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Paws Off by Jellyman
Chapter 1 : One
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Dedicated to
Rachelle (PenguinsWillReignSurpreme)
for always having time for me and my whinging
and being generally gorgeous and generous

Paws Off

Teddy regarded her seriously from across the unmade, messy bed they were lounging on, his grey eyes dark with a strange expression. “I know.”

Molly blinked, confused, her hand pausing it’s petting of their kitten, which was nestled in her lap. “What?”

He raised an eyebrow pointedly, as if she was the dense one. “I know.

“Know what?”

“About him.”

Her jaw dropped. “What? Who!?”

“Let me just say this—you are a wonderful person and I love you. Nothing will change that.”

“Teddy, what in Merlin’s name—!”

“But how long did you think you could hide it from me, Molly? I saw you fawning all over him last night; I’m not blind. Clearly, I cannot pretend this little infidelity of yours will not affect our relationship.”

Molly narrowed her eyes, indignant anger bubbling. “Excuse me?”

“Oh, don’t look at me like I’m in the wrong, love! I see the way you look at him.”

Exasperated, Molly threw her hands up in the air, jostling the kitten on her lap. He dug a claw into her lap until she stopped. “Who?


When he raised his arm and pointed at the kitten on her lap, Molly almost tumbled off the bed in shock. Her mouth opened and closed in astonishment, unable to form coherent words. The overall effect was very fish-out-of-water and not very flattering at all, really.

There was a long pause before she could speak. “The cat?”


“Teddy…” Molly faltered, as though she couldn’t express her thoughts in a way other than ‘did a hippogriff step on your head as a child?’. She ran a rand through her dark hair, looking completely floored. “You’re accusing me of cheating on you with our cat.”

“Oh, there is not accusing going on here—I know for a fact!

“Moppet, Teddy. Our feline, black and white kitten?”

“Don’t look at me like that! I’m not the guilty one here.” He leered at the kitten for dramatic effect. Moppet stared at up at him with his big blue eyes before closing them, beginning to purr contently as Molly scratched absently behind his ears.

Teddy scowled as Molly cooed.

Pausing from her fawning, she tried valiantly to make him see reason one last time. “Love, Moppet is a cat.”

Teddy scoffed, folding his arms over his chest, looking indignant. “Yes, we’ve established that. You; our cat; a romantic holiday in Cornwall.”

At this point, the feline in question had stood and was clawing needily at Molly’s oversized bed shirt. Obviously determined not to make the situation worse, Molly studiously ignored the vying kitty before caving after mere seconds, scooping him up into her arms and letting him snuggle into her chest.

“Obviously,” Teddy commented as he watched, arching an eyebrow in distaste, “it’s a legitimate concern.”

Molly paused, freezing momentarily, her lip caught between her teeth. “Um. Okay. I don’t know quite how to put this but…I’m not attracted to the cat. Really. I don’t know how to make that any clearer to you but—”

Teddy was about to concede, if only because she looked completely adorable sitting on the bed, hair tangled from sleep and in nothing but a oversized shirt, trying to decide the best choice of words to tell him he had lost his mind. But before he could so much as blink, Moppet did the unthinkable—he leaned up, stretching his neck lithely, and began licking Molly’s neck.

OI!” In one swift movement, Teddy scooped up the tiny kitten and had at him at eye-level, glaring at him ferociously. “Paws off the fiancée, kitty. She’s mine.”

With that proclamation, he crossed the room in two long strides, unceremoniously dropped the kitten into the hallway and kicked the bedroom door shut.

Molly sat stunned on the bed, blinking slowly.

“You,” she muttered, looking dazed, “are insane.”

Turning slowly, looking distinctively predatory, Teddy ogled her from across the room. But before she could yell at him to shut his gob and let the kitten back in, he had pounced on top of her, pinning her beneath him.

Molly arched an eyebrow, realisation dawning.  “You didn’t really think I was cheating on you with a cat, did you?”

Teddy grinned, his eyes flashing green, but said nothing. Of course he wasn’t jealous of the attention Molly lavished on their new pet. Never mind that she had spent every minute of the past week lavishing him with all her attention.

Not at all.

Molly glared, twisting slightly underneath him in a vain attempt at escape. “You prat.”

Saying nothing, Teddy quickly leaned down kissed her, so fast she didn’t see it coming. Caught by surprise, she growled, displeased at how easily he could switch the mood. But then his teeth caught her bottom lip, pulling slightly, and she forgot about anything at all.

Moments passed before they broke away, forced apart by a mutual lack of oxygen.

“Well,” Molly considered, her voice breathless, “maybe you can make it up to me.”

Teddy’s smiled returned, like a niffler who found a shiny coin, before capturing her lips once more.

Outside the door, Moppet sat licking his paw with a complete disinterest only a cat could muster. He was feeling particularly petulant. Not only at the Angry One removed him from the arms of the Snuggler before he could be properly snuggled, he then kicked him out from the room all together!

The Angry One could be so rude.

His ears twitched to attention when he heard a giggle come from behind the door. Great, now they were going to just forget about him for a couple of hours and he was going to waste away behind this door, attention-starved and without company.

He meowed, in a last ditch attempt for their attention. No response was forthcoming—well, except a breathy moan sounding like it came from the Snuggler. Supremely insulted, Muppet stick his nose in the air and stalked away.

There was always the Angry One’s shoes; perhaps he could hack up a hairball in them later.

That would teach him.

A/N: I hope you liked this, I had a great time writing it :) Thanks for reading, if you have a chance I'd love to hear what you think!

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