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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 1 : Dont Lie
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      “Six-minutes-and-twelve-seconds.” I breathed, shutting the door behind me. “I-beat my record.” Of course I was really talking to nobody, but still I felt the need to announce my time to the house. I’ve been running since I was eight and before today I’ve never been able to break six twenty on a mile. This called for celebration. I went into the kitchen and started to eat the ice cream right from the container. What did it matter? It’s not like dad was sober enough to even notice. 



      I checked the clock, I was due to leave for Hogwarts in an hour. I put the ice cream away and trudged upstairs to get ready. I got in the shower wondering how I was going to approach him this time. 



      It wasn’t a good day, it was only nine thirty and he had already gone through half of that Whiskey he’d bought yesterday. He’ll be through most of it by noon. It amazed me how the hell he hadn’t died of intoxication already. His liver should be donated to science when he does, because it was living proof of what years of alcohol did to you.


I closed my eyes; the hot water was calming me. I would just go in there and tell him I was taking the car. I would not lash out this time, I would not give him a reason to hit me.



      I turned the water off and looked at myself in the mirror before grabbing the towel. I traced the bruises that ran along my arms, leading up to the rather nasty one I had gotten a couple of days ago on my collar bone. My left hip was scarred from where I had a beer bottle smashed into me three summers ago. I closed my eyes again and threw on a tank top under a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. I dried my long blonde hair and left it down. I never have been one for much make-up, just mascara that Dom insisted brought out my bright green eyes, which according to her and her sources, are quite smashing. But I didn’t know if I beleieved her so called ‘sources’. For all I knew, it was that kid who picked his nose when he thought no one was paying attention.


I left my room and faced my father’s.



      “What, are you scared Kiersten?” I questioned my self with a whisper. I looked at the door for another few moments before slowly opening it. I saw what I expected to see. 



      I rarely went into my father’s room, it was only if the situation left me no other option. Sometimes I’d go in in the middle of the night to see if he was still breathing but that was about it. It always looked the same, bottles strewn all over the dark carpeted floor, and the smell of wet dog. The curtains were forever drawn, making it usually dark and even more intimidating. I went over to the lump on the bed that was my snoring father.



      “Dad?” I said rather loudly. I knew that if I poked him or something like it he would probably kill me before he could realize what he was doing.



      Dad never used to hit me; It started when my mother left us when I was six. I remember seeing her walk out of the door saying that she couldn’t handle it any more. I’ve always thought that ‘it’ was me.



      My mother was the nicest person that I knew, she was my everything. She always seemed to have the right amount of patients to deal with my father when he was dead drunk. She would “fix him” as I used to think. The day she left was the worst day of my life. I used to lie in bed crying wondering what I had done wrong to make her leave. That sadness eventually turned into anger, how could she leave me with him when she knew how he was. She was the only one who knew how to fix him, when I tried I ended up with a black eye or a blow to the stomach. Eventually I learned to just stay away from him, our tempers haven't ever mixed well. 



      When I first got my Hogwarts letter my father didn’t let me have it. He kept on hiding them from me saying that if I ever opened one he would make sure I paid for it. I was too young to even consider defying him, I had no idea what Hogwarts was seeing as my dad was a muggle born. My mother had dropped out of Hogwarts in her sixth year when she got pregnant with me. How she ever thought to sleep with a bum like my dad I’d never know. She hid from me that she was a witch and it was a big shocker to me when I got my letter. Eventually they sent one of the teachers to collect me and explain it in person. My father still didn’t want me to go but I think he was afraid of magic enough to let me. Here I was now, all these years later going into my seventh year and I was still afraid of him. I think he was afraid of me too. 



      “Dad!” I said a little louder clapping my hands a couple times. He sat up with a start opening his eyes to see me.



      “What the hell are you doing in here! Get the fuck out of my room!” He yelled taking a swing at me. I expertly dodged it stepping father away from him so he couldn’t get a clear shot at me.



      “I have to go to school today remember?” I said as he scratched his potbelly and squinting at me with a look that told me clearly that he didn’t remember.



      “If you think I’m driving you to that freaking train station again your shit out of luck.” He muttered, laying back down again on his unmade bed. 



      “I can drive now remember.” I was trying not to piss him off, really truly trying. I didn’t want to leave our relationship bad until next summer. I would stay at school or go over Dom’s for Christmas.



      “Do what ever you want.” He said, switching on the television, which was playing reruns of The Beverly Hill Billie’s from like, the sixties. I stared at him for a moment not knowing if he was really done talking to me yet. “Why the hell are you still in my room? Get lost before I kick you out with my foot you whore.” I flamed up inside but I kept it together. Only a couple more minutes…



      “Bye then.” I said walking quickly out.



      “You’re just like her, a slut.” He seethed just as I was about to reach the door. I turned around and glared at him, screw being nice.



      “At least I’m not a bum who sits on his arse all day drinking.” I said glaring at him. I slammed the door before his small brain could get his arse off the bed and reach me. I ran down the stairs and opened the front door to the summer sun. It was so different than that dark enclosed room that I had nightmares about. It was almost eighty degrees on but I kept the sweatshirt on as I went to the car. I brushed away a few tears and started the engine. 



      I shouldn't have let him get me like that. Why was he the only one who could push me over the edge like he did. Even brain dead Potter didn’t get to me like he did. Potter, I really didn’t feel like dealing with him today. He’d just make this bad day a terrible one. He had always been good at that.



      It all started when Potter decided that it would be funny to pour pumpkin juice all over my head. What he hadn’t realized was that I was as evil as he was. I poured it back on him and then turned his hair purple. Ah, the joys of childhood. 



      My first year at Hogwarts I was amazed at everything. It made going home and not being able to use magic very difficult, especially in my situation. I also met my best friend, Dominique Weasley. We met on the train in first year. I hated Dom for the first two weeks of school until we both ended up in detention with Malcolm Rosier. By the end of that night we were best friends. Poor Malcolm was glued to the trophy room wall with a non-removable charm. Rumor has it that it took them days to get him off of it.



      Potter was a whole other story. He was Dom’s cousin and happened to be one of the selective people that I could not stand to be with for more than a set amount of time. His hobby for the past six years had been harassing me to the point of death. Literally, there were times I came close. It was not like I didn’t fight back, no, I was always in detention with Potter for something or another within the first week back. It was just that he didn’t know when it was time to stop like I did. 



      I looked at the clock, it was thirty minutes till eleven. I was only about ten from the station. 



      We’d had this car since I was four years old, I was seventeen now. Fourteen years with this old mustang. We had another car that my father used on the rare occasion that he had to sober up to visit one of his clients. That car was only seven years old but I was not allowed to touch it let alone drive it. I didn’t even like driving, but until I got my apparating license I was stuck with it. 



      I’d been seventeen for the past four months but I had yet to go to get my test. Dom went over the summer with Potter. I was invited but I was recovering from a bad hit to the head, they couldn’t see me like that without knowing that something was up. Besides, the longer amount of time I didn’t have to see Potter the better. 



      I drove into the train station quickly getting my trunk from the back and my broomstick case. I saw a sixth year Ravenclaw getting out of the car with what I presume to be his parents but that was it so far. Most people would take the train here if they were muggles or if they were wizards they would use something like floo powder from the nearest fire place. I knew that Dom probably apparated and the rest of that set of Weasleys’ probably drove. 



      I stood across from platforms nine and ten and casually started to make my way towards it. While a group of children from what looked to be a day camp came by I slipped through platforms nine and ten. The other side was bustling with people of all different ages and sizes saying hello to friends and goodbye to families. Smiling for the first time in ages, I started to make my way to the train when a familiar voice came up from behind me. 



      “Guess Who?” She cooed, putting her hands over my eyes. 



      “I wonder, you’ve only been doing that since third year.” I sarcastically remarked, turning around to hug Dom. She looked great. She had a glossy tan and new blonde highlights in her already strawberry blonde hair. “You look great Dom.” I hugged her tight before letting go.



      “Why the hell do you have a sweatshirt on when it’s like one hundred freaking degrees outside?” She asked me rolling her eyes. Before I could answer she grabbed my hand and pulled me over to where her family was. She didn’t really care if I gave her an answer; Dom never had been one for much of an attention span.



      “Alo Kiersen.” Dom’s mother Fleur said in her French accent.



      “Hi Mrs. Weasley.” I said giving her a quick hug. She’d always been the touchy-feely type. What a contrast to my father’s version of that. “Hello Mr. Weasley.” I smiled and huffed him as well. Poor Mr. Weasley. He had cuts all over his face. Dom told me the story once about how he was attacked by a werewolf and he got those permanent scars from it. I still felt bad whenever I saw him. 



      “We went to France to visit my Grandmere and I met the hottest French guy Keri!” Dom squealed grabbing my hands and jumping up and down. He father mumbled something incoherent under his breath as Dom went into details. “We met on the beach and he was like, “you American?” and I was like, “No, English!”. We totally had something, but I still didn’t want a long distance relationship you know?” I just laughed a little and nodded my head. Same old Dom. 



      “Bye mum, bye dad!” she shouted as the two minute whistle blew. I waved goodbye to her parents as we got on the train. 



      “Is it just me or are those people looking at us?” I asked, pointing discreetly towards two couples that seemed to be pointing right back at us. I recognized one instantly as Harry Potter. The woman with him must have been his wife. She looked a lot like James without the red hair or freckles. 



      “That’s the Potters’ and my Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron, Rose’s parents.” She said looking over at them disinterestedly. “They probably just want a good look at the girl James never shuts up about.” 



      “What? He talks about me to his parents?” I said alarmed now. Now the savior of the wizarding world probably knew I spray painted the entrance hall last spring with their son. Great.



      “Well, you two are in detention like every other day so it would make sense for them to know who you are, and besides, James really does talk about you all the time. Mostly ways to piss you off and all. So, about Maurice!” 






      “The sexy French guy I met on vacation Kiersten!” She rolled her eyes at me as we went into a compartment with Dom’s cousin Rose and her boyfriend Malfoy. “Out Slytherin.” 



      “Excuse me?” Malfoy shot a glare towards Dom; they’d never gotten along. She still had a problem with the whole Gryffindor Slytherin friendship idea. Dom didn’t talk to Rose for months when she found out that they had been seeing each other. 



      “You heard me, I’d like to sit in here but I don’t really want to look at you so get up if you please.” 



      To others Dom’s a straightforward bitch. She was not someone you wanted to mess with. If you tried, she’d probably bring you to tears. If she didn’t, well then she’d probably start to consider you her equal. That was how we started being friends.



      “If I cared what you thought Weasley I’d already be gone, wouldn’t I?” He stood up to face her. Dom was only five four compared to his six foot something so he looked more intimidating standing up. I sighed in somewhat of a bored manner and stepped at him too. 



      “Just leave it Scorpius,” I said warningly. He looked at me for a moment before turning his gaze back to Dom. I’d personally never had a problem with Scorpius Malfoy, he’d always been nice to me. Too bad for him that it was my job to back Dom up. I happened to be five nine and looked much more intimidating when I’m mad, so it was no surprise when he took a step or so back.



      “Go away Dom! It’s not like I want to sit with you!” Rose flushed pink, standing up next to Malfoy protectively. She put a hand on his shoulder and gave him a look. He looked away from Dom and nodded to her.



      “Disgusting.” Dom whispered to me pretending to gag into her owl cage . Rose now turned to face Dom. 



      “If you have a problem with my boyfriend than you say it to me, not to him.” Rose said giving Dom her scary “I will kill you if you don’t listen” look that she was so good at. I immediately sat down not really wanting Rose to start to yell at me. Once you got her started she never seemed to stop, this is something I’d learned after my first bad encounter with Rose. Dom however didn’t learn any lesson quickly. She instead screwed up, over and over again.



      “Oh Rosie, you want me to say it to you? Alright then, I will. I think he’s a good for nothing Slytherin that isn’t fit to wipe the dirt from your shoes.” Rose turned red and looked as if she was about to explode. Scorpius got out his wand and was about to curse Dom when the door barged open. 



      “Hello McCabe.” Said a voice that made me want to find the nearest toilet and hurl in, no lie. James Potter was waving enthusiastically to me from the door. 



      “What do you want Potter, your interrupting something important here.” I pointed lazily to an about to boil over Rose and a furious Malfoy.



      “What do you want Malfoy?” Potter spat at him his voice turning dark and evil the second he saw his want pointed at Dom. 



      “Nothing, were leaving.” Rose said dragging Scorpius from the compartment by his collar. 



      “Merlin, she’s one of a kind our Rosie.” James sighed, plopping down on the seat he was closest to. 



      “Don’t you have friends to annoy? Or small children to harass? Either way I don’t care. Just leave here.” I growled, trying not to get pissed too easily. We had worked for this compartment and he was not about to stay in here.



      “As a matter of fact he does.” Said Fred Weasley coming in the door and sitting next to him. Drew Wood followed after, not to much surprise. They were Potter’s posse.


      “Hey Drew.” Dom said batting her eyelashes at him. “Good summer?” I guess she already forgot about Maurice, but than again, she’s liked Drew for about a year now. 



      “Great.” He said obviously not getting the flirting techniques that she was using. I think that was the real reason she liked him. He was the first bloke to out of it to notice her overzealous flirting. So it became her challenge in life to get him to.



       “Hey, I’m off to the head boy carriage,” Fred said winking at me on the way out. “Don’t you two kill each other while I’m gone. I’d like to be able to say I was there when the son of the chosen one hit the bin. They might give me an interview in the Prophet.”



      Potter rolled his eyes, but instead changed the subject saying, “Has your father recovered yet?” It was no secret that Fred’s father was the biggest practical joker and that he thought of it as a shame to have a head boy in his family.



      “He’ll get over it.” Fred shrugged and left the compartment. “Sorry.” He bumped into someone on the way out, Dom’s real boyfriend Matthew.” 


       That girl and her blokes. It was so hard to keep track of these days.



      “Hey Dominique.” He said easily winking at her and motioning for her to come out with him. Matthew Goldstrom is easily the most gorgeous guy in the grade, of course he was with Dom. She giggled and walked over to him and instantly started to snog him. I really hated Matthew Goldstrom. He was a complete arse with about as much common sense as Drew—aka none. Of course Dom just found it cute that he wanted to snog her all the time. He flicked his wand before he shut the compartment. Potter and I dodged the spell quickly but it hit Drew full on in the stomach. Before any of us could say a thing he fell over and hit his head on the top of the luggage cart.



      “Drew!” I said getting up and going over to him. He was bleeding on the right side of his head. “What an arse, how she snogs someone with less brains than a pigmy puff I don’t know.” 



      “What do we do?” James asked, his usual calm demeanor turned to freaking out . 



      “Shut up Potter!” I yelled at him taking off my sweatshirt and starting to dab the wounds. I muttered some anti-bleeding spells and with the pressure from my sweatshirt combined it was starting to work. Whatever Goldstrom had hit him with, it made him pass out. But other than that he was fine. “See? Maybe if you actually paid attention to a word that Professor. Daniels says—” 



      But he wasn’t looking at Drew anymore; he was looking at the bruises running up and down my arms and the bad one on my chest. “Kiersten…” He mumbled, not looking away from them. I blushed deeply and threw the sweatshirt back on quickly cleaning it with a simple spell. “Kiersten…” He repeated, taking a few steps towards me.



      “I—I fell.” I lied quickly backing against the wall. Normally I could come up with decent excuses. But this was unexpected, and I was unprepared.



      “Don’t lie.” He said still getting closer.



      “I’m fine, I trip a lot.” 



      “So you tripped and did all of that?”


I didn’t know why we were whispering but we were. I still felt my face hot as he got even closer. I didn’t say anything, why couldn’t he just go away, this was none of his business.



      “Who did it to you?” He whispered even lower now, his brilliant dark eyes a couple inches from my face. Before I could answer the door barged open again and one of Potter’s roommates, Aaron Doyle came in. 



      “Hey James! Benny Flannigan has this giant—what are you doing?” Aaron stopped talking and his smile faded a little.



      “Nothing, just telling McCabe the right way to cure a wound.” He said rolling his eyes at me.



      “For a second it looked as if--” 



      “C’mon, it’s McCabe,” Potter paused to show his famous smirk. “Why would I be doing anything with her.” He said it as if I was something dirty. I tried not to feel a little hurt by the way he this. “It’s not like she means anything to me.” 



      “Right then, let’s see the tarantula before he makes it double the size!” They left the room. Potter gave me a quick glance as he walked out. I knew that the hurt was evident on my face and I think I saw a little bit of shame on his. I stayed in the compartment for some time after wondering why his words had hurt me so much. 


       Maybe it was because they were true.




And the frst chapter is up! I usually try to update within about two weeks or less. This story feels really good to me and I hope that you liked the first chapter! Thanks for reading! How do you feel about Kiersten? Leave your review!






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