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Being A Select Few by BellaRose
Chapter 11 : Incantation
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Disclaimer: yeah, no.
A/N: Don't look so shocked, I actually do possess the ability to post more than once every three months =] haha

use of supposedly magic words: the ritual chanting or use of supposedly magic words.

The common room is empty when I return although the fire is still burning low. Sitting heavily into the nearest armchair I sigh and tilt my head back to rest on the seat. I have no idea what is going on between Draco and myself, I wish it was as simple as girl likes boy and boy likes girl but this is Hogwarts and for some reason, things never happen that way around here. Wearily I get up and trudge up to my dorm, falling asleep quickly.

When I wake up the dorm is empty and sunlight is pouring into the room. I stretch in my bed and allow a small smile to creep across my face; I haven’t slept that well in weeks. I glance across the room to check the time and fly into a flurry of panic.

I was so late.

Fifteen minutes later I fly into transfiguration halfway through the lesson earning myself a detention and a stern talking to from McGonagall. I slump in my seat and start to take notes.

“Partner up and practice the incantation, please” Professor McGonagall instructs and I turn to the person beside me to find that they are already gone. I frown as I realise that the girl had probably not wanted to be my partner since I was now “tainted with traitor” as I had heard some people say. I am lost in thought and am surprised when I find that Dean Brentley has slid into the seat next to me and is smirking at me.

“What?” I ask suspiciously, that smirk never means good.

“So, why were you late?” he asks, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

“I slept in?” I answer, rather confused by his strange behavior.

“Oh, okay” Dean replies, nodding, but never faltering in his smirking. I just nod and look at him strangely.

“You know what’s weird” he continues, “Draco wasn’t at breakfast this morning either” I suddenly catch on to where this is headed and glare at my Slytherin tutor.

“Just what are you implying, Brentley?” I hiss at him. Dean just chuckles and grins at me.

“I think you know exactly what I’m implying”

“Well you would be wrong if you are implying what I think you are implying”

“What am I implying then?”

“You’re implying that I spent the night with Draco” I hiss quietly, glancing around to make sure nobody heard.

“Hey, you said it, not me. I was merely implying that both you and Malfoy are under a lot of pressure right now and so probably both slept in” Dean smirks, “but I’m not judging you if you were with Malfoy”

“I’m not shagging Draco Malfoy!” I say loudly, frustrated with his Slytherin trickery. Dean just laughs and I realise that the class is silent.

“That’s all very well, Miss Weasley, but would you please get on with practicing the spell with Mr. Brentley” McGonagall says to me. I blush and quietly whisper “I hate you” to Dean before practicing the spell. 


“See you later, don’t forget we have tutoring tonight” Dean says to me before disappearing in the crowd as we leave transfiguration. I curse under my breath; I had completely forgotten that I had tutoring tonight. I am about to leave the classroom when Professor McGonagall calls me back to her desk.

“Miss Weasley, you will meet me tomorrow night at eight o’clock in my office for your detention and in the future please try to be on time and leave your personal discussions outside of my classroom. Oh and Miss Weasley, the girl you have been tutoring has been doing very well in Transfiguration, thank you for taking on that responsibility.” I just nod and shuffle out of the classroom and onto Defence Against the Dark Arts.

By the time lunch time comes around I am already exhausted again, even after my relaxing sleep last night. I am walking towards the Great Hall when I am accosted by Cameron.

“Ginny, last night Peeves flooded one of the charms rooms on the second floor”  he tells me in a hushed voice.

“Please tell me it wasn’t our room”

“It wasn’t, but they have been using our room as a charms room all morning while they dry out the other one. We better hope that your brothers are right and it won’t transfer onto skin if it’s too long after its been sprayed” Cameron says as we enter the hall.

“See if you can get everyone together, I want all of us to be sitting together at the end of the table when we perform the revealing spell” Cameron nods and walks over to where some of the other members are sitting while I make my way to the very end of the table which is fairly deserted.

“Hey, Red” Morgan says as he drops onto the bench next to me.

“Oh, hi, Morgan” I say nervously, I wonder if he’s noticed that I’ve been avoiding him?

“So, about you avoiding me for the past few weeks” he says, looking at me, amused. Damn.

“Yeah, I’m really sorry about that, I didn’t mean to, I’ve just been really busy” I lie. Morgan just laughs and shakes his head.

“I’ll let it slide this time, just don’t try it again” he tells me, obviously seeing straight through my lie. The other Gryffindor SO members sit down in the spaces around us, glancing curiously at Morgan.

“Ok, so we’ve had a bit of an issue and Cameron tells me that they have been using the classroom all day so we just have to hope that it hasn’t rubbed off on everybody who has been in that classroom today” I tell them all. Morgan looks at me curiously but I ignore him, I’ll explain it to him later.

“Now?” Daniel asks, I nod and we all draw our wands. Together we chant the incantation that we had practiced together in our meetings. We look around the room and I am disappointed to see traces of orange glitter on many people’s hands.

“I’m going to kill the twins” I growl. They told me it wouldn’t last long enough to rub onto other people. You could tell exactly who had been in charms class that morning. The second year Gryffindors all had orange palms, including Cameron and so did the second year Slytherins. The seventh year advanced charms class, including Hermione had orange palms and so did all of the fourth year Hufflepuff’s and Ravenclaw’s. The sixth year Slytherins also had orange palms and some of the sixth year Hufflepuff’s did as well, presumably those in the sixth year advanced charms class.

“Now what?” Leanne whines. “How are we going to tell who it is?”

“Well, we know they are in Slytherin” Gabriella reminds us. Immediately we all turn around to stare at the Slytherin table.

“You may want to be a little more subtle” Morgan laughs. We turn back around sheepishly and I roll my eyes at Morgan.

“We’re Gryffindors, we barely know the meaning of subtlety” I smile, looking around at my team.

“We also know that it’s a seventh year boy” I tell them.

“How do we know that?” Daniel asks.

“Last night we met up with the Slytherins when we were running away from Filch” Cameron explains.

“Yeah, we saw you get dragged into the Slytherin meeting room while we were watching on the map” Leanne says, nodding.

“Draco kept me back and he told me, the Slytherins have been watching them as well. Draco told me that he has evidence that the meetings are about him and whoever it is they are in the Slytherin boys seventh year dorm.” I explain.

“So, this isn’t about SO anymore is it?” Thomas asks, although it sounds more like a statement. I shake my head and look around to all my Gryffindors,

“No, this has gone past the point of petty rivalry and onto something bigger. Draco told me last night that Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw have temporarily withdrawn from the SO until this matter is sorted. They don’t want to get involved. If you would like, I can withdraw Gryffindor as well, and I can handle this on my own with Draco” I explain.

“No” Leanne says sternly, “You are our leader and more than that, you’re our friend. We will stick with you and help you with this, whatever it is. Isn’t that right guys” Everyone else agrees and I smile. I love being in Gryffindor.

“This is about the same thing as when you were jinxed off your broom isn’t it?” Gabriella asks, I nod and look toward the doors when a few Beauxbaton girls have entered. A light bulb suddenly goes on in my brain.

“I know how we can find out who it is” I say excitedly, “The Beauxbaton girls wouldn’t have been inside the classroom, only the two who were meeting the Slytherin will have orange on them” I explain.

“So we interrogate the two girls to find out who the Slytherin is!” Thomas says, catching on to my plan. We all swivel in our seats to face the doors where the Beauxbaton girls are entering.

“Gryffindors” I hear Morgan scoff and I turn to scowl at him, he just shrugs and gestures to us,

“Seriously, could you be more obvious?” he laughs. For the second time we all turn back around sheepishly and a small chuckle is shared.

“That is exactly why you are going to help us” I inform Morgan primly.

“Excuse me?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.

“As you’ve seen, we aren’t very good with the sneaking and the subtlety and the stealth. You are going to get your boys to kidnap the Beauxbaton girls for us and then we’ll get Draco to interrogate them because that’s more of a Slytherin thing” I pause and think about Draco, “On second thought, maybe we’ll get Brentley to interrogate them”

“You’re worried about how Draco would react?” Morgan asks, “Since I’m sure that he blames this person spying on him for his mothers’ death” My eyebrows jump in surprise.

“You know about his mother?”


“We’ll deal with how you suspiciously know everything later. Right now, our targets have just entered the room” I say. Very slowly the rest of the team turns around to see who is walking into the hall. I don’t bother explaining that although done slowly, it’s still not very subtle. Who needs to be subtle anyway? We’re Gryffindors; leave the sneakiness to the Slytherins thanks.

“Who? How can you tell?” Morgan asks me, looking between us and the seemingly normal looking Beauxbaton girls who have just walked through the doors to the Great Hall.

“We’re just cool, ok?” I offer as an explanation. I really couldn’t be bothered to explain that we know because the girls have orange palms. Orange from our sneakiness of course, not from the fake tan that some of the girls are wearing.

“Oh, of course it is” Morgan agrees sarcastically. Very maturely, I stick my tongue out at him and he laughs.

“Just kidnap those two girls there” I instruct.

“Who are we kidnapping?” Maxworthy asks suddenly, sitting beside Morgan. I nearly fall off the bench in surprise. Seriously, how do they do it? They just suddenly appear from nowhere, I think they do it purposefully just to scare the beejeebies out of me. Although, I suppose it is because of this particular skill that we need their help at all.

“The twins over there, apparently” Morgan tells Maxworthy.

“Really? Awesome” he grins.

“Yeah, real awesome” I reply with a snort, rolling my eyes, “Just kidnap the twins and then come and see me. I’ve got to get to class” I leave the two boys to plot as I get up and make my way to class.

“Ginny, wait up” Leanne calls to me as I leave the hall. I step to the side so I’m not blocking the door and wait for the younger girl to catch up.

“So, you’ve made some progress then, not speaking to either of them for weeks, like a coward might I add, and the BAM! You speak to both within twenty four hours” she says, I pout and frown at her.

“I’m not a coward, it’s a complicated situation and I was-”

“Scared, you were scared” Leanne says bluntly. I huff but don’t bother arguing, she wouldn’t listen anyway.

And you know it’s true.

Is not!

Is to.




“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say, Leanne. You’ve still got my badge from the other night don’t you? Can you set a meeting for tonight please, after I finish tutoring?” I ask

“Yeah, I can do that. I’ll see you at dinner then?”

“Yeah, I’ll see you then” I reply with a wave and head off to class. 


“Brentley, I’ve got a job for you” I bark as I slam my potions text onto a library table later that night.

“What is it?” he asks slowly, eyeing me warily.

“I need you to interrogate someone for me” Dean raises an eyebrow and smirks at me.

“I didn’t know you could be Slytherin, Weasley” he taunts.

“I’m not” I growl, “That’s exactly why I’m getting you to do it, because Gryffindors can’t interrogate very well. We aren’t as sadistically sneaky and cunning as Slytherins”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, Ginevra, but why not Draco?”

“Draco’s judgment may be a little impaired on this case” I answer simply. Dean just nods, understanding the implications of my answer.

“Who, when and where?” he asks instead.

“Never mind any of that, I’ll let you know when we need you. Now, teach me some potions that will help me in that bitch of a test Snape has got planned for tomorrow” I say, flipping open my text book. 


“I spoke to Dean Brentley tonight about being our interrogator” I tell my Gryffindors.

“Aw, I wanted to do the interrogation. We could do the Good Auror, Bad Auror routine!” Daniel complains. I sigh and look at him pointedly,

“Daniel, I think we proved enough already that we Gryffindors aren’t very good at that sort of thing. We’re more of a jump in there with wands blazing kind of group than the cunning and sneaky and slimy and calculative Slytherins. Not that they are bad quality traits, they are very useful to us at the moment, it’s just that we Gryffindors don’t possess those kinds of traits” Daniel looks put out and I sigh again, “although, I suppose I could convince Brentley to let you help interrogate them”

“Alright” Daniel replies enthusiastically.

“Now, I don’t know how long it will take Morgan and Maxworthy and their crew to capture the girls without suspicion and I don’t know where they will be taking them but I need you all on your guard to inform me and be ready for action as soon as you hear anything. Kapeesh?”

“Kapeesh” They all repeat. We return to Gryffindor tower in pairs and I leave with Leanne last, avoiding all prefects and teachers along the way.

“So, what are you going to do about the ball then?” Leanne asks me, I groan and grimace at her.

“Can we please not talk about this?” I beg, Leanne shrugs her shoulders,

“You’re going to have to eventually, you know, but fine, we won’t talk about it now. I’ll be ready when you do want to talk about it. Which you will, and you’d better come to me, Missy, not just run to the Head Girl like you have been. I want to help as well” Leanne threatens. I agree and we head off into our separate dorms. 


I am standing in the middle of the Great Hall wearing a horrendously pink and frilly dress with sleeves the size of Jupiter and yelling at Draco and Morgan who are in the middle of a punch-up. 

Yeah, sounds like fun, doesn’t it? 

For a moment I am terrified that it is actually happening until I see the Hawaiian shirt that Professor McGonagall is wearing, and although the rabbit suit that Dumbledore is wearing wouldn’t be too out of place, I am certain I must be dreaming.

When I wake up with a jolt I am surprised that I still remember the strange dream, usually I forget them straight away. I laugh at the image of McGonagall in a printed shirt before getting ready for the day, still chuckling over the image by the time I get to breakfast. It’s worse when I actually see the professor because all I can see is a Hawaiian shirt in my mind, I’m not even sure why that is so funny in the first place. The Gryffindors around me look at me as though I’m off my rocker, not that it is an uncommon occurrence these days.

“Ginny! Oh, please, you’ve got to help me!” a ruffled looking Hermione begs me as she slides onto the bench next to me.

“What can I do for you, Hermione, my friend?” The endorphins released from my laughing attack have apparently put me in a good mood for once. Hermione takes a second from looking panicked to look me over,

“Are you okay?” she asks me, suspiciously. I nod and smile brightly and pull the plate of eggs towards me.

“Right” Hermione says, dragging the word out, “are you sure you’re ok, you seem, well, happy. Very happy. It’s quite creepy actually” I roll my eyes, I’m in a great mood and my friends thinks it’s creepy. That tells you a lot.

“What can I do for you, Hermione?” I repeat, hopefully it will make her stop looking at me like I’m about to go crazy.

“Oh, right. Come dress shopping with me on the Hogsmede weekend?”

“There’s a Hogsmede weekend coming up?” I ask brightly

“Yeah, it’s this weekend, after the Quidditch match on Friday night. Please come!” Hermione begs.

“Why is that something you need help for, I usually go with you anyway” I say, confused by my friends behavior. Hermione mumbles something under her breath which I don’t catch.

“Sorry what was that?” I ask, Hermione sighs.

“I said, I promised Parvati and Lavender I’d go dress shopping with them and then I said you’d come to” she repeats quickly. My eyes bulge,

“I’m sorry, but I could swear that you just said that I would go dress shopping with Brown and Patil, but that can’t be right because you know how I despise them both” I say calmly, taking a bite of egg.

“I’m sorry, Gin! They made me promise to go and I can’t go by myself, they’ll torture me!” Hermione wails.

“Oh, so you thought you’d bring me along for the ride?” I ask incredulously. Hermione doesn’t look me in the eye and mutters,

“Misery loves company?” I huff angrily and glare at the Head Girl and my best friend.

“Fine, I’ll go.” I say sourly. Hermione squeals and hugs me,

“Thank you, Gin!” I raise an eyebrow at her and she looks at me as if to say “what?”

“Hermione, you just squealed and then hugged me” I inform her. Hermione looks aghast and looks around her as though she is making sure nobody saw.

“See what they are doing to me already?” she hisses before snatching a piece of toast off my plate. I just sigh and thump my head onto the table.

What have I gotten myself into? 

A/N: I actually got two chapters out within a month! Go me! I'm on a roll and I even have another chapter written to be submitted straight after this one to makr up for all those months you went without a single peep from me. 

I hope you enjoy this chapter and are still interested in the direction the story is moving in. Review and let me know!

Bella xx

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