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Growing a Potter by LilyPotter
Chapter 2 : Godric's Hollow
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Molly hugs both Ginny and Harry who are grinning and Hermione does the same. Harry looks at Ron and can tell he knows the truth but to his surprise Ron hugs Ginny and shakes Harry’s hand, “Congratulations both of you, she’ll make a good wife.”

Ginny looks at him, “What happened to me not getting married until I was at least 30?”

Ron turns pink, “Well that … I didn’t want to see you get hurt Ginny. You’re my little sister still no matter who you marry.” He didn’t want to see Ginny hurt by Harry’s latest scandals but Harry only told Ron and Hermione the truth about the rumors so Ron trusted him.

Hermione smiles, “I told him, he promised to let you handle this on your own though. He knew something was going on.”

Ron nods, “I was just worried about Ginny but I trust you Harry.”

Harry smiles, “Well that’s good. Do you want to come with us? We’re going to go see my home.”

Hermione grins, “You’re actually going to let us in to see it? Is it decent enough to see?”

Ron looks at her, “You’ve seen it? Why has she seen it and I haven’t?”

“Relax we went there last Christmas. We didn’t go inside or anything just looked on the outside.”

Molly nods, “Go on and I’ll have the others over for dinner tonight. You can either announce both the baby and engagement or one or the other though once they find out about the baby they’ll expect to hear about the engagement.”

Harry looks at Ginny, “It’s up to you when you want to make the announcement. I want this to be right for you.”

Ginny smiles, “Tonight would be a good time. Can Remus and Tonks come also? I would like to share it with all the family.”

Molly nods, “Of course and I think they’d like to know the news too.”

Harry takes Ginny by the waist looking at Hermione, “Are you going to side along apparate with him? You can go to the sitting room, I don’t think anyone’s there.”

Hermione smiles, “There better not be anyone there this time.”

A minute later, they were in the sitting room and Ron and Ginny stare at the room that looked cozy and lived in. “How did you do this Harry? You only moved in two weeks ago and this …”

“That would be Tonk’s doing. Remus has been helping me renovate the house and she’s taken care of the decorating. Well except for one room and I’m leaving that for us. Well I didn’t know we’d be using it this soon but it’s the one room I wanted for you to do when the time was right.”

He led them upstairs to the room that was destroyed his nursery as a baby. The roof was fixed though the wallpaper was still faded. “Wow, was this your room? I know your dad was a huge Quidditch fan and this is definitely a boy’s room.”

Harry smiles as a magical Snitch floated on the wallpaper around the room. “Yes, this is my childhood home or at least while I lived with my parents. Remus convinced me this would be a good start up home when I explained why I wanted to move out.”

Ron nods, “And why was that exactly? Most bachelors move into a loft or something not a home.”

Harry nods, “Yes but there’s no reason for me to rent a loft. I can afford it no problem but I wanted a home. The reason for that was so I could date Ginny properly. Pick her up and take her for dates without just walking downstairs to her room.”

Ginny smiles, “Do you mind that we’re not going through that? I mean we’re already engaged so …”

“Are you kidding me? I can still take you on dates until the wedding. Heck we can still go on dates after the wedding; no one says the fun has to stop with the ring.”

Hermione laughs, “After the little one gets here Ron and I will take the occasional sitting job so you can still have the date night. If you’ll return the favor when we have ours.”

That was when Harry noticed for the first time the ring on Hermione’s finger, “When … Why didn’t you say something?”

Ron turns pink, “I … thought you and Ginny were fighting. If things were going so bad I didn’t want to push this in your face.”

Ginny hugs both of them, “When do you plan on getting married? When did you get engaged?”

Hermione sighs, “Um … not for a while and the other night when we went out to dinner. I’ll help you with your wedding but I think I’m going to need time still.” Hermione’s parents were killed sometime after Hermione had left them to join the Weasley’s, as they never made it to Australia.

Harry hugs her, “Well you two do your girl talk and start to make plans for the nursery if you’d like Ginny. I’m going to show Ron around the rest of the house.” When they were downstairs, Harry looks at Ron. “You know there’s still your part of the reward money to help with the expenses Ron. I know you two didn’t want any of the money but I split it in half for you.”

Ron smiles, “Why? I mean I didn’t do anymore than Hermione did and she was there more than I was. Hell she knew this is where you were coming and …”
Harry nods, “She had a good guess is all and she insisted that if I didn’t want to keep all the money to split it with you. I think she was hoping or maybe she knew you two were getting serious.”

“Yeah she probably did. You know if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t want to depend on my parents or anything I wouldn’t take it. George offered me a job with him running the shop but it’ll still be awhile before we can afford the wedding or anything like that.”

Harry nods, “Yeah I know but use it however you want. Find yourselves a small cottage to live, throw her the wedding of her dreams or whatever she wants. I plan to talk to your parents about covering the costs of our wedding.”

Ron shakes his head, “They’re not going to go for that. Mum and dad have put aside money for each of our weddings every month. No matter what they told us they would never touch that money and I’m sure they are looking forward to throwing Ginny the wedding of her dreams.”

Harry glances at the ceiling as though he could see upstairs to where Ginny and Hermione are. “I sure hope so because that’s all I want for her. I love her and would give her the world to make her happy.” Harry was nervous about becoming a father but he knew he loved Ginny and could love the baby as much as any father would love their child.

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