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Eight Years Later by hazeltonks123098
Chapter 1 : Pregnancy: always a fun subject!
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A/N: I took the smallest of breaks from my Scorpius/Rose story to write this little one-shot about Hermione and Ron’s first child. I just couldn’t help it. WARNING: This is pretty darn fluffy so try not to get Diabetes from the sweetness please. If you do I can not be held accountable XD


Disclaimer: Me? Own the characters? I wish! No my friends they belong to the fantabulous J.K.R.


Hermione was looking at this logically, Ron was not. “Ron we both have excellent jobs at the Ministry and we are successful. I really don’t think we need children,” she was saying. “Hermione, please we’ve been married for coming on nine years. I’ve always wanted kids. So have you! Remember when we were talking after the wedding?” he replied. His emotions are driving this more than his brain is she thought. Then he hit her below the belt: “Harry and Ginny had James two years ago and she’s still working. Ginny’s a year younger than you and she’s already had a kid and she’s got another on the way! Your shop’s gonna close soon Hermione. I remember the look in your eyes when you first saw James!” She tried to look angry, he had just very deeply insulted her, but she knew deep down that he was right. She wanted children, but those were her emotions speaking. Before he could say anything else, she had Apparated to the Burrow.


Ginny had spent her first pregnancy at the Burrow as had many of the Weasley mothers. She was now a few months pregnant again and had decided to stay there with Harry once more. Molly had set up two different nurseries in Percy and Bill’s old rooms. Fleur had actually given birth in one of them. Hermione was a little sickened at the thought and knew that if she were ever in such a position she would waste no time getting to St. Mungo’s if it meant leaving Ron in his sleep.


“Hermione what are you doing here?” Ginny was glowing with a bowl of ice cream in her hands. Her belly was noticeably larger than usual and Harry was next to her with two year old James sleeping peacefully clinging to him. Hermione sighed with longing and remembered how much she wanted a child. She would never admit it to Ron, but she had always wanted a family. Now seeing Harry and Ginny so happy with their kids was overwhelming for her.


She felt tears run down her face and Ginny stopped smiling and stood. “What’s wrong Hermione?” she asked. Hermione knew she wouldn’t be able to talk so she just Disapparated back to the flat.


She found him exactly where she had left him hardly minutes ago. “Hermione, I’m so sorry…” he began, but his apology was smothered by Hermione’s kiss.




Three weeks later:


Hermione woke and ran to the loo. She became quite sick and threw up into the toilet a few times. Ron awoke and ran to her assistance. He held her hair behind her head and when she stopped, prepared her toothbrush and left to make her some tea. She brushed her teeth and walked down the stairs. Her head was pounding and her back was killing her.

She had been acting very un-Hermione-ish for the past week and was beginning to worry Ron. She drank her tea in silence and inhaled deeply: she hadn’t been sick for some time. A thought suddenly occurred to her and she smiled slightly. She was about to tell Ron, but he was looking at her with guilt in his eyes, “I have to go on a trip for work and you're sick. It’s really important that I go; can you stay at the Burrow with Harry and Ginny?” Hermione nodded and remained silent. She didn’t want to get his hopes up right before a business trip just to let him down when he got back.

Ron Disapparated after assuring she was alright. She ran to the bathroom and became sick again almost the second he was gone. She felt truly terrible and used Floo powder to get to the Burrow.

Molly was in the kitchen with Ginny when Hermione stumbled out of the fireplace and ran full speed into the bathroom. Ginny followed behind her closely carrying her abandoned bag. Once again, Hermione was handed a toothbrush with tooth paste on it. She brushed her teeth for the third time in an hour. She walked out to the kitchen slowly and sat on the counter. Ginny suddenly had tears in her eyes and was hugging Hermione tightly murmuring something about her having such a depressing life. Hermione laughed and said, “you’re really pregnant aren’t you?” Ginny pulled away and nodded in all seriousness. Hermione chuckled a bit, but stopped when her head began pounding again.

“Hermione dear what’s wrong?” Molly asked. A muggle pharmacy, some Pepto Bismol, three or four different brands of pregnancy tests and close to a gallon of pumpkin juice later and Hermione was sitting on the toilet with the lid shut. Ginny was outside. “Hermione? What do they say?” she called from beyond the door. “I’m not sure they take a few minutes,” she replied. The three tests were sitting on the counter by the sink in front of their respective boxes. Hermione had read the directions of each multiple times before the urge to pee took over and she finally used them all.

One by one they each displayed the same result: positive. Hermione screamed and Ginny burst through the door. “What happened? Are you pregnant?” she yelled. Hermione stood up and yelled, “Yes! Oh my God Ron’s not even here! What am I going to do?” She was almost panicking, but she was also jumping up and down with excitement. She ran out of the bathroom and down to the kitchen where Molly was waiting apprehensively. She could tell by the look on her daughter-in-law’s face. She hugged her tightly and rocked her maternally.

“You should send Ron an owl dear,” she said. Hermione pulled away and took a few deep breaths. “You’re right.”




The next nine months passed relatively uneventfully at the Burrow despite two pregnant women being there at once. When Hermione was about sixth months along, Ginny gave birth to Albus Severus Potter with Harry and Hermione at her side the whole way and Ron pacing just outside the door, unable to be in the same room while his sister was screaming like that.

Hermione was emotionally very unstable seriously effecting Ron’s nerves. He would jump when he heard her and would try to guess her mood unsuccessfully. She would go from teasing and joking to bawling in Ginny's room yelling about him. Ginny found this rather amusing, but kept her mouth shut.

Hermione was doting over "Little Al" as she called him and spent more time with him and Ginny than anyone excluding Ron. Many of the Weasleys came to congratulate their sister and Hermione who never tired of people placing their hands on her large stomach. She would feel a painful kick and grab the hand of the closest person and place it gently on her large stomach.


In her mind the best part of it all was that nobody was denying her anything. If she wanted some one to feel her baby they would place their hand gently on her stomach. She was enjoying everyone’s company. George dropped by one morning and she let him draw a large smiling face on her stomach using her belly button as a nose. She even enjoyed watching the garden gnomes until they bit her swollen ankles. Ron would often come up behind her and wrap his arms around her large tummy and rest his head gently on her shoulder. Young Teddy Weasley who was now eight loved coming by with Andromeda, who was taking care of him. He always had non-magical little plastic cars that he drove all over her belly like it was a super race track.


Then, one night, she was about to climb into bed with Ron when her water broke. She screamed and went as fast as she could to the door. She wobbled down the stairs waking up Ginny and Harry to make them go with her. Ginny was feeding Al and Harry had been asleep next to James who also woke when Hermione stumbled in talking fast. They dressed the kids and went with her. Ron was in their room packing the “baby bag” which she had told him to do weeks ago. He shoved in the camera and clothes and all sorts of knick knacks.


Molly said she was getting too old to do this sort of thing, but they had to tell her the moment the baby was born. When they finally got to the hospital Ron and Ginny ushered her into the room and Harry waited outside the door not wanting to see Hermione, the closest thing he had to a sister, screaming. At one point Ron was kicked out to wait with Harry, Albus, and James. Harry gave him a pep-talk and shoved him back in.


Hours later, Ginny burst through the door and found Harry there with her two children who woke when she announced, “It’s a girl!” to the whole floor. Everyone clapped much to her amusement. and Harry brought their children into the room with him. James, now three, happily exclaimed, “Daddy, there’s a baby!” with a cute lisp. Hermione and Ron were eventually left alone with the baby while Harry and Ginny told Molly and Arthur who sent all the owls they could find to everyone they could.


When they were finally alone together Ron and Hermione began and unusual conversation: “When do you want another one?” she asked almost immediately looking down into the beautiful brown eyes of her daughter. She gently stroked her thick red hair. “You really want to go through that again?" Ron asked looking slightly pale at the though. Hermione laughed, but didn’t answer: if he didn’t want another baby she could always just stop trying not to get pregnant. She was a little surprised at her traitorous thoughts and immediately made herself forget about them.


“What should we name her?” she asked for the first time. They had never talked about it before. “How about Hermione?” Ron asked. Hermione rolled her eyes “That’s the worst name ever! No, how about her name starts with an ‘r’.” she replied. He nodded and said, “Rose? It’s kind of honoring Harry’s mum in a way because she had a flower name too,” he responded suddenly deep in thought. Hermione smiled and spoke to her daughter, “What do you think Rosie?” The small child blinked a few times and looked up at her mother. “I think that’s a definite yes.”


A/N: Did I warn you? Yes as a matter of fact I did. I am not responsible for medical fees =P

P.S. Do you see that lonely grey box down there? It could due with filling =) Reviews make my day!!!

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Eight Years Later: Pregnancy: always a fun subject!


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