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A Perfect Mess by Ronsgirl29
Chapter 3 : An Interesting Day
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“Rose. Rooooooseeee. ROOOSEE!” I hear Arianna shouting my name.

“Too early. Need sleep. Sleep good.” I grumble, I’m too tired to deal with this.

“TIME. TO. GET. UP!” She starts to violently shake me.

“I can’t hear you, I’m sleeeeeppingggg.” I say rather childishly, but who cares? Not me, I’m too tired to care.

Arianna grabs my foot and starts to pull me off the bed. She does it so fast that I don’t even know what’s going on till I hit the floor. 

Damn, she’s stronger than I thought.

“Fine, fine! I’m up. Don’t get your wand in a knot.” Doesn’t she understand I need my beauty sleep?

I grudgingly stand up from the floor, rubbing my eyes. “What time is it anyway?” I mumble with a yawn.

“Erin’s been up for ages.” She says and instantly I know that there’s hardly anytime before class.

Erin is another one of my best friends, whose also a 7th year Gryffindor, and she’s always the last one up. So, if you’re up after her, you know you better hurry.

“Seriously?” I look to her bed seeing that it is in fact empty. “Seriously. Now hurry. You have around 20 minutes to get ready, eat breakfast, and get to class. We can‘t be late to charms again.”

I rush (well as rushed as you can be when you’re too tired to walk) into the bathroom to get ready. I look in the mirror and see that looking good today is a lost cause. I brush my teeth and quickly wash my face. My hair is a mess so I just throw it up in a pony tail, maybe I’ll get a chance to fix it later. After ,I put on a little makeup, get in my robes, I’m ready to go.

Arianna waited for me, seeing as she had already eaten, and we walked to the Great Hall together. I sit down in our usual spot. There’s a group of us 7th years that all sit together.

Erin, Harmony, and Madison are my closest friends (that aren’t related to me) so we sit together. James’s best mates are Kyle, Justin, and Charlie, so naturally they sit with us as well. Mitch is friends with them too, but he only sits with us because of me. Most days he sits with his other friends, but today was one of the days he sat with us.

“Hey, nice of you to join us sleeping beauty.” Justin says while giving me a sly smile.

“Sorry, I had a really late night.” I say laughing and  winking, earning us a dirty look from Mitch.

I’ve learned to accept that Justin is a total flirt, so I just go with it. He and James are really good friends, so I’ve gotten pretty close to him also through the years. I know I shouldn’t flirt back right in front my boyfriend, but it’s all in good fun.

“Cousin, I noticed my invisibility cloak is missing, could that have anything to do with you?” James asks in a false sweetness.

Whoa, how could he know something was missing from that truck? It was a total mess.

I get a few questioning looks before I answer.

“Yeah… about that. IcompletelyforgottowritemyancientrunespaperthatisduetodaysoI borrowedyourcloaksoIcouldsneaktothelibraryandwork.” I mutter quickly,.

James hates when I take us his stuff, and he doesn’t really approve of school work either. So of course, the two put together don't really make a good combination. 

“Alright, but next time could you ask? I was going to use it for um some business last night, but because you took it those plans were cancelled.” A sly grin spreads across James face.

Kyle, Justin and Charlie all start laughing and Kyle bursts out, “Yeah, if by business you mean sneaking out to snog Heather Fitzsimons then yes, he had some really important business.” And then the boys start to crack up again.

Both Arianna and I smack him on the head. “OI, WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” He‘s obviously confused…

“What do you mean what!? You spend the whole night yelling at that poor boy for snogging Lily and then you want to go off with that girl in the dead of night to snog?” Arianna says rather angrily.

“James you can be such a filthy hypocrite!” I shout right after Arianna.

He and his buddies start to crack up again, “Oh calm down, I stopped yelling at him, didn’t I? Plus the kid was snoggin my sister in broad daylight for the whole world to see. I wasn’t going to give him a high five or something. Yelling seemed like the most appropriate action.” James says with a shrug.

“Plus he seems way too blatant with his feelings. More boys should be like me, ignore the girl, it drives the hunnies crazy.” James smirks devilishly.

“Oh and I bet that works on all the girls, right Jamesy?” Madison says with a heavy sarcasm.

“It worked on Heather.”

A naughty smile comes across his face and everyone cracks up, even I can’t help but laugh. It’s impossible to stay mad at that boy. Though I did notice Erin looked, well sad? when James says this. But her expression changes quickly so I don’t bring it up.

                                                                       *  *  *  *  

I finish my food and we all rush off to class. James, Arianna, Mitch, Erin and I all have Charms this morning while the rest of them go off to their classes. I walk down the hall holding hands with Mitch and I can’t help but feel guilty about last night. I mean Mitch is a great boyfriend. My mind shouldn’t be stuck on Scorpius.

We get to the class room and I take my usual seat next to Mitch.

“Hey, you alright? You look sort of distracted?” Mitch asks looking slightly worried.

“No I’m alright, just soooo tired. I didn’t finish my paper till about 4 am.” I say, yawning for dramatic effect.

I mean its not really a lie, I am super tired, but that’s not why I’m distracted.

“Alright love, I’m going to go talk to Paul. Be back in a minute.” He says, then walks over to his friend Paul.

I’m trying to not think about Scorpius, but of course he just happens to have charms with me today. I see him across the room and I wave hello. What the hell am I doing? I’m like waving my arm around at him like a total loon. I better stop.

Luckily, he smiles and waves back. I’m going to have to learn to be a little less freakish when I’m around him. Mitch comes back and sits next to me and takes my hand, I smile at him and Professor Bennett starts his lesson. 

                                                              *  *  *  *  
The rest of the morning went on rather uneventfully. After charms I had double divination, nothing really eventful happened except for James over-dramatically for-seeing my death. Apparently I’m going to be attacked by savage dogs, pushed off a cliff by a back-stabbing enemy, then blown up by a pipe bomb and the bits are going to be trampled by a muggle parade. Most teachers would be appalled, but not Professor Trelawney, she looked rather excited.

Divination was followed by lunch. Now that lunch is over I have to go to my next class: Ancient Runes.

I start walking towards the class alone, seeing as none of my friends have that class, they all opted not to take such a difficult course. My mind begins to wander back to Scorpius.

I wonder what I should do when I see him. Should I act like nothing happened and not talk to him like usual, or should I be all cool and say something clever and seductive? Oh who am I kidding, I’ve never been seductive in my whole life.

“Hey, Weasley! Wait up!” I hear Scorpius shout to me as he walks down the hall. Well I guess now I don’t have a choice on whether or not I should talk to him.

“Hey Scorpius,” I say with a laugh; he looks ridiculous. “What’s with the food splattered all over you?” He looks down and appears surprised, like it’s news to him that he’s covered in today’s lunch.

“Oh right! Sorry, my friends and I got in a little bit of a food fight.” He smiles and does a quick spell to remove the stains. “I was going to clean off before class, but I was in a hurry.”

“In a hurry for what? I mean I know how fun ancient runes are, but you can’t be that anxious for class.” Oh look at me trying to be funny.

“I wasn’t hurrying up to get to class Weasley,” he says with a genuine laugh, “I was trying to catch up to you.” Damn that Scorpius and his trademark smirk. Not to mention that charming voice. I’d wager he could make any girls heart melt.

“Is that so? Well then I’m quite flattered Mr. Malfoy.” I know he’s probably just trying to be funny and charming, but I hope there’s some truth to his words. Just the idea that he was rushing to see me makes my heart flutter like a bunch of butterflies.

Ew did I say that, like forreal? Butterflies? Could I be anymore cliché?

“Of course it is, would I lie? Now lets hurry, class is starting in a few minutes.”

I just notice that the corridor is completely empty except for us, so he must be right. We arrive to class on time and I take my seat. Scorpius sits down in the seat to my left, getting some confused looks. Gryffindor’s and Slytherin’s don’t typically sit next to each other in any class.

Professor Cassot tells us he has to go make arrangements with the headmaster about something so we have a few minutes to talk.

“So, how much sleep did you get?” he questions.

“Not enough, that’s for sure. Arianna actually had to drag me out of bed. It kind of hurt.“ I frown, my bum is still sore from the fall. “How about yourself?” I yawn, dang did he have to mention sleep? I didn’t realize how tired I was till he brought it up.

“Haha, oh about the same. Tony had to pour a bucket of water on my head to get me up. Well technically he didn’t have to the pour the water, but he said it seemed like the funniest option. For him anyway.” He says laughing.

I’m glad this boy has a good sense of humor, because if one of my friends did that I’d probably hex them to oblivion. I’m rather crabby when I first wake up.

“Oh, he seems like a keeper. Truly a great friend.” I say sarcastically, but then again what do I say that isn’t sarcastic?

“I couldn’t agree more.” Scorpius smiles, and I can’t help but smile too.

His smile is amazing, and his teeth are so white! Like whoa, I didn’t even notice, but I’m practically getting blinded by these chompers.

Is it weird that I find his great oral hygiene kind of sexy?

I was about to ask him if he thinks all our hard work last night is going to pay off on those essays, but right at that moment Professor Cassot walks back into the room, interrupting me before I can say anything else.

“Alright class, I’m back. Enough chatting, we have a lot to get through today, and not much time to do it!” 

                                                                    *  *  *  * 
Professor starts the lesson and Scorpius and I stop talking. I try to pay attention to the class but in the corner of my eye I can see that Scorpius keeps stealing glances at me, and that is very distracting. Normally, I would think someone staring at me is a little creepy, but with him I just think it’s sweet. We’re sitting so close that I’m surprised he can’t hear my heart beat, which coincidentally got much louder when he sat down. Damn, there goes those butterflies again.

Did you hear anything he just said?” Scorpius whispers playfully.

Not a word.” I smile at him, I guess he could tell how distracted I was. Hopefully he doesn’t realize he’s the distraction.

Me neither, this old git is better at putting me to sleep than teaching me Ancient Runes. He wouldn’t know interesting even if it whacked him in the face.” He whispers into my ear.

I involuntarily shivered. Oh god, could he whisper in my ear again?

I know exactly what you mean. But thanks to his boring teaching, I’ve managed to teach myself to sleep while maintaining the appearance of an alert student. It’s probably the most practical thing I’ve learned at Hogwarts.” I say, taking a turn to whisper in his ear.

He blurts out a laugh before covering his mouth. I love his laugh, and I’m sure my face has a goofy expression on it because his smile and laugh just affect me in the strangest way. He takes one look at my face and starts to laugh again, yup I definitely have that loony look.

I smack his arm and whisper, “Way to go Malfoy, now Professor is going to yell at us fo-”

Before I can finish my sentence I see Professor Cassot is standing right in front of Malfoy and me.

“Eh hemm,” Blech, that obnoxious noise people always make when they want your attention., “what seems to be so funny Mr. Malfoy?”

“Nothing sir, it was just a cough.” He answers, attempting to sound sincere.

“Is that so? Because if I didn’t know better I’d say you and Ms. Weasley were too busy flirting to pay attention to my class.” Professor Cassot noticed more than I thought.

This accusation makes Scorpius turn a bright red, even brighter than my hair, and I can’t help but laugh at his embarrassment. When Scorpius doesn’t answer him, he goes into full bitchy teacher mode.

“Well then, seeing as you both have such great senses of humor, how about you two serve a detention with me tomorrow evening. It will be a real laugh.” He replies curtly before returning to the front of the class to teach.

Neither of us want to risk getting another detention, so we don’t talk again for the rest of class. Ugh, why must teachers ruin everything?!

I waited for the class to end, time going by so slowly that this class just might go on forever. And the dirty looks Professor keeps giving us isn’t helping it go any faster. I can’t believe I have to go his detention, I’m sure it will be even more boring than class. Why couldn’t he have just made it tonight? That way I could get it over with, but now I have to dread it all day and tomorrow. Oh shit, tomorrow I have Quidditch practice. James really hates when anyone misses practice, and he’ll be even angrier because it’s the first one of the year.

I’m not sure which is going to piss him off more, the fact that I have to miss practice, or the fact that the detention was for talking in class with Scorpius Malfoy, his “Undesirable Number One” . It will probably be a wonderful combination of both.

Grudgingly, I watch the hand on the clock go slowly from minute to minute. Finally it says 2:45 and I literally let out a sigh of relief. I was seconds away from actually dying of boredom. I gather my books and leave the class room without saying anything to Scorpius. But he quickly catches up to me as he did after lunch.

“Sorry about getting you a detention, I didn’t think the geezer would notice our whispers.” He looks down at the floor as he speaks, not meeting my gaze.

Aw he feels guilty, how sweet.

“Hm well maybe it wasn’t the whispers so much as it was the rather loud laughter coming from your mouth.” Unlike him I smile while I say this, hoping it will show him I’m only joking around.

He looks up and sees my smile. “Well I wouldn’t have been laughing if you weren’t so damn amusing. I swear, I can’t control myself when you make those ridiculous expressions of your’s.”

“Oh so this is my fault? Well then I guess I should be the one apologizing to you.”
I clear my throat before continuing.

“Dearest Scorpius, I am every so sorry that my face is completely ridiculous. Please forgive me. I will try my best from now on to keep my absurd expressions to myself.” I say, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Hmmm,“ he makes a face as if he’s thinking deeply, “alright, I guess I’ll forgive you.”

I’m about to respond but he cuts me off before I can get a word out.

But only on one condition.” I should have known Scorpius wouldn’t let me off that easy.

“And that condition is…?” I hope its nothing to bad.

“That you have to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend.” Scorpius looks at me with an expectant look.

Uh oh. I was afraid that he’d say something like that. Ugh, I know I shouldn’t want to say yes, but my heart is screaming for me to agree. But I couldn’t possibly, it would be so unfair to Mitch.

“Scorpius, I have a boyfriend.” A slight frown appears on my face as I say these words.

I try my best to keep my tone light, and act as if this has no affect on me. But I’m sure my face is telling a different story. I never was good at keeping my emotions hidden from my expressions. It’s got to be obvious that it hurts me to say no.

“Oh Weasley, don’t flatter yourself,” I was about to be very offended but he smiles warmly and continues. “I was only hoping you’d go with me to help buy me mum a birthday present. I’m lousy when it comes to girly stuff.”

This should be a relief to me, and in a way it is, but I can’t help but feel sad that he didn’t want to go on a date with me. Does that make me an awful person?

“Well in that case, I’d be delighted to help you out. But it’s probably in both of our best interests that we don’t let James see us together. Or Mitch for that matter.” I try to smile, but it feels forced.

“Great, I really appreciate it Rose.” His tone is kind, but I notice that his smile doesn’t seem genuine either. I wonder why?

Scorpius P.O.V

“Well I wouldn’t want your mother to have an inadequate birthday present.” She squeaks out, I wonder why her voice sounds different?

“No of course not, her favorite son has to get her the best present possible.” I hope to lighten the mood, because obviously my inappropriate invitation to Hogsmeade is freaking her out.

“Aren’t you her only son?” She looks at me questioningly.

“Well yeah, but that’s besides the point.” I smile and notice he eyes light up a little bit.

It seems they always light up when I smile or laugh. Goddamit that just makes everything that much more confusing.

“She named you Scorpius Hyperion didn’t she?” That’s an odd question, I think to myself. As that is my name, I proceed to nod my head apprehensively.

“Then there’s no way you’re her favorite.” She sticks out her tongue, and we both start to laugh.

“Hmm, that’s a good point you have Rose. I guess my family just really digs weird names.” I try to keep from laughing, but really, when you think of the names my family has you can’t help but laugh.

Obviously she knows most of the names as well, and we begin to laugh all over again.

We continue to talk as we walk aimlessly down the empty hall.

“We should probably get going” Rose suggests “after all our next classes are starting in about 5 minutes.”

“That sounds like a good idea. Where are you off to next?”

“I have… hmm I can’t even remember.” She thinks for a moment and then answers, “Oh right potions next! Aha sorry that took me awhile, my brain is still asleep.”

“It’s all good Weasley, I already knew you were slow.” I smirk and I can sense she’s about to respond with an insult back so I cut her off.

“And as for what class I have next, well I’ve got Herbology. So I guess I won’t see you again till later.”

This makes me sad, but in a way relieved. It’ll give me time to think, seeing as how I can never think properly around her.

Rose looks a tad upset that we don’t have the next class together, but that disappears quickly off her face. We say our goodbye’s and head to our respective classrooms.

Blood hell. Could I have been any stupider?! 

I can’t believe I asked her to go to Hogsmeade with me. Of course I knew she has a boyfriend, but I sort of just got caught up in the moment and asked her anyway. Thank Merlin I was able to think quick on my feet and come up with that clever cover up. I mean I do have to get my mothers birthday present, but it’s not for another month and a half… 

Anyway, Rose seemed horrified that I asked her to go on a date, probably thinking I must be a total freak. Then I was excepting her to seem totally relieved when I made up the shopping excuse, but no, she had to go and look bloody disappointed. All these little things she does don’t make sense. Women in general, just don’t make sense. I think all women have a secret mission in life to make everything about them impossible for men to understand.

Caught up in my own thoughts, I don’t realize I’ve already made it to the greenhouses. Well that talk took less time than expected. I walk in and see Tony and Ryan sitting next to each other. I walk over and am instantly bombarded with questions.

“Mate, we saw you walking with Weasley. Has she finally succumb to the charms of Scorpius Malfoy?” Tony taunts, but says with a grin.

“Yeah! Did she finally fall for you Malfoy? Took you long enough!” Ryan also shouts out.

I can’t help but laugh. “She definatly hasn’t ‘succumb to my charms’ but I have been talking with her lately. And things were going really well, though now I think I have mucked it all up.”

“Why is that Scorp? You too seemed to be getting along when we saw you.” Ryan interjects.

I fill them in about the night at the library, and how everything was going good. Until I bloody asked her out.

Tony speaks first after I finish my story, “Ouch, tough luck mate. Not the best idea to ask a chick with a boyfriend out on a date.”

“Well thanks for pointing out the obvious Tony. As if I didn’t already know that.”

My tone is slightly more snappy that I would have liked, but I’m already stressed out and he’s not helping.

“But hey, you covered it up nicely! That shopping thing was brilliant! And it sounds like you were able to get the conversation back on track instead of being awkward.” Ryan says, trying to see the bright side.

“I guess that’s true, but still, that doesn’t explain why she looked so sad…” I tell him but I'm then interrupted by the teacher walking into the room.

Professor Levi starts the class, ending our conversation, which, thankfully gives me more time to think.

It just doesn’t make sense! The only thing I can come up with is that she wishes I’d actually asked her out. But why would she be sad if she’d already kind of turned me down before I made up the excuse? And why would she want to go on a date with me anyway when she already has ‘perfect’ Collins? Almost all the girls fancy him, he has even more girls after him than Potter or myself. There’s no way she’d stop liking him for me, though I don’t really understand what she sees in him either. Just one more thing to add to the list of “Weird things girls do to drive me crazy.” I guess I’ll just have to be happy with being her sort of friend for now, though I’m dying for more.
                                                                       * * * *

A/N: I hope everyone had a great holiday! I’m not so sure about this chapter, I kind of wrote it unplanned, going with whatever seemed right. So please tell me if you like it, or if there’s thing I could improve. I really enjoy peoples input. Oh and this will be the first chapter of 2010, how exciting!

PS: I’d like to make a shout out to spam_up_sam for answering my questions about making banners! Go read her stories, they’re legit.

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