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Riley's Boy by a_star
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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I watched as James looked at Lily with that pleading look in his eyes, but I knew that it wasn’t going to end the way he wanted it to. We were in our seventh year and he was asking Lily Evans out for the last time, he’d promised me last night, that whatever her answer today he wasn’t going to ask her again.

“Lily, would you please just give me a chance? You don’t know me; you just think you do. Please, just one date and I won’t bother you again.” Lily looked at him for a long moment and I could see the excitement building on his face, in his eyes. She was making it look like she was actually considering his words, but everyone apart form James knew that she wasn’t. I could see it, and from the way that Sirius and Remus were glaring at Lily they could see it too, of course Peter wouldn’t see anything until someone told him what was going on. I could hardly bare to watch it, she smiled at him and James looked like he was going to faint with delight, but then she spoke,

“No Potter, I won’t go out with you. Stop asking me.” I saw his shoulders slump, his whole body just kind of deflated, it was such a pathetic sight to see.

“Ok Lily, I won’t bother you anymore.” I nearly wanted to cry as he spoke these words to her.

He walked straight past where the other marauders were standing, not even noticing them standing there. Their glares intensified and everyone else in the corridor looked confused, of course as soon as they had seen Lily and James together they had slowed down their paces or stopped completely to watch the show, how was James going to embarrass her today? But he didn’t, he spoke quietly so that only she could hear him, well I could too but that’s more to do with me than with the volume of his voice. Now they didn’t understand, never once in the six years that James had been asking Lily out had he reacted to her rejection like that, usually he would just make a joke and try again straight away, he had never walked away looking all dejected and pathetic. I moved from where I was standing and glared at Lily as I shoved past her, I heard her shout as I did,

“What’s your problem Hunt?” I just turned and glared at her some more before answering,

“Right now, my biggest problem is you.” I heard her little friends laugh at my response apparently my anger amused them, but Lily looked a little… something, it was either sorry or worried, maybe both.

I went over to where the marauders were standing, Sirius’ glare shifted onto me as I approached. I rolled my eyes and ignored him and looked at Remus,

“I got this one, go wait in the common room or something.” He smiled and nodded and started ushering the others back up to Gryffindor tower. Once they were around the corner I heard Sirius hiss at Remus,

“Why is she sticking her nose in again?” Remus’ only reply was a light chuckle; he knew I could still hear them. James was sitting under the big oak tree where he and the boys study in the summer before the exams start, well pretend to so they aren’t bothered by their professors for not doing any work. He was just staring out at the lake, not really seeing as he watched the giant squid’s tentacles dance across the surface.

He didn’t acknowledge me as I sat down next to him and held his hand as some sort of comfort to him. We just sat for a long time, it was well past curfew before either of us spoke, I knew it was always better to let him speak first when he was this upset, not that it happened very often.

“I really thought she was going to say yes this time Riley.” I squeezed his hand,
“I know James, but she doesn’t see what a great person you are. You’ve changed over the summer, grown up, and if she can’t see that then, and I know you don’t want to hear it, she isn’t worth it.” He squeezed back,

“I know, I think I’m finally seeing what you’ve all been trying to tell me since second year. She isn’t worth the hassle if she can’t see what an amazingly handsome, intelligent, mature, grown up man I have become.” I turned my head to see that he was grinning at me and I couldn’t help but laugh. I hit him lightly on the shoulder with my free hand and rested my head on it; he put his arm around my shoulders, “Thank you Riley, for just sitting with me. The guys would have gotten bored and tried to make me talk to them about it. You’re too good to me Miss Hunt.” I sat up and grinned at him,

“I know I am Mr. Potter. You ready to go back to the common room, I must say it’s getting rather chilly out here.” He nodded and pulled me up by the hand he still held and we made our way back into the castle.

Of course we had forgotten that it was a little after curfew, and it was Slytherin’s day to patrol, and although I am a prefect and James is Head Boy they don’t tend to worry too much about that when reporting students to Slughorn or McGonagal.

“Didn’t take you long to bounce back after today’s rejection did it Potter? Looks like you’ve already found a replacement for the Mudblood. At least this one’s pure, even if she is a muggle lover.” Lovely end to the day; Snape, Regulus, and Narcissa come to try and scare us. Or maybe to goad us to fight with them. It was working well on James, considering they had just insulted Lily and me in the same sentence. I know it sounds bigheaded to say it but I’m pretty important to this boy, sorry man, as he had claimed earlier. He started towards them, wand already raised and about to retort, or send a curse. I still had his hand in mine and I pulled him back towards me, his head whipped around to see me standing there with that look on my face, he lowered his wand and we started our trip back to the common room again. They called after us but we ignored them, I’m not sure if James even heard them but there you go.

Remus, Sirius, and Peter had obviously waited up for us in the common room, I say us but they waited for him. Sirius had some issues with me but I can’t be certain why. When they saw us Sirius and Remus jumped up to make sure he wasn’t going to start shouting or crying or something like that, I wondered why Peter didn’t get up when the others did but then I heard a small snore which explained it. James smiled at them and they sat down again, James joining them. I started to head up to my dorm,

“Aren’t you staying Hunt?” I was confused, that was Sirius’ voice, why would he care?

“No, I’m going to go to bed. Night all.” I bent over the back of the couch and wrapped my arms around James’ neck and kissed him on the cheek, then went and did the same to Remus. I patted Peter on the head; he’d been woken up when Sirius sat on him, forgetting that he was there. I paused at Sirius and then patted him on the head too, he kind of glared at me and it made me and the others crack up laughing.

I grinned at them once more and went up to my dorm, when I got there Lily was sitting on my bed cross legged, clearly waiting for me. I looked around the room and did a double take when I saw that, it probably looked pretty funny, it usually does when I see other people do it. I saw that she was really sitting on my bed and frowned, I didn’t understand it, why would she be waiting for me, but the more pressing matter was why was she sitting on my bed to wait for me.

“You’re back late Hunt. Where’ve you been?” I was confused; surely she hadn’t waited up for me to ask me where I’d been all night? She shouldn’t even have noticed that I wasn’t there, unless she wanted something.

“I was sitting outside with James. Got a problem with that?” Lily just shook her head and went to her own bed and pulled the hangings shut. I was left just standing in the middle of the dorm with this stupid confused look on my face; it was a look that I didn’t enjoy having on my own face. Seeing it on other people’s faces I could deal with but it was unnatural on mine. I got ready for bed slowly, by the time I actually got into bed I was beyond tired.

In the morning I was woken up at about five by Lily, she was running around the dorm, grabbing books and items of uniform. This confused me more than anything that had happened last night, why would she be rushing around like she was late, unless… I snatched up my watch from my nightstand, the frigging clock stopped again; the real time was five to nine. I scrambled out of bed and did a hair charm to make my hair fall into it’s flicky layers how I liked it and another charm for a light cover of makeup, mascara, light foundation, a small amount of eye liner, and a coat of lip gloss. All the while I was shoving on my uniform and hunting for my other shoe,

“You could have woken me up when you realised y’know.”

“Why would I do that?” I rolled my eyes, tying my tie and trying to get my shoes on my feet at the same time,

“What exactly have I ever done to you Evans?”

“You wouldn’t have gotten me up until you were just leaving the dorm.”

“That’s not true. I would have woken you up when I was getting my shoe from under your bed. You would still have plenty of time to get ready.” I summoned all the books I would need for the morning to my bed and shoved them into my bag along with quills, parchment, and ink. And I was ready. “See you later Evans.” I grinned as I ran down the stairs; she was still looking for that book of hers that was under the couch in the common room, silly girl.

James gave me a strange look as I puffed into my seat in McGonagal’s room; I was never late. Lucky for me there was some kind of drama with some fifth year Gryffindors in the Great Hall this morning so I wasn’t in trouble. McGonagal wasn’t even there yet. Lily got there about and minute and a half after I did and McGonagal arrived just after Lily. She looked suspicious of our flushed faces and out of breath breathing but she couldn’t say anything because for all she knew we were on time, my lucky day. James looked at Lily while McGonagal started to explain the work for the day, which he had no doubt already mastered. As he looked at her he wore a strange expression, usually it would be one that showed his love for her but that day was different, he looked hurt and confused, and it broke my heart to see that look on his face.

“Miss Hunt, pay attention please. Human transfiguration is tricky enough, I shouldn’t need to tell you that it is extremely risky and if I don’t think you have been paying enough attention I won’t be able to let you try it.” What? Since when was I not paying attention? Half an hour had passed already? Oops…

“Sorry professor, just tired I guess.” Lily snorted and James glared at her, and for some reason seeing that made me smile a little bit. McGonagal seemed to accept that since she carried on with her lecture. I speed read through the chapter on transfiguration. I would be able to do this in my sleep. But maybe I would try it out while conscious first, just in case.

“Ok, I think that’s enough explanation. Pair up and practise.” I looked around the room; my two girl friends were paired up already. Remus was with Sirius. Peter wasn’t around. Lily was with Frank Longbottom. And James was making his way over to me. I smiled at him,

“So d’you want to go first? Or should I since your concentration isn’t all that great today.” I reacted in a very mature way and stuck my tongue out at him and motioned for him to go ahead, I would need a demonstration of the spell before I tried it.

“Verto ut muris.” I concentrated on the wand movement before I felt myself shrinking, I looked up at James and he pulled a mirror out of his pocket and showed me the image of a tiny field mouse where I was standing. He changed me back and I grinned at him. It was my turn, I pulled out my wand and pointed it at him with a little extra flair to make him laugh and said the spell,

“Verto ut canis.” James slowly started to turn into a big black and brown dog, he started to run around barking and then Sirius was transformed into a dog as well and they were both running around the classroom playing and barking. It made me laugh but McGonagal was not as impressed as she should have been to have such a skilled class who were able to get the tricky human transfiguration thing first go.

Not much really happened after that, school became just as boring as you would expect it to be, well except that we get to play with wands and magic and stuff that I wouldn’t have ever expected when I was growing up. So Halloween was coming up and with it a Masquerade Ball was also approaching. I was looking forward to it; I figured that it would be a good time. The professors had decided that it should all be anonymous, that no one should know whom anyone was. I wasn’t sure whether that was a good idea or not but I wasn’t going to argue with the higher powers. Besides the prefects had already voted that it was a good idea.

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