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The day by Sweetlybroken
Chapter 1 : Mudblood
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*A few years in the future*

Biting my nails, I stare fixedly at the wall as he comes in. God, he's beautiful. With a smile and an ease of hands, he takes the cup from Voldemort. Taking a drink, he seals the ritual. It’s done. But all I can do is watch. All I can do is stare at how lovely and how dark he is. And then stare at the wall, still wanting to hide my sins. Yes, it has long since come out that I love Draco Malfoy, the boy who just became a man before the Dark Lord's eyes, but I am still ashamed. Yes, it was this love that cause me to betray my friends, and for the dark to finally take over in the end, and yet I still yearn for Harry and Ron's trust again. I don't deserve it, nor will I get it. I did the unspeakable, for I am the reason Draco is up there, while he is the reason I am down here, amongst the resistance. He never loved me, he just used me. Yet I love him still, no matter how I suffer, for the day has passed that he slipped away.

*First day at Hogwarts*
"uhmm, mudblood, uhmmm." A blond boy coughs, walking beside me. I glance sideways at him. He's the preppy short, beautiful, cruel and rich. Is it just written on my face that I'm not one of 'his sort'.
His friends pass by and then he looks at me, smiling unabashedly. "I'm Draco. Draco Malfoy. Sorry about that." He puts his hand out and my insides melt.
I clutch my books closer to me, a secret protector. "Hermione. Hermione Granger." I mumble.
"Hermione. I like the name." He says, then walks ahead of me, leaving me with only desire.
"Hermione! Hermione! They're about to call your name!" Harry calls, pulling me into the commons area.
"Oh, okay." I say, hurrying in and sitting on a bench. Sure enough, my name's called right after I sit.
I'm, told to go the hat, and I do. The sorting hat. I've only made two friends thus far, and my name is before both.
"Not Slytherin, eh?" a small voice says from the hat, making me jump ever so slightly as i place my head under. Then in a booming voice for all to hear, "Gryffendor!"

I sit back down after the hat, and Ron and Harry pat my back. "Yes! I'm gonna be there, like all my family." Ron proudly puffs out his chest.
We listen the names and my ears perk up slightly when I hear a Draco Malfoy. The beautiful blond boy steps up, a wily grin dancing across his face and lighting up his eyes. He puts the hat on, catching my eye, and winking. I wink back. What am I doing? He called me a mudblood. He can’t ever be seen with me. This is a MALFOY we're talking about.
"Slytherin!" The hat booms and my heart sinks. But my mind is saying "Good. Now you shan't deal much with the boy. No temptation to even worry about anymore." If only it were that simple.
"Hermione, what's gotten into ya?" Harry say, elbowing me. "I asked you something."
"Oh, sorry, what?" I say, feigning a smile, eyes hurt to be leaving Draco's.

That night, in the commons area of Gryffendor, I searched the faces, one and all. Sure there were beautiful men here but none like Draco. Well, except for Harry...but no. I looked over at that boy, pretending to be modest as he showed off his scar. He was the chosen one, but he was only going to get himself hurt showing it around as such. I looked at Ron and shook my head. He was barely better than me, and I was, as Draco reminded me, a "mudblood". Sighing, I picked up my textbooks and slowly headed toward the steps to the dorm area. School wasn't going like I'd planned yet, and I was a matriculate planner.

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The day: Mudblood


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