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Riley's Boy by a_star
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Gabriella Philips and Susanna Samuels, my best friends who I was lucky enough to meet on the Hogwarts’ Express in my first year, just before James Potter and Remus Lupin came crashing into our compartment with several older Slytherins following them. James had been impressed with me then because the Slytherins saw me and left muttering ‘that was Joe Hunt’s little sister, one of the twins. They’re always in the Prophet with their mum.’ At that point James turned to me and said ‘I think we’re going to be very good friends Miss Hunt.’

My brother, Joe, was nine years older than me and had started playing professional quidditch before he’d left Hogwarts, he played for the Chudley Canons. He was their star beater; he’d just retired though after being knocked off his broom at 250 ft off the ground. Our mother decided that she didn’t want him playing anymore. Instead he was at Hogwarts training to be a Transfiguration professor, the training could take up to five years or more, which meant he would be there at least until my fifth year, oh the joy.

Anyway back to the topic, I was just about to introduce you to my friends.

Gabby was the blond, bubbly one who’d been crushing on Remus since second year when she ‘started’ and he’d given her some of his chocolate because he’d heard it helped, this was a big deal to Gabby because most boys, and grown men, would have cringed and shrunk away in disgust and suggested a trip to the Hospital Wing. I’ve gone off topic again. She didn’t think that Remus would ever like her because he went for people like Lily Evans; I assured her at the time that this was ridiculous, and that Remus would never go out with Lily Evans. A week later he asked Lily out. That was in third year and it was a tense couple of weeks for us. James hated Remus for ‘stealing his girl’ and gabby despised Lily because she’d been right about Remus. Us girls never recovered from the split in the dorm, Lily began to think highly of herself because Remus chose her and she was the first one of us to get a boyfriend. Susie and I took Gabby’s side while Dorcas and Alice took Lily’s, although the four of us got on quite well. The teams we chose in our third year just stuck and those were the teams we were in for all the little fights and arguments. It didn’t help things that Sirius Black was a little bit in love with Gabby, she was just his type; gorgeous, blond, bubbly, outgoing, a Gryffindor. So she was sure Remus would never even look at her.

Susie was always a bit of a mystery to all of us. Even to Gabby and me, her best friends, most people saw her as a little strange. Her first love interest was Xenophilius Lovegood, which went on from Christmas in third year until the beginning of fifth year. She broke up with him because during the careers meeting he told Professor Flitwick, his head of house, that he was going to search for a bunch of creatures that no one had heard of, or could even prove existed, and write all about them to inform the Wizarding World about them. She thought that he was crazy and told him to get real and consider a real job, when he refused to even think about it she broke up with him. And to say we were all relieved would be a huge understatement. She came back from Christmas break that year all loved up with Frank Longbottom, the gorgeously mysterious Gryffindor boy from the year above, we soon found out that his mysteriousness was actually shyness because he would hardly talk in front of us. He’d moved in next door to her that summer, but she hadn’t noticed him because she was still with Xenophilius. He’d noticed her though and had heard about her break up with Lovegood and asked her out on the second day of break. That caused problems again because Alice Yates had liked him for a while an was convinced we knew, which we didn’t because of the whole never speaking to each other thing after the Gabby – Remus – Lily love triangle. Susie was gorgeous as well; she had a straight nose, high cheekbones, pretty sparkling blue eyes, long legs, and long brown hair. The only reason she didn’t get more male attention was her ‘interesting’ personality quirks.

We became fast friends in first year, once we were all sorted into Gryffindor; we’d all been a bit quiet on the train because we didn’t want to get too close to people who would be going to a different house for the next seven years. We also became friends with the Gryffindor boys; James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and Oliver Johnson. I sometimes felt a little sorry for Oli because the other four were as close as brothers and they tended to leave him out of things. He was all right with it for the most part though because he hung around with the twins in the year above; Gideon and Fabian Prewett and their other friend Frank Longbottom, who were practically famous for their pranks, which of course, the marauders were set on topping.

I guess since I’m introducing people I should probably introduce the boys too.
Remus was the sweet one, and the smart one; if you ever needed help with anything he would be the one to help. I was the closest to him out of us girls and he confided in me, something that I have never told anyone, until now. It was second year and he was worried about something, when I asked him he told me that it was something that he hadn’t told the boys, or anyone else, he told me that he was a werewolf and he was sure tat the boys were going to find out somehow, or that they already had because they were being distant with him. I was shocked at the news but promised not to tell. He’d thought I would be freaked out about it and run to get the pitchforks; he didn’t understand when I assured him I wouldn’t. I understood why he was so shy, he was afraid of people finding out and shunning him.

Sirius black was the ladies man, he was gorgeous but he knew it, it was like he’d spent his whole life being pampered and treated like a prince, which I knew, was in fact the case. There isn’t much I can say about Sirius, he never like me much, I used to think it was because I never fell for him like all the other girls but that didn’t make sense because neither did Susie or Gabby. I know why now, but I won’t tell you now because it’ll come up later.

Peter… I’d always found him really creepy, but he was nice enough. People always found it hard to understand how he fell in with the marauders because he wasn’t as good looking as them and needed more time and help to master spells than they did. I always thought that was a little shallow, so what if he isn’t as pretty to look at? he’s still a nice person, even if a little wet. So what if he practically worshipped James and Sirius? These same people often wondered how such a quiet, sweet, well-behaved boy as Remus ended up with friends like James and Sirius but why does that matter? I’ll tell you all of the answers to these questions later.

Oli Johnson, like I said I felt sorry for him sometimes but he was happy enough with the twins and Frank in the evenings and he had us when they were in detention, or planning something that would end with them in detention. There isn’t much else I can say about Oli, except that he’s an amazing seeker.

Frank was like Remus in most ways, except he wasn’t a werewolf, wasn’t as studious, and was considered more outgoing, while still being pretty shy. Like all the other boys, he was extremely good looking but he kept his boyish good looks for longer before his features sharpened to those of a man. There isn’t much I can write about Frank either because he wasn’t with us that much.

James on the other hand I could write rolls and rolls of parchment about, describing to you the way he smells of outdoors, and woods, and freshly cut grass, and something else that I’ve always found really comforting but have never been able to identify. Or how his hair is just perfect, the way it falls messily into his perfect hazel eyes, or the way he flicks it away or the way that whenever I see him I just want to run my fingers through it. He plays quidditch, he’s the reason I joined the team, despite my mother’s wishes for me to never touch a broom. He told me that it would probably run in my family considering who my dad was (captain of the Cannons) before my brother was born, and who my brother is. He helps Peter with his transfiguration work, because it’s his best subject and Peter’s worst, also no one else has the patience needed for the task. Gabby was supposed to tutor him in fifth year before OWLs but she got frustrated and hexed him. He is an illegal animagus because it means that Remus doesn’t have to be alone, Sirius and Peter are as well. James is a beautiful pure white stag, Sirius is a big black dog, and Peter is a rat. James Potter has only two flaws, one he takes things too far, pranks and such, but since fifth year he has calmed down a lot. His second flaw is the fact that he is totally head-over-heals in love with Lily Evans.

While I was writing this I realised that there are and have been quite a few love triangles occurring in Gryffindor. Love triangles that people are, for the most part, completely unaware that they’re in.

At this point gabby would be bugging me to write about myself, that is if she knew I was writing about our lives at Hogwarts. But anyway, here goes. I’m one half of a pair; my sister goes to Beuxbatons in France. I am a natural brunette but I usually wear my hair bleached blonde because I got bored of brown and I hated it when people came up to me calling me by my sister’s name. I play quidditch, I’m a chaser alongside James, we work well together along with our third chaser, a girl in third year called Lesley Reed. I play for two reasons, one; because James said I would be good, and two; because Lily Evans is terrified of flying. I’m a pureblood, but I have no prejudices, I don’t hate Lily because she’s a muggle born, I have her because James loves her. My parents are both famous so my sister and me are constantly photographed (another reason that I changed my hair) even though we’ve never done anything extraordinary. It got worse once Joe got famous too. They expect big things from us. I eat far too much treacle tart at meal times, and too much ice cream, and I’ve recently discovered a long lost love for yellow jelly. Oh and I’m in love with James Potter.

This story really begins in out seventh year; I just thought I’d tell you about the people involved. Well the ones I like anyway.

(AN: sorry its been so long, I've had such bad writer's block its unbelievable. I have one other chapter after this one written already, well half written... thank you to sady for reviewing and telling me that I needed a chapter like this. Sorry it's a little slow, but hopefully chapter three will be better.... Oh and I'm not sure but I think that I switch between first and third person, can someone tell me if I have? Thanks... Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it at least a little bit. :))

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