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Hiding Bruises by inspiredl
Chapter 10 : Forgetting Pain
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Chapter 10- Forgetting Pain

Thanks soo much to &thenboom@TDA for this beautiful image! <3 

I rolled in my bed and groaned loudly at the pain in my side.

“Tina,” said a voice somewhere to her left, “Tina, are you awake?”

I groaned again.

Someone poked me, bringing me back into full consciousness, which of course meant that my mind registered the horrible pain in my side that had kept me up most of the night. I resisted the urge to scream and slowly forced my eyelids to open, keeping my teeth gritted the whole time. I saw blurred figures moving around above my head and blinked again to bring them into focus.

Alice was the first to notice my open eyes, “Lily, she’s awake.”

Lily turned to look at me, “Tina, finally!” When I didn’t reply she continued, “We tried to wake you up loads but you wouldn’t budge.”

“Better get up now or you’ll be late,” Molly, told me, fussing around with her hair in the corner of the room.

Lily looked at me more closely when I still didn’t move, “Are you ok?” she asked, looking concerned now, “You look real pale.”

“I’m fine,” I said and smiled at her, though it may have looked like more of a grimace and certainly didn’t convince her of my wellbeing. “Getting up, see” I said as I moved over, but I rolled onto my bad side and let out an exclamation of pain. Lily’s eyes widened at the sound. “I’m just a bit sore,” I said quickly.

“You weren’t in when I came back from seeing Geoffrey,” said Marlene, now that she was done getting ready and seemed to have decided there was a riddle to be solved.

I didn’t look at her as I hauled myself into a sitting position on the edge of my bed.

“I reckon Tina’s sore ‘cause of a bit of rough hanky-panky last night if you know what I mean,” Marlene winked at me, but she had that malicious grin she had on her face that she only got when she heard a good rumour. All the girls turned and looked from her to me, wondering if I was capable of such a deed. Marlene just laughed and left the dormitory.

Molly looked at me and said kindly, ‘Ignore her when she starts saying stuff like that, the rest of us do” before following Marlene out.

Now it was just Lily, Alice, Em and me left in the dorm, and all of them were looking at me with very worried expressions on their faces. I ignored their looks and walked over to the bathroom. I know it doesn’t sound like much of an achievement, but trust me, it was.

Once inside I locked the door and lighted up my pajama bottoms to look at the hastily wrapped bandage that I had put on the wound into my thigh before falling into bed the night before. It was soaked with blood and I inwardly patted my self for thinking of them. Bloodstained PJs are not a good look in the morning, especially if you are telling people you are fine. I peeled away the bandage and winced as it pulled dried blood from the skin. The bite didn’t look good, there was a huge gash just above my knee, but at least you couldn’t make out the teeth marks.

I hadn’t thought to bring my wand in with me, so I washed the wound with water from the tap, it quickly turned red. The cleaned wound didn’t look as bad, now that I had washed all the blood away.

I heard people moving around outside and Lily called in to me hesitantly, “Tina, are you ok in there?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, tell Professor McGonagall I’m going to be late please” I said through the door.

“Umm … Ok” she replied, “bye then.”

“Bye, see you later” I called cheerily, glad she had agreed so easily.

“You should probably go see Madam Pomfrey,” Emmeline told me before I heard the door close behind them.

I breathed a sigh of relief once they were gone and hobbled out of the bathroom to get my wand. I muttered a few healing spells but they, didn’t have much effect as, I guessed that was because it was a bite from a magical creature.

I wound it up in some new bandage that I got from my bag and bound them on tightly with magic. They at least gave some support for the weak leg that was starting to show signs of bruising.

I didn’t want to go to lessons that day, so I decided I would stay here; exercising my injured leg and giving it time to heal. I only had Transfiguration (which I had already missed most of) and double Potions.

As I was sat on my bed, an owl knocked on the window. It was black and very battered looking, I had seen this owl before and felt dread grip my stomach as I went over to the window. It was Bella’s owl.

As soon as the window was opened it dropped the letter in, giving me what could only be described as a look of contempt as it flew away. Great, even Bella’s owl thought it was better then me.

I picked up the letter, which was written on a heavy parchment. The writing was in the small, twirling scrawl that I had come to link with Bellatrix Lestrange. It simply read:
Owlery 12:00 . Bella xx

I looked up at the time to see that I had just over an hour to get ready for my meeting. I got dressed slowly and brushed through my hair. I left early thinking I would need a while to walk there and wanted to have a look at the view from the Owlery. It was one of my favourite places to go and sit and escape the world. Bella had never chosen it for our meeting place before. I picked up my wand, stuffed it in my pocket and left.

I never even considered not going.


The walk there was slow and painful but at least there was no one else on the corridors, they were probably all at lunch. By the time I got up to the top of the tall tower where the Owl’s lived it was 11:50 and I was very tired. I sat down with my back against one of the walls, waiting for my breathing to calm and for the others to arrive.

I didn’t hear footsteps until 12:20, which was strange because Bella was never late. My back stiffened and I considered standing up but decided against it.

As the footsteps got closer I came more and more tense, waiting for the barrage of spells and insults that she would probably through at me when she arrived.

But they didn’t come, and neither did Bella. Instead a tall, dark haired boy bounded up the steps and into the Owlery. He stopped abruptly when he saw me curled up on the floor. “Hi” said Sirius Black.

“Hi” I said, just as stunned as he was.

“I’m just sending a letter off,” he said.

“I’m just,” I paused, stuck for words, “sitting” I finished stupidly.

He smiled and laughed; it wasn’t his usual dog-like, overenthusiastic laugh, it was a quiet, more tame laugh, like water trickling from a stream. “I noticed,” he said.

I smiled back, because I just could help it, his smile was infectious. He walked over to one of the cages and removed an Owl from it. It jumped out and landed on a perch. I watched him as he tied a small square of folded parchment to its leg.

When he was done he plonked himself down beside me, “How were your holidays?” He asked, as though we were old friends.

“Fine,” I said, “Yours?” I asked.

“It was Ok, I stayed here because I didn’t want to go back to my house.”

“Why not?” I asked, hoping he didn’t think it was rude of me to pry into his life like this.

He made a face, “Family stuff.” He said.

“Oh yeah,” I said, “I heard your parents weren’t at all pleased when you got sorted into Gryffindor.”

“Not at all pleased, livid would be a better word probably,” he flashed a grin at me again, “ but I don’t care, I never really liked them anyway.”

“Why not?” I asked, incredulous, I couldn’t imagine not loving my family.

He made a face again, “They’re into all this bad stuff, you know, like they really support this new guy, Lord Voldermort. They think he’s got a good idea, about getting rid of anyone who’s not pureblood.”

I’d heard of Lord Voldermort and knew that if he did get into power it would not be good news for people like me. “Like me you mean?” I asked.

He looked over at me, confused, “you’re not pureblood?”

“Completely un-magical parents,” I said, shaking me head, “I have a great-aunt who does magic though, and my little sister has some.”

“Or right, I’d always just assumed. You always seem like you know what you’re doing in class…” he said and trailed off. “Stupid thing to think, I know, but when you’ve had an idea drilled into your head all your life it sort of starts to stick, whether you want it to or not.” He said, seeming stressed about the fact that he may have offended me.

“It’s Ok,” and said and smiled at him, “I’m used to it. My parents really like magic and my great-aunt noticed the signs when I was young so it wasn’t like, a shock to me or anything. My parents started ordering the wizard newspapers and stuff so that I didn’t feel left out when I got to Hogwarts.”

“They sound nice,” he said, looking slightly forlorn.

“They are,” and said and grinned.

“My mum’s a bitch,” he said, and looked apologetically when I blinked lots in quick succession at his outburst. “Do you have a broom?” he asked, changing the subject. When I nodded he looked overjoyed even though all I had was a flimsy clean-sweep.

We sat there for a longtime talking about god knows what, but it was fun. I really enjoyed being with him, and I didn’t say anything when he edged closer to me. However, I did flinch when he put his arm round my shoulder, not because I didn’t like it but because I’d hit it against a tree last night and because of all my other bruises it was quite tender.

“Sorry,” he said and drew his arm away quickly.

“It’s Ok,” I said just as quickly, “I fell down the stairs and sort of banged it so it’s just a bit sore.”

“Oh, right,” he said, looking relieved.

The bell went and he stood up quickly. I followed suit but cursed when I placed too much wait on my injured leg. He grabbed me under the elbow and held be still until I regained my balance, “You Ok?”

“It’s from my fall,” I said and smiled in an I-know-I’m-stupid-and-clumsy kind of way.

He grinned back and leaned inwards to lay a quick peck on my cheek. The skin where his lips touched tingled pleasantly. I smiled at him and he must have found that encouraging because he came closer and kissed me gently on the lips. When I still didn’t complain he wrapped his arms around my back, so he was holding the back of my head and leaned closer. I could feel the heat from his body warming me up, and this time out lips met for longer then a few seconds.

The kiss was wonderful. His lips moved gently against mine. It wasn’t fast and frantic; it was slow and sweet. It gave me the greatest feeling I’d ever had in my entire life: the feeling of being loved, really loved. It wasn’t like there were fireworks in my mind of any of that rubbish; it just felt warm, and lovely, and safe.

When he pulled away he didn’t let go of me, he just smiled at me in a happy bemused kind of way and ran his fingers through my hair.

“We better get to Potions,” I said quietly, pulling him back into the here and now. He abruptly let go of me and looked towards the doors, there was no one there.

“Yeah,” he said, and took my hand to start pulling me down the stairs. I winced at the pain in my leg when I moved and he frowned. “Actually,” he said, “maybe you should go to the hospital wing, Madam Pomfrey will fix you up good as new.”

As I felt the feel returning to my legs after bring sat down for so long, I also felt the pain coming back into my numbed body. “I think I will,” I said.

Just this once, the threat of being discovered didn’t seem to stand up to the promise of having a pain-free body.


Author's note- Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!!!
I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has reviewed, especially Tonks the Klutz, Merope and MazK who have all reviewed ALOT!!! And thanks to SlytherClawx who was one of my first reviewers ... but seems to have disapeared :'( Thank you all!!!!!
Ohhh, and thank you to all the people who have favourited this story!!!!! (I am honored :P)
Keep reviewing lots and lots in 2010!!!!!! :)
Lily ;) xx

*** Heyy, just a little extra note because I wrote really short response to Merope's review to this chapter because my computer did something weird :/ Sorry!! my actual reply was much more interesting!!! Lily ;) xx

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