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Growing a Potter by LilyPotter
Chapter 1 : Talking to Arthur
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Sitting in Arthur’s office at the Ministry after getting startling news Harry didn’t know how to respond. Arthur had invited him for lunch and to talk but Harry wasn’t expecting what he heard. He knew something was going on with Ginny but he didn’t know why Arthur was telling him it. “Are you sure? Why hasn’t Ginny told me this herself?”

Arthur sighs, “She went to the healer’s with Molly yesterday and they told me last night. I’m not sure what’s going on Harry but she’s worried that you won’t want to be with her or the baby.”

Harry was stunned, “What do you mean I wouldn’t want to be with her or the baby? She hasn’t even told me she’s pregnant and of course I want to be with her.”

Arthur nods, “Calm down Harry, she’s just scared or more like terrified. She’s been worried that you’re trying to slowly break up with her and that’s why you moved out of the Burrow.”

Harry sighs, “I … I moved out so we could officially be together. I haven’t dated anyone other than her and I’m sure that dating doesn’t include walking downstairs to pick up your date. If it wasn’t at her, parents house at least. I thought … I want to marry her eventually but I knew you and Molly wanted her to return to school.”

Arthur nods, “Yes but that’s going to change now. She can’t return pregnant not that it matters much to us. If you don’t want to be with Ginny we understand and we’ll help her, I just ask that you take care of the baby.”

Harry stares at him, “Arthur, I understand that Ginny’s scared and probably confused but I want to be with her. Look, I even brought this to ask you for permission to ask her to marry her. I wanted to ask her on her birthday so she could spend the school year planning the wedding.” Arthur takes the ring box to find a simple white gold band with a Marquise cut 1 ct diamond ring with a matching band also in the box. “It’s been in my family for a number of generations and it was my mum’s wedding ring.”

Arthur nods, “I remember seeing this on your mum. She was over the moon when your dad asked her.”

Harry looks at him, “You knew my parents then? I mean when they got married.”

Arthur nods, “Through Dumbledore when he tried to get the original order together. Molly’s brothers were in it but I didn’t join because if something happened as it did to so many others I would’ve left Molly with too many kids to raise on her own. Ginny will love the ring Harry but she is frightened that she’s already losing you and when you find out about the baby you’ll run.”

Harry shakes his head, “No, never.” He knew Ginny had things on her mind and hoped to ease her fears. “I know she’s worried about the rumors but none of them are true. I don’t know how many times someone asks about people that I’m seen talking to. They’re either people I work with or fans but that doesn’t mean there’s anything between us.”

Arthur smiles, “That’s something that won’t change Harry. Women are forever jealous of things they have no reason to be jealous of but it doesn’t mean they love us any less. If jealousy separated me and Molly every time there was something she got jealous over we wouldn’t have half the kids we have.”

Harry laughs, “Well I’m glad you had Ginny at least. Do I have your permission to ask for her hand in marriage?”

Arthur nods, “Of course Harry and I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with it. Like I said we don’t expect you to marry her as long as you take care of the baby but the fact that you want to is great.”

Harry nods, “I love her and I want to be with her.”

Marcia Arthur’s new secretary was in the doorway, “Mr. Weasley your daughter’s here. I didn’t tell her who you had in here but she’d like to talk to you.”

Arthur looks at Harry who nods, “Send her in, it’s okay for my family to know who’s in here.” Ginny came to the office but stays in the doorway watching them but avoiding Harry’s eyes. “Ginny are you okay?”

Ginny nods, “Mum sent me over with some lunch for you. She’s making bigger meals for me and uh there was extra.” She looks at Harry who smiles at her. “Uh … I’ll just leave it and go.”

Harry goes to her, “Ginny, can we go somewhere to talk alone? There’s something I want to show you and talk to you about.”

Ginny nods, “I just have to tell mum, she’s worried about me.”

Harry nods, “Maybe she can come along then.” He looks at Arthur, “Is there anything else we need to talk about?”

“Yes just for a minute if you can wait in the waiting room Ginny Harry will be right out.” When she was out of the office and the door closed. “If you honestly want to be with her and take care of her and the baby then you have my permission to marry her.”

Harry grins, “I do and I want to show Ginny and Molly if she’ll come my new home. I use it hoping for a future with Ginny and for our future. Maybe if she’ll see it she’ll understand.”

Arthur nods, “That sounds like a good idea. Not so much for me and Molly because we were sure you’d do what was right but for Ginny’s sake.”

In the waiting room, Ginny looks at Harry, “Did he tell you about the baby?”

Harry smiles, “Yes and I’m very happy about it. How could you be worried that I wouldn’t be? I … I can’t begin to tell you how happy it makes me.”

Ginny sniffs, “You have everything you want and you don’t want to be settled down yet. Mum spent the morning trying to convince me you weren’t like that but …”

Harry reaches into his robes and brings out the ring box, “I was going to wait until next week to ask your dad for permission to marry you. I wanted to do that on your birthday but he told me how your feeling.”

Ginny has tears in her eyes, “What about the others?”

“What others? Do you really believe the Daily Prophet and all the other stuff like that? Ginny I have not been dating anyone else because I love you and want to be with you. I want to be with you and I only moved out so I could properly be with you.”

Ginny wipes her eyes, “I thought maybe you were trying to get away. I mean we were only together that one night and … I didn’t know how to tell you I was pregnant.”

Harry hugs her, “Let’s go talk to your mum and we’ll go together to my home. It’s the perfect place for a small family. Maybe Remus and Tonks will join us there later.” They start to leave before Harry stops. “You haven’t told your brothers yet have you?”

Ginny shakes her head, “No because then they would’ve come after you. Hermione knows though and promised not to say anything.”

Harry wraps an arm around her and they apparate to the Burrow where Molly was waiting anxiously. “Hi guys, how’s it going?”

Ginny smiles, “We’re going to …”

Harry stops her; “We can’t let her in on the plans until I have the chance to do this the right way Gin. Why don’t you get ready to come see the house and then we’ll go do something.”

When she was upstairs, Molly looks at Harry, “What house are you taking her to see? Didn’t Arthur tell you what’s going on?”

“Yes, he did and I told him what I wanted to talk to you about. I love Ginny and I’ve never thought of being with anyone else. When I moved out it was so I could date her and everything else properly. I haven’t called on anyone before but I was sure courting someone didn’t involve living in the same house. Besides Remus helped me find this house.”

Molly smiles, “Okay, so you’re okay with Ginny and the baby? She doesn’t need someone who’s going to change their mind later, just someone to be there for the baby.”

Harry shows her Lily's engagement and wedding bands. “I took this with me today in case I had the courage to ask Arthur for Ginny’s hand in marriage. I wanted to ask her on her birthday but I think I’m going to move it up a bit.”

Molly nods, “She’s almost 10 weeks and will show soon. Girls don’t like to be showing when they walk down the aisle. Did you ask him?”

Harry nods, “When he told me how Ginny was feeling I told him so it wouldn’t appear I was only asking because she was pregnant. I love Ginny and want to be together. I also want to take the two of you to see my home and …"

Molly shakes her head, “No, you two should do that together and then return later for dinner. If Arthur gave you his blessing to ask Ginny then you have mine too.”

Ginny was in the door, “Have your blessing for what mum?” Ron and Hermione arrive at that time and Harry gently takes her hand without a word and leads her to the sitting room. “Harry, what’s going on? What did you ask mum about?”

Harry has Ginny sit down in Arthur’s chair while he kneels, “I asked both your dad and your mum something special today and not because I thought I had to. I asked them because I love you and want to be with you forever. Ginerva Molly Weasley, will you marry me?”

Ginny nods as tears flow down her cheeks, “Yes, I will.” Harry slips the ring on her finger and they kiss. When they pull apart, Ginny sees tears in Harry’s eyes too and they hug as Molly, Ron and Hermione congratulate them. Unknown to them Hermione finally told Ron what was going on and seeing the proposal convinced Ron that the two of them should be together.

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