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A Malfoy and a Weasely Who'd have guessed? by Kirsty Weasley
Chapter 4 : Meeting the family
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As Rose woke up, comfortable and glad it was Saturday, it took her a while to realise why she was so miserable. The events of the previous night flooded back over her. Groaning she got out of bed and ready for the day. Everyone in her dorm was still asleep, it was only 7am and most of these girls were normal teenagers who, unlike Rose, actually managed to sleep in on Saturdays. Going through the usual washing and dressing of the day Rose remembered the most pressing disaster.
Pulling on the rest of her clothes, and attempting to make her hair sit right, Rose rushed down to the hospital wing to make sure he was alright. It was only 7 o clock would he even be awake yet? Speeding towards the hospital wing the corridors seemed empty, this suited Rose just fine, she knew that everyone was sure to know about her and Scorpius now (thanks to her stupid brother and cousins) and she didn’t want to face the firing squad without him. 

As she entered the hospital wing Rose saw he was looking, well the only word to describe it was hot! Perfectly healed, as beautiful (well handsome since apparently boys didn’t like being called beautiful.) She still didn’t relax scared he would hate her because of what her family had done. She hovered at the door. Scorpius looked up and seeing her beamed a smile so bright Rose swore it had to be one of an angle, he saw how scared she looked and guessed that he was the reason for this fear.
He raised an arm in a hug like gesture,

“Come here” He said. Rose rushed to wards him sobbing blindly he pulled her onto the bed with him and cradled her comfortingly stroking her hair kissing her head. Murmuring about how he was fine it wasn’t her fault. He said he wasn’t even mad at Hugo James and Fred because they were only looking out for her just like he wanted to be able to. 

Rose leaned up and kissed him. It was sweet loving and comfortingly familiar for a couple that had only been going out for a few months. Kissing again more fiercely, seeming as though only seconds had passed rather than the hour it had been. Rose and Scorpius spent time talking planning what to do, how to face the rumours and harsh comments that would await them on Monday morning. Happily coming to the resolution to ignore everyone in Hogwarts reaction to her new found relationship Rose reached up to kiss Scorpius. Being pleasantly surprised by this spontaneous kiss Scorpius responded enthusiastically and the kiss deepened. Rose and Scorpius heard a gasp from somewhere around them. Springing apart guiltily Rose saw a group of people. Of her family?

There stood her Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny, Uncle George and Aunt Angelina and her own parents. Her dad uncle Harry and uncle George all looked mutinous. Rose was terrified. The worst she had expected was a howler not them to show up in person! She glanced at Scorpius who, strangely enough, wasn’t even looking at her family but at a man standing behind them. His father Draco Malfoy.
Rose couldn’t think as to why they were all here together, (at the same time!) until Teddy (or Professor Lupin as we’re supposed to call him now he teaches DADA after graduating from Hogwarts 6 years previously) came to lead them up to Professor Longbottom’s office. Rose’s Dad didn’t move.

“Ron…. Ron.” She heard her mother urge “We can deal with that later. Come on.”

Her dad said something that Rose couldn’t hear and started to follow Teddy. As they all moved out of sight Rose and Scorpius sat stunned, at a loss as to what to do.

“And I thought that worst that could happen was me getting a howler about this,” Scorpius said.

Rose was pleasantly surprised as to how his line of thought had been exactly the same as hers.

“Why do you think they’re here?” Rose asked still thunderstruck.

“The fight I think. I mean that was James parents and Fred’s as well as yours right?” he responded. Rose could only nod.

“Come on lets go get some breakfast. Madam Selgrey told me I was free to go just before you got here. And you cant face the angry mob on an empty stomach.” Rose was shocked as to how calm and even teasing Scorpius could be about his parents knowing. Wouldn’t they be mad at him? She knew her dad was plenty angry. She was not looking forward to seeing him. Funny how time speeds up when your dreading something. 

Ron was yelling. A lot. Rose had never seen her father so mad.
“ Scorpius Malfoy. Scorpius Malfoy! For Dumbledore’s sake! What the hell were you thinking?” Ron had gone on like this for 10 minutes already, shouting in circle and getting nowhere, without interruption from Rose or her mother. Hermione Granger-Weasley stood up. 

“Ron” She said quietly “I think you’ve got your point across. Repeatedly,” Muttering the last word under her breath, “Now its Rosie’s turn to talk”
She and her husband both turned and stared expectantly at Rose. Her throat went dry she didn’t know what to do. Lie? Well there was no point in that her parents saw her snogging him on a bed in the hospital wing! Well the truth it was then.

“I really like him.” She said. “He’s not like his dad, really he hardy ever see’s him. And he’s not even in Slytherin he’s a Ravenclaw so he’s really smart. And handsome and..”

“Wait a minute” Ron Weasley interrupted. “You’re really trying to fight your battle with handsome?”

“Well dad it is a factor” Rose said testily.

“God you sound just like your mother used to,” Ron said angrily.

“Hey! Ron leave the girl alone, I know you were much more shallow at Rosie’s age. Fleur Delacour? And leave my 13 year old crush on Lockheart out of this,” Hermione retorted.

“Yeah dad. God I’m 16! And I’m entitled to see who I want to see, with or without your approval! I’m almost of age!” Rose exploded.

“When did you change Rosie?” Ron asked quietly, looking, if Roses eyes were not deceiving her, disappointed?

“I haven’t change! How have I changed? I‘m just growing up dad. I‘m 16"  Rose replied shocked at her fathers conclusion.

“My little girl would never have shouted at me like this. Or chosen some boy over her family.” Ron said quietly.

“I wasn’t aware there needed to be a choice.” Rose said trying to keep herself together. “And you told me I’d always be your little girl” Rose’s voice broke and the tears began to fall freely down her face.

And with that Rose ran from the room, as if by running fast enough she could leave the pain he had just inflicted on her and the memory of his accusations behind.

Disclaimer/ Authors Note- I do not own any of Joanne Rowling’s amazing characters from the Harry Potter series. What do you think of Ron’s reaction?! And this chapter in general? Please leave a comment in the little box below. Thanks for reading- Kirsty xxx

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A Malfoy and a Weasely Who'd have guessed?: Meeting the family


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