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Different Worlds by Annabelle Riddle
Chapter 6 : FAN, The First Meeting - Rose
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She had much, much better things to do than sit here at this stupid meeting. It had been a bad sign to see Ryan and Scorpius shooting daggers at each other outside the meeting place, and an even worse sign to see that Hufflepuff girl just blink and look back and forth like a stupid cow. She should have done or said something, and luckily they didn't pull out their wands and start cursing each other into oblivion. Seriously. Did she not know anything about what went around at Hogwarts? Scorpius and Ryan were rivals - that was a given. Just the mere stress of being around these people she didn't want to associate herself with (except, maybe Ryan, who looked absolutely adorable tonight) was going to make her kill herself.

Her thoughts kept drifting back to the huge pile of potions homework she had, had to leave on her bed to come here. She needed to get that done for tomorrow. If this lasted too long, she was going to leave. Screw Binns. He could replace her with some other idiot that wanted to boost up their mark in his class. She didn't need this extra credit; she was already top of class. Ugh! It was just so infuriating sometimes!

There was silence in the room as they waited for Binns. She took this time to survey the other students, not caring if they saw her staring at them from head to toe. Scorpius looked the same, and he was quickly skimming through his journal. That Hufflepuff girl Jean or something looked completely frazzled and her hair looked like things were alive in it. She should really learn some hair smoothing spells if her hair was always this bad. And Ryan (enter sigh), he was so perfect, she had no words. She had actually talked to him yesterday, during lunch when she had been called over to the Gryffindor table to talk with one of her younger cousins (which numbered high).

They had discussed whether steak or chicken was tastier. She had managed to stay cool the entire time, and make sure it only looked like two friends talking with each other - which they were of course. It wasn't as if they were dating right? A couple of odd conversations here and there didn't make one a couple. Maybe if she could get James to hook them up... That wasn't half bad of an idea actually. James was his friend! They knew each other from being on the same qudditch team. Go Rose! You thought of yet another ingenious idea.

She smiled to herself and watched Ryan carefully out of the corner of her eye. As if studying some plant in Herbology, she made notes of certain things he did. She blinked every eight point five seconds, scratched a certain spot on his head every forty seconds, and bit his lip when he looked puzzled. She was being creepy - so what? It was her nature to find out absolutely everything about a person. Even this useless stuff might become just the opposite one-day. Like, when they were on their wedding day, she could tell him how many times he had blinked during their ceremony while sharing cake. It was all-useful. All information was useful. That was what her mother told her, and Rose Weasley, took that to the heart.

She saw Binns flying in and straightened up in her chair. She had been slouching, which was uncharacteristically of her. She didn't want to end up become hunched over from having a bad posture. Besides, it made her look better in front of a teacher. Binns may just be a ghost, but he was still her History of Magic professor, and she wanted him to think highly of her.

Though, she couldn't help but suppress a giggle when he told them he had named them 'FAN.' What a stupid ass name. She could just imagine talking with some hot guy and he was asking her if she was busy the following night. She would have to reply with 'Yes. I have a FAN meeting you see.' And then he would look at her weird, and she would just have to go back to having daydreams about him. God.

Everyone stopped flipping their pages of their journal and closed them shut quickly. They didn't want Binns to know they hadn't read any of their assigned work. She could already tell they hadn't. They, like her, thought this was stupid and a waste of their time. But she was Rose Weasley for Christ sake. She was Hermione Granger's daughter. She did all her work to perfection with miles on top of that. She had barely eaten for the past three days because she had been trying to finish all her homework on time. It was a bad habit nobody knew about, but she didn't care. When there was work to be finished - everything came second, including human survival, like eating.

She had read exactly thirty pages of the journal. Every time she attempted to finish it, the journal would shrink up and stay exactly at thirty pages as if knowing she was trying to read on. Binns had probably put a spell on it to do that. It annoyed her she couldn't finish it. She had spent a whole lunch reading the journal. It had been boring for the most part; nothing interesting had shown up at all. Stupid journal. Everyone else's was probably exciting. She hated losing to anyone, even in a matter as trivial as this.

"Now, let's just get the basics of this. Every other day, including weekends, sorry to disappoint, we'll be meeting in here from seven to eight. Clear everything out of your schedule for this. All your other professors should know about this project. The Headmistress thinks it's a splendid idea! Now, let's discuss what you have all read. Malfoy, you can start."

Rose smirked, wondering how on earth he was going to make up a bullshit story on the spot. Then again, he was good at that sort of thing.

Malfoy seemed to slouch down more as he was put on the spot. "Slytherin had a dinner party."

Binns looked slightly disappointed at the 'exciting' news Malfoy brought forward. "Anybody else mention a dinner party?"

All three of their hands rose in the air slowly. At this, Binns seemed to perk up a bit (as much as a ghost could).

"Good, good! McCord how was the dinner exactly? What did Godric mention?"

Ryan flipped open the journal and randomly started to flip through the pages. Rose thought it was cute that he was trying to look all inquisitive. "They all talked about starting Hogwarts."

"Did they? Care to add onto that West?"

'So that's her name,' thought Rose as she watched the nervous Hufflepuff flush red. What exactly was wrong with her? All he had asked her to do was add onto a very uncomplicated comment. She could pretty much say anything and he would believe her. Was she the only smart one in here? Where on earth had all their brains had gone?

"Err.... They... Uhh..."

'For frick sakes,' Rose thought before interrupting the very intelligent blabber coming out of the Hufflepuff's mouth.

"They discussed the four different houses. How they would each take care of a certain group of students. Rowena wrote in detail how Salazar was getting very upset over the whole thing and how Helga was trying to smooth things over. They discussed the foundation on how the school was to be built and she wrote of how she only wanted students with witty minds."

West looked grateful but Rose just rolled her eyes. The shorter this thing was, the quicker she could move onto her homework. She would say anything to make sure it flowed instead of being split into awkward sections.

"She also discussed how Helga was her dear friend, but she could lose some weight. How Godric was looking extremely splendid that night and how Salazar freaked her out."

She looked directly at the people with the corresponding journals as she mentioned each of them. Maybe she was more like Rowena than she had thought. They had the exact same thoughts. Rose smiled innocently, waiting to see if anyone would add their own thoughts into the mix.

"Godric actually thought Helga was pretty cute," Ryan said, smiling at the Hufflepuff as if this conversation was about the four of them and not about four of the founders. To Rose's annoyance, West smiled back.

"Slytherin thought Helga was fat too," Scorpius added, looking at Rose as he said this. She rolled her eyes; her comments had started a gossip circle about the founders.

"This has absolutely nothing to do about building Hogwarts though. It's just how they thought about each other right?" Rose said, looking toward Binns who had gone silent a while back for some help on this.

"Keep continuing. It's rather amusing," Binns told them, smiling.

So much luck there.

Rose rolled her eyes again, it was something she was going to do a lot during these; she could already tell. "Anyways, I've thought of a project we could do."

Scorpius looked at her. "Already? I knew you were an over-achiever but whoa Weasley."

She glared at him and looked at the other two to see if they would challenge her to that. They didn't. "We could write matching journals, to correspond with the journals of the founders. We would write about how they affect us in present times."

Binns smiled at again. "Brilliant idea Rose."

She shrugged, "I know."

"I will expect a lengthy journal by the end of this now. Why don't we end this early tonight? Start your projects. Read some more of the journals."

The Hufflepuff girl was the first out, accidentally knocking down her chair as she went through the door. She turned back at the crash and turned bright red again. She didn't bother coming back in though, and ran away even more quickly. Rose couldn't help but snicker at her clumsiness and Scorpius joined in. Ryan actually glared at the two as he stood up and put her chair up. He left without another look at her and Rose's heart sank.

It wasn't her fault that Hufflepuffs had two left feet right? She smiled a goodbye at Binns before leaving. Scorpius was actually holding open the door for her.

"You're not going to trip me right?" she said sarcastically as she walked through the open door and Scorpius followed her.

"No Weasley. When will you ever fall in love with me like every other girl here?" he asked her, his annoying smirk on his face.

She rolled her eyes and looked at him as if he had told her that two plus two equaled seven. "I seriously doubt that Malfoy," she said walking away from him.

  If she turned around, the sight would have confused her. Scorpius Malfoy actually looked heartbroken as he stood in the same spot, watched Rose walk away from him.

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Different Worlds: FAN, The First Meeting - Rose


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