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A Malfoy and a Weasely Who'd have guessed? by Kirsty Weasley
Chapter 3 : Muggle Fighting
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Rose had never moved this fast in her life. Her legs were aching her lungs were searing painfully and she had barely gotten out of the common room! God, Rose was thinking I have got to go jogging more. She was terrified. If anything happened to Scorpius she would kill them. She meant it too. Urg! they were such ass holes. Didn’t she tell them to learn to deal? That she was going to see him anyway no matter what they said, that she wouldn’t break up with him? Realisation dawned on Roses face. So they were trying to make him break up with her! By beating him up? Man she hated them right now.


Rose was tearing through the corridors running past classrooms and weaving through students panting breathlessly, refusing to give in to her want to rest, pushing herself forward towards the space outside the great hall where she knew her boyfriend and cousins would be. Fighting. Shit shit shit!

“Rose Weasley! Why on earth are you running through these halls like a hooligan! For goodness sake you should be setting an example, you’re a prefect! What would your parents say?” Professor Longbottom, Hogwarts headmaster scolded.

“Sorry Professor.” She panted “James….Fred…Hugo are….fighting downstairs!”

Professor Longbottom’s face set in a hard line as he swept down the staircase Rose hurrying after him. Man was she gonna kill them when she got there. Not right away in front of the head teacher but she would get them!
Rose and Professor Longbottom could hear the chaos that awaited them before they saw it. Upon turning the corner into the auditorium outside of the great hall they could barely see past a group of students formed in a messy circle chanting “Fight fight fight fight!” And in the middle of the circle muggle fighting shoving Scorpius around was Hugo, James and Fred. Scorpius didn’t look good. He was being shoved from person to person. He was bleeding from the mouth and his nose looked broken. This was all nothing to the helplessness Rose saw on his face. Madam Selgrey could fix his physical injuries in a minute but the fear in Rose saw in his eyes terrified her. Then he saw her as she pushed her way through the crowd of kids.

“Move! MOVE” She yelled “James! Hugo! Fred! Get off of him!” She was in the middle now yelling at them to get off to stop. She looked deranged. Man was she angry. Where was her wand. Where!

Professor Longbottom quickly broke up the fight (before Rose could kill her cousins and brother) and sent James Hugo and Fred to his office in disgrace. He tried to make Rose go as well.

“Professor please” She begged “I have to make sure Scorpius is okay. Please,”

So he let her leave to go to the hospital wing with the Malfoy boy, even though he had no idea why a Weasley would care about a Malfoy.

Scorpius had been given some kind of potion to help with his pain which had him out cold. Madam Selgrey had fixed his broken nose and two broken ribs. Now she said he needed rest. Rose sat at his bedside holding his hand and crying silently. How could they do this to him? To her? What would happen next? Oh my god her dad was going to find out. Of course he would Professor Longbottom was bound to tell him she cared about Scorpius and if not when her Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny found out about the fight they would want an explanation as to why it happened and she was sure that James would be more than happy to tell on her. Would her dad be happy that Hugo and the rest had beaten Scorpius up to try and stop Rose seeing him? Or would he still be mad that they were fighting. She whimpered worriedly, believing that the latter was much more likely to be the case.
Well no matter the outcome one thing was certain. Scorpius and her would stay together through it all. No matter what.

“Rosie” Al’s voice was soft and gentle behind her as he put his hand comfortingly on her shoulder. “It’s late. I’ve spoken to Madam Selgrey. She says that Scorpius wont be awake until the morning. Come and get some sleep, its been a long day.”

Rose leaned forward and kissed Scorpius on the head, ignoring the involuntary shudder that Al omitted at seeing this, and allowed herself to be guided back up to her dorm to sleep. Passing the clock in the common room she couldn’t believe it was midnight and only 3 hours ago her life was perfect with no one knowing about her secret -and perfect- relationship.
She said goodnight to Al and continued on route to her dorm. Everyone, thankfully, was asleep so she sunk into her bed happy she didn’t have to talk to anyone and drifted into an uneasy sleep.

Disclaimer/ Authors note- I do not own any of Joanne Rowling’s amazing characters! What are you thinking of this chapter? You see the little box below? See it? Okay write your thoughts there, then I can see them! Sorry for quite a short chapter :( But Thanks for reading! - Kirsty xxx

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