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A Malfoy and a Weasely Who'd have guessed? by Kirsty Weasley
Chapter 2 : Family Issues
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The Potter and Weasley’s looked at one another eyebrows raised.

“Not what we think eh?” barked James “What we think is that your slutting around with that Malfoy kid. You’re gonna deny it?” He almost snarled the last part. Rose could tell he was seriously pissed off but the way he spoke to her like she was some stupid bimbo slag. How dare he. She most certainly was not!

“I’m not slutting around with anyone James Potter” She snarled “Just because you happened to see me walking with Scorpius once…”

Fred cut her off; “So its Scorpius now is it? Since when were you on first name terms with the Malfoy’s?”

Her mouth fell open. She hadn’t thought. She had no response to that question.
“I…I….emm” She was at a complete loss for words.

“And it wasn’t just the once that James saw you.” Al said quietly “I’ve seen you with Malfoy plenty of times before that.”

“Al?!…I..” Rose started

“No Rosie stop!” he exclaimed. It was clear that the cool and calm Al was fighting to stop himself from losing control and he wasn’t succeeding. He and Rose were close what with them being the same age and being in so many of her classes at school he knew her well. Too well.

“Don’t try to lie to me! I’ve seen the two of you Rosie the way he looks at you, the way you shoot him sideways glances when you think I cant see! God I’m not blind. And I’m sick of it. I mean for fucks sake Rose, he’s a Malfoy! Your dad will kill you when he finds out!! We‘re tame next to him Rose! Tame!”

“He’s not like the rest of them Al! He’s different! Special! He doesn’t want to be like his dad was. He’s not like his family at all! He’s not even in Slytherin for Christ’s sake!” Rose exploded.

The family around he all started yelling at that one throwing their arms in the air in protest to the idea that any Malfoy was different. But Scorpius was different. He was sweet and kind and loyal. And he treated Rose right, you know? Held open doors for her and pulled out her chair when she sat down. He wrote her sweet little love notes and poems which were all hidden in the box that Scorpius had given her for their two month anniversary. He was even willing to come out and tell everyone about their relationship when Rose was ready, he was wonderful everything she ever wanted and more. It was so stupid that a damn name would get in the way of that!

Rose looked around the room at her feuding family members. She could tell that some of them like Lily, Roxanne and Dom were siding with her now. Telling their brothers/ cousins that it should be Rose’s decision who she went out with and how they didn’t know why it was such a big deal, to which the boys replied it was a big deal because he was a Malfoy not just some boy, a family enemy! It was at hearing this that Rose had had enough. She stood up from her chair and tried to leave as discreetly as possible.

“Where the hell do you think your going?” Thundered Fred “Sit your ass down we’re not through here!”

Rose took a deep breath and turned to face the firing squad. “Enough.” She said quietly, Hugo took a sharp intake of breath in shock to just how much Rosie sounded like his mother, with her don’t-mess-with-me tone. “Just because you guys have now heard that Scorpius and I are together doesn’t mean anything will change,” Rose continued.

“Like hell it doesn’t!” Fred “There is no friggen way you can see a Malfoy!” There were some murmurs of agreement amongst the crowd.

“Really?” Rose said “I think there is every friggen way I will see a Malfoy if I fucking want to!” Rose’s voice had risen with every syllable of the sentence. “I know we are family and you guys are looking out for me! But this is my life and I have been seeing Scorpius for over three months” There was a collective gasp around the room along with several mutinous glares at being filled in on this fact. Rose pushed on “If you don’t like it, get used to it. Its not gonna change just coz you guys corner me in the common room and yell!” Rose let out and angry growl-like noise and stormed from the room leaving everyone shocked, confused and angry, lets not forget angry.

Rose stormed into her dorm. Kirsty, who was sitting on her bed reading, looked up and raised an eye brow.
“They know?” She asked already knowing what Rose was going to say. Rose nodded.
“Bound to happen sooner or later.” Kirsty said not exactly being comforting, you know for a best friend Kirsty kind of sucked sometimes. “But hey at least you guys can be seen in public together now!” She grinned. Rose smiled at the thought of being able to walk the halls hand in hand with Scorpius. Kirsty was Rose’s best friend outside of the family, she was also Fred’s long term girlfriend.

“Why weren’t you down there anyway?” Rose asked confused. “I would have thought that Fred would’ve wanted you there on his side?”

Kirsty snorted “please, I love Fred don’t get me wrong, but I’m on your side and can you imagine his reaction if he found out I knew about you and Mr Malfoy and I didn’t have a problem with it or tell him? I like me a quiet life, hence the faked migraine” Kirsty was right, and her and Fred had been getting on too well recently to fight over someone else’s relationship. And Rose knew that Kirsty would never have told Fred about her secrets no matter what because as her muggle TV shows would say “Hoes over Bros”. Kirsty was all into muggle stuff being muggle born herself.

“Fair point,” Rose grinned “Where’s everyone else anyway? I thought James and that lot kicked everyone up to their rooms?”

“Nah just out the common room.” Kirsty responded. “Suze and Hannah are at the library doing that potions essay and Sarah is still in the hospital wing after being cursed by that Wilson girl.”

“God she is such a bitch,” Rose commented as she grabbed a quill and some ink out of her bag.

“I know right? But what are you doing?” Kirsty was watching as Rose was scribbling on the parchment in front of her.

“You’ll see” Rose said. Kirsty just grunted and went back to whatever book it was she was reading today. When Rose finished scribbling she read over what she had written.

<3 Dear Scorpius,

The cat is out of the bag. My family found out about us! They seem mad but I’ve gotten away from them. You may want to avoid the halls for a while though.
Write back to me right away

Love, your Rosie

Seemed happy with what she wrote and attached the note to her owl with Scorpius written on the front. Then she sat on her bed trying, unsuccessfully, to look as though she wasn’t desperately awaiting her boyfriends reply. As time passed she got more nervous. Scorpius never waited this long to reply. What if something was wrong? Oh my god what if he didn’t want to be with her anymore because of this! Rose’s mind was going haywire. She was panicking so much she didn’t even notice when Suze and Hannah came running through the door, gasping and out of breath.
“Rose…..” gasped Suze “You’d better come quick!… James Fred and Hugo, they’re killing Scorpius!”


Disclaimer/ Authors note- I do not own any of Joanne Rowling’s amazing characters! I do however own the Character of the muggle born Kirsty (yes I know I used my own name, but hey! No one ever has a character called Kirsty so I thought I would take action) I hope you’ve enjoyed the second instalment of AM&WWHG (yes I am regretting giving my first story such a long name and am therefore abbreviating) There is a little box below this note, this box is your friend. He holds reviews that make Kirsty very very happy and want to write more of this story quicker! So PLEASE review J Let me know what your thinking about the story even if you don’t like it (but remember it is my first so eek!)- Kirsty xxx

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