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The Wish of Lily Evans by Tonks the Klutz
Chapter 7 : Boy-friends, Best-friends, and Traitors, OH MY!
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“Before we go eat, I’m gonna change and fix myself, k?” Lily told Sirius, fighting the tears.


“Of course,” Sirius agreed quickly with a nod.


Sirius and Lily both imagined a bathroom of their own that had everything they needed. About 10 minuets Sirius was ready, and after another 20, Lily was ready.


As they were walking out Lily realized something. “Sirius,” she quickly stopped him from leaving.


“What?” he asked confused.


“You said in this… place,” Lily spat the word, “we hate each other. So how can we just walk down to breakfast together?”


Sirius began to think with a thoughtful expression. “Lily,” he stated slowly, “if you can forgive me for what I’ve done, I would love to eat breakfast with you.”


“No matter what people think?” she asked softly.


“If they have a problem with it they can leave,” Sirius stated curtly.


A smile slowly grew on Lily’s face. “Thank you Sirius,” she whispered.


Sirius shrugged. “It’s the least I can do… trust me.”


“I do,” was Lily’s simple reply.


Together they made their way to the Great Hall, ignoring the looks from the others.


“Umm… what table do we sit at?” Lily asked curiously, making Sirius laugh and getting much more looks of disbelief. 


“I recommend any table but the Slytherin table if you don’t wanna be cursed,” Sirius replied grinning at the red head.


“How about the Gryffindor table?” She asked quickly.


“Fine by me,” Sirius agreed shrugging. When they sat down, everyone near them stood up and moved away.


“Well aren’t we talented?” Lily said dryly to Sirius making him laugh.


“Hey, I think your boyfriends getting pissed,” Sirius murmured into Lily’s ear.


“What boyfriend?” She whispered back curiously. Suddenly she remembered Marie saying something about a boyfriend.


“Snape,” Sirius replied, still in a low tone.


“WHAT?!?!?!” Lily screeched, getting everybody’s eyes.


“Uh yeah,” Sirius agreed, fighting a laugh.


“Ewwwwwww,” Lily whined.


“Are you surprised?” Sirius asked, still fighting that stupid laugh.


“I’d like to say yes,” Lily began dryly, “but I can’t. We were always best friends. The only reason we stopped was because the incident with James in fifth year.” Lily had lowered her voice by a lot when she said the last part.


“Oh yeah! Because that never happened, you two never stopped being friends,” Sirius agreed.


Suddenly a figure was standing beside Lily and Sirius. “What did you do to my best friend?” Marie snapped glaring at Sirius.


“He didn’t do anything Marie. We’re friends now,” Lily said, trying to calm her friend.


Marie ignored her and continued to glare at Sirius. “Imperious? Black-mail? Threats?”


“How about D, none of the above,” Sirius said dryly, rolling his eyes at the girl.


“Oh, so is it even Lily? Is it a Death Eater whose takin Polyjuice Potion? Or a Metamorphmagus Death Eater? What did you do Black? What the hell did you do to my best friend!”  Marie was pissed, that was easy to figure out.


“Marie,” Lily interrupted quickly. “He didn’t do anything! I promise! And I really am me! And I can prove it.” Lily grabbed Marie and pulled her down to her level. She whispered something in her ear that made Marie freeze.


“Oh my God. It is you!” Marie exclaimed in shock.


Lily rolled her eyes at her friend. “Yes it’s me! Now sit down, your causing a scene!”


Marie snorted at her friend. “Right because coming to breakfast with Mr. Slytherin Prince didn’t cause a scene.”


“I can hear you, you know,” Sirius said dryly to the girl.


“I don’t really care, you know,” Marie shot back sweetly before turning back to Lily.

“So what happened?”


Lily bit her lip before replying. “I almost fell off the Astronomy Tower last night and Sirius saved me. When someone saves you, you kinda think differently about the person.”


Sirius quickly nodded in agreement.


With a sigh, Marie slowly nodded. “Alright, I believe you. And Black, thanks for saving my best friend. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to leave before the pissed off boyfriend gets hear.” Marie quickly left and not ten seconds later, Snape was standing in her spot.


“Are you ok, Lils?” Snape’s voice was full of worry and Lily knew she had to be careful when she answered the question.


“In a round about way, yes, I’m ok. And before you get mad, let me explain! I was in the Astronomy Tower last nigh and I almost fell. I would have fallen to, if it wasn’t for Sirius. So then we started talking, and now we’re friends! So please don’t be mad?” Lily bit her lip and gave Snape puppy dog eyes. It was what she always did when they argued in her world.


“How did you almost fall?” Snape asked with a raised eyebrow.


Lily quickly started saying random stuff that might help her out. Forging a look of anger Lily snapped, “You don’t trust me? How dare you! After everything we’ve been through, you don’t trust me! And you don’t even ask if I’m ok? God! What’s your problem?” Lily knew she was rambling but continued to do so anyhow. Sirius shot her a look and mouthed Impressive!.


“Well you can’t blame me! I see you laughing with him and you don’t expect me to get angry?” Snape looked furious and seemed to have ignored everything she had said.


“So what? It’s illegal now to laugh?” Lily snapped glaring at her (shudder) boyfriend.


“With him it is,” Snape spat.


“What are you, my mother?” Lily snapped.


“Well I guess I need to be if you’re gonna be friends with him!” Snape shouted pointing at Sirius.


Lily stood up and began to scream at him. “You are my boyfriend not my mother! You have no say who my friends are! And if you can’t respect my choices, then you can leave!”


“Fine by me,” Snape growled at the red head.


“And if you leave right now,” Lily’s voice wavered. “If you leave right now, then I want nothing to do with you. If you leave, we’re over. Forever.”


Snape looked between Lily and Sirius and shook his head in disgust. “Fine by me.” Snape turned and walked away.


“How the HELL did you know what to say?” Sirius gaped at Lily.


“Finish eating and I’ll tell you later,” Lily said with a slight laugh. She was having closure with Snape, something she had needed for the last two years. It felt strangely good.




A/N So what do you all think? I kinda like it, but it’s up to you all! Please review!  

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The Wish of Lily Evans: Boy-friends, Best-friends, and Traitors, OH MY!


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