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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 3 : Surprises
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BEAUTIFUL chapter image by Eternalsunshine@ TDA! :)

If you have just read Chapter 2...that has been rewritten. This chapter has not... This is NOT the same quality writing or the same point in the story. So, be prepated for that.

Harry and Ginny had only a few minutes to get to their portkey, hence why they are rushing at the beginning... hopefully it's not too confusing XD 

Enjoy! :3

Chapter 3

                           Harry grabbed Ginny’s hand and pulled him down the stairs. They ran to the site of the port key and they saw the Weasleys gathered around it. 

                          “Hurry up dears it is going to lea…” Mrs. Weasley was interrupted by the pull of the port key. Harry & Ginny were left behind. All alone in a big castle. Harry just had to apparate them to the burrow, just outside the boundary so that way Mrs.Weasley didn’t get mad. Harry walked Ginny to the boundary right near Hagrid’s hut. He hugged her and they got pulled into the awful feeling of apparation. They landed right outside the protective boundary and fell backwards. 

                          “Whoa, I will never get used to that.” Ginny said brushing off her clothes. 

                          “Wait, this is your seventh year. You didn’t take the classes?” Did they even have them this year while he was gone? 

                          “Yes I did.” 

                          “You failed them?”

                          “No. Like I said I took them I just wasn’t seventeen yet so I was one of the five who couldn’t take it in my year.” Harry had forgotten she wasn’t seventeen. Yet, earlier that day, Harry & Tonks had that talk about him proposing. 

                          “Oh just like me then?” Harry said with a smirk. They had almost everything in common. They both liked Quidditch, they both fought against evil, and they were both possessed with Voldemort at one time. 

                          “Ya, just like you.” Ginny confirmed.  “I need to tell you somethi…” Ginny said but she was interrupted by the scream on Mrs.Weasley.

                          “HARRY! GINNY! I WAS SO WORRIED!” Mrs. Weasley said as she engulfed them in a hug. 

                          “Mum….” Ginny whined. “We were only gone for five minutes.” Ginny said getting out of her mother’s death grip and brushed herself off. Mrs.Weasley then let go of Harry. 

                          “Ok then, lunch is going to be done in two hours. I presume you want to spend the time with each other so I will send Ron or Hermione to come and fetch you.” Mrs. Weasley said and turned on the spot and walked back to the Burrow. 

                          “So….” Harry said walking into the boundary of the Burrow. “What do you want to do?” 

                          “I don’t have the slightest clue.” Ginny replied. She had an idea but it was her place. Would he tell Ron or anyone for that matter? She trusted him. She decided to take the risk. “Follow me.” She walked off towards the trees with Harry behind her walking off toward her secret place. They held hands as they walked and they talked about almost anything they could think of. 

                          “Bloody Hell Ginny, how long is this walk?” Harry said using Ron’s signature quote. They had been walking for nearly fifty minutes now.

                          “Not that long I promise. See here we are.” Harry was stunned. Ginny’s little hideaway was beautiful, though beautiful was an understatement. The sparkling, blue water flowing down the side of the cliff was the main component to the garden. Flowers of different kinds bloomed in the soil. The bright green grass flowed in the summer breeze. Bushes scattered amongst the ground were the boundaries. The faint sound of a bird’s chirp caused Harry to snap back into it.

                          Harry couldn’t speak; he was speechless. “This is where I come to just calm down and have my own little secret world. It is a bit of a walk but I think it’s worth it.” Ginny explained. “Since I was a little girl, I would come up here and just let my imagination fly. I sound like Luna more and more each day don’t I?” Ginny laughed a little then Harry said;

                          “Wow.” Just the word that Ginny was wishing he didn’t say. It was hard to carry off a conversation with the other person just saying ‘wow’.

                          “Ya so what do you want to do? You could conjure up a blanket or something.” She just wanted to relax and spend time with him. She hadn’t seen him for a year or eight months or whatever amount of time that she was away from him. 

                          “I know what I want to do.” He looked her straight in the eye and that was her cue to lean in and start to kiss him. She did so and when his lips just grazed hers, he flipped her up onto his back and carried her to the edge of the lake.

                          “Harry James Potter! Don’t you dare!” Ginny yelled at him. They both knew they were going in and they both knew it was a joke. 

                          “Too late.” Harry said as they both crashed into the perfect sapphire water. The water was not at all cold or warm, it was just regular temperature. Both of them were wearing clothes meant to be dry and warm not wet. 

                          “Harry. Come here.” Ginny said seductively. She wiggled her eyebrows and he felt all weird. He swam over to the shallow part where they could stand; it was also near a cliff where you would fall off the side. She pulled his shirt to make him come closer. She could hear his racing heart beating. She looked into his eyes and put her arms around his neck. The world stopped spinning. Time stopped. Nothing in this world moved or spoke. Just Harry & Ginny in the middle of a lake. The two on them alone in the middle of a forest, away from any Weasley. Harry swallowed. She leaned in and just as her lips brushed his, she pulled him into the deeper water.

                          “I guess I deserved that one. Well played Weasley.” Harry said flipping out his hair. He, magically, still had his glasses on. 

                          “Ya I have my ways.” She said. “Let’s go oh wait I have a better idea.” She pulled on his shirt again, the same way she had before. He knew it was another trick, Ginny had never acted this way before. She closed the tiniest gap you could think of. They were practically molded together. She looked at him lovingly, her eyes filled with hunger. This time was for real definitely. He put his hands on her waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck once again. She closed her eyes as she took a deep breath. 

                          “I love you.” She whispered. 

                          “I love you too.” He whispered back. Then, they started to kiss. It started out as a sweet innocent kiss but then turned into a passionate kiss. They were in the middle of a lake, kissing madly, soaking wet. Yet, nothing else mattered to them. Just the person standing across from them. It lasted too short for both their likings. 

                          “That time you didn’t push me into the water.” Harry said. “I thought you were tricking me again.”

                          “Oh what makes you think I would do that?” She said innocently. “We should head back and just hang out there; I would get so mad if someone else found out about this place.” She said. Harry didn’t really want to walk all the way back well he would be with her and he was in shape enough to but he just didn’t want to. He had an idea.

                          “Gin. Let’s get dry and I have another idea.” They both got out of the water and Harry used the drying spell he had used last year to dry their clothes. To Ginny’s liking, they had to take off their clothes to dry them or else you would be cooked. The force of the heat and all the factors would kill you. To her disliking, Harry conjured up a towel for her to wear. She hadn’t really thought about sleeping with Harry. She liked the idea of committing herself to Harry just she knew she wasn’t ready. Harry had the exact same thoughts. When their clothes were all dry, they sat down on the grass and stared into space for a couple minutes.

                          “We should head back.” Ginny said getting up and heading towards the exit. 

                          “Wait Gin.” Harry said. He went behind the bush and pulled out his new Firebolt. “Thought we could fly.” Harry said. 

                          “Where’s my broom?” Ginny asked, curious.

                          “You won’t need it. You’ll be riding with me.”

                          “You can do that?” She asked. She never really knew you could do that.

                          “Ya trust me. Come on. Hop on. Do you want front or back?” He asked. 

                          “Front. I want to control it.” She said mischievously. 

                          “Gin. I know you like to go fast but this is faster than the broom you are used to. Try and take it slow and I promise you can go faster when you are on the broom by yourself.” She nodded and climbed onto the broom. Harry had already gotten on the back. 

                          “Ready?” She asked. 

                          “Why are you asking me? Go ahead.” He said. Then, they were off. She didn’t go fast or slow just like a medium speed. They got there twenty minutes early according to Ginny. Then Harry corrected her saying they had thirty minutes left. They kept playfully bickering about how much time was left until no time was actually left. 

                          “Hey you two lovebirds. Get inside and eat.” George said. He was actually talking? AND trying to make a joke. They were getting the old Georgie back. They all walked inside to find a visitor. Angelina Johnson, Fred’s old girlfriend. She looked completely in control and fine. They had broken up but there is no doubt that she missed him. 

                          “Hey Angie, What are you doin’ here?” Ginny asked. Angelina & Ginny had become close because she was always over.

                          “Just wanted to stop by. I just like the feel of this place and Molly invited me to stay because my flat was blown up so I have to search for a new one.”

                          “You know since I live right above the shop you can just bunk with me for a while. You said you wanted a job, well now you’ve got one.” George said.

                          “Oh ok dear. You can stay here if you like always remember that.” Mrs. Weasley said sadly.

                          “I’ll go get your stuff.” George said.

                          “Let me help you.” Angelina said. They laughed and walked up to Percy’s room where Angelina was supposed to stay.

                          “There’s something going on with those two I swear I just say George hold her hand.” Hermione said, walking in.

            “No really Hermione?” Ron said playfully. “He was miserable until she came along. Think about it?” 

            “Ron, you knew what I meant. So, what’s up?” Hermione asked. 

            “Nothing new. Hermione you saw us like two hours ago.” Harry said.

            “No, I saw you yesterday, I haven’t seen you today. You only saw Ron for like I don’t know maybe twenty seconds.” Hermione pointed out. 

            “Ok. You’re right. There’s only one thing on my mind right now and that is food. Where is it?” Harry said, he sounded like Ron.

            “Ok, I swear, I sound like Luna and you sound like Ron more each day.” Ginny said.
            “Ok, Ron where’s the food. Ginny made me walk so lon….” He looked at Ginny and she was giving him the I-Will-Kill-You look. “She made me walk so long because she lost the quaffle. She’s been having very bad aim today.” She squinted her eyes at him. “Hey, you do that to me, I embarrass you.”

            “Fine. I will get you someday Potter. Just you wait.” 

            “I’m screwed.” Harry muttered. 

“Oo! Here’s the food Harry!” Ron said looking into a picnic basket. “Why the hell is the lunch in a bloody picnic basket?!” Ron said. “We were just gonna eat inside. Oh here’s another one.” Ron said pulling them out. “Why are there two?” Ron asked.

“Mum said that we could go out on like couple’s picnics like a date or something.” Ginny explained. 

“Ok, so I want to go with Harry so girl’s picnic guy’s lunch?” Ron asked. 

            “Awww you wanna go on a date with your boyfriend?” Ginny asked in a little baby voice.

            “He’s your boyfriend thank you very much. I just need to talk to him.” Ron gave her the back-off look. 

            “Say it right now. He’s not going to keep it from me.”  Ginny looked at him.

            “Fine, Harry. If you hurt her, I will beat your ass.” Ron looked at him. The girls burst out into laughter. Harry just looked like he was a little kid trying not to laugh. The laughter went on for at least a minute. Ron finally said something.

            “Ok! I was serious! Please just stop laughing or else!” That just made more laughter come throughout the room. “OK! I will bring Voldemort back from the dead if you don’t shut up bloody hell up!” The room went silent and Harry turned a little green. “I was just kidding I just needed you shut up ok? No offense.” Harry returned to his original color. 

            “Ok let’s get on with our lives and move on from that. Forget it. So what are we going to do now?” Harry said. They heard someone apparate outside the boundary. A cloaked figure stood there and started walking towards the burrow. They all just stood there until it got to the door. They opened it and then they said.

            “Hello Harry.” Mouth dropped, Harry stood there doing nothing. Only breathing.

Author's Note: Gosh... I NEED TO REWRITE THIS. Haha :P


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