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Hanging On by LoonyLady
Chapter 1 : Jesus, These Gingers are killing me.
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A/N: Well! this is my first story, so i'm pretty excited! i did try once before, but it didnt go so well, so im starting new.

It's weird being in England, where everything really started. It's weird that no one here even knows what's happening to me and my family. That we're on the run. But did I really expect them too? The Ministry told me that it wasn't necessary for them to know. It doesn't really matter. All that matters is that while I'm here at a house safer than any other in England, and the rest of my family is somewhere else, maybe right near by in France, maybe back home in Boston, maybe around the world in Vietnam. I know that they're safe, they're all strong enough to fight for themselves, but I can't help but to think what might happen to them, and I won't be there.


I'm interrupted by a soft voice, coming from Lily, one of the kids who live here. She has sleek reddish brownish hair that always seems to be in a braid, and warm brown eyes that match her mothers. Her features are delicate, pretty. She's nice enough, but innocent.

Just like every other kid here.

"Yeah?" I look up to see her smiling, but glancing back through the open screen door after a few seconds.

"Do you want to play quidditch with us? Rose and Hugo are here, I think Fred and Lucy too"


Of course, she's talking about one of her cousins, which seem to make up half of the population here. But I can't help thinking of Lucy Martin, my best friend at Harlem. That's my old school, Harlem Academy of Whimsical Wonders. This Hogwarts place sounds alright, I guess, but without my friends, I don't think it'll be the same. Lucy always knew how to crack a joke or break an awkward silence. She liked to think that she "ruled the school" at Harlem, but really everyone was just scared of her. As much as I love her, she could scare the shit out of anyone and get what she wanted at the same time.

"I'll just watch. I suck at quidditch" It wasn't a lie. I could play quidditch almost as well as I could sing. Which, if you have ever been there when I'm in the shower and not depressed (AKA now), you would know that that's not very good. I followed her out on to the back porch to sit on the swing and watch. You'd think that the Potters of all people would have an enormous house, seeing as Harry Potter is the most famous man in England, and Ginny close to the most famous woman. But there house is average, not excessively big but reasonably nice.

Harry Potter.

I'm confused about how I'm supposed to feel about him. From what I've heard,he's one of the most selfless people most people have ever met. But if he's such a great person, then why didn't he think of the harm Death Eaters could do in the countries they escaped to? Why didn't he look back into the records to see that-

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I watched them play quidditch, laughing and playfully teasing each other. I remember when I used to be like that, back before it was bad for me to be related to someone like him. Their family got along perfectly. Picture Perfect. Much different than my family.

I should probably tell you who I am, just so that you don't think that I'm some deranged schizophrenic who's really a movie star.

Mary Gaunt. Probably rings a bell, but before you shush that little jingle bell in your head think for a second. Still nothing?

It'll come to you.

All the kids were called in for dinner, and even though I was right next to the door, I was still the last one inside. They like to eat, them Weasleys. Ginny had made a delicious looking dinner, and the smell prickled my taste buds. Come to Mama!

At the table, I didn't do much talking. The Weasleys were very talkative and charismatic. I was too, when I look back. But that was with people I had known my whole life. With my friends.

They all chatted about quidditch and school, which was coming up in a week. I had gotten my letter a while ago, along with a list of supplies. Tomorrow we were going into town, a place called Diagon Alley. Weird name, I know. Honestly do they just make this stuff up?

Never mind.

Anyways, this place was to be full of witches and wizards, and many of them would be my age. Hopefully I would find someone that I could stand.

Suddenly Rose turned to me, her bright red hair practically blinding me.

Jesus, these gingers are killing me.

"So what house do you think you'll be in at Hogwarts?" Her blue eyes scanned mine.

I knew what house I was going to be in. Slytherin. But do I say anything? Albus is a Slytherin. But the rest of them aren't. They might not be so accepting to outside-of-the-family Slytherins.

"Not sure."

Seemed to be all I said these days. It seemed acceptable.

Rose smiled softly "Yeah, we have Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, and even a Slytherin in our family. It's really okay in any house"

Why did I get the feeling Hufflepuff wasn't loved?


When we got to Diagon Alley, I was suddenly hanging on for dear life to Lily's sleeve. People were everywhere, pushing and shoving their way through the streets. I found myself laughing every five minutes because when everyone was talking it sounded funny. British accents, gotta love 'em. I had gotten my books and robes already, and now Lily was taking me to the potions shop. When we got into the store, a blonde kid was shopping with his mother, and it looked like his father was in the corner looking at something suspicious. I like him already.
Lily saw me looking at him and began to walk towards him.

"That's Scorpius Malfoy, Albus's friend."

Friend of Albus? That means, he's probably a Slytherin. So he probably knows.

"Wait, Lily. Where are you going?" I grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"To introduce you to him. You'll be in the same year, it'll be good to know someone who's not a Weasley" Her face looked confused.

"No, it's fine, I'll just meet him at school, we should probably find our stuff, I've never heard of a bezoar? Do you know what that-"

"Honestly, it's stupid to have prejudice against Slytherins, there's nothing wrong with them, they aren't their parents you know" Lily looked at me, oddly reminding me of my mother.

"Lily, Mary, Hey, mum was wondering where you went" Albus had shown up behind us and looked around the shop. "Hey, it's Scorpius, SCORPIUS! HEY!"

Albus began to walk over to the blonde kid, Lily following him and looking at me in that same mommy look. I couldn't resist the mommy look. Albus and Scorpius began chatting, Lily chirping in at some points, while I stood there awkwardly next to Scorpius's mother.

"Hello, I'm Astoria Malfoy, Scorpius's mother. What's your name?" She smiled at me, just like my mother's strictly pureblood family always smiled. I saw Mr. Malfoy look up, and start to come closer to where we were standing.

"Mary" She looked at me, urging me to continue. My last name. Oh god. Shit shit shit shit shit. "Mary... Gaunt"

His head snapped up, scanning my face for recognition. Oh sweet Jesus. I'm screwed. Thankfully, Mrs. Malfoy didn't notice anything.

Mr. Malfoy's response was much like Harry's when he first met me. Surprised. Gaunt? Really? I just looked at him, silently telling him not to say anything.

"Lily, maybe we should look for the stuff on our list"

Scorpius glanced in my direction, before nodding to Albus and heading down an isle. Lily, frowned at me, but split up the list, her getting the majority of the items. I looked at the rows, labeled with weird names I had never heard of. I was never good at Potions, never really liked it either. Somehow, I found myself in the darkest, dustiest corner in the whole shop, and I saw Mr. Malfoy right next to me.

Sweet Jesus, I have to stop getting into these situations.

"Are you, related to, to, him?" I found myself holding back laughs at a grown man stuttering at me. But I don't think the snort and scream method works well on scary people.

"Yes. My Great-Great Uncle. Some of his followers came after my family, so we had to leave" He nodded.

"So, you'll be in Slytherin"

"Yeah, I can talk to snakes"

His eyes darkened, most likely from bad memories.

"Right. Well then, you ought to stay away from my family. We don't need any trouble."

I watched his retreating back. I saw the first thing on my list, Billywig Parts. I continued to find all the ingredients on my list.


Ginny rushed us through the station, frantically checking the cut on Lily's nose from Al's owl, Kookoo. Apparently, he was quite the interesting child.

When we got to a wall, Al ran through it, then Harry, then Lily, and Ginny motioned for me to walk through in front of her. I reached toward the wall, sticking my hand through, before slowly walking through the wall. British people. Ginny soon followed, and helped us get our trunks onto the train. After we had said our goodbyes, we got onto the train and looked for a compartment. Lily quickly got into a compartment with her friends. When Al go to his cabin, he asked if I wanted to join, but I declined and continued to the end of the train, when I opened the door to the last cabin, I saw three people who I had never been happier to see.


A/N: Thanks for reading! Please review, critisism is gladly accepted!


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Hanging On: Jesus, These Gingers are killing me.


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