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The Rose by blackthoughtsredwriting
Chapter 1 : A Dream
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I watched her from afar. She never knew.

I grew up knowing Rose my whole life, but never really speaking to her. She was a Weasley, and in the Malfoy name, a Weasley and a Malfoy could not be together. No matter the reason. Even though the war had ended, old feuds still exsisted no matter how petty and indifferent they seemed now. Somehow, even after all this time, blood still seemed to matter.

No one no longer openly hated each other like they used to, but old habits were hard to break and old enemies were even harder to forget.

I don't know when my attraction to her started to surface. I knew it had always been there because I could remember even as little kids having a fascination with her that I couldn't explain. At the time I felt like taking pleasure in something that I knew I shouldn't. Something I knew I'd get in trouble for. If there ever was a family to hate each other, it would be the Malfoys and the Weasleys.

We grew older and we started school. We were in different houses so we never really talked to each other but my deep interest in her grew.

I watched her all through school. I watched her when I could. I saw the side of her no one knew about. The side that cried for attention from someone that would love her fully. I wanted so many times to say that that person could be me but I held my tongue because I knew it would never happen.

I saw her heart break and it made my heart break to. The person she had been seeing treated her like crap, and it weighed heavy upon my heart to know that I couldn't do anything about it. I could've saved her from it.

After that, she seemed more distant, even from her friends.  I could tell she lacked purpose now. I don't pretend to know exactly what everyone thinks all the time, but I knew what she was thinking. I knew exactly how she felt. She felt like she had no one to turn to. She was falling and she needed my help.

One day towards the end of our schooling, we actually talked and I think I made a connection with her. She had even kissed me on the cheek that day!!

That night I had a dream, and in this dream I was walking in my grandmother Narcissa's garden.




When walking through the garden, I meandered past the tree of life where I
became enamored by the most divine dark Rose that nature ever fashioned. 

So astounding was the Rose that I was robbed of speech and breath. I fell onto my knees and stared until my eyes did hurt. The poor dark rose had suffered lack of proper care, resulting in an inert outer shell.

I took great care removing petals scarred from winter’s callous touch. I was amazed
to see inside the tantalizing pink, dew covered flower open before my eyes.
A sight so wondrous cannot pass without adverse effects for those perhaps unlucky,
perhaps most opportune of all. 

I knelt, bereft of voice, devoid of breath, and blind;

The Rose, its beauty now replenished, took great pity on this wretched soul of mine.
Perhaps it was the wind, perhaps it was celestial intervention, maybe Earth
itself began to shake; you may believe whatever you decide but as I felt
the Rose incline in my direction I knew then as I know now no forces were
at play that fateful moment save the Rose exerting her own will. 

She chose to give herself to me that day.
When I felt her soft petals touch my hand, and smelled the dew
that flowed onto my fingers, life became completely clear. I knew my purpose on
this planet was to find this Rose and love her evermore. 

Caressing her long stem, I felt her shudder faintly as I heard
upon the wind a sigh of consummate contentment. 

Leaning in to kiss the Rose, to taste the sweet ambrosia at her core,
I knew that we were of one mind, brought together by the strong embrace of love.

As I grasped her roots and pulled her from the only home that she had ever known,
I promised her that never more would she endure the harsh effects of winter’s grip.

We walked together down the path that leads
I know not where. It matters not, for we,
together, will abide whatever fate
has planned for us. Forever.




I remember waking up with tears in my eyes. I don't know how my affection for her could have grown this much. It was amazing. All I knew was I had to talk to her and tell her my true feelings, the feelings I had been harboring for her for as long as I could remember.

I told her to meet me in the spot where we first had our "talk".

She was there just as she said she would be. I looked into her eyes as she looked into my eyes and I knew.

No words were spoken as I rushed to her and took her up in my arms. No words were needed. The look in her eyes told me what I had been hoping for and I could care less what society thought about us. A Slytherin and a Gryffindor. A Malfoy and a Weasley.

As I leaned over and kissed her I made my dream complete. And we stayed like that.


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