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I hate that I love you by Harry and Ginny
Chapter 4 : Meetings on the train
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Disclaimer: I hate the fact of not being able to own the Harry Potter universe. At least I own this plot. Well, enjoy the chapter please. ^_^


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Finally the day they would go to Hogwarts, arrived to the trio plus Ginny. At the Burrow, everyone was frantic to check if anything had been forgotten. Ten minutes later, they were entering two ministry cars to take them to King’s Cross Station. While one of them took Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny the other one took their luggage.


Half hour later they arrived at the station and were running slightly as the train was supposed to leave at 11am and they only had ten minutes to go. They passed through the barrier and went to put their stuff on the train. After that, each one of them went to say goodbye to Mr. And Mrs. Weasley and boarded the train. Five minutes later, the train started to move and all they could see was parents from the students and also Mr. And Mrs. Weasley, waving their children goodbye until the train took a curve and they could no longer see them.


Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione found a compartment and sat. Ron sat next to Harry and Hermione sat next to Ginny, a few minutes later. Ginny asked Hermione. “Hey Hermione, shouldn’t we go to the Prefects meeting?”


“Yes, come on you three.” Hermione said before they opened the door and left to the Heads compartment. As Hermione walked beside Ron, smiling and with intertwined hands, Harry was walking with Ginny and throwing her some cold looks as she was doing the same thing to him. She whispered to Harry so Hermione and Ron couldn’t hear them. “I don’t know how you did it Potter. I don’t know how you became Head Boy, if you casted the Imperio curse at Dumbledore, I don’t care. But I don’t want you to mess up with me while I patrol. Got it Potter?” Ginny asked in a cold voice. “Weasley, do you really think I would do that? I wouldn’t want to spend my life at Azkaban when I can spend my life here...” then Harry leaned his mouth next to her ear. “...with you.”


When Harry said this, she had her eyes open in shock. Was he saying he liked her? Then she looked at him and realised he was having a little fun and smirking. “What. Did you actually believe I would like you?” He asked her in a low voice. She narrowed her eyes and kept walking but at a quicker pace. She opened the Head’s compartment and sat next to Luna Lovegood, Ravenclaw’s Prefect and one of her best friends. Harry walked in right next and gave a slight smirk to Ginny and sat next to Hermione as they were Head Boy and Girl.


“Well hello everyone. I’m Hermione Granger, the Head Girl of this year, and this is Harry Potter...” some girls who were Prefects, giggled at his name, “and he’s this year Head Boy. Now, Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall asked to give some ideas to make this year an interesting one. Anyone has ideas?”


A Prefect from Hufflepuff spoke, “Er... we could have instead of a Halloween feast we could have a Halloween Ball. What do you think?” she asked to everyone in the compartment. Girls nodded so the Heads agreed to the idea. “That’s a great idea! Does anyone have more ideas?”


Ginny spoke. “Well, we can’t forget this year is our NEWT year...” everyone groaned at this, “so what do all of you think about having a free week before the exams? No classes! So what do you think Hermione?”


Hermione looked at everyone in the compartment. They were all excited about the idea of having a free week before the exams; she then looked at Harry and saw he was enjoying this idea. Despite coming from Ginny, all the Prefects supported this idea so Harry and Hermione agreed; she warned them that she and Harry would have to talk to Professor Dumbledore to see if he agreed with the suggestions made at the meeting.


“Everyone, I want to add that the patrolling schedules will be posted tomorrow at each Common Room so don’t forget to check it.” Hermione warningly said.


Many more ideas were heard and discussed and minutes later, the meeting ended and Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny went to their compartment. They had already changed before the meeting so they sat and talked to each other when suddenly Hermione remembered she and Harry had to patrol the train.


“Harry, come on! We are going to patrol the train now. Let’s go.” She said in a stern voice.


“Yes Hermione. Let’s go. See you later Ron.” Harry said before throwing Ginny a glare which she returned. They began from the beginning of the train and went from there. Sometimes they would encounter some first years being bullied by older Slytherins, and so they had to take 15 points from Slytherin.


“Harry?” Hermione asked after some minutes of silence.


He looked at her. “Yes Hermione? Is something wrong?”


“Well, I was just wondering. When are you and Ginny going to stop that act?”


“Huh? What act Hermione?” Harry asked her not believing what he was hearing.


Hermione sighed before answering. “Harry, I think you two need to stop “hating” each other.”


“Hermione, we won’t stop hating each other. That’s impossible!!!” Harry said almost whispering.


Hermione smirked at this because she replied. “Oh yeah?! If that’s impossible then, how did you tell me once that you thought Ginny was cute?”


Harry looked horrified at this little information. “That was on 2nd Year! It was the hormones!”


“Please don’t tell me it’s the hormones Harry. Earlier before you two came into the Heads compartment, I heard you flirting with her.”


“I did not flirt with her. I was just messing around.” Harry stated in a simply way.


“Sure thing Harry, well I think everything is okay for now. Let’s get back to our compartment.” Hermione said as she was rolling her eyes. When they got back to the compartment, they noticed that Ron and Ginny had stopped talking, but Harry and Ginny began a glare contest.


“Finally, you decided to grace us with your presence Potter?” Ginny asked sarcastically.


“What? You think you’re funny Weasley? I’m here because I’m with my friends and because I want to! Besides why do you care if I’m here or not?” he asked almost shouting.

Ginny laughed before saying anything. “I don’t care absolutely anything about you Potter. You think the world revolves around you, the famous Harry Potter!” she stated with the same tone Harry was using. They had stood up and now were almost close to each other; Ron and Hermione were looking at the two of them to see if any of them would give up the argument and the glaring contest they were having.


Ron and Hermione were quiet as they didn’t want to be hit by a furious Harry or Ginny. To make sure the entire school didn’t hear about this argument (although the school already knew of their mutual hate), Hermione threw an imperturbable charm on the door and kept listening to the shouting match between Harry and Ginny.


Five minutes later, she had enough so she interrupted them with a hard look and angry voice. “Listen you two! I’ve had enough of this! Can’t you two stop arguing for one minute? It’s been what, five years since that ridiculous prank! And yet, you two fight like an old married couple!”

At this, both Harry and Ginny stopped their argument to look shocked at Hermione. Old married couple? I wouldn’t want to be married to him even if Potter was the last man on Earth. Ginny thought.


They quickly mumbled a sorry to Hermione and were quiet for the next minutes. Thirty minutes later, their compartment door opened and Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were looking at Romilda Vane. Romilda Vane had dark-brown eyes and long black hair. Her appearance was of a bold person and she often spoke in a loud dramatic voice. But when it came to talk to Harry, well she wasn’t the bold type.


“Hi Harry! How are you?” she asked blushing. Harry smiled at her. They had started to date at the end of last year, and it seemed they were going to last. He got up and went to her. “Hey Rom, how was your summer?” he asked as he grabbed her hand and left the compartment with Romilda giggling.


“Ugh! That annoying bitch! I can’t believe Potter would go as lower as going out with the slut!” Ginny cried suddenly. Ron and Hermione looked at each other with a look ‘why is she acting like this?’


“Er... Ginny, why are you acting like this? Are you, by any chance, jealous of Harry dating Romilda?” she asked curiously but with a slight smile on her face.


“Eww... Why would I be jealous of him, Hermione? I wouldn’t date him even if he was the last man on earth!!! He’s such an arrogant toe-rag and a pig-headed git!” Ginny stated in a frustrated way.


“Ginny, come on! You need to get over that stupid prank. Besides, why are you against Harry dating Romilda?” asked Ron putting special emphasis on the name.


Ginny looked at her brother and answered. “Ron, I’m not against Potter dating Romilda, as you put it. Do you know her reputation? Besides, from what I heard, she’s only interested in him because of the fame.” She stated.


“So? Still, why do you care Ginny? You usually don’t care about who Harry dates, so why now?” Ron questioned. As Ginny didn’t answer, he stopped talking and turned to Hermione so they could talk between themselves. Ginny looked at Ron and Hermione; she was happy that they were finally a couple after so many arguments and she smiled at how Ron had finally won Hermione over. She then looked at the window and she kept watching the landscape until Harry returned to the compartment and sat next to Ginny, although far away from her. As the train kept going to Hogwarts, each one of the four friends was looking forward to the new school year they were going to have and neither of them knew how different and interesting, this one was going to be.


A/N: So what do you think about this chapter? When I wrote about Harry dating Romilda, I thought it was hilarious. Well, I started laughing, but don’t worry, Harry dating her it’s all part of the plot. Anyway, please tell me your favourite parts, quotes, anything. Reviews are highly appreciated by authors and with them, authors always know how to make things better, so read and review please. ^_^



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