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Seeking The Lost by apAidan
Chapter 12 : Chapter Twelve - Into the Vault for a Trip Down Memory Lane
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Chapter Twelve – Into the Vault for a Trip Down Memory Lane

Giggling, both witches strolled up the hallway, arm in arm. When they arrived at the entrance to the vault where Harry, Teddy and the goblins were waiting, Hermione wrapper her arm around Harry and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Everything’s fine, just a bit of girl talk.” Nodding as Harry’s eyebrows threatened to merge with his fringe, Hermione smiled as she appreciated just how quickly these mental briefings could go.

Smiling apologetically, Ginny nodded to Harry. “Well, boss, shall we see what sort of toys Sirius left for you to play with?” Putting a subtle emphasis on ‘you’, Ginny blushed a bit at the searching look Harry gave her. Wondering if her role in the Black family gave him any additional insight into her, Ginny returned his gaze as she watched his reaction to her return to normal. “Everything’s fine, this was my decision, my choice.”

“That’s going to be major consolation when we discuss things with your parents later today.” Shaking his head, Harry rolled his eyes and smirked. “Ready, ‘Demoiselle Black’?”

“Ready, Lord Black,” came Ginny’s response as she nodded to Griphook and Seaxwielder. “We’ll do this right, you help Sieur Black with the door and I’ll check out the vault to see if it’s safe for Lord and Lady Black.” Seeing the look on Hermione’s face, Ginny held up a hand to forestall an argument.

“Honestly, if there’s a vault that is going to cause a problem, it’s this one. Sirius didn’t really have unfettered access to this vault to make certain it’s not laden with more than the normal level of surprises.” Staring at the older witch, Ginny nodded while trying to ignore the snickering that was going on in her head. Sending a mental ‘hush’ towards Amaudru, Ginny stepped to where she could cover the vault door as it opened.

Griphook held his hand out to Harry, who placed a very small key into his waiting hand. Griphook examined the key, and then touched it to the door.

A severe grinding sound began emanating from the door, as gears and sigils hidden into the door began to whirr and flash. The dank air of the corridor was disturbed with the faint scent of brimstone as a series of plates embedded into the door began to flash.

Finally, a soft chime sounded and the door began to open with the sound of a seal being broken. Staring into the interior of the vault as the door slowly creaked open; Ginny could see lights coming on in the vault itself.

“How long has it been since you’ve been in here?” Sending a quick thought to Amaudru, Ginny took in what she could see of the entranceway to the primary Black family vault.

“Not since well before the Grindelwald War,” came the reply. “Your immediate predecessor was someone outside the direct family line who ended up connected to the House well enough to be selected.” Chuckling, Amaudru’s mental shrug came through as she continued. “It’s been quite a while since there was a suitable candidate from within the English branch of the family.”

“In other words, not since before Walburga’s control of the vault.” Carefully extending her heightened senses into the vault through the partially open door, Ginny nodded as everything seemed to be as it should be.

Taking a cautions step forward, the matte-black pugio appeared in her off hand as her wand appeared in her right. Using the pommel of the ancient weapon, Ginny carefully opened the vault door the rest of the way.

Standing in the doorway, she could see an open area before her, with a metal bound wooden door standing across the room from where she was standing. A simple wooden table stood just inside the door, with an open book resting upon the scarred wooden surface.

Stepping cautiously inside, she noticed that the light within brightened. Just as she was about to turn to her friends, a familiar voice filled the room.

“Demoiselle Ginevra Weasley-Black, the Black Dagger, I bid you welcome.”

Turning towards the wall to her left, Ginny nodded slowly, acknowledging the portrait hanging on the wall. “Headmaster Black. I’m happy to see you’re looking well.”

Phineas Nigellus’ portrait nodded towards her. “I’m happy to see that you’re moving in appropriate circles, these days.” Giving Ginny a searching look, the portrait shrugged and smirked. “Or is it Demoiselle Potter-Black?”

Flashing the portrait of the former Headmaster a warning glare, Ginny coolly stared at him for several seconds. “Is that a line of inquiry you wish to pursue with Lady Potter?” Seeing the approving look in the portrait’s eyes as he conceded the point, she chuckled. “I thought not.”

Turning her head, Ginny looked out into the passageway. “They foyer is safe enough, and there’s an old acquaintance here to make us feel right at home.” Stepping aside, she began to quietly examine the other door as the others entered.

“Greetings to Lord and Lady Black and young master Theodore. Welcome to the main vault of the Ancient and Honorable House of Black.” Nodding respectfully, Phineas Nigellus smiled as Harry and Hermione entered the vault carrying Teddy.

“Headmaster Black, it’s good to see you again.” Smiling, Hermione nodded agreeably to the portrait. “I should have known you would be entrusted with this responsibility.”

“Service to the family is my pleasure.” Nodding pleasantly, the portrait looked down at the scrolls resting on the table next to him in the frame. “And speaking of familial obligations, I have a note here from a previous Mrs. Potter for you.” Reaching down, Phineas selected a scroll from the selection beside him and nodded expectantly to her.

“Lily sent a message?” Smiling, Hermione stepped forward, raising her hand, as she turned her head to look at Harry. “I wonder what your mum forgot to put in the letter she gave Severus the other day.”

“Ah, but this is from a different Mrs. Potter.” Smiling at the look Hermione gave him as he handed her the scroll, Phineas Nigellus shrugged. “Ceridwen Potter nee Morgan is the witch in question.”

Looking over her shoulder at Harry, who was just as mystified as she was at receiving a letter from his grandmother, she raised an eyebrow before turning back around. “I greatly appreciate you taking the trouble to get this message to us.”

“The pleasure is mine.” Shrugging in a very Gallic manner, Phineas Nigellus smiled enigmatically as Hermione looked down at the scroll in her had. “I take it that you’re making an initial tour of your holdings?”

“More of a flying tour, really.” Shaking his head, Harry smiled at the portrait while he watched his wife examine the scroll in her hands. “The holdings of the various family vaults are very extensive, and I’m certain we’ve save the most useful for last.”

“I would stipulate to ‘potentially useful’.” Seeing the surprised look on Harry’s face, Phineas smiled apologetically. “The interests and goals of the two of you are markedly different than the goals and interests that have guided the House, for good or for ill, for the past century or so. While your charming bride bids fare to be one of the most memorable witches to ever hold the title, you cannot deny that her interests and motivations are a far cry from Walburga’s, or any of her predecessors over the past century or two.”

“I’d venture to say that you’ve just put yourself in the running for the ‘Understatement of the Decade’ award,” snorted Ginny from her spot next to the door leading into the main portion of the vault. Looking over at the portrait, who was looking immensely pleased with himself, Ginny placed her hand flat on the wooden surface of the door over the latch.

Similar to the feeling that she had experienced earlier when the key to her vault had attuned itself to her, she felt a slight feeling of disorientation as the door to the inner vault recognized her authority to open it. Echoes of having done this before caused a bit of mental feedback as she felt the door’s fastening mechanism disengage.

Placing her hand on the latching mechanism, she looked over her shoulder at her friends. “I’m serious; we’re going to do this properly. While there’s very little chance that the vault would ‘knowingly’ harm Lord and Lady Black, or their heir, it’s been a very long while since anyone other than Walburga or one of her sycophants have been in there.” Fastening her gaze on Hermione, she rolled her eyes and smiled. “And I’d hate to hazard a guess as to when the last time a muggleborn witch passed through this door, much less as Mistress of the House.”

“11 June 1132. Evangeline Black, the muggleborn wife of Menkib Black, entered the inner vaults for the last time to return some jewelry after a ball the previous weekend at Malfoy Manor. She died at the hand of her sister-in-law Veerle Malfoy two days later. Apparently Veerle took offense to Evangeline pointing out that her affair with her Potions Master might be considered a bit déclassé.” Sensing Ginny’s surprise, Amaudru chuckled. “And you thought that the maneuvering around your Yule Ball was cutthroat.”

“Eight hundred and sixty years, give or take.” Seeing the look on Hermione’s face, Ginny shrugged. “And she ended up dead at the hand of her sister-in-law, so I don’t want to hear any excuses.”

Turning her attention back to the inner door, Ginny gently turned the handle and felt the door come free from its latch. Easing the door open a bit, she peered through the space into the inner vault. Her eyes widening a bit in surprise, she shook her head as she could feel the smug emotions from Amaudru as she let the door swing the rest of the way open.

Beyond the open doorway was an exact replica of the Black family library. Exactly matching the décor and furnishings of the room in Number 12, there were a couple of subtle differences that spoke to the room’s function as the main repository of the Black family legacy. The books on the shelves, instead of being the repositories of Dark and questionable magics and knowledge, were apparently the access for items and riches belonging to the family.

One shelf labeled ‘Lady Black’s Jewelry’ contained volumes embossed with the names of the former Ladies of the House. Shaking her head, Ginny could make out that the latest volume on the shelf was embossed ‘Hermione Jane Potter, Lady Black, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Potter…’ The fact that Hermione’s volume was several inches from the volume embossed ‘Walburga Belvina Black, Lady Black’ indicated that either the magic governing the vault was unusually perceptive, or had a very interesting sense of humor.

“Oh, you’re going to love this.” Shaking her head, Ginny nodded towards her friends as she stepped clear of the door. “Unless I miss my guess, someone is going to become a frequent visitor of this vault.” Chuckling as both Harry and Hermione stared in disbelief at the ‘inner vault’, she nodded to Griphook and Seaxwielder. “I take it that this is a change since the last time a goblin set foot beyond the threshold?”

“According to our records, the Black family did major renovations during the late 1840s. Rather than have a series of vaults and rooms physically accessible through one central portal, they opted for sealed vaults and rooms scattered around the underground complex, accessible from this central location. This way, they could add storage and access without causing undo notice of the owners of the neighboring vaults. Also, if this was the only place anyone ever came, then this must be the only vault that that family had.” Looking amused, Griphook shrugged. “It was never recorded as to the specifics, but I can see now that they went for a very simple solution.”

“Its clear boss, but I doubt you’re going to be able to get Hermione out of there in time to meet the others at the Cauldron.” Smirking, Ginny stepped back and gestured theatrically towards the door. “Milord, Milady.”

“Very funny Ginevra,” Hermione replied in her best Headmistress imitation. “We’ll be at the Cauldron in plenty of time to meet the others.” Breaking into a cheeky grin, Hermione picked up Teddy’s carrier and turned to Harry. “Coming dear?”

As the pair entered the room, hand in hand, their conversations with the two goblins drew them into the vault, also. Turning to look at the open door to the bank corridors, Ginny rolled her eyes and looked around for a chair.

“Ginevra?” Looking up, Ginny was startled to see Phineas Nigellus watching her, looking vaguely ill at ease. “I apologize, but since I have competing loyalties, I’ve been asked if you would consent to speaking with someone.”

“Headmaster Black, I totally understand about that concept.” Smiling and nodded towards the portrait, Ginny did a quick assessment of the body language of the subject of the portrait. “As a respected member of the family, is it your recommendation that I grant this request?”

“As a member of the family, I would give you the counsel of an older uncle and advise against.” Seeing the fleeting smile cross her lips, the portrait nodded before continuing. “However, as a former Headmaster of your school, I would reluctantly advise you that you should consider granting this request.”

“Tell Professor Dumbledore that I will speak with him, but remind him that my loyalties are such that if he’s considering going back on his arrangement with those two, there won’t be any time between his doing so and their finding out about it.”

“Very good. I’ll inform Professor Dumbledore that the Sicarius Nigra will speak with him.” Nodding his head, Professor Black withdrew from the canvas, leaving an empty room behind.

Walking over, Ginny quietly pushed the door to the inner vault to, and then proceeded to pull the main vault door shut. When she had turned back around, she was greeted with the sight of her former Headmaster standing in the portrait.

Taking the offense, Ginny nodded slightly to the portrait. “Professor Dumbledore.”

“Miss Weasley.” Eyes twinkling, Albus Dumbledore appeared much as he had in life. “I thank you for taking the time to talk to an old wizard.”

“Headmaster Black informed you of my situation, so I’m a bit curious about why you’d want to speak with me.” Giving up on her quest for a chair, Ginny crossed her arms and leaned against the wall so she could face the portrait and still keep an eye on both doors.

Looking a bit taken aback at her directness, Albus Dumbledore found himself in a position that he had very rarely encountered in life, but was becoming more frequent since his passing. Not quite certain how to proceed, he shook his head and watched the young witch across the room from him.

The changes that had occurred to all of his former students during the year of the war were the most visible with her. More so even than with Harry, Ginny Weasley had been changed profoundly by the events that occurred during the past year the ensuing summer.

“I am well aware of my situation regarding your friends, and I accept the fact that you’ll be reporting this conversation back to them…”

“Not necessarily. If this has nothing to do with the agreement you reached with the two of them, if you’re not trying to manipulate this situation I find myself in, then whatever is said here will remain between the two of us.” Cutting across her former Headmaster’s rambling, Ginny frowned in exasperation. “If this is something you’d like to discuss with me without Harry and Hermione being aware, I most respectfully suggest you get to the point. There’s a limit to the amount of time that even Hermione can spend in a library.”

“You’ve changed.”

“Didn’t have much choice on that, now did I?” Glaring at the portrait, Ginny narrowed her eyes. “I realize that I was manipulated and used by Riddle, but what you did was worse. Far worse.”

“Was it? You were a willing participant when your goal was to become closer to Mr. Potter.”

“Was I? I have no earthly idea what I actually wanted or felt during those years. I had a cast-off portion of Tom Riddle’s soul burrowing its way through my mind. Both of you wanted me with Harry, and neither of you had his best interests at heart.” Chuckling bitterly, Ginny shook her head. “Did you ever stop to think what would have happened if you’d both been successful?”

Seeing the blank look on his face, she scowled. “How about a final battle where it looks like Harry but is actually a seventeen year-old Tom Riddle with Harry’s wand, magical protections and potential facing a sixty-something year old Tom Riddle with no more Horcruxes hidden away.” Seeing the shocked look on her old Headmaster’s face, she nodded. “That’s right, either way, Tom Riddle’s in charge. And the worst case is that they join together and the two of them rule wizarding England.”

“Ginevra, I’m not certain…”

“That’s a bloody first. You’re always certain. Certain that you know the best for people. Certain that your sodding ‘greater good’ is actually good. Certain that you can play with people’s lives like they’re futtering pieces on a life-sized wizarding chessboard.” Pushing her self up from her spot on the wall, she crossed the intervening space between the two of them.

Seeing a flash of fear in the face of Professor Dumbledore as the ancient dagger appeared in her hand, she used it like a pointer to punctuate her frustration. “You. Have. No. Bloody. Idea. How. Close. It. All. Came. To. Disaster.”

“Tell me.” Very quietly, Albus Dumbledore asked her and waited for her response.

“If those two hadn’t figured things out, if an outsider and Sirius hadn’t intervened, I would have gotten Harry into my bed and you would have had another Dark Lord running around.” Seeing the look on the aged wizard’s face she nodded. “And this time he would have been wearing the face of the ‘Wizard Who Won’.”

“Harry didn’t mention…”

“Of course he didn’t mention it. The noble selfless prat is still trying to defend me, keep the world from realizing that I almost gave their hero over to one last fragment of Voldemort’s soul.” Tears running down her cheeks, Ginny was standing there staring at her former Headmaster. Taking the dagger in her hand, she flipped it up in a complex pattern that ended with the dagger disappearing in a flash of light at the apex of its flight.

“As fascinating as this conversation is, I sincerely doubt this is what you had in mind discussing with me.” Gathering herself back under control, Ginny nodded to the portrait. “I can’t guarantee how much longer they’ll be in there, what is it that you want?”

“Actually, I would like a moment to speak with your companion.” Seeing the guarded look on Ginny’s face, Albus shrugged and smiled mysteriously. “The young witch’s mother informed me she was back in the world, and I would like to speak to her.”

“Mon Dieu, I did not recognize that pigdog from your memories. And he was known as Wulfric Percival in fin de siècle France.” Venom dripping from the words in Ginny’s mind, Amaudru was straining at the edges of Ginny’s control. “If I speak to him, my only regret will be I still won’t be able to kill him.”

“Most people need to spend a bit of time with him before they come to that conclusion. I’m guessing the two of you have met before?” Conversing at the speed of thought, Ginny decided to allow Amaudru to come to the fore between one heartbeat and the next.

Suddenly, it was as if she were watching herself from afar. Flashing back to her first year, she noticed and appreciated the differences between this partnership and the mental slavery she had endured under Tom Riddle’s Horcrux. It was if she was peering over her own shoulder, but she knew that she could step back in whenever she needed, or wished, to.

“You! I should have gutted you for the foreworn bastard that you were in Paris.” Fairly snarling, Amaudru’s emotions caused Ginny’s body to react. Balanced upon a knife’s edge, her eyes were cold, her face an impassive mask. “You allowed that fils de bas to escape, he caused the deaths of those two who kept him from unleashing that evil.”

“I thought he was going to change, that he deserved a chance to repent.” Looking pained, Dumbledore blushed slightly as he remembered events from his youth. “I had gone to Paris to track him down, give him a chance to come back to England to atone for what he had caused.”

“Atone? Caused? That fils a puitan killed your sister. And then, when you catch up with him two years later, do you act like a man and drag him back to justice? Non. You listen to his puerile rationalizations and let him waltz away to unleash a plague of inferni on the muggles of the city as if he had merely been a bad boy? Incroyable. Quelle imbecille.

“There was a chance he would repent of his errors. Think of what he could have accomplished if he could have been turned from the Dark.”

“Errors!! Have you lost whatever it was that ever passed for your mind old man? He managed to get himself expelled from Durmstrang. That, in and of itself, should have told you what he was capable of.

Almost a century later, and you still can’t admit you were thinking with your gonads and not your brains. Fie. If I tell Her the truth, she’ll unmake your connections to this world for certain.”

Confused, Ginny concentrated on the memories that were occupying Amaudru. Glimpses of a much younger Dumbledore in Paris of almost a century ago, who was tracking down Gellert Grindelwald after he had fled England two years previous. Dumbledore finding him and misdirecting a pair of aurors who were on his trail. The disaster that almost unfolded and cost a young English auror and his American partner their lives beneath the streets of Paris as they prevented a horde of inferni from being released into the middle of the muggle World’s Fair.

The doomed pair seemed vaguely familiar, which might have been just an echo of Amaudru’s memories of them until she focused on the rings they were wearing during their last meeting with the Black Dagger as she was boarding the train to Dunkerque for a return to England and realized the significance of the date Amaudru remembered seeing them heading down a flight of steps into the catacombs of Paris.

On the first of September, 1900. A pair of soul rings, exchanged by those who had pledged themselves to each other in this life and the next. His was engraved with the emblem of her patronus, an otter, hers, with his stag.

“Merlin’s saggy socks, he betrayed them before.” Trying to keep her anger in check, Ginny found herself in a strange role reversal, being the rational one for her mentor. “Don’t blast the picture to flinders, while I can probably smooth things over with Phineas Nigellus, it would be difficult to explain to Harry and Hermione. He mentioned your mother, at least find out what she has to say before we blast him.”

“What has my mother to do with all of this?”

“Your mother asked me to pass along a message, as a beginning of my making amends for the choices of my youth.” Seeing the skeptical look on her face, Albus sighed. “She also said to remind you that you moved your father’s body to an unmarked tomb to the north of the city to keep ‘that woman’ from visiting his grave.”

“I’ll credit you’ve spoken to Himiltrude, what would she have of me?” Trying to control herself, Amaudru allowed Ginny’s hands to unclench as she calmed herself.

“Listen carefully, he’ll mean exactly what he says, but it’s not always easy to hear the details,” Ginny cautioned, remembering all of the times her former Headmaster had manipulated the truth to serve his own purposes, his ‘greater good’.

“Your mother asked me to remind you that it’s past time for you to come home. You’ve accomplished everything your father could have expected, and more.” Seeing the wary look on the face of the young witch, Albus tried to smile reassuringly, not really certain which of the pair he was intent on reassuring. “She also said that your father is not Arturus, he is at peace and at rest so there is no need for you to keep your vigil.”

“I will take my mother’s counsel under advisement, but you might want to pray that I do not take it.” Retreating across the room to her position by the door, she waited until the aged headmaster was preparing to depart before continuing. “Remember, old man, if I take her advice, we’ll be on the same side of the veil. And I’ve killed more wizards than you have betrayed over the years.” Leaning back against the wall, Amaudru folded her arms in front of her and glared as the white-haired wizard retreated from the frame.

“We definitely need to work on your people skills.” Ginny mentally chuckled as she resumed control and shook her head slightly. “You do realize that he’s already dead, don’t you?”

“As if that will be a barrier if I decide that he is still in forfeit on the off chance I end up there.”
“Speaking of which, the impression I had was that you were a copy of Amaudru at a specific moment, not Amaudru herself.” Cautiously searching for information, Ginny was careful not to allow images of cookware, specifically pots and kettles, intrude upon her thoughts.

“Amaudru primus was careful to return to me, from time to time, and allow me to reimprint periodically. The Sight has always run in our line, and it would seem she was prescient as to her eventual fate. She ran afoul of a necromancer who was keeping what you would call a dementor less than a fortnight after our last joining.” Having calmed down a bit, Amaudru ‘nodded’ apologetically to Ginny. “I’m sorry for so abruptly taking control, but once I realized…’

“He does have that effect on people, doesn’t he?” Hearing noise from inside the inner vault, Ginny quickly took a few deep breaths to finish settling her demeanor down. “I’m not going to mention this to them, right now. I’m not exactly certain of the link between them and that couple who died in Paris, but I know Harry well enough to know he’d consider that as part of the past that they’ve forgiven him for.”

Looking up, Ginny watched as the door to the inner fault swung open and her friends, laughing and smiling, exited. Hermione was carrying the carrier for Teddy and Harry was busy shrinking a stack of ledger books and a few other items for easy transport.

“Everything all right out here?” Nodding absentmindedly, Harry flashed Ginny a lop-sided grin as he tucked the items he had just shrunk into a pouch.

“Right as rain.” Ginny answered, looking up to see that Phineas Nigellus had returned to his frame. “Headmaster Black and I were just discussing travel plans. If there’s time before the start of term, once we get back, I think a trip to Paris and Aix-la-Chapell might be in order.” Seeing the startled look on the Headmaster’s face, confirming he had been listening in on ‘her’ conversation, Ginny smiled. “You guys head on out, I’ll reset the wards and join you before you get to the Cauldron.”

Seeing the questioning look on Seaxwielder’s face, she smiled and nodded quickly towards the corridor. Seeing the understanding nod in return, she turned and began sealing the inner chamber.

As the others had left, she turned to the portrait by the door. “I’m in your debt, Headmaster Black. What did you think of his tale?”

“Albus has always had an adversarial relationship with the truth.” Shaking his head, the former headmaster looked thoughtful. “I had heard rumors regarding young Peverell’s death. Decent student, natural leader even if he was a Gryffindor.”

“Really now?” Smirking at the mischievous look on the Slytherin’s face, she nodded. “We’ll have to consider this carefully. Is there a way we can contact you in Australia if we need?”

“One of my predecessors found himself on the wrong side of both the Ministry and the muggle government, so he was transported to Botany Bay in the 1790’s. Since there wasn’t any effective way for the muggle colony to restrict any wizards who found themselves in Australia, he established a wizarding colony on an island in Port Jackson.

With the help of some of the locals, whom he established a good working relationship with; he proceeded to hide the entire island from the muggles. Nimue Island is the home of Daystar Academy, Australia’s oldest school of magic. Former Headmaster Padraig O’Neil will be able to convey messages back and forth, with very little delay I might add.”

Giving the portrait a smile, Ginny stepped out into the corridor and proceeded to seal the door. Turning towards Seaxwielder, who was waiting patiently, she smiled.

“Thanks, I was hoping you’d wait.”

“My pleasure. And my responsibility since Griphook would take it out of my hide if you managed to get yourself lost or eaten before you returned to the lobby.” Cocking his head to one side, he studied the witch in front of him for several seconds, noting the marked changes in her since he had led her out of the lobby earlier. “Everything satisfactory?”

“It’ll have to do.” Smiling conspiratorially, she nodded. “Tell me you know a shortcut to the front door so I can be standing there waiting for them.”

“That, I can assist you with.” Leading the way back down the corridor, the young goblin stopped in front of a small alcove, barely visible in the dimly lit corridor. “Management would have a fit if they realized clients were using the maintenance corridors.”

Stepping into the alcove, Ginny smiled as the back wall opened, revealing a small chamber with a rune encircled silver platform in the center of it, “I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Stepping onto the platform, she waited until Seaxwielder joined her. As soon as he muttered “Lobby”, there was a flash of blue light, and they were gone.

A/N – 1 – My sincere apologies that this took so long. I ended up chucking the seven chapters I had written, so I’m in the process of rescripting the story from this point forward. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

2- If the story Amaudru alludes to sounds familiar, it’s the same circumstances as are revealed in the final chapter of my story “Cause and Effect”. We’ll hear more of Jane and James.

3- Nimue Island exists, hidden in plain sight, in the middle of Sydney Harbor, and it’s the center of Australia’s European wizarding community. Honestly. Would a fanfiction author make something like that up?

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Seeking The Lost: Chapter Twelve - Into the Vault for a Trip Down Memory Lane


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