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A Perfect Mess by Ronsgirl29
Chapter 4 : Friends?
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The rest of the day dragged on. I knew everyone could tell I wasn’t being my usual self, and I was getting concerned looks from everyone at dinner. I wanted to tell them all what was up. But its not like I could say “It’s alright guys, I’m just completely confused because the boy I’m supposed to despise is actually a really great guy who I might like like, not just like. Even though I have a wonderful boyfriend that cares about me, I sort of want to go and snog that boy I like like, though I just started to talk to him the other day. Oh, and did I mention that the boy is named Scorpius Malfoy?” 

Nope, I definitely cannot say that. I’ll just lie. After all, the truth is highly overrated.

“Guys, stop looking at me like that! You’re making me feel like I’m a ghost or something. I‘m perfectly fine!” I finally say, seeing as I can‘t stand their silence any longer.

“We’re just worried about you Rosie, you’ve been acting rather strange this afternoon.” Harmony says in a concerned voice, I swear it’s like she’s the mother of the group. Always looking out for everyone and making sure they’ve done their homework and are feeling alright.

“I’m fine,  just a little distraught.” I guess now is as good a time as any to tell James about tomorrow. And it’s a much better option then talking about Scorpius.

“And why would that be cousin of mine?” James askes, he also sounds concerned, but James always has a joking sense to his voice.

“Well… I kind of can’t go to Quidditch practice tomorrow night…” His face goes from concerned to pissed off. Oh goodness.

“WHAT? WHY? Rose, it’s the FIRST PRACTICE! I need you there! Anyway it’s mandatory, I won’t let you miss it.” He’s using his intimating voice again, which is rather frightening when you’re at the receiving end of it.

“I’m sorry James! I really am. But I got a detention from Professor Cassot in Ancient Ruins. He’ll murder me if I ditch detention for a Quidditch practice.” I hoped that just maybe he’d be understanding, but his angry expression has yet to disappear.

“In all the years you’ve go to Hogwarts you’ve gotten like what? About 5 detentions? But then you manage to get a detention the first week of school, and on a day we have PRACTICE! What did you even do?!” James is getting louder, drawing attention to the table.

I don’t answer at first, I just stare at my mashed potatoes. Not answering is just making him angrier so I finally just say it.

“Talking in class.” I mutter.

“TALKING?! That’s one of the STUPIDEST reasons for getting a detention I‘ve ever heard! I mean at least if you had done something cool or bad ass and then gotten the detention maybe I’d let it slide. But talking?! How ridiculous is that? I can‘t believe you‘d jeopardize the team this way Rose!” Oh no he didn’t.


Ah, screaming is refreshing, I think I'll continue.


If James’s yelling didn’t get everyone’s attention, well then my screaming certainly did. By now the whole hall is staring at me, including Scorpius. 

During said screams I claimed James was the one who was overreacting, but if I’m being honest it was probably me. It’s so not my fault though, when he started to yell at me I just snapped! And it’s not like any of the things I said were untrue, he really has missed countless practices because of his detentions.

I can tell he wasn’t expecting me to get that upset because his face goes from angry to shocked. Before he can say anything I storm out of the Great Hall, I don’t need this crap.

                                                                          * * * *

Arianna’s P.O.V
What the heck was that? James was out of line for reacting that way, and we all know Rose can be a bit irrational, but that doesn’t me she should totally flip out! There’s got to be something bothering her that she hasn’t told me about. I wanted to ask her what was wrong, but she ran out of the hall faster than a Firebolt.

I look around the hall to see how many people noticed Rosie’s little exit, and it appears just about everyone has. I’m about to turn back and face my table when out of the corner of my eye I see Scorpius Malfoy. Right as the Rose disappears through the door he stands up, as if he’s going to chase after her or something. But then as quickly as he stood up, he sits right back down again, looking torn. I think he noticed me staring, so I quickly turn back to my table. What the hell? I don’t even think those too have ever talked. I’m utterly confused. I want to go find out what’s wrong right this second, but I know that Rose prefers to be alone when she’s upset.

“Whaa? Huh? Bloody hell, did she really just explode like that?” James asks aloud, though not to anyone in particular.

“Yes she did you toe rag. Now why’d you have to yell at her like that?” Madison decides to answer him. She, like myself, isn’t one to hold back.

“Yell at her? Did you not just see how much she yelled at me? ” James looks to his friends, hoping for their support. They nod their heads and mumble in agreement.

“That doesn’t matter. You knew Rose was already upset, but you yelled at her anyway.” I give him an accusatory look.

“Arianna’s got a point mate. Girls are very sensitive when it comes to feelings and stuff like that.” Justin doesn’t look James in the eye as he says this, but I give him an encouraging smile for sticking up for Rose.

James gives Justin a slight glare.

“Well then, should I go talk to her?” I can tell that he is starting to feel bad by his tone of voice. So instead of having a harsh reply, I answer sort of sweetly.

“I don’t think that would be the best idea. You know better than anyone she likes her space.” He nods his head, and I pat his shoulder.

“I didn’t mean to make her that upset, you know that right guys? She’s my best friend and my cousin, I just get very intense about Quidditch.” A guilty grin appears on his face for a moment as he stares at the table.

“We know that James, but next time think before you scream okay?” Erin says with a little laugh, placing her hand on his.

He looks up at her and smiles, causing her to blush furiously and pull her hand away.

“You’re right Erin, I really need to work on that. Ya know, the whole thinking thing. I find that I do that less and less these days.”

We all laugh at his joke and the tension from Rose and James’s fight has melted away for the moment. But I can’t help but wonder, what in the world is going on with that girl…?

                                                                     * * * * *

Rose P.O.V:

Where to go, where to go? I could go back to the common room, but that’s where everyone will go after dinner and I really don’t want to have to face them. They will ask me why I freaked out at dinner and I won’t have an answer for them. Because honestly, I don’t really understand why I got so mad. I guess its just a combination of exhaustion, confusion and guilt about Scorpius, and my general annoyance with James’s unfair attitude about my detention.

Hmm well if not to the common room, then where? I look out the nearest window. It’s not that cold out today, so maybe I’ll just go sit out by the lake and collect my thoughts. I always feel better when I’m out there, it’s very calming.

I walk out to the lake and sit there thinking for who knows how long.

It seems ridiculous that I’m so caught up on Scorpius. I hardly know him for crying out loud! But he just seems so… perfect. He’s got that irresistible charm that you just can’t help but be drawn too. I shouldn’t even think about it though. Even if I did like him, he’d never go for a girl like me. He’s gorgeous, I’m frumpy. He’s funny, I’m awkward. He’s nice, I’m rude. The list goes on and on.

I still wonder everyday how I managed to get a guy like Mitch. It’s probably only because we were friends for so long that he just got used to all my flaws. But I’d be stupid to think I could get Scorpius to like me. After all, lightning never strikes twice. And speaking of Mitch, if he knew what I was thinking right now he’d probably hate me. He’s been nothing but a great friend and boyfriend, and what do I do in return? I go off thinking about another guy. I don’t deserve him either.

Suddenly I feel an arm around me, I look and see that it’s none other than Mitch.

“Hey Rosie, I saw what happened at dinner. Are you okay?” He speaks softly, nothing but concern in his voice.

I can’t help but start to tear up a bit as he says those words. Damn, this is opposite of helpful. His kindness is making me feel worse about my could be feelings for Scorpius. I quickly wipe the tears away before I answer.

“I’m fine.” I try to give him a smile, but its weak. “I’m just overly tired from last night, and I was already frustrated about getting that detention. I felt bad enough about missing practice, so James’s yelling didn’t help the situation. In general, it‘s just been a lousy day.”

“That’s all right love, we all have those days. I heard James and them talking, it seems he felt bad about making you so upset.” I look into his eyes, and can’t help but smile.

“I know, James has a tendency to be oblivious to things such as feelings. But I’m not mad at him anyway. His yelling certainly didn’t help, but I probably would have found something else to blow up about. I needed to let off some steam.” He smiles back, looking pleased that I appear okay.

“So you promise you’re okay?” He asks one more time.

“I promise, I feel a lot better now. Thanks for coming to check up on me.” I give him one more smile. I actually feel worse, his kindness is just reminding me of how awful I am.

“Alright, well then would you like to back up to the common room with me?” He gestures towards the castle.

“Nah, you go ahead. I think I’ll stay out a little longer.” I don’t know why, but I just feel like staying out here is the right thing to do.

“Okay, I’ll be there if you need me.” He leans in and gives me a sweet kiss, but it lasts slightly longer than I was expecting, so I had to pull away for air.

He laughs quietly, like a soft twinkling. “Goodbye Rosie.” He says before getting up and leaving to the castle.

I stay out there a while longer, the sun is setting and the grounds look beautiful. I don’t think I appreciate the beauty of this place as much as I should. Since the sun is down its getting colder and I start to shiver. All of the sudden, I feel a warm blanket being put around me.

I look up to see who it is, assuming it must be Mitch back again.

“Oh, Scorpius, it’s you!” Whoa, that was unexpected.

He smiles at me and takes a seat next to me. “In the flesh.” He gives me another kind smile.

I suddenly feel better than I did before. How is it that Mitch made me feel worse, but Scorpius’s mere presence cheers me up instantly?

“What are you doing here?” The question slips out before I can stop. It sounds rather rude, but my curiosity always gets the best of me.

I continue on, hoping to cover up my rude question. “Wait, sorry that came out wrong. It’s not like I don’t appreciate you coming, because I really do, but we don’t really know each other that well. So I guess I was just surprised to see you.”

“Aha, no need to be sorry Weasley. It’s a valid question, one I intend to answer. So there I was, sitting in the common room minding my own business when none other than Jeff Fisher and Arianna Weasley come into the Slytherin common room. I don’t typically ease-drop, but I couldn’t help but overhear your cousin saying that you never came back after dinner and that she was getting a tiny bit worried. I remembered seeing how upset you got, and I felt that I needed to do something to help you. I don’t particularly know why, like you said we don’t really know each other, but I was hoping we could be friends. And friends help each other right?”

“You saw our fight?”

“I, along with the whole great hall. You’re rather loud when angry.” He smirks at me playfully, causing me to smile once again.

“Hmm, I suppose I am rather loud.” I laugh. That’s an understatement. “Well anyway, that was nice of you to come and look for me. But how did you know that I was out by the lake?” Mitch knows I always go here, but how would Malfoy know?

“When I’m upset I like to come here and clear my head, it’s a great place for thinking. I figured maybe you’d come here too. That’s why I brought the blanket. If my guess was right, which it was, you’d be out here in the cold.” Scorpius looks at the blanket that is currently wrapped around me.

“That’s really sweet of you.” Could this boy get any more perfect? “I come here when I need to think too. Funny how we have that in common isn’t it?” I look out to the water, which is now pitch black due to lack of sun.

Scorpius laughs and puts his arm around me. “Yes, that is certainly funny. Maybe we have more in common than we thought.” There’s that laugh of his again, it get’s me every time.

I would have thought his arm being wrapped around would feel awkward, but it actually feels nice. It feels right.

“Maybe we do Malfoy, maybe we do.” 

                                                                 * * *

We sit there contently, until he removes his arm and lays on his back. He gently grabs my hand and tugs on it slightly as if saying I should lay down too. I lay down next to him and look up.

I’m dumbstruck for a moment but how amazing the night sky looks. How have I never noticed before?

“The stars are absolutely breathtaking.” I whisper, not wanting my voice to ruin the beauty.

He doesn’t say anything, he just continues looking upward. I swear to Merlin I heard him say under his breath “Not as breathtaking as you.” But there’s no way he’d say something like that, he couldn’t possibly have. Probably just my mind playing tricks.

After a while I whisper once more, even more softly this time. “You were right when you said friends help each other out. I’d like that, the whole us being friends thing. Or more than friends.”

I say the last part so quietly that I’m not sure if I actually said it out loud or if it was just in my head. I’m pretty positive he didn’t hear it, or he certainly would have an alarmed reaction to my very forward words.

“That sounds odd to say, a Weasley and a Malfoy being friends. I never thought I’d live to see the day.” He stops looking at the stars and turns his gaze towards me.

I turn to look at him too, I never noticed how mesmerizing his eyes were. They are this icy blue color I’ve never seen before. “Neither did I Scorpius.” My smile is so genuine as I say these words that I’m surprised its coming from me. He squeezes my hand gently, I didn’t even notice that he hadn’t let go of it from when we first laid down.

Normal Rose would be a mess right now, worried that Mitch, James, or another member of my family could walk outside and see us like this. Normal Rose would be feeling horrible for doing this, considering I’m already dating someone else. Normal Rose would say this is wrong.

But right at this moment, I could care less about all of those things. Goddamit I’m doing what I want, not caring about the consequences, and it feels good.
                                                                      * * * *
Scorpius P.O.V:

I look over at Rose again, she looks extra beautiful in the moon light. I can’t believe how well this went, I was afraid she’d be weirded out by the fact that I came out to see her. But that girl never reacts the way I expect.

Rose?” I whisper, “It’s getting late, maybe we should head back inside?” I wait for a response, but none comes.

I sit up slightly, it’s rather difficult because I don’t want to let go of her hand. I’m afraid if I do I may never get a chance to hold it again. I know that sounds girly, but seeing as she’s got herself a boyfriend I can’t go around holding her hand can I? She’s probably only let me hold her hand in the first place because she was upset. Now that I’m sort of sitting up I can see her properly, and I can see that she is dead asleep.

I laugh quietly, she looks rather funny when she sleeps. Yet she’s also got this peaceful look, a look I’ve rarely seen her have before. I don’t want to wake her up, but it wouldn’t really look so good if a teacher saw me carrying a girl, who appears unconscious, through the halls at the dead of night.

“Rose, wake up!”

I start to shake her, but it obviously isn’t working. So I bend down, leaning really close to her ear and whisper, “Weasley, nap time’s over.” Saying this instantly makes her jolt awake, nearly knocking my head off in the process.

“Oiy what! Where am I? What’s going on?” She looks around bewildered for a moment.

I can’t help but crack up, her hair is a total mess from sleeping on the ground and she’s looking around like a mad women acting completely mental. But I still think she looks hot, how weird is that?

“Calm down Rose! You fell asleep while we were laying out here.” She looks relieved, as realization of her surroundings hits her.

“Oh right, sorry, I’m not used to waking up outdoors.” She laughs softly at her own joke, and my face lights up with a huge smile, as if her laugh is the most beautiful sound in the world. I quickly change my expression before she notices.

“Of course you’re not Weasley. Now like I was trying to say before I realized you were asleep, it’s getting late so we should probably head back to our dorms.”

A look of complete horror comes across her face. “Shit! Exactly how late is it?” I get slightly panicked by her sudden changes in mood.

“Umm umm, a-about 1 o’cl- clock according to mm-my watch.” I stutter like a totally fool.

“Shit shit shit!” Rose looks rather exasperated.

She looks over at me and must have noticed I’m semi-frightened because her tone suddenly becomes much warmer.

“Sorry, it’s just that I know that at least one of my friends will have stayed up waiting for me, probably getting worried about why I still have yet to return. I don’t really know how to explain to them my reason for being out till 1 am.” She looks so worried. I hate seeing her upset, especially when I’m partly to blame for it.

“I’m so sorry Rose, this is all my fault. If I hadn’t come out here you would have gone inside hours ago. Now you’re friends are going to get mad, and your well… um Mitch probably won’t be too pleased either.”

I can’t bring myself to say boyfriend, it gives me this hollow feeling knowing that she’s dating someone else. It’s much easier to pretend he doesn’t exists.

“It’s not your fault Scorpius. I’m glad you decided to come see me. It was really nice to get to spend this time with you. I shouldn’t have been so careless as to fall asleep. So don’t feel guilty, I can just tell them I fell asleep outside. It’s not technically a lie.”

Pretty much the only thing I heard her say was that she was glad I came to see her, but I nodded my head anyway. Whatever she said, it probably was the right thing to do.

“Lets get back to the castle then, I don’t want to be even later than I already am.” Rose gets up and waits for me to follow. Bloody hell she’s quick.

I jump up and we begin walking to the castle. We reach the door and to our dismay, it’s locked.

“This is just peachy. Filch must have locked up all the doors tonight, the one night I needed him to forget.” Rose looks panicked once again, this girl needs to chill out a bit.

“Don’t fret Rose, I’ll just get Tony to come open it for us.” I smile smuggly, knowing she’ll be questioning me as to how any second.

“And how are you going to get him to do that?” Aha, score one for Malfoy.

“With this.” I pull out a small walkie-talkie like object.

“What in Merlin’s name is that?” Rose asks.

“This, is a little invention Tony and I made back in 4th year. His mum isn’t a wizard so he has loads of muggle stuff laying around his house. We bewitched an old pair of walkie-talkie’s to do all sorts of cool stuff, but it still serves the basic purpose of communication.”

She laughs, “Gasp! A Malfoy taking interest in muggle technologies! Another thing I’d never thought I’d see.”

“Oh hush up.” I laugh along with her. “Do you want to get back inside or not?”

“I’d rather like to get inside please.” She bats her eyes and me innocently, causing me to grin.

I press a few buttons on the walkie-talkie, “Tony, are you there?”

We wait a moment. There’s no reply.

So I try once more, “TONY, are you there? Please answer.”

Still, he doesn’t answer.

“Ugh this isn’t working! We’ll never get inside and my friends are going to kill me!” I don’t want to let Rose down, but it appears that’s exactly what I’m doing.

“Don’t lose hope yet, I’m going to try one more time.” Tony better answer this time or I’m going to kick his ass. I mean he probably isn’t even sleeping, he’s probably just flirting with some girl and doesn’t want to answer.

“Paging Dr. Snookiebear! Earth to Tonywonykinz!” I say rather loudly, hoping it will either scare away the girl he’s probably talking to or he’ll answer so I don’t say anymore of his nicknames.

“What the hell do you want Scorp?! I was in the middle of something.” He says with meaningful emphasis. So I was right, he was with a girl! Point number two for me.

“Well you see Tony, I happened to be locked out of the castle with a certain young lady named Rose Weasley. She’s getting a bit restless, and I’m getting rather chilly myself, so if you could please let us in I’d be much obliged.” My voice is thick with sarcasm, Rose must of found it funny because I can hear her soft chuckle.

“Ooo someone’s been naughty.” I don’t need to see him to know he’s got that sly smirk on his face. “It’s nearly 1:30 in the morning, what were you and Ms. Weasley doing at this ungodly hour?” I hear her scoff at that statement.

“He knows I can hear him right?” She seems ticked off, but amused at the same time.

“I think so.” I say to Rose before talking into the walkie-talkie. “We were simply enjoying nature you git. Now please let us in before I tell every girl in the school about your precious nicknames.”

“Alright alright, don’t be rash. I’m on my way as we speak. See you soon.” Tony huffs. Haha, he seems rather grumpy. That’s what he gets for making us wait so long.

“Snookiebear? Tonywonykinz?” Rose looks at me skeptically, with humor in her eyes.

I smile a devilish grin, “Just two of the many wonderful nicknames given to Tony by his mother. I use them as blackmail from time to time.”

“First I hear about how he dumps buckets of water on you, and now you tell me you blackmail him? I bet you guys will be getting your best friend of the year awards any day now.” Rose laughs that beautiful laugh of hers again.

“Aha, pretty and funny? What a stellar combination Weasley.” Oh look at me turning on the charm.

She smiles, and is about to say something back, but she’s interrupted when Tony opens the door.

“No need to fear, Tony Zabini is here!” I laugh, he sure is full of himself.
He looks at me then at Rose, “Well hello pretty lady, I’m Tony, your night in shining armor.” He winks at her and holds out his hand.

Rose shakes his hand, “Nice to meet you Tony the knight. I’m Rose Weasley, the damsel in distress. Thank you for opening the door, I really do appreciate it, but could we continue this inside? I’m freezing.”

“Of course, after you.” He holds up the door and gestures Rose, and myself, inside.

“You’re certainly turning on the charm for Weasley here. If I didn’t know you I’d think you actually were a gentleman.” I say, giving him a friendly shove through the door.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to give off a false impression now would I Malfoy?” He says to me then turns to Rose. “Don’t listen to him, I always act like this. I’m naturally charming, Scorpius here is just jealous.”

“I don’t doubt that you’re very charming Tony, but I think Malfoy here is pretty suave too.” She says beaming at me.

“Aha! See Tony? Rosie here says I’m suaaaveee.” I laugh, beaming right back and her and I can see her blush just a little in the darkness.

“Yes, yes. I heard her.” Tony says in mock annoyance. “Now can we please get going? Let us get this lady back to her common room before Filch see’s us.”

                                                              * * * *
Rose P.O.V:
Scorpius and Tony walk me back to the common room, and we say goodbye before I open the portrait.

“Thanks for opening the door Tony, you’re a real life saver. And thank you Scorpius for coming and talking to me, for everything.”

I give them each a hug, but I hold on to Scorpius a little longer than what is appropriate for a friendly hug. He didn’t seem to mind though. Man, he has some nice muscles I never noticed before. Damn…

“It was my pleasure Rose.” He smirks that very alluring smirk of his. “I’m here for you whenever you need me.”

“Good to know.” I smile genuinely, and I’m not even being sarcastic when I’m say it. Whoa.

The boys walk off the other way. Okay deep breaths Rose. Just say the password and walk in. Maybe no one will be in there. I mean it’s got to be nearly 2 am by now, surely they wouldn’t have waited that long?

“Password?” the Fat lady asks.

“Gillyweed.” Oh god.

It swings open and I walk through the door. I close my eyes, hoping that when I open them none of my relatives/friends will be waiting there to kill me. I don’t hear anything so that must be a good sign! I tentatively open my eyes…

A/N: Sorry that it took me awhile to get this next chapter up, I had finals a week ago and it took up all of my time. But now I'll have a lot more time to write (:

So what do you guys think of the length of my chapters? Too long? Not long enough? And how do y'all feel about the Rose/Scorp interraction?

Oh and I need to make a shout out to my lovely friend horcrux, who beta'd this chapter, she's a grammar divaa (: 

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