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National Confession Day by dream_BIG
Chapter 1 : I am SIRIUS BLACK, Master of Love and Anything even Vaguely Love-Related
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I always wanted to write a story in the mind of Sirius Black. So, I did. 
And the result...National Confession Day.
So read on!!
And tell me what you think!!

The platform was bustling with activity. My mouth dropped open as I looked around at all these people. I’ve never seen so many smiling faces in one place. Heck, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a genuinely smiling face, apart from Reg, who’s just weird that way. For a moment, I forgot about the woman who was gripping my shoulder possessively as I tried looking at everything all at once.

Just for future reference, it’s very hard to attempt to look at everything at once. Most likely, it will result in a large, annoying headache and a very painful neck.

Keep that in mind, children.

“Goodbye, Remus. Now, be careful…”

“…win every Quidditch match, alright, Amos?”

“…wrackspurts must have gotten in your head, sweetheart, just brush them away…”

“…I’ll miss you, Mary darling…”

“James, please, for the love of Merlin’s spectacles, do not do anything rash!”

I smirked at the last comment and looked over to see a scrawny boy with thick, messy black hair, hazel eyes hidden behind glasses, and a permanent smirk etched onto his face.

“I make no promises, mother.” He said solemnly, the smirk still playing at the edges of his mouth. He glanced to the right, then did a double take and looked again. His jaw dropped open. I followed his gaze…and found myself looking at a young, pretty girl with fiery hair and bright green eyes.

“Bye, mum!” She said cheerfully, hugging her mother. “Bye, dad!” She added, hugging her dad as well.

“Now remember, love–”

“Yes, yes!” The girl laughed, cutting her mom off. “I’ll be careful, I’ll study hard, I’ll make new friends, promise. I have everything I need. I’ll see you at break, okay?”

Her mom sighed. “Alright, sweetheart. Pet, say bye to your sister.”

I looked at ‘Pet’ and saw a girl with blonde hair and a very ugly expression on her face.

“Bye, Freak.” She spat. The redhead’s eyes filled with tears.

“Now, Sirius, don’t make me tell you again. You are to stay away from these filthy blood traitors and mudbloods, understood?” My mother’s cold voice said, pulling my attention away from the girl. I stifled an eye roll. Since when did she expect me to actually listen to her? I haven’t been following her orders for years now; what makes her think I’m going to start now?

“Yes, mother.” I deadpanned. I made an internal note to become friends with every single person my mother would despise.

“You must be in Slytherin. Stay with Lucius, Narcissa, and Bellatrix. They know what they are doing.” She continued.

Yeah, I’ll hang out with them when hell freezes over. Psychos.

“Yes, mother.”

“And Sirius?”

“Yes, mother?”

“Don’t taint the family name.” Her talons dug into my shoulder as she gazed coldly at me, the warning evident in her voice. Don’t taint the family name. Or else…

I resisted the urge to tell her that she’s already got it covered. I’m already so close to freedom; I can’t lose my chance.

“Yes, mother.”

“And don’t bother coming home for Christmas.” She added coldly.

Ha. As if I’d want to. “Yes, mother.”

“I’m leaving now.”

“Yes, mother.”

I sighed in relief as her grip left my shoulder. I turned around and watched her walk away, only relaxing after I’d made sure that she was completely gone. Then, I turned around to look for the boy with the messy hair. I grinned to myself when I saw that he was talking to the pretty redhead. No surprise there. I walked towards them with my stuff, wanting to know what would happen.

“…it hurt when you fell from heaven?” The boy, James, asked, tilting his head to the side and flashing her a cocky grin.

Wow, this eleven year old knows pickup lines!

She looked confused. “Um…”

“It’s okay to be speechless, babe.” He ran a hand through his tousled hair, making it even worse. “Most people are left speechless by James Potter. What can I say? It’s a talent.” He winked at her. I stifled a bark of laughter.

“Excuse me?” She finally managed to splutter out.

“How about this? You. Me. A romantic date on the grounds of Hogwarts.” He put an arm around her shoulder and waved his arm in a sweeping motion.

Merlin, this kid is eleven, right?

“Um…no thanks. I don’t date.” She replied.

“Oh, come on.” He said. “How can you resist this?” He flashed her another ‘charming’ grin.

Her green eyes hardened. “I’m doing it now, aren’t I?” She asked coldly, pushing his arm off of her shoulder.

“Come on, love.” He said, still grinning. “One date. You’ll never forget it.”

“No. And don’t call me love.”

“You never told me your name.” He shrugged.

“It’s Lily.” She responded. “Lily Evans.”

“Beautiful name.” He sighed. “Lily. Lily and James. Doesn’t that sound nice to you?”

She looked warily at him. “No, not really. I’m going to go now.” She started to inch away, but he grabbed her around the waist and pushed his mouth onto hers, giving her a quick, albeit sloppy, kiss.

I stared, eyes bugging out of their sockets.

She pushed him off. “EW!”

“Don’t say that, love. You know you liked it.” He winked at her again.

“UGH! You stupid, arrogant prat! I’ll never go out with you!” The girl screamed, using the full, intense power of her eleven-year-old lungs. The guy winced a little. Hell, even I winced a little, and I’m used to this type of screaming.

“Whoa, there, Red.” He grinned. “Let’s not break my fragile eardrums, yeah?”

“UGH! I HATE YOU!” With that, she mustered all of her strength and slapped him across the face. Hard. I winced again, totally feeling for the poor guy. He put a dazed hand to his cheek and watched as she stormed away, her red hair dancing behind her.

Still looking dazed, he turned to me and said dreamily, “I’m going to marry that girl one day.”

I snorted. Yeah, okay. The possibilities are definitely in his favor right now.

“You mark my words. I will do it.” He pointed a finger at me, radiating confidence.

You know what? I like this kid. He seems like a good guy. A little delusional, but still a good guy.

I clapped a hand to his back. “Alright, mate. Sure.”

He grinned at me and stuck out his hand. “James Potter, by the way.”

I took it and grinned back, inclining my head in greeting. “Sirius Black, at your service.”

And that’s how Lily Evans gave me my best friend. She gave me a whole new life, a whole new family, a whole new world.

And for that, I’m eternally grateful to her. Even though she breaks my best mate’s heart on a daily basis. But he will marry her one day. I know it.

And no, I’m not just saying that because he’s my best friend. I know he will. I just do.

And Sirius Black, my friends, is always right. ALWAYS.

You just wait and see.



“Oh, come on, Evans –”

“JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! I HATE YOU!” With that, she gave him another hard slap to the face (she’s gotten stronger over the years, I can tell), and stormed off.

“Bad luck, Prongs.” I said briskly, walking forward and clapping him on the back.

“Padfoot, why does she hate me so much?” He turned his bewildered expression to me, and I sighed.

“Honestly, mate?” I asked. “It’s because she doesn’t know the real you. You act like an idiot when you’re around her.”

He sighed and rubbed his cheek absently again. “I just can’t help it. Whenever she’s here, I just automatically turn into an immature prat again, and before I know it, I’ve said something incredibly stupid, and it makes her hate me even more.”

“Then stop.” Remus suggested mildly, pulling James’ hand off of his face and inspecting the red mark.

James gaped at him. “Stop? STOP?! That’s the best advice you can give me, Moony? It’s not that easy, you know! What do you think I’ve been trying to do for the past seven years, huh? You think I like getting rejected on a daily basis?! Do you think I enjoy –”

“EXACTLY.” Remus cut him off before he started ranting again. “Just stop, Prongs. Stop asking her out every day. Stop acting like an idiot.”

James sighed. “I can’t, Moony.”

“Well, you better try if you want to win her over.” He shrugged.

“Listen mate, you’re a good guy. She just has to figure that out. And if you keep acting like…that, then she won’t ever realize. Just be yourself, Prongs.” I advised.

They both gaped at me in disbelief.

“What?” I cried. “Just because I’m the fun one doesn’t mean I don’t have a brain, you know!”

“Fun?” James snorted. “More like idiotic.”

I scowled. “I wouldn’t be talking, Pratter.”

Oh, how I love Lily’s nicknames. Aren’t they just so full of affection and caring?

“Oi.” His face darkened. “Don’t remind me.”

“Alright, Prongs.” I shrugged. “But if you want to woo the fair maiden, you’ll have to heed my wise words of wisdom.”

James sighed in exasperation. “Why am I friends with you, Padfoot? Remind me again.”

“Because I’m the bestest best mate you could ever have and you love me!” I yelled cheerfully, jumping on his back.

“OI! GET OFF!” He screamed as he staggered around under my added weight. Of muscle, of course.



“Aw! I love you too, Prongsie!” I jumped off and gave him a big hug.

“You’re crazy.” James panted, struggling to get me off. I just grinned. I may be crazy, but now James isn’t upset anymore.

See. I told you I’m clever.

“But, seriously. What should I do?” James asked after he was done regaining his breath.

Well, crap.

“I hope I never have to say this again, but…oh, god…listen to what Sirius said.” Remus advised, then winced theatrically.

I grinned and pumped my fist in the air.

“I’ll try.” James said doubtfully. Hell yes, he will! Lily gave me James, now it’s my turn to give him to her. Share the love! Share the James!

Okay, I’ll stop now. I must lay off of Remus’ chocolate stash. That’s the last time I ever eat eight bars in one sitting.

…well, maybe I’ll do it one more time. What? It’s good chocolate.

I’m a growing boy. I need my sugar. It’s healthy for me. Trust me, I know. Chocolate = good.

And Evans tells me I’m rubbish at Arithmancy. That, right there, was a brilliant equation.

Brilliant, I tell you. B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T.


“Hi, Lily.” James said cautiously at breakfast the next morning, standing unsurely behind her. She turned around and narrowed her eyes at him.

“Hi.” She spat venomously. James winced at her harsh tone, and I refrained from growling at her. Stupid Evans. Doesn’t she see what she’s doing to him?

“Well…uh…have a nice day, then.” He mumbled, turning red. He turned around and hurried to the other end of the table. I glanced back at Evans, who looked utterly bamboozled, and took my seat next to James.

“I can’t do it.” He moaned, slumping forward onto the table. “I sound like an idiot.”

“You sounded like more of idiot the other times, Prongs, trust me.” Remus said, buttering his toast.

James sighed deeply and pulled his hands down his face. “I just…I…What if she doesn’t like me?” He finally asked in a fearful voice.

I exchanged a glance with Remus. “Mate, in case you haven’t noticed, she already doesn’t like you.”

“No.” He shook his head. “What if she doesn’t like the real me?”

He looked at me, and I could tell from his eyes that he was literally scared.

“Then she’s stupid. And not worth it.” I said calmly, taking a bite of my muffin.

“I just…don’t know what I would do if she didn’t fall for me. She’s always been the one, you know?” He said. “I only imagine myself to be with her. I can’t even think about anyone else.”

I opened my mouth to say something, then closed it again. What am I supposed to say to that? I haven’t ever been in love. I don’t know what it’s like.

Whoa, wait. Love? Does he love her?

“Do you…you know…love her?” I asked him after a moment.

He looked at me, pondering this. “I don’t know.” He finally said, laughing a little. “I always tell people that I do, but sometimes I start to doubt it. I’m only seventeen; what do I know about love, right? Love only happens to people who are older, people who have more experience. But then…when I see her smile, or hear her laugh…you know, her laugh when she’s completely free, when she throws back her head and her whole face lights up, I think…yeah, maybe I do love her. She’s all I ever wanted, you know? And I just…I only want to make her happy. If she’s happy…then I’m happy. Is that love?”

He looked at me, and I shrugged. “Don’t look at me, mate. I wouldn’t know love if it slapped me across the face wearing nothing but Dumbledore’s hat and some lacy pink knickers.”

Peter snickered into his cereal. Always was an odd one, that child. Jumpy. But he was perfect for moments like these, when you needed someone to laugh at your jokes.

“I think you are in love with her.” Remus said thoughtfully. “Yes, I definitely think you are.”

James let out a huge breath at this. “Wow. I’m in love…”

Wow. He’s in love. At seventeen.

Must. Not. Think. Derogatory. Thoughts. About. Best. Friend.


Okay, done.

“Padfoot, I’m in love!” He said excitedly, nudging me. I rolled my eyes.

“Hey, guys!” He yelled elatedly down the Gryffindor table. “I’m in love!”

About twenty girls looked at him, hope etched across their faces. I snorted. Keep dreaming, bimbos. James wouldn’t look twice at you.

“GUESS WHAT, MINNIE? I’M IN LOVE!!” He bellowed at the staff table. Minnie sent him a disapproving look at the use of her nickname, but still smiled. Dumbledore was twinkling affectionately at James, who was now grinning from ear to ear. “I’m in love.” He repeated to himself dreamily. “I’m in love with Lily Evans.” He sighed. “I’m going to go fly now.”

“What? Why?!” I asked, alarmed. He shouldn’t go flying in this unstable state!

“Because I love Lily, and I love flying.” He stated matter-of-factly, like this was an obvious fact we should all know.

“That doesn’t make any sense.” I responded in confusion. But James had already bounded away.

“Moony, why did you have to say that?” I groaned, slumping down. “He’s going to be unbearable.”

“Yeah,” Moony said regretfully. “I shouldn’t have said anything.”



Ah, the lovely dulcet tones of the one-and-only Lily Evans.

“I was just trying to warn you that if you do it that way, you’ll make the goblet…” James began.

There was a loud BOOM! and the room suddenly smelled like burnt hair.

“…explode.” James finished, eyes wide and face covered in soot.

“Crap!” Evans cried, wringing her hands. “Why did you have to distract me, Potter? You ruin everything!”

“Oh sure, blame it on me!” He snapped at her, looking mad for the first time. “I was only trying to help, Lily!”

“Well, I don’t need your help!” She shot back.

“Fine!” He yelled at her. “Just keep exploding goblets then, Lily, see if I care!”

“FINE!” She screamed, louder. “I WILL!”



“I’m in love with you!”

“I – what?”

His eyes grew. “Shit.” He breathed. “That wasn’t supposed to come out.”

She just looked at him, eyes wide and lips slightly parted. “You…love me?” She asked incredulously.

And then James turned around and ran.

“Where’s Mister Potter?” Minnie’s voice suddenly appeared.

“He ran away.” Lily said absently, still staring at the door.

“He what?”

“He ran away.” I supplied.

“Why in the name of Merlin would he do that?!” Minnie cried, looking askance at this bit of information. James loved Transfiguration. He wouldn’t miss it for the world. There was this one time when he was in the hospital wing with a broken arm and leg, a cracked skull, and a concussion, but he still came to class. Granted, the nurse caught him and dragged him back in about ten minutes, but he came, didn’t he? That, my friends, is devotion right there.

“Because he accidentally admitted to Evans that he loves her.” I stated casually. Lily turned bright red.

“He doesn’t.” She muttered, looking furious.

“Excuse me?” I turned to her.

“He doesn’t love me.” She said, louder. “He’s just saying that to embarrass me. It’s typical Potter, going after me just to humiliate me! He thinks it’s funny, doesn’t he, when –”

“Hold it right there.” I interrupted furiously. “You think he does all that just to embarrass you? Are you absolutely daft?!”

“Yes, he does! I’m not stupid, Black, I know what Potter is like!” She shot back.

Oh, look. We’re having a full-blown argument about James in the middle of Transfiguration.

“Tell me, then!” I said, trying to keep my voice under control. “Tell me what you ‘know’ about him.” Air quotes are brilliant.

“I know he’s an arrogant, bullying toe-rag who cares about nothing else other than his reflection! I know he only goes after me because he likes games, and he knows that I’m just another game that he has to win. I know he’s with a different bimbo every night, the little –”

“SHUT UP!” I roared, completely losing it. “JUST SHUT UP, EVANS! You don’t know shit about James! You think he doesn’t care about anything other than himself? Well, you know that necklace you’re wearing?” Her hand came up to touch the glistening emerald dangling around her neck.

“On the note it said it was from a secret admirer, but it was actually from James. He spent hundreds of galleons on that thing, got grounded for a month and had to work for a year to pay it off, but I remember that he said it was all worth it when he saw how happy you were with that necklace. He still says it’s worth it when he sees it around your neck every day.” She opened her mouth to talk, looking surprised, but I cut her off again.

 “You think he only likes you because he thinks you’re a game?! That’s just bullshit, Evans. You know he’s completely head over heels for you. His goal in life is just to see you happy! What does that say about him, huh? He’s so in love with you that he hasn’t even looked at another girl, let alone touch someone else. You remember when he kissed you on the platform for the first time? Well, that was his first and only kiss. You’re all he looks at, Evans! And if you’re too stupid to realize what kind of a person he is, then you’re not worth it. James is a hundred times better than you, and you, frankly, don’t deserve him.”

Lily’s eyes filled with tears. “Oh my god…” She whispered. “I’m so sorry, Sirius, I didn’t –”

“Save it.” I spat at her. “‘Sorry’ isn’t going to cover what it felt like every time I had to watch my best friend get crushed, Evans. Save it.”

With that, I turned around and marched right out of the classroom.

How’s that for an impressive exit, eh?

Oh, yeah. I am Sirius Black, master of all that is style. Bow to me.

No, I’m serious. Do it.


“Hey.” I stood there awkwardly, hands tucked into my pockets as I looked warily at James. I had found him in the astronomy tower, gazing over the Black Lake.

Okay, so I may have cheated by using the Map.

But anyway.

“Hi.” James said quietly. I crossed over and stood next to him.

“So…what’s up?”

I winced at that pathetic excuse for an icebreaker.

“She really hates me, doesn’t she?” He asked softly, looking down.

“She doesn’t know you.” I replied. “And that’s why she doesn’t like you, James. That’s the only reason.”

“Thanks.” He said after a moment of silence.

“For what?”

“For saying that to Lily. For sticking up for me.”

“How –”

“You left your mirror on. I heard everything.” He grinned crookedly at me. “Thanks, mate.”

I patted him on the shoulder a bit. “I meant it, Prongs.”

He heaved a heavy sigh and looked over the lake again. “You know, I pretend like I really don’t care every time she rejects me, but it honestly hurts.”

Well, isn’t this a day for confessions? We should call it National Confession Day. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? National Confession Day. I like it.

“I’m sorry, Prongs.” I responded finally. “I’m really sorry for that.”

He shook his head. “But, see, it’s not your fault. It’s mine. I bring it upon myself, Padfoot. I’m asking for it, every time I open my mouth.”

I stayed silent, and he took my silence as confirmation.

“I’m such an idiot.” He sighed, hanging his head. “I’m such an idiot.”

“Hey,” I patted his back. “You might be an idiot, but at least you’re…uh…popular!”

Optimism isn’t my forte, okay?

“Oh, yay. I’m popular. Joy.” He twirled his finger around in the air, still staring moodily over the lake.

Apparently sarcasm is James’ forte.

“Hi, have any of you seen – oh!”

I turned around to see a very flustered Lily Evans standing at the doorway. By the looks of her, (red face, windswept hair, panting like crazy…) I could tell she had just ran all the way up here. She also looked like she had been crying a bit.

“Yes?” I asked testily. James had stiffened at her voice, but didn’t turn around.

“I – I was just looking for…for James, actually.” She said nervously, and I saw James give a little start of surprise at the use of his actual first name.

“Well, you found him.” I said snapped. “Have you come to break his heart again? Sorry, we only do one heartbreak per day. Come back tomorrow, Evans.”

Her eyes filled with tears. “I – no, I didn’t…I just…I’m sorry!” She cried. “I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t realize it. I thought I was smart, but I’m not, because I didn’t realize that everything I’ve been looking for has been here all along. I’m stupid for not noticing what’s right in front of my face, and I’m sorry. I should have realized ages ago, but my stupid stubbornness just kept getting in the way, and I was too blind to see that James was – is – everything I could ask for. Everything. I can’t believe I’ve been so bloody stupid, and I’m just really sorry, my brain is such an idiot sometimes, you know? I’ve always been telling myself that my brain is going to end up killing me one day, and it basically has! Look where it’s got me! I’ve been pushing away the one person that loves me more than anything in the world, and I’m STUPID. I’m sorry James, I just…oh, will you bloody say something already, before I talk your ears off?”

Too late.

You know how people have these little weird quirks that they do when they’re nervous? Like, James ruffles his hair when he’s nervous about something. I fidget and move from foot to foot, Remus cracks his knuckles and wrings his hands, and Peter…well, Peter’s perpetually nervous, so I really can’t say. But Lily – Lily talks. She just goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on…

…Whoa. I think I fell asleep there.

“Um.” I said blankly, still recovering from her onslaught of word diarrhea. “I think I’ll just…go…” I inched towards the exit and hastily stepped out, closing it behind me.

And then I quickly took out the mirror and whispered James’ name into it…YES! He left it propped up against the ledge he was watching our fight on! Life is good, people. The fates are on my side today. I peered carefully through the glass at James and Lily.

What? Don’t look at me like that! I want to know what’s going on.

And if I don’t know, then you won’t either. Exactly. So don’t you ‘tut, tut’ at me!

Jeez. You could be related to Minnie.

“Lily…” James began hesitantly. “I…are you sure? I don’t want you to be nice to me just because you feel guilty. I don’t deserve that, you know.”

I am going to just observe, instead of ranting about that little comment that James made.




“No.” Lily said firmly. “Don’t you dare say you don’t deserve it, James, because you do.” You know what? I have decided that I like Lily Evans. “I’m the one who doesn’t deserve it, James. I’m the one who’s been a complete and total bitch to you, and all you’ve ever done is be nice to me. I don’t deserve you…at all.” She shook her head.

“I – no, Lily, don’t say that. I haven’t exactly been considerate when it comes to you either. I’ve – ”

“No, James, I’m the one who hasn’t been considerate! I’ve been absolutely awful to you! I don’t understand why you’re even talking to me right now; you should be hating me for what I’ve done!” She cried. She’s right, you know. He should be hating her. “Why are you so bloody nice, James?”

Ha. James. Nice. Good one.

Well, he is. I have to give him credit.

“Because I love you.” He said simply. I stifled a gag. This love-fest is sickening. I think they should just snog now.

Her eyes filled with tears. “I… I don’t deserve that. I’m not good enough for you.”

“Yes, you are, Lily.” He said softly, walking towards her in careful, slow steps like he thought she was going to attack him at any second.

His fear isn’t irrational, though. Given their history and all…

“You’re exactly what I want. You’re exactly what I need. You’re perfect for me, and I love you.”

Merlin, since when did James turn into such a romantic poof? I must fix that with some boy – ahem, men time.

I guess Peter won’t be able to come, then. Too bad.

“I don’t understand, though.” Lily wiped some more tears away with the back of her hand. “How could you love me? I hated you. I was horrible to you.”

James tentatively reached forward and trapped a tear with his finger. “Don’t cry.” He whispered. “Please don’t. I don’t like it when you cry, Lily.”

This triggered another huge sob from Lily, who suddenly launched herself at James and started bawling into his shirt.

…wait! That’s MY shirt! OI!

Oh, Merlin. I’ve got Evans Snot all over my precious, clean shirt.

Lovely. Just great.

You know what? James can keep it. I’ll just take one of his shirts.

He’ll probably never want to wash it again. Disgusting boy.

Very carefully, like he was handling a dragon (well her temper did match “the fire of a thousand dragons’ breaths”, as James so poetically put it), James put his arms around her, one hand shyly stroking her shiny red hair.

Aw, how sweet is this?! (Sarcasm)

This is absolutely repulsive; someone please strangle me now.

James definitely needs that man time. DESPERATELY. He’s turning into a romantic, lovey-dovey old poofball! He’s supposed to be manly! You know, like having man-stink, and talking in man-talk (aka grunting. It’s fun), and doing manly things.

This does not count as manly.

…Though Evans seems to like it.


“Shh, shh, Lily. Stop it.” He gently used his thumbs to wipe away the wetness on Evans’ shiny cheeks.

I gagged and looked away, shuddering in disgust, while they gazed lovingly into each others’ eyes.

Gahhh. Gross. Just snog her, James. This is weird!

“Thank you, James. You’re a thousand times better than I ever gave you credit for. Forgive me?” She asked, still sniffling a bit.

Ha! Say no, James. She doesn’t—

Okay, she does. When she’s not being mean to James (well, she did have a right to be mean to him; his obsession for her was borderline stalkerish…actually, he was a stalker. I won’t even try to deny it. My best friend was a stalker), Lily Evans is actually one of the nicest girls I know. She helps people. She smiles at students in the hallway for no apparent reason whatsoever, she’s caring, compassionate, and actually pretty funny (one of my favorite threats involved rusty scissors, James’ manhood, some string, the entrance hall, and the lives of his future children…and his ability to piss). No wonder James likes her so much. She’s just so…down to earth. Real. Beautiful, inside and out.


“Of course I forgive you, love.” He kissed her forehead, and she kept gazing up at him.

“You know,” She said abruptly. “I always pretended like I really hated all your weird antics and creepy songs and stalker-like behaviors, but secretly, I loved it. I thought it was adorable.”

James’ grin rivaled that of the Cheshire cat. “Really, now?”

She nodded, laughing a little. “I always told you, and everyone, that I hated you, but I really didn’t. You being…you…sort of became a part of my identity, you know? That’s how people knew me, and I guess I liked that. I guess I liked you, all along, but I just needed a push in the right direction to see it.”

James laughed for real now, throwing back his head. Lily swatted his arm. “It’s not funny, Potter! I just told you that I lo-like you, and you’re laughing?!”

Did anyone else catch that little slip-up? No? Just me, then.

“No, no!” James laughed, hugging her closer. “It’s just…Sirius did it!”


“It was Sirius, Lily. The supposed ‘stupid’ one. He made you realize everything.”

Lily started laughing as well. “Guess he’s smarter than we gave him credit for.”

HELL YEAH, I am! Hell. Yeah.

“Aw, man. Sirius being smart. I thought I’d never live to see the day.” James chuckled.


Gee, it’s great to know that my best friend has so much faith in me.

The room was silent again as Lily and James stared at each other some more.

You know, I really can’t seem to fathom what’s so interesting about James’ eyes. I mean, big deal, they’re hazel. One can only stare at hazel for so long before getting bored. But Evans seems to be some sort of freak of nature, because she’s been staring at them for about…six minutes and thirty-seven seconds, and she hasn’t moved an inch.

Idiot lovebirds. Do you know how bored I’m getting? Will they please just bloody snog so I can get out of here and go tell the whole school?

“Hey, Lily?” James finally asked quietly.


“I love you.”

A huge, blinding smile spread across her face, and she leaned forward and kissed him hard on the lips.


Bloody hell, took long enough! You’d think that after seven years of repressed sexual tension, these two would be literally jumping each other, but no-o-o-o. It takes ten whole minutes just to initiate a measly little kiss. Not snog, mind you. Just kiss.

“I love you, too, James.” She finally said, smiling at him.

And that’s when he grabbed her again and started snogging her. Heavily.

Merlin, I thought this would never happen. Finally. Finally.

Hold mother of god…Evans is fiery. Look at that! Eurgh. Actually, I’d rather not look. The innocent (okay, maybe not so much) little snog had turned into some sort of full-blown, hormone-induced face eating contest. Tongues down each other’s throats, hands…er…everywhere. ACK! Evans just moaned! EW! I have to get out of here. FAST.

I think I’ve just been mentally scarred for the rest of my existence. Great.



You know, now I’m really starting to wish I’d prepared something.

All these people…what am I supposed to tell them?! Stupid James. He could have given me some sort of warning! Maybe a little, “Hey, Sirius, since you’re my best man, you have to give a speech during the reception. Come up with something.”

Actually, now that I think of it, James has mentioned it before. Like…every other day.


I took another deep breath and looked around at the party. Pretty much everyone we knew was there. James and Lily where sitting at a table, and Lily was feeding him something off of her own fork as she gazed lovingly at him (gag), Remus was smiling for the first time in weeks, and Peter was out doing some business for the Order.

It felt…surreal, actually, having something as happy and beautiful as a wedding in the middle of the darkest of times.

There is a war going on. There’s no denying that. Voldemort is out there, and he’s busy ruining our lives. These are dangerous times. You can’t really trust anyone. You shouldn’t expect to live through the week, be prepared for anything…

…Merlin, I’ve got to stop listening to Mad-Eye. He’s starting to get to me.

Right, right. Focus. Wedding. Speech. I got up and clinked my spoon on my glass a couple of times to get their attention.

“Er…Hi.” I finally said, and everyone stopped chattering and turned to me. “Thanks for coming to Lily and James’ wedding.”

Okay, that was awkward. What else do I say?

“You know, I was supposed to write a speech. James has been reminding me for weeks, actually, and I just thought…oh, well. There’s a war. I shouldn’t waste my time. And now I’m really starting to regret it. So I guess I’ll just talk until you start throwing things at me and hope it’s enough.”

This was met by a ripple of laughter, and I grinned, confident. Come on, Padfoot! Marauder!! You should always be confident.

“I guess the first thing I’d like to do is thank Lily Ev – sorry, Potter.” I said, looking at her. She looked extremely surprised. “Lily, you didn’t realize it at the time, but you gave me a whole new life.”

She still looked confused, so I elaborated. Gather round, folks, Uncle Sirius is telling a story now!

Ha. I’ll make a good Uncle for James’ kid.

“You gave me my best mate, Lils. You gave me James. Do you remember the first day of school? We were all eleven, and extremely scared. I’d come to the station with…my mother. I was so excited; I was finally going to be free, after all those years. I was finally going to be able to just…live, without her breathing down my neck, at least for a little while. She was giving me some instructions…something about being in Slytherin and sticking with my psychotic Death – Eater family,” I rolled my eyes. “And I wasn’t listening to word she was saying. Instead, I was looking at a scrawny little kid with crazy black hair and mischievous smirk.” I grinned at James, who was chuckling. “His mom was begging him to behave, which I thought was pretty damn hilarious. And then, the kid looked over at someone, and his jaw just…dropped open. He was completely speechless, just staring at this one girl with red hair.” Lily blushed and turned her awed gaze to James, who was also blushing and looking down.

“I lost them after that, but after my mother sent me off, I looked for the kid again, and found myself watching the James Potter ‘charm,’” Air quotes “for the first time in my life.”

James let out a bark of laughter at this.

“He was trying to chat up the pretty redhead, who was just not interested. She freaked out at him, slapped him across the face, and stormed off.”

Lily leaned over and kissed the very same cheek she had slapped countless times, and James’ whole face lit up.

“And I remember, clearly, that he put his hand to his cheek, turned to me, and told me, with all the confidence that an eleven-year-old could have: ‘I’m going to marry that girl one day.’” I looked fondly at James and Lily, and chuckled a little. “I didn’t believe it at the time; who would? But, by some sort of miracle, he did it. Congratulations, Prongs, my man, you finally won your fair maiden.”

There was a tumultuous round of applause, during which I raised a toast to James and Lily, and took my seat.

“OH! And just for the record,” I called over the applause. “I’m the one who brought them together! Last year? Yeah, that was ALL BECAUSE OF ME!”

Last year on this date, actually.

National Confession Day.

I knew that name was a stroke of brilliance.

“Baby let’s take this time,

Let’s make new memories.

Do you remember all the good times we had?

Let’s bring it back.”

-Do You Remember, Jay Sean

So, how did you like it? Do you think my attempt at delving into the male mind worked? I tried being as manly as possible. I even grunted a couple of times. And wore my brother's clothes.
...okay, I didn't. But I still asked myself what a guy would say. 

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