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Hallelujah by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 12 : Epilogue 2 - Reunion
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I knew at that second I was in Heaven, I'd made it, against all odds. There were no pearly gates or angels playing harps, but I didn't expect there to be. But, I was where I wanted to be, and I knew I was finally safe.

  Harry opened his eyes, he expected to be at King's Cross, like he was when he met Dumbledore, but he wasn't. He was somewhere else, he didn't recognize it at all, but it faintly reminded him of the orchard where he played Quidditch with the Weasleys.

  He turned around slowly, knowing she would be there. She was. Her long red hair blowing in the slight breeze. She was wearing a long white dress. Tears slid down her face.

  Her brown eyes were full of shock and pain, "How could you?" she asked, "Harry James Potter, how could you?"

  "I had to be with you." He said.

  She walked up to him and took his face with her hands, gently kissing him on the lips. "You are an idiot." she told him, "And I am pissed at you, I just want to know that."

  "But we can be together now." He told her.

  "I know and that makes me very happy." she said, "But still."

  "I love you more then anything in the world, Ginny Weasley."

  "Ron, Hermione, Teddy, Hagrid, my parents..." Ginny listed off.

  "I feel guilty," He told her, "Don't think I don't, but, Ginny..."

  "Don't come up with an excuse," Ginny said, she looked so much like Mrs. Weasley it was almost scary, "There is know excuse for this."

  He took a breath and looked intensely into her eyes, "Ginny, you died in my arms. I was holding you and I could feel you slip away from me, one minute you were there the next you were gone. I do have an excuse."

  She kissed him again, her warm hand on the back of his neck, her other hand on his cheek. He wanted to kiss her forever, to hold her in his arms and never let her go. She was his, she belonged to him and he belonged to her. The fact that they were separated even for a little while was criminal. It went against nature, it went against logic, it didn't matter that they were both dead now, they were together and that was all that was what was important.

  When she broke away she looked at him, "I still think you're an idiot," she said, "And I still think you made the wrong choice. I would rather see you have a long, healthy, happy life, even if I wasn't in it." She traced her fingers down his cheek, "But I still love you, and I can't lie, I'm glad you're here with me. Does that make me selfish?"

  "No." Harry said, "That makes you human...or...whatever."

  "Whatever." she laughed, rolling her eyes. "I feel bad," she said, "I'm hogging you."

  "What do you mean?" He asked.

  "You don't think we're alone here, do you?" Ginny smiled. Harry stared at her, he hadn't thought about that, he had Ginny, what else did he need? She leaned closer to him and whispered into his ear, "Turn around."

  Harry looked behind him, standing in the orchard-like setting was a group of people, all people Harry recognized, in the very front standing hand and hand stood Lily and James. Harry walked closer to them, his arm around Ginny's shoulders. Lily walked up first.

  She looked about ready to slap him across the face. She opened her mouth to say something, then closed it, then opened it again, "If you had a child you would understand what I'm going through right now." she said, " could you?" Her green eyes were so hurt, but she pulled him into a hug, none the less, though it was slightly awkward since he still had his arm around Ginny. "I love you so much." she told him. "I love you my stupid, stupid little boy."

  "Well," Sirius's familiar voice said, as he walked up and cuffing Harry on the shoulder, "At least he didn't die a virgin. That's always something to be thankful for." Ginny turned redder then Harry had ever seen her.

  "Sirius Black!" Lily shrieked, hitting him.

  "Well, Lils," James said, "You can't deny it's good that he got it out of the way."

  "Yeah," Fred added walking up, "But still, if it would have been with anyone other then my baby sister."

  "Huh." Harry laughed, "We're both dead and yet the argument continues."

  "Well, I was dead for the first argument, I have the right to argue now." Fred reminded him.

  Harry laughed and shook his head, Hedwig landed on his shoulder and nipped his ear affectionately. Harry stroked her head with his finger and kissed Ginny again. All eternity stretch in front of him, he was with Ginny, and he would be with all eternity. Dumbledore was right, there was nothing to pity for the dead.

Authors Note:
Again I DO NOT CONDOLE SUICIDE!!!! No matter what the cause! However for literary purposes I have to write it.

The quote at the beginning is from an unpublished book called Split Purple Nail-Polish and belongs to Sadie Rai not haven't heard of it yet, but it will be a bestseller

  Now I have no idea why I wrote this, it wasn't planned or anticipated. I was just rereading all my stories and reviews and a few people wanted me to reunite Harry and Ginny in heaven so I went all out, and reunited him with his parents, Sirius, Fred, the whole works, even Hedwig. And also, this story was my baby, as tacky as that might sound, this was the story, it was when my writing really transferred from amateur to something a normal person might actually want to read, and I really haven't loved a story like it since, so I couldn't give it up that easily please review


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Hallelujah: Epilogue 2 - Reunion


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