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Brown-Eyed Girl by TwilightPrincess
Chapter 1 : Plain Petunia
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Author's Note: I'm not sure if canon Petunia has brown eyes, but for the sake of this story, she does. Please be open-minded.

Everything you recognize is property of JKR. Everything you don't recognize is property of me. Stealing is bad for your conscience.


Anybody can be extraordinary with weird-colored eyes.

Aliens are portrayed as having glowing eyes. Villains and vampires have red eyes. If you want to make someone different, give him interesting eyes. Because the eyes are the window to the soul, they say. If you have interesting eyes, you must be an interesting person.

It’s easy to notice someone with light eyes. Their eyes are like an animal’s. They shine like mirrors in the night. Blue ones pierce you like ice. You can swim in deep pools of blue eyes. The green-eyed ones can be fields of green or something equally as pleasant.

People with light-colored eyes are beautiful. Ask any male on the planet to describe his dream girl. Blonde hair, blue eyes. The light-eyed people get anything they want because they are some sort of unreal being. They are extraordinary. They are beautiful. They have graced the universe with their godlike presence.

But what about the brown-eyed girls?

What about the average-looking people?

It’s easy to see something special when you’re different. But it’s another thing to look at someone average – really look at them – and see something even more special.

The brown-eyed girls don’t get to be superficial. They don’t get to coast through life based on their charm and other-worldly looks. Our features are brown like dirt. Mud. The stuff the light-eyed people walk on. We are the path for them. Without us, the light-eyed people wouldn’t be different.

The color of earth, we are. A lover can’t get lost in deep puddles of… mud.

It’s no wonder why we’re forgotten. We blend in with every other thing on the planet. And it’s no wonder why Severus loves Lily. She’s got green eyes. Green! That’s the most extraordinary of all! She can capture anyone’s attention just by looking at them. She can make people follow her every command. It’s some kind of spell that green-eyed people have.

I see the way he looks at her with admiration in his eyes. Actually, it’s more like he’s got nothing in his eyes. He’s almost empty-looking because the beauty of her green eyes drains all that is in him. In her presence, he becomes both nothing and one of her. Because of her, even average-looking, even ugly Severus Snape looks interesting.

But what could possibly be inside of her that shines through her green eyes? Her beauty is only on the surface. People look at her and see her beauty, but that’s all there is to her. There’s nothing extraordinary about my sister. She’s a normal person, just like the rest of us. She’s made up of fluff, that’s all. There’s no substance to her.

People don’t care about that, though. All they care about is the beauty in her eyes. The amazing gleam the light catches in them. The oddity of their color.

People don’t care what kind of person she is.

You’d think that once Severus actually got to know her after being caught by her eyes, he’d realize that there’s nothing special about her and move on. But somehow she keeps him interested.

It’s not fair! She doesn’t care about him, anyway. She complains all the time about how he follows her around like a sad little puppy. He spends every waking moment thinking about her and how in love with her he is, but she doesn’t care about him at all! What kind of godlike creature would do that to a poor human being?

She’s not nice at all, really. She’s a deadly black widow. She draws people in with her beauty and uses it to suck all the life out of people. She exists because people will always be fascinated with beauty, no matter the personality.

Poor girl. She won’t ever know what it’s like to be happy with who you are, despite what others say. She won’t go through the rebuilding process that happens after rejection. She get to reap the benefits of hard work. What will she have to be proud of?

But this rejection is brutal. I don’t wish this feeling upon anybody. Not even my hollow sister. To watch Severus waste away in her presence breaks my heart. If he would just open his eyes to see her for what she truly is, he would realize that what she truly is isn’t that much.

Open your eyes, Severus! Look away from the beauty of her sparkling eyes and focus on what’s important. Turn your attention to someone who is outwardly more plain but on the inside is colorful! Turn your attention to me, Severus. I know what it’s like to be in your position. I won’t look down on you. I’m a better match, clearly.

I want to shout at him, but I can’t. Even my words disintegrate in the air when my sister is near. I can’t do anything for him while she’s there.

Poor Sev. He’s just going to have to continue getting his feelings whirled around by the emeralds in her eyes until she’s finished with him. I’d love to extend an arm to help, but he probably wouldn’t see me.

I suppose in that way they’re good for each other, though. Two blind lovers, looking deep into each other and seeing nothing.

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Brown-Eyed Girl: Plain Petunia


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