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The Untold Story by DracoIsSexy444
Chapter 6 : His Heart Beat
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Chapter 6: His Heart Beat

Draco could feel his temper rising as Snape led him into an empty classroom, once he had entered the room and sat down Snape closed the door and spun to face him.

“Are you purposely trying to draw attention to yourself, Draco?” Snape crossed his arms firmly over his chest with a frown.

“No, professor,” he shook his head, a scowl imprinted unmoving on his face. Snape would start on his annual speech now, about how important it was for him to focus, and keep his head down.

“This is an important mission, Draco. If you fail-”

“I die. Mother dies. We all die. I get it!” Draco growled angrily, his volume rising. He ran a hand through his hair and pulled at it forcefully.

“It’s no use getting angry. If you just let me help you,” Snape stepped forward and put a hand on Draco’s shoulder.

“No! I don‘t want or need your help, you‘ll just get in my way,” Draco stood from his seat, shrugging Snape’s hand off roughly before storming to the door.

“Draco, I made the Unbreakable Vow-”

“That’s your fault not mine, I didn’t ask you to. Just leave me alone! I can do this perfectly well on my own!” he then threw the door open and marched into the corridor. Turning right caused him to disappear into the darkness.

He clenched his fists together, feeling his nails begin to dig into his palm. Snape didn’t know anything. He thought he knew how Draco was feeling, but he didn’t. He knew nothing. He didn’t know how it felt to have peoples lives hanging over his head. All Snape wanted was the glory all to himself, that was the only thing he ever wanted. To be the Dark Lord’s favourite.

Draco walked, he didn’t know where to. He just knew he had to get away from there, clear his head. He didn’t expect to hear the voice behind him.

“Draco! Draco!” there was a whisper and Draco spun round, whipping his wand from his pocket. However, he lowered it as he saw who the voice belonged to.

“Grang-Hermione? What are you doing?” he watched as she came closer, her hair was a little more messy than usual and she had some smudged make up on her face.

“I followed you,” she grinned at him and he cocked an eyebrow, something wasn’t quite right. For a start, she was slurring her words slightly. Secondly, the normal Hermione Granger would never admit to following him and be so happy about it.

“Hermione, are you ok?” there was a sudden noise from down the corridor causing Draco to grab Hermione by the shoulders and drag her into a nearby alcove.

“Oh, Draco! You have to buy me dinner first sailor,” she hit him playfully on the chest and he looked down at her. There bodies were so intimately close Draco was finding it hard to focus on anything else, but he managed to clasp a hand gently over Hermione’s lips.

“Shh!” he placed a finger on his lips and heard her muffled giggles. Draco leant sideways to see who had made the noise, but saw no one.

“Movorand,” Hermione pulled at his wrist and he let go, staring at her as she looked down to see the tiny gap between them. Some of her light-headedness swept away in an instant once she was aware of their proximity. She decided she’d had too much to drink.

“What are you doing here, Hermione?” he side-stepped out of the alcove hurriedly, wishing he didn’t have to but knowing he needed to.

“I came to see if you’re ok. You shouldn’t have crashed the party,” she also stepped out of the alcove, trying to push down the disappointed she could feel beginning to surface.

“I know,” he muttered and began to walk in the direction of the Owlery.

“Then why did you?” she hastened to catch up and walked along side him. She watched him as they walked. He didn’t seem to want to answer, but she wanted to know. “Draco?”

“I wanted to see you, ok?” he almost yelled, his anger getting the better of him. The last person he wanted to turn on was her. He couldn’t quite believe he had said it, was he that much of an idiot? He may as well have called this the beginning of the end for their relationship, whatever it was. She would stop walking now and turn back, she’d go and find McLaggen. Someone she was meant to be liked by, someone she was meant to like.

“Oh,” she carried on walking, to his surprise. She didn’t know what to say, however she couldn’t help but let a smile cross her lips for an minute.

“Are you drunk?” he asked, giving her a sideways glance.

“No! Of course not! I had a little to drink, yes. But not that much,” she crossed her arms and stared ahead. She wasn’t about to admit to a Malfoy that she couldn’t handle her drink, or that she had indeed been slightly tipsy.

“Ok, if you say so,” he smirked at her reply, knowing very well she was lying. But he had noticed since he’d removed his hand from her mouth she was a lot more sober.

“I do say so! Stop being so pedantic,” she shot him an annoyed look as they strolled through the courtyard and onto the bridge. Hermione rubbed her upper arms to warm them up, as she breathed out mist emanated from her mouth.

“You must be freezing, here,” he took off his dinner jacket and flung it over her shoulders. She knew protesting wouldn’t get her anywhere, she’d tried that before.

“Thanks, you have a thing about giving people you’re clothes don’t you?” she grinned at her comment and inhaled the familiar scent of roses and parchment.

“Not people. Just you…” he gave her a shy, wonky smile before turning back to the path they were now heading down to take them to the Owlery. She could feel her heart skip at least two beats, Draco was surprising her more and more every day. Being civil was one thing, but saying she was the only person he gave his coats to-she just couldn’t fathom it. Thinking about it in her head made it sound stupid, he’d simply said she was someone he gave his coats too. Someone he wanted to keep warm, someone he cared about. Coming from Draco Malfoy made it so much more bizarre. It was unbelievably wrong, but at the same time she was pleased he’d said it. Because it sounded and felt absolutely right.

Silence had been cast over them since he’d last spoken and they finally reached the Owlery. He let her go first with the wave of his arm and she curtsied her thanks. She took her normal spot on the stone block and watched Draco sit on the floor opposite her, not caring about how many owl dropping he’d just flattened. Hermione crossed one leg over the other discreetly and pulled her dress as low down as it would stretch, it made her feel uncomfortable. Having a dress on to begin with made her feel awkward, but being around him made her increasing self conscious. She wanted to look nice, as nice as she possibly could.

“Draco?” she pulled her dress down again, feeling her thighs begin to itch with the friction of the material.

“Why do you keep doing that?” he nodded his head towards her dress and she let go of it, causing it to rise up a few inches.

“That’s why,” she grabbed it again and pulled it down firmly. A high pitched noise was suddenly heard that sounded very similar to that of a rip. “Oh, bloody hell! Look what you made me do,” she began to bustle around. Searching the dress to see where the damage had been done, her cheeks burning like flames.

“Me?” he sniggered, she’d been around Weasley far too often. Draco watched as she swapped legs to see where the rip was. “Why does it matter how short it is? You’re wearing shorts,” he smirked as she stopped dead in her tracks.

“How do you know?” her body was frozen with fear and dreaded anticipation.

“I can see them,”

“Oh, Christ!” she jumped off the block entirely and yanked the dress down again, another tearing noise screaming out from the fabric. Draco couldn’t help but laugh, however he still tried to think of something he could do to help.

“Look. Here…” he got up and quickly unbuttoned his shirt. Hermione’s mouth dropped open and she tried to string at least two words together to find out what he was doing.

“Err, Draco-”

“Wait,” he slid his shirt off before taking his jacket from her shoulders and replacing it with the shirt. Hermione stared transfixed at his chest, it looked like nothing she’d ever seen, it could have been carved out of alabaster. She watched him shove his jacket on then take hold of the shirt she was wearing and begin to do the buttons up. Draco regarded her form subtly as he moved from button to button, her hips were in perfect proportion with the rest of her body. Her breasts seemed even more perfect under her dress. He reached the last button and paused, doing it up slowly to savour the moment. He had to use all his will power to wrench his eyes away from her impeccable velvety skin. Then those same eyes fell on hers.

Hermione couldn’t help but gaze into his eyes, which were sparkling mysteriously. They were no longer the dull grey but shimmering silver. All kinds of thoughts began to plant themselves in their heads, all of which went totally against their better judgement. They wondered how the other would feel, how the other would taste. The space between them began to close and Hermione drew her eyes away from his to study his chest. She wanted to feel it, feel if it was as soft as it looked. After a second of several battles within herself, she raised her hand slowly. Brushing aside his black jacket before placing her hand on his chest, over his heart.

The electric current that ran through her palm and into her bloodstream almost knocked her off her feet, she felt every inch of her skin begin to tickle and her knees started to shake slightly. Each beat of his heart travelled through the two of them, she had always wondered if he’d really had one. Now she knew.

Draco liked her eyes. Everything he had to do was pushed to the back of his mind, and all he could focus on was her eyes. Hazel was the most beautiful colour he had ever seen, never before had he observed such entrancing eyes. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed them before. Of course he’d never been this close to her before, but the past five years had seen him blinded by loathing. Something else he could thank his father for. Draco watched her as she moved her hand towards his chest, and found himself holding his breath. As her fingertips grazed his skin he felt his chest hitch, the electric jolt that ran from her palm into his bloodstream was so intense he was almost knocked off balance. If he could have stopped time, he would have. His heart beat became so loud in his ears he was sure she could hear it to, maybe even feel it. But all good things have to come to an end.

“Draco?” she couldn’t bring herself to talk above a whisper, but she wanted to ask him something. Which she was sure he wouldn’t like.

“Yes?” his voice sounded pathetic to him. No woman should ever be able to make a man this weak, but she did.

“Did you curse Katie?” she had predicted his reaction before it happened. Draco stepped away from her sharply, leaving her hand to stay fixed in the air. He pulled his jacket closed and leant against the window sill to look out into the darkness.

“Why would you ask that?” he could feel his shoulders begin to sink as their original weight returned to rest on them. He wasn’t sure how she knew he was up to something, but he could take a guess that it had something to do with Harry Potter.

“Because you’re-”

“A Malfoy? The son of a death eater?” anger was apparent in his voice and Hermione couldn’t help but feel a pull in her ribcage. She hadn’t meant to make him angry. His shirt fluttered around her thighs in the draft from the door and she remembered she was wearing it. She’d been so caught up in him that forgetfulness was another attribute to add to the list. It felt good, like her skin and the fabric had known each other for years and were being reunited.

“I wasn’t going to say that,” she didn’t know if there was any truth in what she was saying, her mind was so boggled she couldn’t even think straight.

“Right. So what were you going to say?” Draco turned to look at her, what he saw took the air from his lungs. Hermione Granger stood in the middle of the Owlery in his shirt, it was longer than her dress so it had done what he’d hoped. He just hadn’t expected her to look so good in it. After what he deemed a long enough amount for her to give an honest answer, he pushed away from the window sill. “I’m going to bed,” his eyes stayed transfixed on the doorway as he made his way towards it. Looking at her would only make him more weak.

“Wait, no! Don’t go,” Hermione had grabbed his arm within seconds, her eyes becoming wide at the thought of him leaving her there alone. “Please…” she tightened her grip and watched the back of his head with a pleading frown. Everything was telling him to keep walking, walk away from her and leave it all behind. But he couldn’t do it. So he slowly turned back round to face her, his eyes on the floor.

“I should be going,” raising his gaze from the floor he saw that the skin around her eyes was red, as if she were on the verge of tears.

“I won’t mention it again,” she stepped closer and ran her hands up and down his forearm slowly, watching them as she did so.

“Hang on, I was wondering what that smell was. It’s you, your breath stinks of garlic,” he pulled his arm carefully out of her grip with a confused look on his face.

“Oh, yeah. I had some of those Dragon tartar things at the party,” she stepped back and put a hand to her mouth. Her cheeks went bright red and she was sure she’d die of the embarrassment, however she was thankful for the change of subject. Things had been getting too intense.

“You actually ate them? They’re disgusting,” he couldn’t stop a smile crossing his lips at her embarrassed expression, she was weird sometimes.

“I hadn’t planned to eat them, I was trying to ward off McLaggen,” she watched as the smile on his face began to fall rapidly, but the talk of the party had suddenly reminded her of something. “While you were there did you see Zabini and Parkinson?” it was none of her business, she knew that much, but women are always nosy.

“I did, yeah…” he looked up at the owls before walking past her and sitting where she had been previously.

“What happened between you and her?” Hermione didn’t know why she was asking. She didn’t think she cared, it was none of her business really.

“We just…drifted apart, I guess,” He’d drifted away from everyone if he was honest, he hardly spoke to Pansy and Blaize anymore. It was his fault, but he had to focus on his mission. He almost laughed out loud at that thought. This wasn’t focusing on his mission either.

“Ok…You look handsome, by the way,” she smiled weakly and changed the subject again. Would they ever find the right subject to talk about, she doubted it.

“Of course I do, I don’t have a shirt on,” he smirked and pulled lightly at the shirt she was wearing, an obvious arrogant tone in his voice. She snorted and rolled her eyes, even if he was acting different he was still an overconfident git.

“I meant, even when you had your shirt on. You big-headed pig,” she hit him on the arm with an uncontrollable smile on her face and he leant away with a small grin.

“You look stunning too,” he watched her look down at herself.

“Thanks,” she waved some strands of hair out of her face shyly. He thought she looked stunning. Hermione didn’t know why, but she felt that no one else’s opinion mattered except his. She knew it was completely wrong, but she really only cared about what he thought. Draco was being kind, he had changed and that was all that mattered to her. He deserved a second chance.

They sat for a little while, just enjoying each others company. Not feeling that words had to be exchanged. Draco contemplated what to do next, he knew leaving was the sensible idea, but he didn’t want to leave. He couldn’t explain what was going on his head, it was finding all the things it knew he shouldn’t do and making him do them. Plus, he was glad he was doing them. Hermione was there for him, something no one else was. Yes, other people had tried but he hadn’t wanted them to. Whereas now, he wanted her to.

“Hermione?” he turned towards her and she slowly looked at him. She didn’t know why she hadn’t left yet, and she really didn’t know why she’d wanted him to stay so badly. Not admitting there was something between them would be a lie, because there was something extraordinarily strong bringing them together.

“Yeah?” she felt her knees begin to shake again and her insides knot as he raised a hand to her cheek. After a pause he leant forward and kissed her softly. Hermione found her whole body was drawn to him and she advanced into the kiss. It was a caring kiss, delicate and tender. Nothing like their first kiss, and nothing like she thought he could kiss.

“Draco…” she pulled away slowly and he withdraw his hand from her cheek. He guessed she’d do the usual and say they couldn’t do it and leave, but she stayed where she was. Hermione was fed up with fighting it, she didn’t want to anymore. But she knew if she had one ounce of common sense she would.

“Maybe we can…do this friendship thing,” she paused at his surprised expression. “But, the kissing should stop,” she nodded and he slowly did the same in agreement, all surprise gone.

“Ok,” he looked ahead of him and digested her words. He wasn’t sure if he was completely happy with it or not. “So you didn’t feel anything?” he suddenly questioned.

“That’s besides the point,” she shook her head and thoughts began to bounce around inside it, she knew the answer but wasn’t going to say it.

“No it’s not. If you can honestly tell me you didn’t then…fine,” he stared at her for a reply, and she decided the force was way too much for her to handle.

“Look, I don’t know what I felt. But I should be getting to bed, and so should you,” she hastily undid the buttons on his shirt and handed it to him. “Goodnight,” she then strode out of the Owlery and into the dark.

Draco could feel anger begin to boil up inside him and he put his face in his hands. She ran away. Again. Would she ever stop doing that, he hoped she would. Draco pulled at his hair and growled loudly, women were impossible creatures. Hermione Granger being the worst one of all.

A/N: Wooahh! I'm going great guns now lol. This is possibly my favourite chapter so far cause of their very intimate encounter. I'm beginning to wonder whether I'm bringing them out of character a bit now though :S I hope not but I may be. Let me know what you think of their little experience in the Owlery, I wanna know if other people like it as much as I do. If they don't I'll feel super silly. Ohh and I think the comma monster is finally obliterated, do you all agree? Thanks so much for reading, pleeeaaasee leave a review. Thank you! :D xoxo

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