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Forever by adluvshp
Chapter 1 : FOREVER
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A/N: Hey friends, This is just a one-shot Rose/Scorp fic...and well I dont know how it has turned please do read and review....!! Read on...!!

Chapter image by brielle @ TDA!


I am doomed forever.

It is nauseating. I feel pathetic. I want to vanish, to disappear. To never come back again. It gets harder each second, and I'm not sure how long I can keep the fake smile plastered on my face. I'm not sure how long I can go and not collapse.

"Rose?" A familiar voice calls my name. It takes me a moment to register that 'Rose' is my name. Taking a deep breath, I rearrange my features quickly, and turn around to find myself standing in front of my brother, Hugo.

"Were ya lost, Rosie? Look at that huge collection of wines! Let's go at it." My brother, slightly maniacal, glows with excitement as he points to the assorted drinks, arranged in abundance.

"No thanks, Hugs….I think I'll just go hit the dance floor." Smiling my sweetest smile, I depart quickly, in case he sees through my eyes.

Today, the fifteenth of August, is the wedding day of my best friend, Lily Potter—yes, the daughter of Harry and Ginevra Potter—and Scorpius Malfoy—the son of Draco and Astoria Malfoy. It is also the day of the end of everything; my every little feeling; my every emotion; my oh-so pathetic life. And the end of my love for my brother-in-law to be.

Yes, you got that right. I am in love with Scorpius, who is to be married to my best friend today.

Today I feel I should have really listened to my dad when he told me on my first day of Hogwarts to stay away from that son-of-a….Malfoy. (See, I'm not abusing him). But quite unfortunate for me, I didn't listen to Dad. After Scorpius was sorted into Ravenclaw along with me, I promptly proceeded to make friends with the forbidden guy. 

A brief memory flashes through my mind.

"Hey, congrats, Rose! I even got sorted into Ravenclaw!" Crisalide Lovegood tells me excitedly as I join the Ravenclaw table. I smile nervously and look around me. I had surely heard a lot about the Hogwarts Castle, but it is even more magnificent than I could have imagined.

"Malfoy, Scorpius" is sorted into Ravenclaw. The older students "ooh" and "aah" and I begin to wonder what is so special about that boy. Why is everyone looking at him like that? I feel his awkwardness as he joins our table and finds that no one is willing to give him a place.

I feel sorry for him. Ignoring my fathers words (don't tell him, but it's the biggest mistake I've made), I invite him to sit beside me. He sighs with relief and sits down. 

"Thanks," he says, forgetting his awkwardness. I smile at his innocent, round face, immediately taking a liking to him. (If I had known that this 'like' would turn out to be 'love,' I would have never replied to his thanks).
"Don't mention it." I give him a sweet smile. "My name is Rose Weasley…You can call me Rose."

"Cool!" he says. "I'm Scorpius Malfoy, though I would prefer if you just called me Scorpius, or Scorp."

"Scorp it is, then!" I say, "I don't really like saying long names." We both laugh, marking the beginning of the friendship of the Weasley and the Malfoy…

As I stand here, at the corner of this dance floor, surrounded by hundreds of people celebrating the wedding of my best friend and her husband, my body begins to shake and my eyes betray me, letting tears fall. I'd been holding them in for so long.

I inhale deeply, and run.

Yes, the daughter of Hermione Weasley ran away from a wedding, like a coward.

Everyone is too busy to notice; to notice me running away like that, and finding a hideout in the attic, the very place where I always sought comfort. It is small, untidy, filled with rows and rows of boxes that contain all sorts of totally rubbish yet valuable stuff; rubbish in my eyes, and valuable in my mother’s eyes. Al, who is the closest to me of all my cousins, is the only one who knows that whenever I’m upset, I come in here; though I’m pretty sure that right now he’s too busy in his sister’s wedding to notice my absence.


I bang the small door open and, without even giving a thought to what this would do to my bridesmaid dress, collapse on the floor, allowing my heart to cry it out. How could I have let this happen? 

I think back to the day in my fifth year when I had slapped Scorp for being an arse. And my stomach had flipped for the first time.

"Hiya, R-Rosie. Wanna shag me?"

They've been together for a whole week, and she's already laughing at her boyfriend's stupid joke. How Lily has had a crush on him since second year is something I’ll never understand.

It is the Ravenclaw victory party—he is badly drunk. I ignore his silly comment, as I always do whenever he's not in his right mind, going back to Exploding snap.

What comes next is entirely unexpected. He pulls me up from where I sit, grabs me roughly at the hips, and captures my lips with his. I become immobile with shock as his tongue snakes down my throat; but I can't help kissing him back. My hands tangle in his hair as my body tells me that I want more.

His hands slide up my thighs.


I open my eyes to see Lily standing there, enraged, and I quickly disentangle myself from Scorpius, pushing him in the chest. It seems, though, that he's completely gone—he steps forward to have another go at me.

I never dreamt of doing this, not to my best friend—but I slapped him. I slapped Scorpius Malfoy right across his mouth. He looks at me with wide eyes; after a moment of immobilization, he begins hurling abuses, only to quickly storm out of the common room.

I immediately feel guilty. Lily turns to give me 'the look' as she follows him. That look is completely unfair! Wasn't I the one who just put an end to this whole boyfriend-snogging-best-friend situation? And now look who's angry at me. 

Well, okay…I might have gotten slightly carried away when her boyfriend kissed me…but then, who can help it when you have the immensely kissable lips of Scorpius Malfoy over your own? Tears brim in my eyes, as they always do when I'm feeling angry. I get up and rush out of the common room, heading to Merlin-knows-where.

The next few days are horrible. Both of my best friends ignore me. Lily, out of anger, and Scorpius out of shame, I would suppose. 

But finally, one day, Lily walks up to me and surprises me by apologizing for her rude behavior. I highly suspect that Dom has talked her into this. But then, even I say sorry. We easily reconvene our friendship; it's almost as that night never happened.

Only it did. And my relationship with Scorpius is the big fat proof. Things are strange. He avoids me as well as he can. My stomach begins a series of complicated somersaults if I happen to see him. My heart throbs loudly whenever I happen to hear his smooth, silky voice. My knees feel like jelly whenever he happens to be around. It takes a while, but I eventually realize.

Oh, God. I have a crush on my best-friend-almost-sister's boyfriend.

And then I try to ignore him. I try. But unfortunately fail, and end up thinking more about him as each day passes. I find myself, scum that I am, thinking about that…that kiss. And wondering if it can happen again. I hate myself with a part of myself for it, while another part of me acknowledges that one can't control such feelings. 

By the beginning of sixth year, Scorpius and I reestablish communication, but it just isn't the same. Our 'best-friendship' has ended. What remains is an acquaintance standing. Just a small 'classmate' friendship.

Little changes.

I bang my head onto my knees, sitting in that crumpled position, and groan. Why, why did that stupid kiss happen? Why did everything change? 

It has been five years, and still, nothing is normal between Scorpius and me. We've moved, perhaps, from acquaintances to friends. We joke, and laugh a little now. But still, a pervasive awkwardness lingers in the space between us.

My heart worsens things by making wild attempts to jump out of my chest when he comes close to me while talking. My resolve weak, I feel as though I could easily melt in his presence, or when he slaps me on the shoulder playfully, as he often does. If my small crush has not magnified in these years, I would be more willing to call what remains love; but it has, so the word is uncomfortable with me. But it is. There's little to deny. My crush has turned to love in these years.

I know everything about him. I know his inner, softer side. I love him; I do, more and more. I wish I could tell him; but fear that friendship could easily turn to hate stays my desire. The days we went without speaking were enough to cause me to realize that I couldn't live without him. I won't risk it again. If he comes to know that the best friend of his soon-to-be-bride loves him, he'll surely go mad at me. Maybe never talk to me again.

No, no. I won't risk it.


"Oh! I can't take it anymore!" I speak aloud. "It's already so hard to see Lily and Scorp together…and now, married! Maybe—" I stop, a wild thought occurring to me. "Maybe I should just go and end it all. Kill myself."

But I'm not brave enough. Ravenclaw isn't Gryffindor, after all. Too bad all the cleverness and wit in the world can't reach me now.

I put my head down to my knees and allow the sobs to rack my body. I surrender to the release, the violent shaking. A hand on my shoulder suddenly causes me to start, looking up, and wipe the tears away. 

It's Albus— He’s proven me wrong once again; he did notice my absence – such a wonderful friend, much like a brother to me. More of a brother than Hugo. 

He doesn't ask any questions, just brushes my cheek with his smooth hands, leans my head on his chest after sitting down beside me, and murmurs soothing, sweet-sounding words into my ears, patting my back. I am gradually calmed—but I don't extract myself from the brotherly hug. When I can speak, I utter a small "thanks."

"Its okay, Rosie," Al coos. "Now, tell me why you're up here crying in a dingy old attic on such a glorious day?" 

I cringe, the word 'glorious' ringing in my ears, and he pulls back to observe my face.

"What's up, Rose? You're telling me this minute. Now." He delivers the words in his most commanding voice. 

For a moment; a small one, I consider telling him the truth. 

Then change my mind.

I offer him a watery smile, muttering, "Just thinking…that I'll not be able to see Lily for a month now. After…after all, she is getting—married." I spit out the word with difficulty.

"I knew it!" Albus proclaims after a moment of silence. "I knew it. I knew it for the past four years! Oh, Merlin, this is going to get complicated." He shakes his head, and I look at him, thoroughly confused.

"Care to explain what you're talking about, Al?" I ask, my voice remaining as level as I can have it, though my heart thrums with fear.

"Rose, you could have just told me, you know."

"Told…told you what?" I ask, although it's silly to ask something when you already know the answer.

"That you love Scorpius," he says quietly, but still unabashed. 

"How did you know that?!" I shout, but recover quickly, clamping a hand over my mouth. "I mean—uh—how you can—uhm—the cheek! How could you say that?"

"Rose, I've known you since we were crawling around on our grubby knees and our arses were wrapped in diapers. I can read you, by now, like a book. A talent, let's call it." 

This is when I begin to wish that this were Hugo instead of Al. Good old, clueless Hugo, who can't read me for beans. Though, when I think about it, shame on him! He's my own blood, and doesn't even know what's going on with me.

"So," Al prompts after a moment in which I remain silent, "what are you planning to do now?"

"Well, let's see. Cry my eyes out, one. Drink seventy-two liters of poison, two. Die happily ever after—last." I list the plan off in a nonchalant tone. Albus humors me, smiling, before heaving a deep sigh and running his free hand through his hair; a habit he’s inherited from his father I suppose.

"Rosie. Be serious for a moment." Al forces me to look him in the eyes. "What the hell are you going to do now? I mean, look at you, you're completely screwed up!" 

I try to glare at him. But the breakdown's resolve is much firmer than mine, and I quickly succumb. "I know, Al…I know! But I don't want to spoil anything for Lily and…and Scorpius. I'm sure they would have been married by now…" I sigh, tears rolling down my cheeks again as I taste the word "married." And the idea of the object of my love, being lost forever. I bury my head in Al's chest and allow myself to have a proper sob.

"You're wrong, Rosie."

That isn't Al's voice. Unless, of course, it's a very bad joke of his, and a very good impression. No, it's too familiarly smooth, too silky, too velvety—too much like the music to my ears that it has always been. But that's impossible! And then on the other hand, so is Al's impression being that skilled. 

"Rosie, please. Please look here."

I'm damn sure it's Scorpius this time. But it's only because of the effect that it's having on me. I disentangle myself from Albus and turn around to find him—the most handsome, beautiful, god-like Scorpius Malfoy—Merlin, I love him—standing here in the attic in his wedding suit…his hands in his pockets. 

I get up quickly. Even though Scorpius's face looks troubled, I can't help but smile. It's what he does to me. He's the one who makes me cry, and the only one who can make me smile simply by existing in the same space.

"Rosie," he murmurs—and I'm gone, that's all it takes for me to run to him and cast my arms about his neck. I forget that he's not supposed to know that I love him, I forget that he's about to be wed, or perhaps is already, to my best friend. I forget that he's in his wedding suit and that isn't something that should be stained by my muddy dress, I forget that Al is here with us…I forget everything, frankly, as his hands encircle my waist and I bury my face in his shoulder, inhaling his intoxicating cologne. He smells, like always, perfect, though it has been quite some time since I've had the opportunity to experience this particular aspect of his person. 

We remain here until the door closes with a small thud, and I realize that Albus has just left. Reality crashes down onto me, returning me the faculty of my senses, and I attempt to pry myself from his grip, although he isn't letting go.

"I'm sorry," I say, looking down and blinking hard. "I—I let my emotions get the better of me. It's just I'm so—so happy, for you and…Lily." Damn my tear ducts! Can't they ever just go out of order sometimes?

"Rose, I'm really the one who should be doing the apologizing," he says. "I shouldn't have done—what I did. And I am extremely sorry."

"What—what are you apologizing for, Scorp? You've not done anything wrong." You can never do anything wrong, by the way. You're perfect.

"Yes I have." I look at him, puzzled, and for the first time in months, his grey eyes bore into my brown ones—and though, it really is absurd—I get the feeling somewhere quite removed from my head that he loves me, too.

"Look, Scorpius," I say, frowning and shaking my head, trying to clear it, "I think you should get back to Lily. She must be waiting. I'll—I'll join you in a second, after…after I get a bit freshened up." My words are nearly inaudible. I want him to go away. If he doesn't, these wild, absurd thoughts will continue to plague my head.

"Why are you doing this, Rose?" he asks. I simply look at him. Just try to make me answer you.

"Why were you crying here?" 

Against my will, my mouth pops open, but before I can reply, he begins assaulting me with questions, one right after another, pelting me.

"Why are your eyes filled with tears? Why can't you bear the fact that I'm getting married to Lily? Why did you—you know, hug me like that? Why—"

I can't stand these questions. Before he can slap me around with another, I shout:

"Because I love you, you IDIOT!"

I hate myself sometimes. And my big mouth. And my short temper.

Scorpius's face morphs and I try to look away, but instead of shock or anger, his whole body displays unattributable joy. He jumps to the air with a loud Yes! And before I can say or do anything, besides be completely floundered, he grabs me from the hips and bends down, crashing his lips onto mine.

This is nothing like a drunken kiss. This is full of things that are real, that, if I could think more clearly, I might label as trite words such as passion, love, and feeling. My body, seeming to function almost completely separate from my mind, wastes no time, however, in putting my arms around his neck and kissing him back with everything that I can muster. Without realizing, we take a few steps back, and I find myself against the wall. 

Slowly, his lips leave mine, but instead of jumping away from me, as I had feared, he continues to kiss me, his lips moving to my neck. He nibbles at a sensitive spot there, and before I can stop myself, I let out a moan. He goes on kissing me, feverishly, here and there, until his hands find the zip of my dress. I realize suddenly what comes after this. I try to push him away, placing my hands against his chest, but he's too strong. 

He feels my attempts, however weak, and moves away from me. I feel the color rising to my cheeks as I take in his disheveled appearance and the way that he is breathing deeply.

"S—Scorpius, I don't understand. Anything. I thought—but you and Lily—" I'm unable to form sentences coherently. He places a finger upon my lips, and my heart stops. I force myself to relax.

"It's entirely my fault, Rosie," he whispers. "I'm sorry, I should have explained. Let's sit." He takes me by the hand and leads me to a sack on the floor. I sit. He kneels down across from me, and kisses my hand (sending something pulsing through me) before beginning his explanation. 
"Rosie. I've—I've had a thing, you know, for you, since fourth year—Wait," he pleads, observing that I am about to interject. "Please, let me finish, and then I want to know everything that you have to say." He looks up for a moment, and then resumes his story. It's killing me not to say anything, but for him, it's nothing more than a simple chore.

"So perhaps thing is a stupid word; all I really wanted was to shag you, then. It was pure lust—nothing more—but I pushed doubts of this to the back of my mind. I didn't want to spoil our friendship. Then, things all sort of—happened. It's not an excuse, but that's how it seemed. Someone told me that Lily liked me. I thought about this for a while, and then realized that this might be a way to get closer to you. I spent more time with her. We became friends. And I saw more of you, as well." He pauses for a moment, taking a deep breath.

"I deluded myself, Rosie, into thinking that I fancied Lily. When I was reasonably sure of it, I asked Lily to date me in our fifth year—but I still had feelings for you. It was very confusing for me. But I thought I hid it reasonably well. Though, and you may be surprised that I remember it—the night of that victory party spoilt it all. I felt so ashamed—I didn't have the courage to face you anymore. Especially since you had slapped me; I was sure that meant that you didn't feel anything. For me. But it gave me such pains to be without you, so I swallowed my pride and gave our friendship another go. But it was hard for me, not to ask you to make things more between us. And then I realized, because lots of years passing can do that to you, that it wasn't just lust—it was love. Its pestering habit of growing stronger made it very hard for me to deny that. I waited, to see, you know, if you would send any signs my way to reassure me that you felt something like that for me, too."

OF COURSE I DID NUMBNUTS! I wanted to slap him and kiss him and—I don't know what else—all at once, but I allowed him to continue.

"But you avoided me."


"And you didn't like me the way that I liked you."

I can see how you would think that, but you're wrong. 

"To distract myself from you, I threw myself at Lily. And then, it was this year, I had gone to a jeweler. I had been looking at a ring, imaging how you would look wearing it. Lily came along—I didn't know that—and she saw me with the ring. She thought that I was going to propose to her. She told the whole household, and I couldn't break her heart…So I proposed to her, and I shouldn't have, but I did, and she accepted."

Scorpius Malfoy, I'll—

"Everyone got so involved in planning the wedding and as time passed, I realized that maybe if I married Lily, I'd stop thinking about you. But—finally—today, as I was preparing for my wedding, my dad came along. It was a shock; really, I didn't know he was capable of being sentimental. He made me realize it by putting it in the simplest terms—once you're married, you're in it for life. He'd made a mistake himself. He'd loved a girl, but married my mum. He seems happy with Mum, but really, he wishes that he'd just taken a risk and got with the girl he really loved—whom he hasn't forgotten, not even now. I realized, then, what I was doing."

tear you to pieces—

"I love you, and I was going to marry Lily. I was going to spoil both of our lives, and I realized then that I had to tell you. I thought, well, if you refuse me, I'll just go somewhere—anywhere, far from here—and never show my face to you or Lily ever again. But, if you agreed…well, then, we could live right proper forever, happily ever after. I tried looking for you everywhere, but you weren't anywhere. The attic was a last-ditch attempt, and then here you were, and I knew, just by looking at you…."

Wait, I take that back.

He takes a deep breath, seeming to steady himself. 

And speaks. "I love you, Rose. More than anyone—and anything. And, get this," he says, raising his eyebrows, although this is hardly a time for theatrics, "I'm ready to be your slave, for the whole of forever." He looks right at my eyes. "Please, Rose. Will you spend forever with me? Will you marry me?"

His eyes glisten suddenly with tears. I've just received a pleasant sort of blow to my insides. I can't believe my ears. All I can do—after repeating the question to myself a number of times, trying to comprehend—is nod mutely, before leaning in and kissing him full on the lips. 

The door opens with a bang and we jerk away.

"Oi—what are—" My dad's eyes go wide as he sees us. I'm perfectly sure, and unhappily, warily so, that he's going to throw a right fit now. 

But instead— "Oh, so you found her, then. Shoo, leave her to her mother and sisters. And you could do with a bit of improvement yourself, you know, I don't want my son-in-law to look like he's just climbed through a jungle to attend his own wedding." 

Scorpius laughs, getting to his feet and reaching down to help me up. I take his hand, standing, and look from Scorpius to my dad, both laughing, trying to understand. Scorpius turns to leave when I catch him by the hand. He turns around and gives me my favorite smile.

Look out, world; I've got a killer weapon up my sleeve.

"I'll see you soon, love," he whispers, and my heart melts upon receiving the word. He bends down and kisses me lightly on the mouth, closing the gap of nearly a foot that separates us. He straightens up after a moment, and salutes my father comically, exiting the attic. My dad then, too, prepares to leave, but he's not getting off that easy.
I am dazed.

"Dad! Will you please tell me what's going on?"

"Oh, you know, not much, Rosie flower—it's just that you're getting married to Scorpius today—" his tone is calm, but he pauses to laugh at the look on my face. He comes to me, pulling me into a big, fatherly hug.

"Relax, Rosie. I'm sure you'll be perfectly happy tied up to that git."

"But—how? When? And, wait, what about Lily? Oh, Merlin, Lily. I'm going to go mad—"

“Honey, I know you love him. He loves you, too. You're going to be fine together. And," he says, after a brief pause, "as far as Lily is concerned…well, I'm sure that someday she'll find someone who truly loves her, and wants to be with her."

"But how did this happen?" And how was Lily, really? Dad sighs, running a hand through his hair.

"Harry and I went to Scorpius to give him—you know," he says, lowering his voice to a conspiratorial whisper, "—the 'Father' talk—well, he just went and blurted out that he couldn't marry Lily, and that he loves you."

I remain silent, waiting for more of an explanation than that. Hint hint, Dad, you're not done yet.

Dad continues. "Of course, well, Harry and I were angry—explosive, like—and we were getting into something that looked quite nasty I'm sure—but we finally, though it's absolutely mental, really, that if you loved him too, you'd marry each other today."


"We went out afterwards to the family and explained everything to them. Your mother, Lily, and everyone else. Ginny. Oh, Merlin, Ginny, we're all lucky that she didn't pull out her wand and—"


"And Lily, well…she's a true Gryffindor, Rosie, I'll tell you. She marched right up to that pale-headed prat and ordered him to marry you else fear the wrath of her hex-into-oblivion." Dad laughs and hugs me again. 

I still don't quite understand, but relief seeps into my muscles, and I sigh. Things seem to be turning out fine.

"Ron!" I hear Mum's voice float up from the room below. Dad takes my hand and leads me down out of the attic into the room below, where Hermione stands with a dozen other girls, all of whom are eyeing me warily. I assume they're all being paid well; they're going to have a hell of a job getting this one ready. Dad releases me, looking anxious to leave the room, and stops to peck Mum on the cheek before I lose sight of him, caught in the midst of a gaggle of women all intent on getting me into the perfect 'bride-look.'


"I do," I whisper. The crowd hoots and whistles. 

Finally, I'm marrying the man that I've only had the chance to dream about. The man I'd thought was everything I wanted, but everything I could never have.

But it's not like that. He's both everything that I want and everything that I will have, forever. Scorpius Malfoy is mine. And I am his. Nothing can separate us, now.

The priest finishes his proceedings and allows the groom to kiss the bride. My husband—I smile to think the word—leans down and kisses me passionately. For a moment, I forget that people are watching as I wrap my arms around him. 

Someone coughs. Sniggers. I reluctantly pull away, remembering our place.

Scorpius laughs slightly before leaning down and murmuring into my ear, "Tonight, lovely." I feel my face burn scarlet as my heart beats irregularly, and I turn away, only to meet the soft brown eyes of my best friend.

The elation I had been feeling evaporates and takes the form of guilt as I look at her impassive face. I can see how hard she’s trying to maintain a cool exterior; just like I had been mere hours ago. I can understand what she’s going through; saying that it’s all okay is one thing, but actually watching your love in the arms of someone else is another. I desperately wish I could ease out her pain as she gives me a watery smile, putting on her brave face.

 I’ll always be indebted to her for doing this for me. I’m sure she’s hurting a lot inside, even though she said that she’s happy for Scorp and me as he would never have loved her and she couldn’t have been happy with a man who didn’t feel for her.

 She’s truly her father’s daughter. Uncle Harry, from what I’ve heard in all the War stories, is a very kind and sacrificing man. He can do anything for his loved ones even if it means giving up his own life. Of course his daughter has taken after him, though here, she’s giving up her love for me, her best friend. My eyes well up with tears as I continue to look at her and her father, standing right beside me, keeps a reassuring hand on my shoulder.
 “She’ll be fine. Don’t worry about her. This is your day Rose, enjoy it. Lily is strong, and we all are here to take care of her. You’re as much my daughter as she is, and one of you had to go through this.” He pauses before saying, “Though I still can’t understand how Malfoy’s kid is in so much demand.” He whispers in my ear, grinning and I give him a grateful smile before Scorp tugs me along to the dance floor.

When it's all over, we finally say goodbye to all and move in the direction of our new manor.

The beginning of our new life.

As I enter the gorgeous mansion, hand in hand with Scorp, I realize, he is mine forever.

 My heart leaps with joy as the reality of these words hit me.


 Like really, wow.

I giggle slightly and my dear husband raises an eyebrow at me, amused. I merely shrug and respond with an earth-shattering kiss. His arms take next to no time to snake around my waist, and he places a light kiss on my earlobe.

He croons, "Oh, Rose, Rose, Rose-!" 

"ROSE WEASLEY!" Someone is shouting and shaking me. I open my eyes.

Oh, no, no, no! This can't be happening!

I look down at myself. I am sitting on the floor of the dingy attic. My robes are dirty, my face is tear stained, and I am a mess. 

"What is wrong with you Rose? I have been looking for you everywhere! And now I find you, here in the attic of all places, sleeping?! What in the world is going on?!" Al is shouting at me. I stand up groggily, half dazed.

It was a dream. It was a fucking dream! Albus never came to comfort me, Scorpius never came and expressed his undying love for me, we never got married! Oh. My. Merlin.

"Rose? Are you alright?" 

"ALBUS!" I shriek and hug him tightly, bawling my eyes out. How could I fall asleep? How?

He pats me on the back and I slowly peel away from him, staring in his vibrant green eyes. 

"Al.. Scorpius and Lily..." I let my voice trail and Albus shakes his head dejectedly.

"I am sorry, Rose... but they... they just got married. The ceremony is over. They're saying their goodbyes now, and Lily was asking for you." 

All breath whooshes out of my lungs. It's over. It's all over. I have lost him forever. 

I nod as if in a daze and walk out of the attic, not caring that Albus was shouting behind me that I should clean up before going out. I didn't give a damn. 

All I wanted was to see him one last time before I would bury the love I have for him in some deep corner of my heart, forever.


A/N: Okay, So this one is a spur-on-the-moment type...I didnt think about writing this but then I was kinda bored by writing Opposites Attract (Dont worry, I am still continuing it) and I kinda wanted to vent out my feelings (My Ex-BF just got together with my best friend) all in all, it resulted in this. I know this fic is sorta eccentric but whatever it is, I would really like your views upon it. Do temme how is it coz this is my first Second-generation Fic....Thanks so much and the little box down there is waiting for your precious words :)

Update (6 february 2012): I have changed the ending guys. All credit goes to DracoFerret11 for giving me the idea of making the whole thing a dream. Do leave your reviews and let me know what you think of the twist!

Yours Ever!

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