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Like Something Out of Someone Else's Life by lovelyvikette
Chapter 3 : First Rumor First Date
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Harry and Ginny spent the rest of the week rushing to one another’s sides after each class and after the long study sessions in the library for Ginny’s OWLs’.

It was happiness Harry thought he could never experience before and he knew Ginny was happy as well. As they would sit in the Gryffindor common room at a table all by themselves while she sat reading a book for a class Harry would watch her; as they sat outside under a beech tree gazing at the lake or clouds, he would watch her and he noticed all the while, no matter what, there was a sparkle in her eyes and a serene look upon her face. This would cause the creature in his chest to roar with pride because he knew he was the cause of her happiness. He really liked making her happy.

Many times he would wonder what that creature was and after thinking about it for a while he suddenly wondered if that creature in his chest could be his heart, doing flips whenever she sent a smile his way, warming his entire being with pride and emotion. It made sense, but that was something he would keep to himself, especially from Ron.

The weekend came and although a date was due Harry had detention in the morning with Snape and although Ginny used the time to work she still had more to do and wanted to use the rest of the day to get caught up on all of her work. And to Harry’s annoyance Hermione voiced in that she thought it would be good for him to get caught up as well.

Sunday rolled into another week and that week was the same as the last until Wednesday came along.

“Ok, is it just me or are people looking at us more than they were last week?” Ginny asked with an edge to her voice on Wednesday morning at breakfast.

Both Harry and Ron shrugged their shoulders in response.

Ginny and Hermione shared a knowing look and rolled their eyes.

“Must be a rumor of some sorts,” Hermione answered idly as she stood up from the table and grabbed her large book bag.

“Where are you going?” Ron asked her suddenly looking up from his plate.

“I need to get to Ancient Runes early this morning to talk with my teacher.”

“Well I’ll go with you!” Ron was up before Hermione could say anything, “I don’t want to be left here alone.”

She gave him a questioning look, “But you wouldn’t be here alone, aren’t you forgetting Harry and Ginny?

Ron didn’t respond, but began to walk away from the table telling Hermione impatiently to, “Hurry up, or you’ll be late.”

Harry and Ginny were left at the table watching the two walk away.

“I take it he still isn’t use to us?” Ginny laughed.

Harry shook his head in amusement, “No, but he hasn’t said a word to me about it.”

“Yet you’re itching to know what he thinks about us?” Ginny asked, leaning forward, with an eyebrow raised.

Harry looked down at her in mock shock, “I am not! Besides I think I have an idea, but I could do without him appearing out of no-where behind a statue when we’re in private and about to kiss.”

Ginny gave him a knowing look.

“Come on, let’s head to class.” Harry said, deciding to give up and pulled her along to their classes for the day.

It wasn’t until they went their separate ways that Harry did in fact notice a lot more people staring at him and caught hands flying up to cover mouths to whisper something in their neighbors ear. The past few days had finally slowed down considerably and he and Ginny were just starting to really enjoy not running off to avoid the whispers and staring every few minutes.

Harry slipped his way through the door to his first class of the day, Transfigurations with Hufflepuff just moments before class began and snuck into his seat beside Ron who gave him a nod in greeting and turned back around to talk to Seamus and Dean. Harry gave them a quick nod but faltered when he noticed Dean staring at him, or was he glaring?

“I just can’t believe all they are saying about Harry and Ginny.”

Harry’s head snapped up at the mention of his name.

“Well why not, you have to admit things are happening pretty fast between them and what they’re saying points to it.”

At a desk to his left and up one row two girls from Hufflepuff were talking closely to one another and Harry leaned over the edge of his chair to hear.

“If you lean any further you’ll fall right out of your chair Mister Potter.” Professor McGonagall’s loud, shrill voice came from behind Harry, silencing the room.

The two girl’s heads turned sharply to look at Harry as he fumbled back up into his chair. He gave them an uneasy smile as he caught their eyes before he looked down at his book and started rummaging through the pages.

No other opportunity was granted to Harry the rest of the morning to figure out what was being said about him and Ginny and it was confusing him. Normally when a rumor started about him it wasn’t as if it was being hid from him. He had never gone through this before though, he felt like everyone was avoiding him, making sure that he wouldn’t catch what was being said. It was unnerving.

After they’re Potions class Harry walked into the Great Hall with Ron and the two sat lazily down at the end of the Gryffindor table.

“Figure out what everyone’s talking about?”

Harry exhaled loudly as he made to grab a plate that had just appeared, “No, and it must not be that big of a deal since everyone’s hiding it so well.”

“Actually I think it is a big deal.” Hermione was standing behind Ron looking at Harry with an anxious expression upon her face.

“Where did you disappear to after class?

Hermione ignored Ron’s question as she made to sit beside him.

“It can’t be that bad,” Harry was watching her carefully, “Can it?”

“It’s bad enough.”

Ginny then appeared next to Harry, threw down her bag and sat down breathlessly before they gave each other a quick peck on the lips.

“What’s bad enough?” Ginny asked as she took a plate and scooped a spoonful of potatoes and gravy onto her plate.

“I take it you haven’t figured out why people have been talking about you and Harry again?” Hermione asked Ginny quietly.

“Obviously not.” Ron pointed out impatiently, “Are you going to tell us what you found out?”

“Alright, alright.” Hermione leaned over the table and waved her hand, signaling that they should all do the same, “I don’t think you want to hear this though, Ron.”

Ron rolled his eyes as he leaned forward, “Just get on with it, Hermione.”

Hermione gave him an uneasy look before she asked, “So you two haven’t heard anything today?”

Both Ginny and Harry shook their heads.

“No,” Ginny then answered, “I tried asking around, even asked my friends, but everyone just avoided the question, I don’t get it.”

Hermione sighed before answering, “It’s because the rumor is extremely private and really embarrassing,” She glanced over her right shoulder before continuing, “I was in the girls lavatory when I overheard some girls talking. One of the girls asked if the other thought it was true, that you and Harry had,” Hermione paused looking uncomfortably and glancing at Ron before starting again, “you know.”

Harry’s eyebrows raised slightly and he couldn’t help the rising color in his face when he glanced over at Ginny and noticed the same reaction on her face. Ron was looking at Hermione in silence, the tightening of his jaw was barely noticeable.

“The other girl said ‘why not, Romilda Vane said she saw Harry and Ginny go up to the boys’ dormitory while everyone else went down to dinner and that when they came down 30 minutes later, they had their arms around each other and were beaming. And why shouldn’t it be true, I mean things are happening rather quick between them,” She paused again, taking a deep breathe, “After that the girls left the lavatory and… yeah that’s it.” Hermione ended looking cautiously at the other three.

“Well.” Ginny let out a breath she had been holding, “That was unexpected.”

Harry nodded his head slowly. The shock was wearing off and as he glanced at Ginny he suddenly became angry, he wondered how anyone could be saying such things about his Ginny. They were probably calling her names, saying indecent things about her just because they went up to his dorm room for a little bit.

He was taken from his thoughts and rising anger by a shrill laugh somewhere along the table and as he searched for the source his eyes fell upon Romilda’s laughing face.

I could just jump up and punch her in the face right about now, Harry smiled at the thought.

But he was pulled from his thoughts as he heard the scraping of the wooden bench against marble flooring Hermione and Ron were sitting on as Ron quickly got up and rushed out of the hall, forgetting his bag.

“So,” Hermione leaned forward again after giving them a moment to take it all in, “it, it isn’t true?”

“Of course it isn’t true, Hermione!” Ginny snapped, “Besides that, it’s none of yours or anyone else’s business.”

“I know it’s none of my business, but, but I couldn’t help asking.” Hermione looked between the two of them with an apologetic look.

The couple didn’t respond, so wrapped up in their hurt, anger, and confusion from the initial shock of it all were they that no one talked for a few minutes.

Hermione sighed loudly before she raised herself from the table. “I better find Ron and give him his bag.” She picked up the light bag that was laying on the floor before giving a small wave to Harry and Ginny and walking out of the hall.

Harry and Ginny sat in silence after Hermione left, holding on to each other’s hand and sifting through the plates of food that still sat remotely empty in front of them.


Harry looked up at his plate and over at Ginny who had slammed down her fork onto the table and was glaring at the contents on her plate.

“That’s just perfect,” She indicated towards her food when Harry raised a questioning brow at her, “I can’t even enjoy my lunch now because people have to go and butt themselves in other peoples lives, our lives!” She finished by gesturing between she and Harry.

Harry grunted in response.

“It really isn’t that big of a deal, but I wouldn’t mind sending a hex or two Romilda’s way.” Ginny continued, a soft smile playing on her lips.

“I’d rather you let me do it.” Harry said quietly.

Ginny reached up and cupped Harry’s chin and turned his face so that their eyes met, “And risk you killing her, I don’t think so.” She laughed.

Harry couldn’t help his lips twitch up into a grin. “I guess you’re right, it isn’t that big of a deal, it’s just so, so” He sat twitching his hands, searching for the right word.

“Maddening” Ginny huffed, finishing Harry’s sentence.

“Yeah,” He let his thoughts hang.

Ginny let go of his chin and began twirling a strand of her hair as she looked around the Great Hall.

“I’m sure people have said worse and not just about me and about you, but what can we do, you know full well that people will always look for something to talk about and when they find that something, they’ll exaggerate and have some fun with it.”

Harry nodded as he looked up again to meet Ginny’s eyes. “You’re right, it really is pathetic isn’t it.”

“It totally is and when I really start thinking about it and let it get under my skin, oh what I wouldn’t do to these people that have nothing better to do than ruin others lives just to please their own stupid pathetic selves, guh!”

Harry stared down at her, amazed at her, yet nervous that she might go berserk and send a couple powerful, detention earning hexes around the room.

“Yeah, I’m talking about people like you!” Ginny snapped, pointing at a couple of third year girls that stared at her from a few seats away from them.

Harry chuckled and grabbing their bags and Ginny’s elbow, he led her out of the Great Hall.

On their way up a set of stairs Ginny suddenly stopped and turned to face Harry, “Let’s skip class.” The look in her eyes told Harry that it wasn’t a suggestion and to be honest with himself he had no objections with skiving out on class.

“You really want to?” Harry asked skeptically as he shrugged his bag off his shoulder and onto the step.

Ginny sighed, running a hand through her hair, causing her long bangs to be pulled back, no longer threatening to cover her eyes, “I don’t see how I can possibly concentrate on class right now.”

“Well, how about we get you some lunch down in the Kitchens.”

“Hmmm…” Ginny pulled at her bottom lip, “Are you trying to get me fat, Harry Potter?”

Harry chuckled as he laced their fingers and began walking towards the Kitchens.

“Maybe, or maybe I’m just trying to tame the beast” He began to laugh as she laughed loudly.

Although Ginny wanted to skip out on both of her last classes for the day, Harry insisted that she at least make an appearance in the very last and only study for a little while after wards so she didn’t fall too behind. He reasoned that she shouldn’t let everything that was happening get to her. She simply retorted that he was becoming too much like Hermione before she stalked into her DADA class.

The day was coming to an end and now knowing what was being said about them, Harry found that it was very obvious to tell what the Gryffindors were all talking and thinking about in the common room that evening.

Harry and Ginny were sitting at a round table beside one of the windows, sitting close to one another, hardly trying to concentrate on their work. Hermione lay on the floor near their table, all of her papers and books splayed out in front of her.

Hermione was humming to herself as she flipped through the pages in one of her books when Harry looked down at her and asked if she knew where Ron was.

“I’m not sure, I haven’t talked to him since I gave him back his bag.” Hermione answered stiffly.

Harry figured as much. He hadn’t seen Ron since lunch and was really hoping that Ron would have trusted him more and would be there for him and Ginny right now. He could really use his humor about the whole situation.

They called it an early night and when Harry walked up to his room after saying goodnight to Ginny, he walked in to find Ron, Dean, Seamus and Neville all sitting at the edge of their beds talking. However, when he walked in they all became silent.

The room was lit by two of the table lamps in the room, giving it an ominous sort of feeling, making him feel as if he wasn’t welcome.

None of them said a word as they all began to move about the room awkwardly, trying to avoid looking at him as they got ready for bed.

When Harry was dressed in his pajama pants and t-shirt, he turned around to face all of them. They were all still avoiding his gaze, except for Ron who had already closed the curtains around his bed.

Harry raised an eyebrow when he saw this. “Really?”

“What?” Neville asked before he sat on his bed.

“Aren’t you guys dying to ask me?” Harry turned on the dull lamp on his bedside table, lighting the room more.

“To ask you what, Harry?” Neville asked nervously.

This was getting a bit frustrating. Harry couldn’t help the rising of his anger through his voice. “What are you lot playing at?”

“What are we playing at, what are you playing at, mate?” Seamus voiced in from his bed to Harry’s right, “Just a few days after Dean and Ginny brake up you come in and take her before Dean has a chance to fix things with her. Not only is she Dean’s ex, but Ron’s little sister, and you bring her up here and…” Seamus didn’t finish when he saw Ron pull back the curtains around his bed sharply and Dean step forward.

“Leave it mate” Dean said solemnly, “ What happened with me and Ginny was over before we even split up.”

Harry and Dean were looking at one another, an understanding seemed to pass between them.

“But,” Dean then glared at Harry, “That doesn’t give you an excuse for what’s being said.”

Harry was taken aback and looked around at all of their faces, Ron’s being the last. Ron’s jaw was tight and his body tensed, he was looking at the ground.

“Are you all bloody mental?” Harry began to shake with laughter at the whole situation.

“I don’t think this is a laughing matter, Harry.” Neville said anxiously, glancing at Ron.

Sitting on the edge of his bed, Harry looked at all of them, chuckling softly. “I can’t believe you all would believe a stupid rumor.”

“So it’s not true?” Neville asked, anticipation etched on his face, “Ginny wasn’t up here for 30 minutes or whatever it was the other night during dinner?”

Harry shrugged his shoulders, “She was up here.” Harry saw Ron look up at him out of the corner of his eye, “but we didn’t do what people think we did.”

“Honest.” Harry added as he watched all of them look at him skeptically. “It was just pathetic Romilda Vane, blowing things out of proportion.” He laughed when no one said anything. “Look,“ He ran a hand through his hair. “Ginny and I were trying to have a more private conversation yesterday and we didn’t want to break for dinner and Ginny was tired of running off to some deserted corridor or classroom to talk. So we came up here. If it makes you feel any better to know I was a perfect gentleman and sat on Ron’s bed while she insisted to sit on mine.”

The room fell silent, each of the roommates glancing at one another or objects in the room as the reason of Harry’s words must have sunk in.

Seamus nodded, “It is something Romilda would do.” He looked over at Dean who nodded in response before bidding them all goodnight and pulling the curtains around his bed.

“Figured it was something like that, Harry.” Neville said smiling while he got under his covers.

“Bloody Romilda. Who would want to sleep with you anyway??” Ron said as he drew his curtains again for all of them to hear. Laughing, they all bid one another goodnight.

Before getting into bed, Harry turned off the lamp next to his bed and then quietly laid down between the sheets. Despite all that had happened today he was still happy. It didn’t matter what people were saying because they were talking about something that actually made him happy. Being with Ginny.

The next day Ginny glanced at Harry as the two of them walked hand in hand to class, “You seem to be in a better mood about all of this than I thought you would be.” Ginny voiced.

Harry looked over at her and smiled. He noticed that she had her hair in a loose bun that she had done to keep it up in Potions class and that wisps of hair were flowing all around her face now.

“What is it?” she asked curiously.

Harry didn’t answer her question, but kept smiling as they walked on forward.

“ugh” Ginny tugged at his arm, forcing him to stop beside her in the middle of the corridor beside a dusty window. “Tell me.” she stated simply standing with her back to the window.

Soft afternoon light was filtering in through the dusty window, casting a glow on the back of Ginny’s hair, making it more vibrant than before in contrast to the dark hall they stood in.

When he turned to face her, he was taken off guard at the sight in front of him that he forgot why they had stopped. There she stood, angel-like with her brown eyes twinkling with curiosity, her lips in a small pout and there even seemed to be a halo, lighting every strand of hair from behind. It wasn’t until Ginny uttered one word that Harry became aware that they had been staring at one another for a minute or so, one word that would make him do anything or say anything, one word that made him stop and think just to remember what she had requested.


Harry reached over and pushed a strand of hair that had fallen into her eyes, brushing her cheek softly with his fingernail before he placed the strand behind her left ear.

He cleared his throat and smiled at her. “Last night I had a confrontation with the boys in the room, it was quite amusing and it made me realize that I shouldn’t be upset, that I don’t have a reason to be upset because for the first time the reason people are talking about me is because they are talking about something that makes me happy. Being with you.”

A bright smile spread slowly on Ginny’s face as she looked up at him. She looked Harry in the eyes with a familiar blazing look and unexpectedly he felt nervous. Standing up on her tiptoes she leaned forward and pressed her lips against his cheek, close to his mouth.

“What kind of confrontation?” Ginny asked him suddenly before he could even react and kiss her back.

“uh” Harry blinked for a moment, “nothing serious, just cleared up some things.”

Her head tilted to one side and she frowned at him before she began walking forward with out him. “So vague.” she said quietly and as Harry began to walk behind her he wasn’t sure if she was talking to him or not. “Hey!” Ginny turned around suddenly and began walking backwards down the hall.

Harry raised an eyebrow in response as he watched behind her as a couple of students had to rush out of the way to avoid Ginny’s approaching back. “What?”

“You owe me a date!”

“I, I, uh, yeah” Harry stammered as he ran a hand through his hair.

“You don’t want to take me on a date?” Ginny asked

“No, no!” He rushed towards her. “I mean I do, and I will, I just got confused; you were jumping from one thing to the next I’m not sure what just happened.” Harry ended laughing uneasily.

Ginny stood staring at him before she began to nod her head slowly and then an apologetic smile broke on her face. “I guess I just have a lot running through my mind, sorry.”

“It’s fine,” Harry placed his hands on her shoulders, “I should take you on a date soon or I won’t be able to keep up with you at all.”

“That’s right, Mister Potter and you’ll be taking me on a date tomorrow night.”

“Is that so and what will we be doing?”

“Nope, you decide what we’re gonna do, surprise me.” and with that Ginny kissed him full on the lips, turned and began walking down the hall to her next class.

“Alright then,” Harry ran a hand through his hair again, “but be prepared for a lousy date Miss Weasley.”

She didn’t respond, but waved nonchalantly back at him.

All Harry could think about the rest of Thursday was trying to come up with the perfect date to take Ginny on. He knew it wasn’t that big of a deal; that really he should have taken her on a date earlier and that she really didn’t care what they did, she just wanted to go on a date, but he was just clueless.

“What do people do for dates around here?!” Harry asked now at the end of his ropes as he sat down on the common room couch next to Hermione on Friday afternoon.

She shut her book, placed it on her lap and turned to face Harry who now held his head in his hands. “Honestly Harry, what are you so worried about, just hang out together, Ginny isn’t expecting anything big.”

“That’s the thing though,” came Harry’s muffled voice through his hands after a moment, “I want to give Ginny a bit of a surprise and besides, we always hang out, we always do the same thing. I think we’re both tired of just wandering the halls and hanging out in the back of the library trying to study, she needs to get out and clear her head before exams come.”

Hermione gasped.

“I’ve got an idea.”

Harry looked up at her, “You do?”

“Well what is something that both you and Ginny really enjoy to do outside?”

He smiled at Hermione before he leapt up from the couch and made for the boy’s dormitory door. “Thanks Hermione!”

The door to the sixth year boy’s dormitory was flung open and in rushed Harry who didn’t bother to close the door as he walked to his trunk at the end of his bed. There was no one inside and the only light was coming in through the two windows in the room. As he crouched over his trunk, rummaging through all the items to find what he was looking for he heard the creak of the door behind him. He turned around quickly, his wand in hand being used to light the trunk.

“What are you pointing that at me for?” Ron stood in the doorway, with an air of apprehension.

“oh.” Harry said simply as he looked down at his wand. “I don’t really know.”

“Well put it away then!” Ron walked into the room and made to close the door, but waited till Harry had placed his wand inside a pocket in his robes.

Harry turned back to his trunk and continued to pull out random knick-knacks, garbage and clothing as Ron made his way over to his bed.

“What are you looking for?” Ron asked as he sat at the edge of Harry’s bed.

Would it be so bad to tell him what I’m planning for tonight? Harry began to wonder.

It’s nothing like the rumor so it shouldn’t be that bad…but still he may wind up waiting up for us…

“I’m looking for something for my date tonight with Ginny.” He heard the creak of his bed springs and the wood floor creak when Ron stood.

“You’re taking Ginny on a date?”

“Yeah and it’s about time, don’t you think?”

“Um,” Ron began to splutter, “I don’t know, I guess so, erm, what are you gonna do?”

Harry smiled to himself when he found what he was looking for and began to throw everything back into his trunk.

“Not sure, do you have any ideas?”

Before he closed the lid to his trunk, Harry placed his invisibility cloak and the Mauraders Map on the very top, making it easier to retrieve for later on before heading to dinner.

Since both had no more classes for the day they both changed out of their robes quickly and into jeans and t-shirts; a white and orange Chudley Canons t-shirt for Ron and Harry threw on his black shirt that read “I got all my OWLs in pulling pranks”, that the twins randomly sent him in one of Mrs. Weasley’s care packages.

“So no ideas to help me out tonight?” Harry asked Ron as they made their way down to the common room; he felt like humoring Ron a bit.

“Well,” Ron began with a dramatic sigh, “absolutely no Madam Pudifoots, that place is a bloody nightmare.”

Harry began to snigger.

“I really don’t have any ideas for you mate, only I do have one rule for you.”

Harry stopped in his tracks.

“Oh yeah, what’s that?”

Ron turned around and looked at him straight in the eye; Harry wasn’t sure if he was trying to be intimidating or if he had a stomach ache.

“You have to have Ginny back in the common room and on her way up to her dormitory by 10:30.”

“In the morning?”

“Very funny Harry” Ron then began to mock laugh as he made to sit down on the old, comfy couch.

“What’s so funny?” Hermione asked looking up from her book for Ancient Runes.

The boys ignored her as they sat down on either side of her.

Ron then pointed to Harry around Hermione, “I’m serious though, I’ll be waiting up for you.”

“Go right ahead.” Harry smiled, then added under his breath, “Wait up as long as you want.”

Harry sat on the couch with Ron and Hermione working on their school work and trying his best not to over think his date with Ginny. Of course it didn’t help when Ron would throw in a suggestion for a date or a subtle hint that he didn’t like the fact that Harry was taking his baby sister on a date.

Before Harry knew it the light coming in through the windows was dimming as the sun descended lower in the sky and students were rushing into the common room and up the stairs to their rooms to change and put away their things away before going on down to dinner.

He took a deep breath when he saw Ginny walk in through the door with a couple of her friends. She smiled brilliantly as she made her way over to the center of the common room, stepping over a few red and gold pillows pilled on the floor she then stooped over and gave Harry a quick peck on the cheek.

“Done studying already?”

“Yeah, we,” She indicated to her friends standing behind her, “and Luna had a study group after classes, it made it faster and I think more efficient.”

Ginny’s friends smiled and nodded behind her.

“Uh, Hermione?” Ginny’s blonde haired friend piped up, looking intently at Hermione.

Hermione was engrossed in a new book she retrieved from the library titled, “How to Efficiently Charm The Charming Wizard”, at least they all figured she got it from the library.

Everyone stared at her waiting for her to respond. When she didn’t, Ron, with an amused expression, placed his hand on the page she was reading and pushed the book down away from her face.

“Ronald!” Hermione glared at him as she tried to pry his hand away from the book.

“Hermione?” The girl, Harry really needed to learn more about Ginny’s friends, tried to get her attention again.

“What?” Hermione had successfully pulled Ron’s hand off of her book. She marked the page, slammed the book shut, but before she placed it inside her bag she smacked Ron on the head.

“Bloody ‘ell! What was that for?” Ron shielded the top of his head from any more potential attacks as he slid away from her.

She smiled sweetly at him, “You deserved it.”

Hermione then turned her attention to Ginny’s friend, “Yes, Diana?”

Diana smiled, “We’re going upstairs with Ginny, you wanna come?”

“Sure,” and with that Hermione picked up her bag and followed the girls up to their dormitory.

“Tell me Harry, what did I do to deserve that?” Ron said as he scooted over into Hermione’s spot.

Harry chuckled and clapped Ron on the shoulder, “Ron, it’s Hermione, you know never to interrupt her reading better than anyone else.”

Ron nodded, “True, but if that’s her way of charming blokes, than she really needs to take
notes from that book.”

As students descended the dormitory stairs and began making their way out of the tower and down to dinner Harry and Ron stayed put on the couch.

It wasn’t until Hermione approached the couch that Ron and Harry began throwing their books and papers in their bags.

“Ready to go Ron?”

The boys looked at one another in confusion.

“Yeah,” Ron answered her slowly, “Aren’t we going to wait for Ginny before we go down to dinner?”

“Harry is, but we’re going to dinner now.” Hermione grabbed onto his hand and began to pull him from the couch.

“See you two in a bit.” Harry waved goodbye as he watched Ron hesitantly walk through the common room door with Hermione.

After the common room door shut behind his friends Harry gathered his bag up and made a mad dash to the boys dormitory. He flung open the door and threw his bag across the room. Just as it landed loudly on the floor near his bed he cracked open the chest and grabbed the invisibility cloak and map.

He had made it downstairs and back to his spot on the couch just seconds before he heard the girls dormitory door open and three laughing girls walking through.

“See you later, Ginny,” Her two friends waved goodbye as they continued through the common room door.

Ginny rounded the couch and came into Harry’s line of vision. She was smiling brightly and he noticed a light blush on her cheeks as their eyes met. Harry’s heart skipped a beat when he saw her jean clad legs, light green toped figure and flaming hair flowing free as she walked towards him.

“Goodness, Potter, what are you going to do when you see me at Bill and Fleur’s wedding all dressed up?” She laughed lightly as she took his hand in hers and tugged on his arm to make him stand up.

He smiled sheepishly at her as he ran his free hand through his hair. He cleared his throat, “Ready to go, m’lady?”

She smiled softly up at him, “Lead the way, good sir.”

They walked through the tower door and made their way down to dinner, Ginny wondering where that might be exactly.

“Wow, this is really romantic, Harry.” Ginny said with a lilt.

Harry looked up at her from over his goblet and smiled sheepishly as the sounds of the Great Hall during dinner filled their ears.

“How’s you dinner?” He pointed with his knife down at her plate of Sheppard’s pie.

“Oh, it’s exquisite, how ever will you afford the bill?”

“I’ll manage.”

Ginny rolled her eyes and continued to dig through to the bottom of her plate before it would vanish and dessert came.

The couple sat across from one another at the end of the Gryffindor table a little ways down from Ron, Hermione and their other friends. Although they had been together for almost two weeks now it was still a bit awkward with all the expectations of a first date and those annoying feelings of being watched. There weren’t any forced conversations, it was as it always had been, easy, but Harry was sure he noticed a glimpse of disappointment in Ginny’s eyes, even if it had been just a moment and that’s what made it awkward. He wanted to do something special for Ginny, and although what was coming next had the potential of being just that, he just hoped he hadn’t ruined the entire evening.

Ginny smiled and laughed to herself as she watched Harry. She didn’t mind having dinner in the Great hall for their “first date,” really. She felt like the luckiest girl in the world to have any opportunity to be the girl that could sit across from this boy, to look at him, talk to him and learn more about him everyday after watching him from afar for so many years.

Dessert came and was quickly devoured and slowly students began to wander outside of the Hall.

Ginny was scooping up the last of her éclair when she heard the wooden bench across from her scrape on the marble floor and when she looked up Harry was smiling down at her with his hand held out.

“Ready to go?”

“To go where?” Ginny looked at him confused as she slowly pulled her fork out of her mouth. After all there wasn’t a whole lot that one could do on school grounds for entertainment.

“To the next part of out date, of course.”

“Oh!” Ginny looked at him in surprise as she took his hand and they walked out of the Great Hall.

As most of the students began to file off to various corners of the castle Harry and Ginny were among the few who were traveling outside for a while before curfew.

“Where are we going? Ginny looked back at the castle with it’s warm, glowing windows and cold, dark stone.

“I thought we could go for a moonlit walk.”

“So you do have a romantic side.” Ginny giggled as they walked through the courtyard and made there way towards the black lake.

“That’s me, mister charm himself.” Harry smirked down at her.

“Says the guy that got all his OWLs in pulling pranks.” Ginny poked his chest right under the white words.


“You’re such a baby, sometimes you’re worse than Ron!” Ginny laughed as Harry rubbed his chest dramatically with a sour expression.

“You take that back!” He said in mock defense as he stopped walking and looked at her with a challenging gleam in his eyes.

“Ha! Never, and there’s nothing you can do about it!” Ginny looked over her shoulder at Harry as she continued to walk on.

“Wanna bet?” Harry had quietly pulled out his invisibility cloak as she continued to walk on, cackling away, and although he hadn’t intended to use it right now, it was a perfect opportunity.

“I can’t take back a cold hard fact.”

She waited for his retort as she continued to walk on forward.

When she heard nothing, not his retort, or even his footfalls she turned around expecting to see him still standing behind her.

She did not however, expect to see the outline of the Forbidden Forest and no Harry in her line of vision.

Although the moonlight was bright enough for her to see the outlines of the trees around the ground and the forest beyond and Hagrid’s hut off in the distance, Ginny could see no Harry. Before she knew it Ginny felt a pair of arms wrap around her and squeeze her waist causing her to leap into the air.

“Harry!” Ginny yelled out into the night as she swatted around for the invisible boy.

“Where are you?” She asked frustrated.

He was teasing her now and he couldn’t help the maniacal laugh that escaped his lips when he poked her arms and her head but always managed to stay out of her reach.

Ginny began to run, and Harry laughed out loud as he began to tear after her, letting his cloak slip off of him, he rolled it up as he chased after the flowing red hair and trail of flowers.

“I’m gonna get you!”

“No you’re not!” She sang back to him.

Harry pushed forward; reaching her side he wrapped an arm around her waist and with a thud the laughing couple landed on the ground.

“Alright, alright,” Ginny said breathlessly, “I take it back.”

Harry smiled as he pulled her hair back from her face as her head rested in the crook of his arm and looked into her eyes.

“It’s a beautiful night.” Ginny observed, her eyes never leaving his.

“Yeah, I’m sorry dinner was so…cheap.”

“Harry, I’m used to cheap.” They laughed lightly, “It doesn’t matter what you do for a date, really, it’s just the time you spend together and the fun you have that matters.” Ginny ended, brushing a hair out of his eyes.

“Well I know what we should do.” Harry stood up and brushed the grass off his pants before offering a helping hand to Ginny.

She jumped up from the ground and took his hand in hers. “Lead the way!”

Their arms swayed back and forth as they walked on in silence. They could hear the breeze rustling the leaves and the sound of water lapping against water and the sand of the shore of the black lake. Harry lead Ginny around the castle towards the quidditch pitch, but didn’t say anything when he turned his head and saw her not looking forward or at him, but straight up into the sky at the moon.

As he continued to lead her forward, closer and closer to the pitch he quietly pulled his wand out from his sleeve, swished his wand a few times while he silently cast a couple of charms.

“The quidditch pitch?” Ginny looked at Harry questioningly as they to stepped into the stadium and walked along the edge of the field close to the dark benches.

“What are we doing here?”

Harry smiled at her as he heard the fast coming swish in the wind and saw the outlines of a couple of brooms and a chest that were coming from the direction of the lockers and broom shed.

“Ready for a little game of one on one?”

“Excuse me?” Ginny spluttered.

Harry pointed towards approaching shadows and Ginny made to squint her eyes just as Harry pulled her towards him before she could be hit by a flying chest that was coming right for her head.

Ginny watched as Harry bent over, picked up the two brooms that had landed just by their feet and tossed her one of the old comets. He then kneeled to open the chest to reveal the four balls for the game.

“You wanna shoot first?” Harry smirked at her as he held up the red quaffle.

Ginny smiled down at him before grabbing the ball roughly out of his hands, “Alright, Potter, let me show you how this is done.”

Before Harry had even closed the chest Ginny was up in the air making rounds of the pitch with the ball nestled in her right arm. Harry grasped onto to the other comet and watched her in amazement from the ground as she whirled about in the sky across the moon and through the hoops.

“Come on slowpoke, get up here already so I can beat you!”

“I don’t think you’ve ever seen me block goals before, Weasley, be prepared to be amazed!” Harry shouted at her as he began his way towards the closest set of hoops.

Ginny whizzed in and out of line in front of the hoops as she got closer and closer before she threw the ball towards the lowest hoop.

“No luck, Weasley.” Harry smirked as he threw out the ball for her to catch as she flew by.

She flew halfway around the pitch before she made her way back to the hoops where Harry was watching her every move carefully. She attempted to fake him out and shoot for the middle hoop but Harry managed to make a quick save.

Ginny let out a frustrated growl causing Harry to chuckle. She had to admit he was very good, she didn’t know he was this good at being Keeper, but Harry already knew how incredible she was and knew that soon he wouldn’t be fast enough to block anymore goals, after all he was out of practice. Harry managed to save a couple of more, only driving Ginny more and more to make a goal and when she finally did, there was no stopping the born Chaser. Harry was just enjoying watching her. She was fast and agile and even though she had a determined, blazing look in her eyes, she looked free and happy. After a few more shots, Ginny decided she wanted to see how good of a Chaser Harry was and threw the ball back to him after she had made another goal.

“Ok Captain, let’s see what you can do.”

Harry smirked at the old title as he flew around the pitch before making his way towards the hoops. He attempted a fake out, but Ginny caught it in time and blocked the goal with the end of her broom. Harry leaned forward and made for the fast falling ball. The wind whistled in his ears as he sped forward, caught the ball and pulled up before he could hit the ground. His foot grazed the grass as he heard Ginny whoop victoriously. Again and again Harry threw the ball towards the hoops and although he managed to get the ball past the fiery red head a few times, his score never caught up to hers.

“Victory is mine!” She yelled loudly into the night with her arms raised high as the quaffle fell to the ground.

“I let you win, Weasley!” Harry laughed as he flew towards her.

Ginny scoffed and moved forward so he couldn’t catch her. “I won fair and square and you know it!” She yelled over her shoulder.

Harry leaned forward and sped towards her only for her to dive out of his way. The couple raced around the pitch, chasing after one another or simply diving and spinning around in the air. They laughed and joked, enjoying each others company and the freedom they felt from being outside on a warm summer night.

Harry had just come back to the height of the stadium after coming down from speeding towards the sky when Ginny had reached his side. They flew next to one another, circling the stadium when Ginny suddenly stopped. Harry stopped and turned around to join her by one of the middle hoops at one end of the pitch.

“What’s wrong, Gin?” He asked breathlessly.

“Nothing, I, I just…”

“You just…” He encouraged her on.

Ginny looked up at him timidly, “There’s something that I’ve always wanted to do.”

“What’s that?” Harry looked at her, surprised at this sudden change.

She exhaled loudly and pulled back her hair from her face.

“Scoot back and hold tight to your broom.”

Harry gave her a confused look.

She motioned for him to scoot back on his broom and when he finally did, Ginny grabbed onto his shoulder before pulling herself towards him. Harry looked at her completely bewildered and before he knew it she threw her left leg over his comet and was sitting herself between the front of the broom and him.

“Hold onto me, Harry” She said quietly before letting go of her own broom and letting it fall to the ground.

“There we go.” Ginny sighed before placing her hands around the handle on the broom and leaning forward, “I said hold onto me, Harry.” She said as she looked over her shoulder to see a shocked Harry.

As she smiled to herself, Harry shook his head violently before reaching around her waist and placing his hands around hers and letting his head rest next to hers. He was surrounded by the smell of flowers and he loved it. Then they were off, circling the pitch on the same broom. They whirled around in the night time air, basking in the moonlight and enjoying the closeness they had at that moment in the sky. It was a kind of magic neither had ever experienced before.

Harry leaned the broom forward and they slowly fell back down to the Earth. He hovered above the ground and guided her off of the broom before jumping off himself. Ginny smiled up at him before sitting on the cool grass and laying back to stare up into the sky.
He threw the broom towards the chest and slowly laid down beside her.

“Thank you” He heard her say quietly and looked over at her. She had rolled onto her side and her arms were reaching to wrap around his waist.

“For what?” Harry smiled as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer.

“For tonight,” Ginny whispered into his ear, “and so much more.”

She sighed as she pulled away and Harry laid back onto the ground, letting her rest her head on his chest.

“I wish this could last forever.”

They both sat in silence as the weight of her words hung in the air above them.

“Me too,” Harry said quietly as he squeezed her shoulder lightly.

“Ginny,” Harry began slowly, “You know…”

“So how are we going to sneak back into the castle.” Ginny cut across his words as she gazed at the stars.

Harry inhaled slowly and decided to drop whatever Ginny had already decided should pass and be forgotten.

“With my cloak and map.” He said pointing towards the lump of cloth next to the chest and broom.

Ginny made an “O” shape with her mouth and then her brows furrowed. “I never did get a chance to look at the map back at the DA meetings.”

“What about my cloak, you didn’t ask about that.” Harry observed with a smile as he got up to bring over the two items.

“Oh, Ron already told me all about that.” Ginny said matter-of-factly, “I wouldn’t mind checking it out though,” She ended with a childish grin.

Harry handed her the cloak and she wrapped it around her shoulders. Soon only her head was visible and when she looked down her she held such a look of shock and joy Harry couldn’t help but laugh at her.

She kept the cloak around her shoulders as Harry opened the map and began to show her all of the secret passages and the hidden secrets of Hogwarts.

“So what’s the story behind this map?”

Harry looked up at the floating head of red hair with an amused look and he told her about the adventure in his third year and those who created the map. Ginny asked more questions and Harry shared with some one for the first time without hesitation or thought about the adventures he had alone and with Hermione and Ron when it came to Lord Voldemort, except of course everything that had happened this year thus far.

Under the calm, warm moonlit night, surronded by the wooden framework of the stadium they both had come to love, Ginny listened to Harry, calmly, her heart beating fast under her chest as she listened and reached out for him. It was while she listened that she realized she had a lot more waiting to do till all of this was over for this boy to completely reach out for her as well. 

I bet you thought this story was abandoned!
To be honest, I had such bad writers block and was being just plain lazy that I thought it would be too...
But no, I plan on finishing it : )
This chapter was probably too long and had too much, but I think it's a pretty nice chapter.

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