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Happy Endings by loopyluna
Chapter 8 : Now Why would you Accuse me of That?
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Rose and Scorpius

Scorpius Malfoy 

I ripped open the door to the Entrance Hall. It slammed so hard the stone chipped; a second year stumbled backwards jumping to escape my pessimistic wrath. I clapped together my reddening palms, rubbing them to intensify the heat.

Minutes remained until possibly the biggest match of the year; Ravenclaw V’s Slytherin, 40 minutes to be exact. Albus and I had spent the morning training, fitting in the last second preparations. The team was ready, I knew it. We are fearsome. We are terrifying. We are tragic. I wiped the dirt from my training robes and grabbed Rose’s shoulder with force, spinning her around to face me.

She has avoided me, alike she has avoided Willa and Albus a little; they talk, but not as much. She turned around suddenly, a look of alarm on her face. The alarm visibly turned to rage. I didn’t blame her; Tadd still wasn’t released from the Hospital Wing.

Willa visited him that night. Lord only knows what she said to him, but he hasn’t spoken. She can be pretty damn intimidating when she wishes.
Rose looked about ready to wring my neck and beat me with a stick.

“What do you want?” She snapped simply, still glaring with hate.

I sighed, “To apologize.” She replaced her bag’s position on her shoulder, old textbooks and quills sticking from the top.

“You’ve already done that.” She spat, her eyes electrifying.

“So you can accept it then.” I narrowed my eyes, refusing to break.

She lowered her voice so a minimal amount of attention was caught. “I’ll accept your apology when Albus can fly.”

“Do you really think that will take long?” I reasoned. “That boy has managed to do some extraordinary things while at Hogwarts.” She didn’t look impressed. “Or just stick him on a broomstick.”

She responded with a glare, and then three words, three simple words spoken everyday. Three words that can break your heart. “I hate you.”

“No you don’t.”

“Yes! I do!” She cried, beginning to walk away. Her words pierced my skin.

I caught her arm and pulled her back. “Take it back.” My words were filled with bitterness.

“I don’t say anything I don’t mean.”

We only stared at one another, daring the other to break contact first. Finally I back out – this was Rose Weasley for crying out loud, I wasn’t going to win. “Rethink it; you’ll have a different answer.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing.” I sighed; her jaw intense through anger.

She bobbed her head. “Is that everything, can I go?”

“No that’s not everything.” I echoed. “We still need to talk about what happened.”

“No we don’t.”

I huffed. “Rose, I know that you don’t want to, neither do I really-“

“Great, then we leave it.”

“No, we don’t.” I felt my skin tingle with frustration as hers radiated anger. “We talk about it!”

“No we DON’T!” She screeched, causing a boy to fall from the wall and another to run away. She breathed in deeply.
“Fine, you wanna know what I have to say? What I think you should do?” she glowered. “I think that you should stick your head up your arse and eat your own underwear before I hex your arse back home. You are stupid and immature.”

My head nodded slowly. “I deserve that.”

“Yes, you bloody well do.” She shrieked. “You follow me around all day, not allowing anyone to even touch me that isn’t you, Willa or Al. Hell, you’d probably even crucify my own father if he got too close. You are insufferable. The one boy that actually likes me also happened to save Willa’s life and you still violently attack him! What the hell went on in your head?”

“He’s not the only guy.” I muttered.


I echoed my words. “I said he’s not the only guy that likes you.”

“Oh Merlin’s pants,” She cursed. “Don’t play games with me Scorpius; I’m not in the mood.”

“I’m not playing games with you Rosie!”

“Well then!” She snapped, not once removing her eye contact from mine. “Explain to me what happened; tell me what goes on in that stupid head of yours. I can’t believe you, why you – I mean, what would drive you to want to do that?”

“I couldn’t watch you and him – Urrgh” I felt my skin flush, every frustration I had felt exploded from me, every sprinkle of love I felt. “Rose. I couldn’t – I just – I –“

“Spit it out Scorpius!”

I shuddered, this was it. “I’ve fallen in love so many times over the years … and every time it’s with you.” Her jaw opened a little. “When you’re not there it’s like I’m half the man I want to be. Like I’m missing something.”

“Scorpius I-“

“No! Just let me finish. You always bloody interrupt people!” I ordered, stepping forward and letting go of her arm like it was on fire.
“I love the way that in the mornings when you want to do your make up you sit in the sink just to get a little closer to the mirror. The way that when there’s dinner served you always have to eat your way through your plate clockwise. It’s so silly and obsessive but it’s you. When you do that adorable yawn of yours, or the way you look really annoyed when Albus and I do that stupidly embarrassing dance of ours – but I’ve seen you smile. I know that you smile at it.”

Her hands shook, she was on the verge of tears. “There’s so much more I could mention Rosie, like the way that after you’ve had a shower you come and spray your wet hair over my face. The way that you leave little messages in the back of my textbooks, usually they involve my death, but I still love them.” There was a paused of silence. The corridor was silent, people were speechless. Why the hell I had chosen a corridor to tell her this.
“The way that after a long day you jump in to my arms – no apparent reason, you just need a hug.”

She whispered, but it was audible over the crowd. “Why are you telling me this?”

“Because every time I look in to your beautiful eyes, I melt and fall in love with you again and again and again – I just finally needed you to know that.”

“Oh,” she breathed out, as if there was nothing else to say. Every inch of me wanted the floor to open, for me to collapse and disappear.
I turned around; feeling my heart beat so wildly I worried it would explode from my chest.

I threw the door I appeared from open once more, leaving her to stand in the corridor. If after all that ‘Oh’ was all she was able to muster, why should I stay?
I disappeared towards the Slytherin Changing Rooms, hearing the faint slam of the Entrance Hall door’s behind me.

Twenty minutes in to the game; Forty six minutes since I singlehandedly chose to ruin my life and break my heart. No sobbing; I wasted that girly activity under the caring and watchful eyes of Willa. I felt every nerve in my body ache.

I stared openly at my team with the Quaffle tightly in my grip. A bat was hung loosely from the beaters arm the other aiming one of the Bludgers towards a Ravenclaw Chaser. Xander was quick, between him and Brian they had already taken out a lot of our team members with the stone balls.

I was fighting for a Slytherin Victory, but my heart just really wasn’t in it all that much.

I couldn’t feel much heart break, I couldn’t allow it. She had trampled my heart so many times since Hogwarts, I had no more emotion left to cry with, nothing to fight with – no drive.

“Scorpius!” Al called, flying past me. “Head in the game!”

I had worked my entire Hogwarts life to play Quidditch Professionally; I wasn’t going to let it go this easily.

Jr Jordan’s voice rang through out the pitch with a livid looking McGonagall stood behind him. There was most likely a thorough conversation before the match on his idea’s of fair words.

I allowed my eyes to fall towards the hoop. I threw the Quaffle with as much strength as I could muster; it flew through the upper hoop and scored, flying out the other side and being easily caught by Lorcan; arse wipe.

“Another 10 points to Slytherin!” Lee announced, having obviously obtained the microphone once again from the clutches of controlling Professor McGonagall. “And the bludger has escaped the stadium; good hit from Scamander, unfortunately, were now one bludger down. Well done ya’ prat! Maybe we could use the Hose Elves instead of the ball, they would probably be suitable repla-“

“Give me the mic-“

“No, Professor!” he cried. “No you can’t take th-“

McGonagall’s voice replaced the laughter in the stadium. “And Scamander still remains in lead with the Quaffle.”

I looked up through the sky and noticed the Gryffindor stands. Willa in the middle, accompanied by Rose, hat’s thrown hastily on their heads and their cheers rang throughout the stadium alongside the rest. It really meant that little to her?

The back of my neck tingled but I willed myself to resume. The Ravenclaw seeker patrolled, looking murderous. But he was nothing against our Al. He flew towards the Slytherin side of the pitch; leg’s tightly pressed against his broom as he went.

I caught the falling Quaffle and sped towards the hoop, joining my team in the Puikui dive towards the white rings. The beaters were in play on the other end of the field, there was no one to stop us. There was an airy gap to my left where Lorcan should be, covering my right side from a possible bludger – or House Elf if Lee got his way.

“Alas,” Lee’s voice rang, obtaining the microphone for possibly the seventh time this game, “There’s actually still a little team rivalry around as the Scamander twins halt the game!"

A gasp echoed through the spectators, pulling the game to a halt. Lorcan was shoving Lysander off his broom – blood trickling from his mouth. Lysander shoved back, his brother attempting to regain balance on his broom.

“Shitting hell.” Jordan breathed through the microphone, accompanied by a slap from McGonagall. His voice competed with the line between excitement and shrill. The crowd was in uproar, each cheering for their chosen side. Smaller fights had taken out thought the audience as I saw Rose bat a Second Year Hufflepuff around the head with her palm; he tripped down the stands.

“Scamander!” A Professors shrill voice shrieked throughout the stadium. “Stop this instan-“

Another silence was heard throughout the stadium as a gasp occurred. Lysander gained his balance and ducked beneath his brother’s punch before lunging from his broom and taking his brother out through the stomach. All boundaries were crossed, the chances of these two being brothers? Shot.

The professors had an agitated attack, each one reacting in a slight different manner. Each voice as frantic and as high-strung as the next. 

Albus pulled back the arm of Lorcan, resulting in his tumble from the broom and aching crash to the ground. This being wholly and entirely unexpected was what threw the school off. They were brothers, twins; and there was only one thing that they disagreed on. And she was sitting up in the stands with a livid expression worn on her face.

“Well I think we guess what this fight’s about.” Lee announced, causing a rather large amount of students to turn to Willa. Rose kicked one of them in the groin.

That’s my girl.

Besides the threat thrown around of loosing their positions on the team, they continued to punch. I flew over, lobbing the Quaffle to the final Slytherin chaser and pulled back the arms of Lysander – considering that he was larger than me, it was a particularly difficult thing to accomplish.

Despite all the threats and encouragement, there they both were, struggling against everyone, wrestling each other from their brooms. Lysander was one of the calmest people I know. Keeping every emotion bottled-up. Never showing fear or anger. He was perfect for Willa.

That was when I realized. He was actually right for Willa – finally someone that I agreed with. Regardless of what they were fighting about, there was such emotion in his eyes, such anger. Such an obvious display of cold-blooded rage. It was something I had never seen before – something I had never experienced.

The two of them slipped and came crashing down to the ground only a few feet below them. A series of tumbles and brutal cries and grunts was all that could be heard throughout the cheering.

They landed on the floor, Lorcan first; receiving the time to clamber on to his brother and repeatedly knock back punches

Around them players from both teams and members of the crowd arrived, the Slytherin’s staying halt and the Ravenclaw’s attempting to retrieve their player.
Some Gryffindor’s looked positively stunned. Flitwick unable to move; his star student violently attacking his brother in plain sight, like there wasn’t a care in the world.

Brian and Slughorn were both making a pathetic attempt to pry the brothers off each other as Xander flipped his brother over and the tables turned. I walked over, grabbing Xander from behind and successfully pulling him from his brother, Albus helping up our Chaser.

I pulled his arms back tighter, making it impossible for movement. “Xander, what the h-“

“He kissed her! That bloody campfire” He growled. “Then called her a Mudblood!” I gasped “He dared call Willa a Mudblood!” he shouted, blood spitting from his mouth with words, his brother looking rather pleased with himself.

A smirk appeared on Lorcan’s face, throughout the black and blue.

I released Xander’s arms and watched him run for his brother’s stomach, tackling him to the ground as they rolled over the floor, taking down members of the crowd with them.

McGonogall raised her eyebrows to me through the panic.

“He’s very strong.” I admitted, hiding back a smile. If someone had the nerve to call my baby such a filthy word, then let them die. Albus strolled over and nudged me with his shoulder.

“So, Xander’s escape had absolutely nothing to do with Lorcan insulting Willa? Did it?”

I shook my head innocently. “Now why would you accuse me of that?”

Albus smirked. “At least we know something.” I raised a brow in confusion. Albus had a knack for talking in parts. “He’s fighting for Willa. At least we know that he’s good enough for her, we’ve found the one person who would react to something like that the way we do.”

If anything, I was sure a small amount of disappointment reeked through Albus’s eyes.

I nodded my head confidently and turned my gaze in to the direction of the shouting boys. “I think that you’re right my friend. I think that you’re right.”

“MALFOY!” McGonagall screeched. “Split them up.” She indicated to the wrestling twins, of which I must say Xander was now winning.

I reluctantly jogged back over, stepping over the Quidditch equipment that they had successfully crashed through, resulting in broken wood and stone to be left lying around carelessly.

With a final punch to Lorcan’s face I pulled Xander from him, throwing them apart to the floor. I may have ‘accidentally’ stepped on Lorcan while doing this.

The jeering and heckling from the teachers began; resulting in an assortment of boo’s and cheers from the stands. There was a silent pause over the stadium.

“Is this where I mention that I caught the snitch?” Al asked, opening up his palm to reveal a small golden ball resting lightly in his palm.

The breath caught of every being at that moment. McGonagall was the first to step forward. “Wh … what – how. Potter? Wh-”

“While the fight was going on.” He explained with a shrug. “It was when Lorcan elbowed me in the stomach and I fell, I caught the snitch on my way down – well sat on it is a little more precise. But thanks any way mate!” He said, receiving small thumbs up from Lorcan, who was still lying on the ground. McGoogles took the golden ball. “I can’t believe that I caught the snitch between my bum cheeks.” Unsurprisingly, the small winged ball dropped to the floor quicker than though imaginable.

The stadium erupted; wild cheers and screams came from the crowd as half the school jumped on top of Albus. His cried out in mocking pain could be heard throughout. I jogged over to the twins, Lorcan, who was still lying on the floor, had no intent of moving, I ignored. Xander on the other had no intention of staying put and had walked a few meters.
I ran in to him and supported his left side.

“The tables have turned now eh?” he groaned.

I snorted. “You seem a little worse off than I did.” He spat a mouthful of blood on to the floor next to him, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. His brother probably caused internal damage at the rate they were at it, they were hitting harder than I was – and their identical. Actually now I think about it, Xander’s a little bigger than Lorcan. Ha, take that sad and lonely grass layer.

Willa walked toward us both, her eyes filled with purpose. Most would expect a hug, a pat on the shoulder – not a sucker punch in the stomach.

Lysander bent over in pain while Willa took deep breaths.

She threw her plaits behind her, ignoring them when they bounced back. She was supporting the Ravenclaw scarf but my Slytherin jumper. Crazy woman.

“How dare you?” She hissed. “What the hell was wrong with you? Do you know how badly you could have jeopardized yourself out there? How much crap you’ve caused?”

“Willa I-“

“No, no reasoning!” She demanded. “You have made fools out of yourselves. I never expected that from you – Lorcan maybe, but not that much. You don’t like violence, you’re Xander!” She took a deep breath. “Just look at you.” She whispered through teary eyes. “You’re all hurt and stuff.”

He smirked a little. “This isn’t funny Xander. You must be in so much pain right now. Go to Madame Pomfrey.”

Lysander stared, confusion enveloping his features. “Going to the Hospital Wing is for pansy’s.” he stated, echoing my words. I nodded my head in admiration before stopping due to the death-glare that I received from his girlfriend, my nod turned to a head-shake.

I’m so going to die for that later.

“You’re spending, way, to much time with Scorpius.” He didn’t deny it but instead shrugged. “Don’t act like that with me! Xander you could have killed yourself. What the hell came over you?”

He tried to reason. “God damnit...” he shook his head, trailing off. “It doesn’t matter, it’s in the past.” She snorted and rolled her eyes. Such a lady.

Her eyes shortly narrowed as she removed her gloves from her hands and shoved them in to her pockets. “Oh piss.”


“Tell me I am not the reason for that!” she spat, pointing at Lorcan, still huddled on the grass.

His gaze fell to the floor. “No, that would be my mother and father’s doing.” She slapped his shoulder, even he could see she was now at breaking point. “It might have had a small imapc-“

“You are such a dolt!” Her eyes flew shut. “Merlin Lysander.”

“Well gee.” He sarcastically answered, “Thanks for your massive amount of concern.”

She flipped her plaits over her shoulder once more, rescuing her hat. “Don’t get snippy with me Xander.” He smiled a little. He loved her attention, even if it was only this kind. He couldn’t make it any less obvious. He wanted her undivided – whether or not livid – and completely lovable full on attention. “I thought that fight would have been over the game or something!”

“Do you realise how badly you could have hurt yourself. Look at you, you’re bleeding and bruised and – and.” A tear fell from her eye, it hurt her to see him like this; not something either of us considered. “You’re a stupid, stupid idiot.” She yelped, smacking him in the chest with her gloves. He laughed a little more. “Lysander Scamander, this is not a laughing matter – I will write to you mother Goddamni-“

He shook me off a little, taking a step towards his girlfriend. “Willa.” He groaned. “Shut up.” He swiveled her around to face him properly, placed his hands around her tiny waist and captured her lips with his in yet another kiss that I really didn’t want to witness. Her face adorably crumpled in to a genially happy smile.

She dropped the glove that she was holding, letting it fall to the floor – a lot like Al, when he tumbled from his broom. Willa hands drifted to around his neck delicately. She pressed one hand to his cheek and he winced in reaction. She jumped back a little but he only pulled her to him once more. He didn’t care that he was in pain, he only wanted Willa.


Before you could blink they were at it again, being the poster children for the epiphany of love. I kicked the ground, ignoring the celebrations around me. Slytherin had won. Our next match against Hufflepuff; not as easy to beat as you’d think.
Screams of celebration struck, but celebrating was the last thing I wanted to be doing. Lysander bloody lost and he was still obviously enjoying himself.

I took a deep breath and walked towards the Changing Rooms; I would take a nice hot shower and go to bed. Willa would probably join me in truth; somewhere around 10. She would run up and ump in to bed with me or Al. Rose used to do it too, but I doubt that’s happening this time.

I need to write strategies, I might as well get started, even though Albus is the Captain. From the way that Pritchard is currently sitting on him I would guess that he isn’t going to be planning our next game tonight.

“Albus!” Willa could be heard, probably tearing herself away from Scamander – I guess I’m gunna have to start calling him Xander or sommit now aren’t I?


“-if they end up on my hut again Albus!”

“Al! This is so inappropriate.”

“Mr. Potter!”

“Merlin’s pants!”

“- Oh lord, He really does have Merlin on his pants!”

A tinkering laugh could be heard from behind me. “I think I bought him those.”

No, it couldn’t be.

“I love it when you get super excited if I tell you that I’ coming over.” My heart emotionally stopped. “I love it when you cuddle me if I’m cold. The way that you turn down all of your guy mates to show that you would rather be with me.”


A tear slowly escaped down her flawless cheek. “You always laugh at the stupid and totally unfunny jokes that I make, the way that you always come up and hug me, just to show that you care – or the way that you pick me up and carry me around like a Princess in your back garden, just for fun.”

I wiped the tear from her cheek. “The way that you never let me cry, you always keep me strong.”

I smiled effortlessly before speaking with a drunken happiness. “What does that mean?”

She chewed her lip – her way of showing nerves and twisted her slender fingers with a smile. “It means kiss me stupid.”

I blinked and her lips were on mine. I felt her shudder as our lips met. Her hands slid around my waist and pulled me close. I nearly tripped it was so sudden. After all these years of thinking, I never once imagined that it would be like this. The cheesy way that she made my heart flutter, my temperature rise.
I nipped at her bottom lip and grazed my hand gently against her cheek, my face still elegantly sweaty and my hair stuck to my brow.

Moments later we were forced apart by a sound of violent crashes. “What the-“

“I bet it has something to do with Albus.” Rose giggled, pulling down on my robes to bring my face back to hers.

“Wait,” I mumbled, pushing her face away from mine. “What about Tadd?”

She shrugged. Her eyes bore forcefully in to mine. It’s over.”

I heard the wolf whistles, but had no intention of finding out the root of the sound. All I could think to do was smile – so that’s what I did.

I got my Happy Ending. I finally frickin got it.

So there it was. The final chapter. I hope that you all enjoyed it and also that it lived up to your expectations. I hope that you all enjoyed the story and that you had as greater ride with it as I did. :)

Thank you so much for reading.

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