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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 8 : Chapter 7: Future on the Edge
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A.N this chapter is angsty. In the hospital there will be magical and muggle things used, because with the downfall of Voldemort, wizards are using muggle stuff to help.

Harry's mind whirled as he sat in St. Mungos. The Healers had been working on Hermione for an hour, but there was still no news. The Order had now been looking for James for an hour but there was still no news. Harry looked over toward the room of which Hermione was in, he saw her lying in her bed, covered in wires and looking lifeless. His heart crushed in his chest and he suddenly found he couldn't breathe, he jumped up from his chair and rushed outside, gasping at the cold, January air as it hit his face. He heard the door creak behind him and soon found his father standing beside him.

"You Ok, Son?" James asked him.

"No" Harry answered truthfully. Tears were rolling down his face, blurring his vision. "I'm so scared dad, scared of losing them all. I saw Hermione there, looking so lifeless, and found I couldn't breathe".

"You got to have faith that they'll be alright."

"I can't dad, my wife and two unborn babies are close to dyeing and my two year old son is missing and in goodness knows what state."

"You'll not lose your family-" James began but was cut off by a Healer coming through the door.

"Harry could you come with us" she said. Harry gulped and looked at his dad, who squeezed his shoulder encouragingly. Harry walked with the Healer into a small side room, where the Chief Healer was standing.

"Mr Potter" He began, and Harry swallowed hard, his heart was thumping loudly in his chest, and he was finding it hard not to be sick." Hermione suffered from a very bad panic attack, due to your son going missing, this made the babies become distressed, this made Hermione then go into premature labour. We did everything we could, but unfortunately we were not able to stop the early labour. We delivered your babies five minutes ago; they are now in the post-natal care unit. They are in incubators, and hooked up to machines to help them breathe. They were also given replenishing potions, as their skin isn't fully developed and you can see all their blood vessels."

"Can I see them?" Harry asked.

"Of course you can" The Healer said. She led him out of the room and down a long narrow corridor; he was slightly worried that he was so far away from Hermione, considering the healer didn't mention her state of health. She finally stopped outside a room, she paused and turned to him before opening the door. "Now I have to warn you your babies are really small and under developed. You have a boy and a girl" At this Harry's heart swelled for the first time that day, he had another boy, and his first girl. Hermione was going to be pleased. “Your son weighed 1lb 13oz, and your daughter weighed 1lb 10oz. So they won't be what you are used to, and because they are so under-developed you can't hold or touch them until, we build their immune systems up. The next 72hrs are critical for your son and daughter, but if they survive, then they have a good chance of growing up to be fully healthy, happy children" The Healer finished. Again, Harry's heart sank when he heard, the words 'critical' and 'not allowed to touch'. Could his life get any worse? Actually, he would prefer not to know the answer to that...

Harry walked into the large white room and saw two tiny incubators in the middle of the room, side by side. He went over to the one on the left hand side, which turned out to be his son. The Healer was right; he looked nothing like James did when he was born. This baby was so tiny and skinny, he was red from head to toe, his eyes, lips, ears and nose were not properly formed and looked odd. You could see his ribs and veins, there was practically no muscle on him, but to Harry he looked gorgeous. His daughter, who was on the right, looked exactly the same, only smaller and skinnier. She two looked gorgeous to him. Harry sat on a seat in-between the two incubators and smiled at the thought of how different his son and daughter would look when they were older, and how James would adore them. His heart then tightened once again, at the thought of them not surviving and James never coming home. Harry once again found that couldn't breathe and raced from the room. He ran back down the corridor for what felt like forever. This time he found the room of which his parents, Sirius and Remus were residing. He burst through the door, and slammed it behind him, before collapsing on the floor. They all rushed forward and Sirius got there first.

"Harry, what's wrong? Is it the babies? Is it Hermione?" Harry shook his head at both and took a few minutes of deep breathing before he spoke.

"No, the babies are alive, they look so ill, but they are alive. I have another son and a daughter. I don't know about Hermione, I haven't seen her in a while. Everything is just getting on top of me Sirius, I'm so scarred of losing my family, and I would kill myself if I lost them" Harry said sobbing once more.

"No Harry" Sirius said, putting his hands on Harry's cheeks to lift up his head." You will not kill yourself because your family are going to survive, no one is going to lose anybody Ok" Sirius said gruffly. Harry nodded pathetically and continued to cry. Sirius sat beside him and held him, whilst his godson cried his heart out. He looked to the rest of the room and like himself everyone was crying. They all hoped against hope that Harry's family would survive. If Harry lost them, it would be the end of him

Harry woke up and found himself on the sofa in the family room. He looked around and realised that he was alone. There was note left on the coffee table, he picked it up, looking at it he realised that it was from Sirius.


                       I'm sorry we left without telling you. You looked so peaceful resting there; anyway we are just away home for a shower and a rest we will be back at five. Oh and me and your dad went to visit Hermione, she is fine, they put her in an induced coma, and are giving her blood replenishing potions. We also went to see the babies, they are so beautiful, and we have every faith that they are going to survive.

                                                                                  Love, From All of Us.

P.S Dumbledore wants a word with you, so you have to owl him as soon as you have seen that gorgeous wife of yours.

Harry let out a small smile and set the note down. He got up and stretched, he vaguely wondered what Dumbledore wanted him for, but pushed that thought to the back of his mind for a while, he had to go and see his wife. He walked out of the room and across the hall. He gently opened the door and found his wife surrounded by Healers, his heart skipped a beat and he could feel the panic, building up. However one of the Healers who noticed him smiled and walked over.

"Mr Potter, just in time. We are about to wake your wife" She said smiling as she led him to Hermione's bedside. He sat there whilst they administered an orange coloured potion. Slowly but surely Hermione began to wake, and Harry's heart felt instantly lighter. Hermione blinked a few times before turning to face Harry.

"James, the babies" she said panicked.

"Mrs Potter don't stress yourself out." A Healer said, she fussed about for a bit then left the young couple alone. Harry's heart had sank again, how was he going to explain to his wife that her kids were close to dyeing, and one was still missing.

"Hermione, James is still missing, and you went into labour, they tried to stop it but it didn't work. The babies are extremely premature and are in intensive care, their condition is still critical." Hermione started sobbing and Harry jumped up and held her close, after five minutes she was able to speak.

"What did we have?"

"Another boy and our first Girl"

"We have our girl?"

"Yes. They are beautiful, but so tiny" Just then another Healer came over.

"Would you like to see your babies" She asked. Hermione nodded her head enthusiastically. The healer smiled and brought her a wheel-chair over. She got into it carefully, and the healer pushed her down to the room, she gave Hermione the same warnings as Harry go, and then pushed her into the room.

"Oh, Harry they're beautiful" she wept, she looked at her son, then her daughter. They both looked the same, but different somehow.

"I know, we need names for them."

"How about Riley Evan Potter and Celeste Elise Potter?"

"Yea they sound good, Riley and Celeste" The couple smiled at each other and stayed with their babies for half an hour, before going back to the room where they found a note from Dumbledore.


                             We have found James, we need your help to get him, and we don't think he's in good condition. We need you to meet us at Remus' house now!



Harry's heart constricted as he handed Hermione the note, she read it and screamed.

"Harry you have to go and save him" She screeched. Harry could only nod at her, he was feeling too sick to speak, he gave her a kiss on the head and ran out of the hospital.

Harry arrived at Remus' house, and was greeted with a mass of Arours, all ready to fight. He looked around at each of them; they all looked the same, tall rugged, well-built and tough, obviously Arours from a different Country, since Harry knew none of them. His eyes landed on Remus, Sirius and Dumbledore, who were huddled in a corner together looking sombre.

"What's going on?" Harry asked when he had reached the three men.

"Harry" Sirius said, he gave his godson a tight reassuring squeeze, which made no difference to how Harry was feeling on the inside. "Harry, these men are from America's top Arour Organisation, they are the equivalent of your team. The Minister thought it would be better to get Arours who didn't know you, less emotionally involved” he said.

"What has happened to my son?" Harry asked in a somewhat strained voice, he was struggling to keep it together, and the strain was showing. Remus was watching him carefully and conjured a glass of water and a chair for him. Judging by their sombre faces, he was going to need them.

"James has said to have suffered terrible abuse. He has had no food, water and.... He has suffered the cruciatus curse."

Harry, couldn't hold it in any longer, he ran to the sink and threw up the little contents that were in his stomach. Shaking he stumbled over to the chair and collapsed onto it.

"How could to that to a tiny baby? How do you know all this?" He cried. The emotion inside of him was over powering him, he felt dizzy.

"We had an informant placed inside of the location James is being held. Bellatrix is the one who is torturing him." Harry, put his head in-between his legs, and struggled to control his breathing. Bellatrix was torturing his son, his young beloved son. It was making his blood boil.

"She must die for this." Harry said standing up and addressing everyone in the room. “I don't care who, and I don't care how, she must be killed"

"Harry, think carefully about what you are saying..."

"No, professor. This creature will not get away with abusing my son. Not whilst I'm alive. If it's the last thing I ever to this woman must pay." He shouted in a frustrated growl.

"Very well Harry, grab Sirius' arm, he will apparate you to where we need to go".


Harry and Sirius landed, with a thump on jagged ground, he looked about him wildly, and he could see lots of jagged rocks and a huge cave sitting on top of the largest one. The dark, cold sea slapped against the jagged rocks and the crisp cold air whipped his face. Sirius pulled him in the direction of everyone else and they started climbing the steep slope that led to the top. Harry soon found himself at the very top, eager to get to his son. He looked at the cave before him, it was not very big, and smelt foul, water and goo leaked from the ceiling, and an unnerving sense crept over him. Dumbledore put a hand on his shoulder and took a deep breathe. He was obviously tired from the walk. After a few short seconds Dumbledore drew his wand, and started performing complicated spells. Soon Harry saw the cave for what it really was. Dumbledore had obviously disabled the ward surrounding the place and now a hundred or so Arours, Dumbledore, Sirius, Remus and himself were wondering through the narrow bendy passage ways. It wasn't too long before the majority of them were fighting the Death eaters, and Harry felt himself being pulled away from the fight to follow, Dumbledore, Sirius, Remus and twenty Arours, into a room tucked away down a dark pathway deep within the cave.

After knocking out a few death eaters, Dumbledore stopped outside the room and performed some more complicated moves and opened the door. The sight that met Harry's eyes was like hell to him. Bellatrix was sitting on a black chair much like a throne, with Wormtail to her left and Malfoy to her right. In the corner lying on the wet floor was James, looking close to death.

"James" he yelled running toward him. Bellatrix lifted her wand to stop him, only finding herself and her two followers surrounded by twenty Arours.

Harry screamed in agony when his eyes met his son. His tiny body was swollen with the welts that covered it, cuts and bruises littered his body. He looked like he was minute from death.

"You've truly out done yourself this time, Bellatrix" Dumbledore said. She gave a high cruel laugh.

"My Pleasure" she said, she snapped her fingers and disappeared, leaving her two followers to face the wrath.

"Come on Harry, let’s get James to the hospital" Sirius said to his shaken godson. Harry nodded and picked up his fragile son, apperating on the spot.

Hermione paced the room of the hospital, not long after Harry left, she had alerted his parents that they had found James, but two hours later there was no sign of Harry and she was losing hope....

Lily and James were torn, they watched their daughter in-law pace the hospital room, despair etched across her face. They didn't know what to do or say. James looked at his daughter who had just fallen asleep. She was so upset about baby James, and worried for their big brother. James thought of his son and his heart ached. He must be going through hell, and James couldn't protect him.

Suddenly there was a loud pop, followed by a scream. Lily and James rushed to see Harry standing there, he looked tired and had cuts everywhere, and there in his hands looking lifeless, was Harry's precious son.

"Please get help" Harry cried hysterically. James nodded and ran out of the room; seconds later he was back with ten healers in tow. They took baby James out of Harry's hands and rushed him into the intensive care unit. Hermione followed, Harry went to follow her, but was led away by a healer. Lily and Izzy followed Hermione and James followed his son, the rest stayed in the room.

James stood by and watched as the healers cleaned up the blood and closed the wounds, he looked at Harry and felt that familiar pang of pain in his chest. Harry looked angry and frightened at the same time. Once the healers had finished, James stepped over to his son.

"You Ok Harry?" he asked gently.

"James, how’s James?"

"I don't know son, I haven't seen him."

"Do you think he'll...?” But Harry could bring himself to say it and broke down into a fit of sobs; James instantly hugged his son close.

"Of course he will, he's a Potter. He was born to fight." James soothed. After a few minutes Harry pulled away and nodding. Hoping his father was right.

"Take me to my wife and Son" Harry said to him. James nodded and they walked out of the ward and into the intensive care unit.

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