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Hopeless... by spam_up_sam
Chapter 4 : Games
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     That god forsaken smirk had her tingling all over, had her tummy twisting with a fever she hadn't felt for far too long. The sheer sight of those lips made her pulse kick into a heated overdrive, too enthralling, too delicious and far too ravishing to ignore.

     It was funny, when she really thought about it, that she spent nearly every waking hour working side by side with self centred, conceited, egotistical and very handsome men, who enjoyed letting their mouths curl into cunning smirks for at least twenty three hours a day and yet, that damn Malfoy could wrap her right round his little finger with his own brand. Her blood was boiling to critical point, and the reason? Mr Malfoy wasn't thrusting it in her swooning direction. Oh no, the arrogant prat was far more concerned with entertaining his happy little elf of adoration, or rather her cousin in other less bias words, than he was her. It wasn't right; it just wasn't what he was supposed to do. Scorpius should have been trying to get into her bloomers, not bloody Lily Potter's. Lily probably wasn't even wearing any in the first place! How undignified of her!

     And what exactly did Lily have that she didn't?! Apart from nicer hair and longer legs and skin that tanned instead of going a customary lobster she thought of it, Lily had a lot that she didn't. She hadn't inherited the Granger bottom for one. Lucky her!  Rose grouched internally.

She was feeling particularly bitter and as far as she was concerned she had every bloody right.

     At the very least, Rose could content her fraying nerves with the ever so satisfying fact that Scorpius didn't look remotely entertained by his choice of company. In truth, Rose would have hazarded a guess that he was bored, bordering dangerously on the brink of brain death. As long as he kept up the pretence of feigned interest and laughed in all the right spots whilst constantly being in Rose's watchful sights, he was on a winning road. Oh, Scorpius was playing a good game, a very good game. She'd begrudgingly give him that. Being the sharp lady she was, she knew exactly what he was doing. The tiny quirk of his lips as he caught her eye served to cement his plan in place. Rose, arms folded furiously at both his game and her willingness to play along, shifted to re-cross her legs dramatically and flicked her hair over her shoulder with a dangerous scowl. Ignoring her was one sure fire way of riling her up. Throw in that smirk being bestowed upon anyone but her and he had her glued with rapt, undivided attention.

Just as he wanted.

     She frowned morosely as a rather daring Lily attempted to cosy that little bit closer. The angry, roaring, green eyed monster began to scream blue murder, demanding that her wand do some permanent damage and soon. And she would have whipped her wand out and turned him into a slimy, stinky slug if she'd had the guts to do it but that wasn't the only thing keeping her deathly grip safely wrapped around the stem of her glass. That stubborn inability to be the first to talk between them was a major contributing factor. Not that hexing him would involve much communication, but still, it was the idea of him making her snap first that she didn't want him to have over her head. If she was less of a coward, she would have just knocked Lily away with her womanly hip and thrown herself into Scorpius' waiting arms. A girl could dare to dream anyway.

     Rose could affirm one sure fact however, Scorpius definitely still fancied her. It was so obvious it made her quite self conscious that she was as open a book as he. What if her jealousy was painted all over her face in a garish, obvious admission?

    Then again, why did she even care enough to get jealous? Who the hell was he? Just a jumped up blonde bimbo with fantastic hair, an even nicer arse and a penchant for torturing her. She wished she didn't have to care, wished she could get over herself and just apologise already, to just get it out of the way and tempt him into giving her even the tiniest of chances. He wound her up and she took the bait, unable to shake even the smallest, most insignificant thought of him as he strolled, cocky as ever, round her garden, staunchly acting as if she hardly existed, except when he was not so sneakily checking whether his scheme was working. What did he matter to her?

     Too much, she admitted honestly as she watched Lily saunter back into the house with a flirty backwards glance and Scorpius, seemingly forgetting his cool composure, slip, with the speed of a haunted man, quickly out of sight. Or so he thought. Rose chuckled to herself as he, believing he wasn't visible, blatantly stared her way. The clogs in her head started turning, that cunning Granger magic stirring her creativity.

Two could play at his game, and quite frankly, it was about time the Slytherin did some chasing.


     Just around the corner of the large country house, hidden quite superbly or so he thought, in the growing shadows as the sun gently set, an explosion of amber and crimson painting the sky and bleeding over the horizon, Scorpius was to be found pacing to and fro. Nothing but anxious debate rattling round his thoughts. It was clear that he had two options; make sure that Rose becomes steadily more jealous by the second, selling his soul to Lily for a few more excruciating hours of embarrassing flirting and probably ruining whatever chance he might have with the girl he'd wanted since puberty made its enthusiastic arrival...or suck it up. Suck it up and embrace his manliness. Suck it up and march over to that decrepit bench and its inhabitant and tell her exactly how he feels. Either way, it could all end in violence.

     When he weighed out the pros and cons, he considered that if all he got was a punch in the gob in return for his timely confession, it would be better than nothing. With that one last rejection, he could finally try and move on with his life. He was, after all, quite the eligible bachelor. Not that it made much difference to him. When faced with all the appropriate women his mother refused to stop throwing at him, who stood for nothing less than perfection in their looks and their clothes and their overdone make up, Scorpius couldn't help wishing for something else.

     Or rather someone else. He dreamt of impossible curls, for a beauty that didn't need a thick layer of foundation, for an eye that twitched when the person was too furious for words and a delicate, feminine grace that only nature could gift. It was so pathetic. He knew it, he accepted it and he had lost half his dignity this night, taking into account just how much flirting he'd been doing with Lily, just trying to get over the giant hurdle of it all.

   “Hopeless.” He sighed to himself, rubbing a hand roughly over the stubble down his jaw. “I'm absolutely hopeless.”

     For the first time in his life, Scorpius actually committed the ultimate treason against every fibre of his being and his sense. For one treacherous moment he wished he was a Gryffindor with their endless, stupid courage and their envy inducing talent at getting everything sickeningly right. Scorpius needed some of that, he needed it a lot. With a quiet sigh he leaned back against the wall, wrestling his lighter out of his pocket and playing distractedly. His face shone, softly illuminated by the flickering flame, struggling between resolute and bewildered as he fought until the very last second to look back over at the girl he'd probably never win but would build up the courage to go after anyway.

     He silently watched her running a finger slowly over the rim of her empty wine glass, eyes locked on the spot he'd disappeared and looking delectably cunning, like she was cooking up something particularly special. Deep down the will to swallow all his worries and anxieties began to build, to flood his mind and ever so slowly he realised that it was better to try than never know. He'd take a few more breaths and puff out his chest; he'd straighten his collar, stroll ever so casually over and start up a conversation that would charm the living daylights out of her. He would, eventually. In a few more minutes...

     In few more minutes. A few more hours. If he kept saying lines like that she'd slip away all over again. He was a man, and a Malfoy at that. What on earth would his geriatric Grandfather say at the cowardly pile of anxious goo his grandson had turned out to be...well for one he'd probably whack him round the head with his walking cane and tell him off for loving a half blood. It wasn't really the greatest example and Scorpius pretended he had a normal Grandfather for a few happy moments, a smile tugging at his lips.

     He pushed off the wall, watching her attentively as the perfect opening line popped into his head. Every second he focused on her, he was one more inch closer to taking that first step. It wasn't hard to convince himself as his gaze slid over the line of her jaw and followed the column of her creamy, exposed neck, flittering back to those deeply enticing eyes. Seeing her again was encouragement enough, and yet torture all the same. He wanted to touch her not just look, he wanted to trace his fingers slowly over her skin in patterns only they would own. His eyes fell happily down to her rather spectacular cleavage and a smirk curled over his lips, he could get used to this kind of torture however...especially with her wearing that dress. He may have been a grown up, but the teenage boy was still a strong influence over which part of his body he thought with when he was around Rose.

It was now or never.

   “Scorpius!” Hearing an indignant, high pitched huff followed by the unmistakable stamp of a heeled, pissed off foot down the opposite end of his hide out, Scorpius did what he knew best. He jumped in surprise, let out an embarrassingly girly yelp at the sound of that unwelcome voice and the footsteps approaching and panicked. He was a fine example of a man! “Here you are, I've been looking bloody everywhere.”

     His eyes grew wide with fear. And more fear. And seeing the devilish grin that was spread over Lily's red stained mouth...even more, boxer wetting worthy fear.

Sometimes, even unnoticed,  it's that little push in the right direction that gives us the courage to do something we wouldn't have done otherwise.

     His heart was crashing violently against his rib cage, a constant reminder of the time ticking relentlessly on and looked wistfully back to where Rose was to find her seat surprisingly empty. Where the hell was she? She'd been there not two minutes ago! Scorpius figured backing away from Lily was a sensible action and carefully kept his gaze flipping between his approaching nightmare and the crowd, looking for that thick head of curls. And then he found her, spotted a spark of red, and those gorgeously womanly hips swaying steadily off towards the dense, green shelter of the trees on the periphery.

Death via Potter? Or death, heavenly as it may be, by Weasley?

Did he really need to ask that pointless question?

     He threw Lily a charming grin, patted her shoulder sympathetically as she moved within touching distance and sprinted off as fast as his legs would take him, leaving a pissed off, whining Lily in his wake and a future too compelling to ignore laying just within his grasps.

A/N: I know! I know! It was a big old filler BUT a filler that builds a nice, quick bridge over to the juicy stuff, i.e, the Rose/Scorpius stuffed chapters that will follow, so hopefully you'll forgive me by the next chapter lol.
This is actually the half way point, so there's just four more chapters left unless I get a crazy urge to rewrite everything or get hit with inspiration for an extra chap, but I probably won't change stuff now as I'm working on something new =]
Anyway, hope you liked it, despite its filler nature!
Any thoughts?  It would be delightful to hear from you
As always, thanks for reading and supporting this story, and reviewing if you do. You're all lovely!

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