.”

He laughs throatily and tries to relax.  He can’t relax beneath me.  I’ve got skill like no other.  I know my way around his body and tonight, I’m going to prove it.  Things are heating up and I realize he is has begun to weed his way into my bloodstream.  In the deepest of the midnight blue, passion kills our hearts and strengthens our fire.  Two hearts, two souls, two bodies collide in the night. 

Panting, I jerk my head and my hair flings to the side.  Sweat beads roll down my face and I see them dripping on his chest as I lay there.  I know he is still awake and I wait for him to say something.  I know that it is coming, it always does.

“I like it when you take charge.”

Simple words, yet so powerful when I let them sink into my skin.  I rub my chest absently, thinking that he is such a man.  His love is shrouded by words of obsession and flames.  Sometimes, I think, fire needs to simmer, just sometimes. 

“Do you?”

He kisses my jaw softly and I sigh.  I can feel him smiling.  There’s a burning heart beneath the stars tonight.  It’s my heart and it has been engulfed in flames.  He is standing there, naked, swinging his dance about my soul.  He sways his hips and licks his lips.  So erotic and almost too much for the flames have become an inferno.  This is all in my imagination because I notice he’s trying to kiss my lips, but they’re pursed in a scowl.  I soften them and mold them around his, wondering about kisses.  My imagination soars again, and I ponder why people ever began kissing.  Isn’t it a bit nasty once you think on it?  Where has his mouth been?  Where has my mouth been?  Beyond my thoughts, I allow him to kiss me…and I kiss him back.  As disgusting as it may seem, it tastes like heaven and the fires of my soul burn like hell. 


“I’m…busy,” He smirks.  I taste the smirk on my lips.  It has a funny taste, a taste of satisfaction, an unusual taste. 

Sirius and I, we’re headed for a heartbreak.  I know it and he knows it.  We, the two of us, won’t let it ruin what we’ve got now.  I will make it last as long as I can.  I want to taste his sweat and his passion for all the days of my life.  We’re headed for heartbreak and I know that can’t happen.  Sirius and I, this connection is bound to break. 

Love is a battlefield.  People die, people survive, broken hearts remain broken, and in cases few and far between, a happily ever after will emerge from the ashes. 


“You sure do love my name.”

“It drives me wild.”

“So should this.”  He twirls the curls around his fingers and I grab him by the shoulders.  I stare at him in the eyes, those dark eyes. 

I have loved every minute of the inferno that has consumed me.

“Sirius, I…”

Sirius lays his finger upon my lips and shakes his head.  I believe he has an inkling of what is to come.  In a sudden movement, he has me beneath him.  It’s not that hard, I have never resisted him before.  It’s a wonder that I didn’t give myself to him sooner.  Oh, the nights we’ve shared.  I know he is going to say something.  Sirius is about to say something that will rock my world.  The feeling I have is in my bones, twining itself in the very fabric of my being.

“Remus, I love you.”

I know that some like it hot.

Thank you for reading and please review! :]]

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Pour Some Sugar On Me: Welcome to the Jungle


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