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James & Carnelian by xChickWithBrainsx
Chapter 1 : A Savage Beauty
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Hello, so the first chapter of my first story on HPFF, kinda exciting, don't you think?
Anyway, this is more of an introductory chapter, getting some of the characters out and pretty much just setting up the scene for next chapter!!! well, read away!!!

(oh, and this story was written for JaneTwilight's 'Yuck, that's so cliché' challenge, enjoy)

Chapter 1 - A Savage Beauty

Carrie Zabini sat on top of her bed in the Slytherin dormitories, packing her school bag for the day ahead, with a bit more force than was strictly necessary. She gritted her teeth, trying not to remember the previous night. And failing.


Why do they have to get involved in my life? She wondered, slamming her heavy transfiguration text book on top of the others. It’s my life, not theirs!


The other girls still in the room were skirting around her bed, after she had snapped at Liz who was just trying to find out what was wrong. Well, no one said anything about Slytherins being brave.


“Err, Carrie?” Liz said tentatively, using the girl’s nickname, trying to placate her. Carrie turned to face her, a happy, fake, smile plastered on her face.


“Yeah, Alizarin?” she replied, a little too happily, using the girl’s full name.


“Well, err,” Liz began, a bit confused by the sudden change of mood in her best friend. “It’s just that breakfast will be over in a bit, so we should probably all go get something to eat before lessons start…”


“Okay,” Carrie replied, still scarily happy – especially for a Slytherin – as she stood up and swung her bag onto her shoulder. “Let’s go then.”




Meanwhile, James Potter was making his way down to the great hall with his friends, laughing loudly and scaring quite a few first years.


“I heard there was a Slytherin party tonight,” Danny whispered to James, conspiratorially. “I say we crash it!”


“How do you find out these things?” James laughed, speaking in undertones. “Anyway, they would recognise us and chuck us out!”


“Ah ha, that would not happen, my dear friend, as reliable sources have informed me that it is a fancy dress type thing. You know what I mean, one where everyone wears masks!” Danny informed him, smirking superiorly.


“Am I right in thinking that this reliable source is your current Slytherin girl?” James guessed, shaking his head. “I can never work out how you always seem to have one from each house!”


“It’s a gift,” Danny told him, winking.


“Anyway, wouldn’t we need the password to get in?” James reminded him, as they slowed a bit, now walking behind the others.


“Well, my reliable source revealed that as well, after a bit of persuasion!”


“I can imagine!”


“So, we gonna do it then?” Danny asked, smiling. “There are some very good looking Slytherins, you know…”


“But…” James began.


“Okay, we are definitely going! You are way too hung up about the whole Stacey thing! Don’t worry, she’s just trying to keep you interested, you’ll be going out by the end of the week! Anyway, you don’t have to be so damn good all the time, even if you are head boy!”


“Well, I guess we should then… It could be fun!” James smirked slightly as they rounded the corner and reached the top of the steps down to the Entrance hall, feeling slightly better about Stacey already.


But then he looked down, and the scene that lay before him spurred him into action.


He began running as fast as he could, his head boy badge shining, as he jumped down the steps, pushing his friends aside, who were at a stand still, watching the commotion. He knew he had to do something and fast, before anyone got hurt.




Carrie tried her best to act normally as they walked through the dungeons towards breakfast, and soon found herself starting to forget about what happened, involved as she was in the discussions of the party that night.


“We all have to have killer outfits!” Liz gushed, smiling widely. “We may only be fifth years, but I plan to pull tonight!”


Only fifth years, you say? Most guys seem to like younger girls, and it’s not as if anyone looking at you, Liz, could call you only anything!” Carrie reminded her and the girls giggled a bit. It was true though, Liz was better looking than most of the seventh years – she was one of those classic beauties, quite tall, willowy, with flowing blond hair that made you label her as a Barbie before a word left her mouth. And you wouldn’t be that wrong either, although she did cunningly play that up. That’s one of the reasons she’s a Slytherin.


“Oh, I always love having parties in the common room!” Liz sighed, smiling, as they rounded the corner, now approaching the stairs up to the entrance hall.


The girls stopped in their tracks, looking out at the scene. Something flew over Carrie’s head and she jumped in to action, running up the stairs towards the commotion, just as someone else ran down the stairs on the other side of the hall. She had to do something – she just had to.




In the centre of the hall four boys were duelling ferociously, their wands moving so fast they were blurred, lightning streaking out of them. It was like a dance with a savage beauty that held the students lining the hall still with its mesmerising movements. Especially as all of the watchers knew that it must soon come to an end, with only one outcome likely.


And then, one of the smaller boys slipped in the rhythm and the taller two took advantage, bearing over them, closing the space between the two pairs, just as James came running down the stairs.


“Stop!” he screamed, but the duellers paid no attention. Vaguely, in the back of his mind he noticed that a small figure was also running towards the centre of the Entrance Hall, shouting something that he didn’t hear over the din of the battle.




“CHRIS!” Carrie bellowed, running as fast as she could to the middle of the hall where her brother & another Slytherin fought two other boys. She shouted his name again, louder this time, but he was too involved in the fight to hear, let alone listen.


Getting desperate now, as she saw Chris move closer to his opponents, she whipped out her wand, and shouted, at the top of her voice, “Protego!” just as the person across the hall shouted exactly the same thing.




A giant shield appeared between the battling pairs, the power of it forcing them back a few feet, just as James reached them.


“For goodness sake! What the hell do you four think you are doing?! Duelling is against Hogwarts school rules and you’re in the entrance hall no less! Somebody could easily have been hurt, one of you or one of the innocent students who are watching! How did you think this would turn out? Did you even stop to think of the consequences?” James, in head boy mode, demanded. The smaller boys at least had the decency to look ashamed and sorry, but one of the older boys just sneered, while the other wasn’t even listening, just talking to the girl who had been running towards them when he had. Well, being told off and hit by her. They must be related, he thought, taking in their dark black hair and almost identical dark brown eyes and nose. The light from the risen sun filtered through the large windows at the front of the hall, shining off their skin, like dark honey. She looked even smaller standing next to him than she had across the hall, she was just so short and thin as well. “You will all be taken to see the headmistress; she can decide what will be done with you!”


“Aw, but James-” the small kid, with messy black hair and stylish glasses complained, looking beseechingly at his brother.


“It’s your own fault, Al,” James reminded him, and then glared at the bigger boys. “I expected it from you two; do you get some kind of thrill from hurting people younger, smaller and weaker than you?”


They didn’t answer.




As soon as Carrie reached Chris she hugged him tightly, and, after a bit of protesting he hugged her back. Then she pushed him away and slapped him as hard as she could on his arm, because she couldn’t quite reach his head.


“Hey, what did you do that for?!” he demanded, but he was smiling playfully. “Although, next time you try to injure me, you might want to use your wand, that really didn’t hurt. At all.”


“Christian Blaise Zabini, you total idiot! What on earth were you thinking, having a duel in the middle of the bloody entrance hall?! You could get expelled! Not that you don’t deserve it!” she hit him again, hopefully harder that time.


“Don’t worry, Carnelian Amaretta Zabini,” he said soothingly, using the full name trick right back at her. “It will all be fine! Is there any situation that your amazing older brother hasn’t got out of?”


“Well there will be one! I still have not forgiven you for last night!”


“What is there to forgive? I was just saying what mum and dad and the rest of the family and pretty much all of Slytherin house, not to mention the person in question, think is best, what they all want! Can’t you please do it? Just for them?” Chris pleaded, looking into her eyes.


“Try not to get expelled,” Carrie answered, striding past him, and into the Great Hall, knowing that the other Slytherin girls would soon catch up, as most of the people in the Entrance hall seemed to be hurrying out now, for no reason apparent to her.




“Follow me.” James ordered, still speaking in his head boy mode, planning to take them straight to McGonagall, so that she could sort this out. He hadn’t expected this when he received his Head Boy badge, it seemed being responsible was harder than he had thought…


“That will not be necessary,” Professor McGonagall said in her briskest voice, raising an eyebrow and staring down at the five boys from the top of the staircase, who all looked up at her, surprised. “Thank you James, I can take it from here.”


James hesitated a moment, glancing at Albus, who attempted a smile back, before moving away from them to where Danny was waiting for him by the door to the Great Hall.


“Man, you are scary when you’re in HBD! I am so not going to get on your bad side, yeesh!” Danny told him, shaking his head.


“What on earth is ‘HBD’?” James asked, ignoring the second part.


“Oh, I forgot we hadn’t told you yet, it stands for ‘Head Boy Mode’. It’s when you get all serious and start telling people off!” Danny grinned, so James elbowed him in the ribs.


“Hey, that hurt!” Danny complained, rubbing his arm over dramatically. James just laughed and sat down at the Gryffindor table, grabbing a piece of toast and buttering it before taking a small bite.


“You know that the thing with Stacey will be fine, so eat something proper again!” Danny told him reprovingly, flicking his dark hair out of his eyes, much to the delight of the girls sitting around.


“I’m not hungry,” James replied, picking at his toast, and trying to spot Stacey.


“You haven’t been hungry for the last week! I’m your best mate; you can’t hide what you’re feeling from me!” Danny argued, heaping his own plate with everything within reach.


 “Whatever,” James muttered noncommittally, still just playing with his food.



“Carrie, wait up! Please?” he yelled, beginning to almost run in an effort to catch up with her.

“I don’t want to talk to you, okay?” Carrie said, still not turning to face him.

“Please, I just want to talk! Your brother told me what happened last night,” He explained, gaining on her.

“He what!?” She demanded, stopping abruptly, causing him to crash in to her back. She began to fall towards the floor, but he caught her just in time, pulling her back vertical. She pushed him away from her as soon as she regained her balance, so that there was at least two metres between them.

“Don’t touch me.” She warned him.

“So, no ‘thanks for saving me’?” he asked playfully.

“Who knew a Slytherin could be so chivalrous,” she mocked, crossing her arms in front of her chest, glaring at him.

“Should I take that as a no then?” he asked, inquiringly.

“What did you mean when you said that my brother told you about what happened last night?” Carrie demanded, ignoring what he had said.

"Oh, come on Carrie, I'm not going to bite! Why don't you come a little closer?" he smirked, raising his eyebrows as he took a step towards her

"No thanks, I think I will stay this distance apart... well, at least until you tell me what you meant about last night," she stepped away from him, controlling her urge to run with the thought of Chris punching his face in - it would never happen, but it made her feel better.

“I meant exactly what I said – your brother told me about what happened last night, simple as,” he explained, staring at her thoughtfully, moving his head to the side a bit, inquisitively, as if that would make him able to spot something he could not quite glimpse. “I didn’t know you had such strong opinions.”

“Then you don’t know much about me at all,” Carrie replied coolly, turning her back on his stare and making her way to the Slytherin Common room.

"It's going to happen eventually, Carrie! Why make it any harder than it needs to be? It could be easy - easy as breathing!" he shouted after her, a hint of strain and desperation creeping into his voice.

But she just kept walking.

Any thoughts? I wasn't too sure if the change of view worked well, or not...
thanks for reading, review please :)

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