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Everything But You... by writers_passion
Chapter 6 : Small Chats
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Hermione woke up to breakfast in bed the next morning. It was fed to her by her darling husband, and then after a short conversation she found herself entangled with Draco and the bed sheets. A perfect way to start a new day… She mused and then frowned when he told her that he had to head into the office today. “Apparently those eight days without going in were catastrophic for my employees.” Draco told her and then promised her that he would take her out for the night as recompense. Hermione smiled and accepted his offer as she watched him get taken up by the Floo Flames.

Now, to say the least, she was bored. Hermione owled the Daily Prophet Headquarters and apologized for her outburst yesterday. She said that she wanted her job back and a reply came quickly saying that she could take all the time that she needed and hoped that she would be back a day next week. Since there was no work to be done inside or outside of the Manor, Hermione hadn’t a single clue what to do with herself. As if answering a prayer, an unrecognizable owl flew through an open window and dropped a letter at her fee. The owl stayed where it was which meant that it was expecting a reply, so Hermione opened the letter quickly and read it. With a smile, she realized that it was from Ginny, asking to spend the afternoon with her. Hermione eagerly responded yes and sent the owl on its way.

“Now all I have to do is find a way to entertain myself for the next few hours.” Hermione said to herself, and then hopped right back into bed in order to sleep the time away.


Hermione didn’t know the place where Ginny had said to meet her, but when she got there it was apparent that she spent her time there often. Sylvan’s Saloon was the name of the place, and the owner, Sylvan, welcomed her with a bit of a hug and showed her to her favorite seat.

“I heard what happened.” He said to as he pulled out her chair. “You alright..?”

“Oh, I’m fine.” Hermione said with a smile. “As fine as I could be anyway,”

“Well, that’s good then. Shall I get the usual for you?”

She hadn’t the foggiest idea what her “usual” was, but she was just about to say yes to his offer when Ginny, who had just walked into the saloon, answered for her.

“No… She’ll have a bit of ginger ale, as will I.”

Sylvan nodded and Ginny grinned as she hugged her friend tightly.

“Hermione, how are you?” She asked. “Anne told me what happened to you. Do you even remember who Anne is?”

“Unfortunately no… I can’t remember anything Gin. I couldn’t even remember that I was-” Hermione sighed and fingered her wedding ring as she did so. “That I was married to Draco,”

“And I’m sorry for that.” Ginny told her. “Truly sorry… It must’ve been weird for Harry and Ron to tell you who your husband was. Well, the basic fact that you were married in general-”

“They didn’t tell me that I was married.” She said quickly. Just saying so brought her anger back.

“What do you mean they didn’t tell you that you were married?”

“I mean it just that. Gin, they lied to me. They told me that I still lived with them and that I was a Daily Prophet writer. That was it. I only found out because Draco came to see me at the hospital and said that we loved each other. After that I forced Harry and Ron to tell the truth. They, um, had the audacity to say that Draco was no good for me. Do you know why they would say something like that?”

“No idea,” Ginny lied, though the heated conversation she had with Ron yesterday was coming to mind. “But you have to realize ‘Mione that even though you’re married to Draco, Harry and Ron still don’t like him. The very idea of you two lying in bed together every night gives them bloody nightmares. It’s hard for them.”

“Hard enough for them to lie terribly to me..?”

“I didn’t think so until now.”

“And what about you?” Hermione asked softly. “Why don’t you hate Draco like they do?”

“First things first, ‘Mione, they don’t hate him. They don’t trust him. And as for me, well,” Ginny shrugged her shoulders and grinned. “I didn’t trust him at first either, but you did, and that allowed me to do the same. After realizing how much he loved you, why fight it, you know?”

Hermione smiled and nodded. So far the only unsolvable problems in her life were Harry and Ron. How she’d be able to get through to them she didn’t know, but hoped that it would be soon. Having them mad at her, and her at them was tiring.

Sylvan brought out the two glasses of ginger ale and the two women thanked him. He nodded and tucked the glass tray under his arm.

“You probably don’t remember the owl I sent you about my little get together this Saturday?” Sylvan asked Hermione. She took a sip of her drink and shook her head. “Well, it’s something that I do just about every year. Your husband knows about it. Talk with him and maybe I’ll see you there, eh?”

“I’ll see, Sylvan, thank you.”

He nodded and walked away. Hermione shook her head and chuckled.

“It’s so strange, Gin.” She told her. “It’s like everywhere I go everyone’s heard what happened. I never thought that I’d know so many people.”

“Well, of course you know a lot of people.” Ginny laughed. “You’re Mrs. Malfoy. Draco’s connected to every bloke in England and other places, so, you are too. And I guess me as well since I’m with you almost every afternoon. Oh, and before I forget, you might not want to go to that party of Sylvan’s.”

“Why not..? He seems decent enough.”

“And he is; he really is. I’ve already replied to his owl and told him that I was coming. But, his parties can sort of get a bit wild. I don’t think you should be there.”

“Oh come on, stop acting like my mother.” Hermione playfully scolded. “I’m fine. The only thing wrong with me is my memory. Doesn’t mean that I can’t go to a fete,”

“No, no, nothing’s wrong with you. It’s just, well, have you been feeling a tad…nauseous lately?”

“No, I’ve been fine. Well, I fainted once, but you would too if you found out how bloody rich you were. And I felt queasy once or twice, but that’s it. Gin, what are you saying?”

“I’m saying to use that brain of yours and put a couple of things together.” Ginny said with a small smile on her face. “You’ve been feeling sick, and your ‘usual’ here at this saloon is a Gin and Tonic. I couldn’t very well let you have that in your condition.”

“My condition..?” Hermione was staring at her friend who was smiling broadly. And when she finally wracked her brain and looked back up at her she was smiling as well in disbelief. “Are you serious?”

Ginny nodded and giggled. “You told me before I left for my trip. Congratulations again, mum.”

Hermione couldn’t believe it. All this time she thought her periodic sickness was just the stress of her having amnesia and not because she was, well, pregnant. Grinning from ear to ear, she finished off her ginger ale and stood.

“I have to go home.” Hermione told her. “I have to tell Draco.”

“No problem,” Ginny said. “Owl me, we’ll have lunch tomorrow.”

Hermione nodded and walked out of the saloon, but, unexpectedly, into a pair of unknown hands. She struggled against someone in the dark and soon felt the pull of apparation.


Ginny left Sylvan’s Saloon about a half hour after Hermione did and apparated home. When she got there, however, she let out a small shriek when she saw Draco standing in the middle of her flat.

“Draco, for Merlin’s sake..!” She shouted at him. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He apologized. “It’s just that I went home a minute or two ago and Hermione wasn’t there. She left a note saying that she was with you so I came here. I’m taking her out tonight, you see…-”

“Wait, what do you mean she wasn’t there? We were at Sylvan’s and she left me to go home over a half hour ago.”

“Are you sure?” Draco questioned. “She didn’t say anything about going somewhere else first?”

“No, she was going straight home. If she’s not there, then where could she be?”

“That’s a good question.”


“I really didn’t think that you were capable of kidnapping. This is absolutely ridiculous!”

“I was just going to talk to you, but you started fighting against me so I had to disapparate-!”

And kidnap me… Can I go home now?’

Hermione crossed her arms and huffed. Harry frowned and nodded, only now realizing that maybe this wasn’t the greatest idea in order to get back on her good side.

“Listen, I’m sorry, but like I said before I just really wanted to talk.”

“Fine, then talk, and make it fast. Draco’s probably worried sick about where I am, and I’d rather not have him come after you to have another show like back at your flat.”

Hearing her say, ‘your flat,’ like that made Harry a tad irritable on the inside. If he and Ron were able to keep Draco at bay long enough she would still be at “his” flat and not speaking of it with disdain.

“I need to tell you what Ron and I were trying to say before Malfoy busted in on us the other day.”


“No? What do you mean no?”

“I mean no, Harry.” Hermione said sternly. “I refuse to stand here and let you say anything negative about Draco.”

“Even when it’s true..?”

“I would know! I wouldn’t be with him if he’s as bad as you think-!”

“And what exactly do you know, Hermione! Last time I checked you didn’t have a damn clue about your life, so what exactly do you know?”

Hermione wasted no time in slapping him. Harry placed a hand to his red cheek and stared in the eyes of his very angry friend. She raised a finger to him and said very firmly,

“I know that that man loves me. That’s all that I need to know. Now I’m going home, and I hate to say this, but I never want to see or talk to you again. Not until you change your ways,”

“…Before you go, take this.” Harry said as he stuffed something into her hands. “Maybe it’ll change your mind.”

Hermione stuffed whatever it was he gave her into his pocket and disapparated. She was so furious at him that she smashed a vase on pure impulse. It was only after it was broken that she put her hand over her mouth in surprise and immediately repaired it and set it back on its stand. She sighed and called for Draco, but one of the portraits said that he had come home but then left again. Shrugging her shoulders, she made her way to her bedroom and collapsed onto her bed. She began thinking about what she had eaten for the day and thought it better to get a little something to eat.

“Can’t very well just think of myself, now can I?” Hermione smiled as she absentmindedly patted her stomach. Just as she was about to strip herself of her clothes she felt where she had stuffed the piece of paper Harry had given her. She should’ve thrown it out. She shouldn’t have given it a single glance, but her curiosity got the best of her and she looked at it anyway. When she did Hermione frowned. It was a list of well-known financial companies in the wizarding world. On the side of each one was written “amount to possibly get” and a number, and directly next to that were different types of strategies in order to get it. What made her frown the most was the fact that it was in Draco’s handwriting.

“What would he want with a list like this?” She asked herself, but Hermione didn’t have time to dwell on that now. She could hear the Floo activating and her name being called.

author's note: it's a real shortie i know! but writers block sucks big time :( anyway! here's another chap, plz review and until next time!

-WP :)

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Everything But You...: Small Chats


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