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Chaos In The Order by Emilyinlove
Chapter 11 : Quidditch Tryouts
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, or the Harry Potter books, characters, movies, series or anything related to it. Only in my wildest dreams do I.

Author's Note: Happy Holidays everyone! I know it's a bit late, but I had planned to put this chapter up on Christmas. I hope you all are having a great vacation and hope you like this chapter!

Chapter Eleven: Quidditch Tryouts

I woke up lazily the next morning to see the sun shining brightly in my eyes. I looked at the clock beside me and it took me a few minutes to figure out what time it was, but when I did, I realized I was going to be late for my classes if I didn't get my butt out of bed.

"Oh monkeys!" I shouted, my eyes flying open before I stopped dead in my tracks. I thought about what I had just said for a moment. "Oh monkeys? Man, I'm weird."

I ran into the girl’s bathroom, quickly slipping into my uniform. I put on some basic make-up and brushed my hair and teeth before running downstairs, my school bag full of my textbooks for the day hanging on my shoulder alongside my purse. I sprinted out of the portrait hole and into the Great Hall. People were already getting up and leaving to go to class.

"Ohmigod, I am so late!" I exclaimed, running over and sliding into a seat at the Gryffindor table next to Emilie and Lindsay.

"No kidding, we're just about to leave," Emilie said.

"Okay, let me just go get some food and then we can go," I said, taking as much food as I could fit into my hands and started to eat.

"That's attractive," Lindsay said sarcastically, glancing at me with a slight look of disgust.

"I know, isn't it?" I said, after swallowing. I barely finished eating as we came to the Charms class. I slid into the seat next to Harry, Emilie and Lindsay following close behind as Flitwick began walking up to the stack of books so he could see the class, not just their shoes.

He started going on about OWLs and how they are one of the most important things we'll ever do because they help to define the rest of our lives. As he said this, a sudden question popped into my head, my hand shooting up into the air and I waved it around to show the urgency of my question.

"Yes Miss Williams?" Professor Flitwick squeaked.

"Will we have to know the incantations for our OWLs?"

"Yes you will. In fact, and take note of this class, you'll need to know the name of the spell, the incantation and what it does," He answered.

I cursed loudly. "Language Miss Williams!" Flitwick said in response.

"Sorry!" I said, flashing him my best "Don't-deduct-house-points" smile. He just shook his head, smiling slightly at my antics, before giving our class instructions and we started reviewing summoning spells, which all of us were pretty good at. And I actually knew the incantation to it.

"So what are you guys doing after classes are over for the day?" I asked.

"Detention," Harry said glumly for me to kiss his cheek and give his hand a squeeze.

"Studying," Hermione said.

"How can you be studying when teachers haven't taught anything new yet?" I asked her.

"I actually read ahead in the textbooks," Hermione noted and I rolled my eyes at her.

"Bookworm," I coughed and she looked at me sternly. "I'm just kidding Hermione, come on, give us a kiss!"

"You are so gross!" Hermione shrieked as I tried to get across everyone to her.

"That’s not what you said last night," I said, winking at her and she pretended to barf. “You know you love me.”

"Whatever, what are you doing after classes Em?" Harry asked.

"Hm...I don't know. I think I might just hang out in the common room, depends how I feel when the time comes. Might go for a walk, who knows," I shrugged. "What about you Ron?"

"Oh,, something," He mumbled.

"Alrighty then....anyways," I said, changing the subject. "Can I try something with your wand?"

"Sure," Harry said, the tone of his voice suggesting that he wasn't really sure about this, but handed me his wand anyways.

"Ready for this?" I asked and they nodded slightly, looking somewhat petrified at the idea of me handling a wand. I pointed it at one of the many pillows at the other end of the room. "Ready? ACCIO PILLOW!" I shouted, waving the wand. But you see, the way I waved the wand was a little overdramatic, to say the least. The wand went flying out of my hands and across the room.

"Well that was unsuccessful," Lindsay stated.

"Shut up," I growled, as I reached my hand out for the wand to come flying back into my grasp. "At least I didn't break it."

"Ah, Miss Williams, I'd like to see you try it again. Your last attempt was...unsuccessful," Professor Flitwick sugar-coated it. I reached my arm out, concentrating on a certain pillow before watching it fly into my hand.

"Much better! Ten points to Gryffindor!" He clapped his hands together happily, before walking away to go see Hannah Abbott's progress.

"My way is so much better. I actually have to study and memorize this year!" I exclaimed dramatically.

"Then maybe you should come to the library more often and study with me," Hermione said.

"Pfft, no way," I said.

We were now in Care of Magical Creatures, and we were listening to Professor Grubbly-Plank as she explained the lesson.

Grubbly-Plank. That's an amusing last name. It makes me chuckle.

She said something about drawing Bowtruckles, which quite frankly reminded me of popsicle trucks with bows on them. Anywho, we all got down to work right away. I laid down on the ground, the grass tickling a patch of bare stomach that was showing because of my shirt being raised up a bit. I laid my parchment in front of me and on top of one of my textbooks.

I looked at my parchment and started drawing absentmindedly. Probably not a good thing when it's me we're talking about. I looked over at Harry's sketch and giggled slightly to myself.


"That doesn't look like a Bowtruckle in the slightest," I noted.

"Oh yeah? Well, let's see yours," He said and I showed him. "That's not even a Bowtruckle." I looked at him questioning before looking at my parchment and laughing. I told you that you shouldn't let me do things absentmindedly.

"Well, technically it is. See? It's an ice cream truck covering the truckle part because they sell popsicles," I said as he began to look at me oddly. "And then there's a bow on top, see? That's the bow part. So as you can see, this really is a Bowtruckle."

"Yeah, sure..." He said as if I was psychotic, which I probably was.

"Well personally, I think it's a genius work of art," I said. "And very creative and imaginative."

"I don't think Professor Grubbly-Plank would agree," Harry argued.

"Fine," I sighed, before looking at the actual Bowtruckle and sketching it. I finished it off quickly and slid it on top of Harry's. "It's still better than yours."

"Well, maybe that's because your dad is an artist," He said.

"That may be, but it's still better than yours, and you even admitted that by not denying it!" I said proudly, sticking my tongue out at him.

It was later that night, and I had finished all my homework while I was waiting for Harry to get back from his detention with Umbridge. I knew exactly what would be happening, but I had to keep it a secret and pretend that I didn't.

I had become restless, and decided to go for a long walk around the castle. It was a somewhat decent night out so I decided to go over to the Quidditch Pitch, which was almost like a secret haven for me. It's always been the most relaxing place, except when there are games being played, of course. But at night, there was never a single sound, you could see the stars perfectly and the grass was never too long.

When I arrived, I heard someone themself? The voice was familiar but I couldn't exactly place it. I walked in and saw Ron up on his new broom that he got for being a prefect, obviously practicing for something.

"Hey Ron."

"Wha-" He got cut off before he fell off his broom. Luckily, he hadn't been too far from the ground at the moment.

"Ooo, that's gotta hurt," I said to myself before running over to make sure he was okay. He scrambled to his feet, and stood in a defensive position.

"What are you doing here Emily?" He asked, in a tone that totally gave away how panicked he was to see me here.

"Taking a stroll. What about you?" I asked.

" flying," He said, avoiding eye contact.

"In other words, you're trying out for the Keeper position on the Gryffindor Quidditch team," I stated bluntly.

"Maybe," He said warily, "why?"

"I don't know, I just think that it would be a good idea," I said. "Let's be honest, I do take up a lot of Harry's time that he could be spending with you...”

"What? I don't-" He started but I have him a look that told him to be honest with me as we headed up to the stands and sat down. "Well, okay, I do feel like that sometimes. It's just kind of annoying because he wants to be with you most of the time."

"Really?" I asked. "He wants to be with me most of the time?" That was so cute! Ron gave me a look telling me that it was the wrong thing to say. "But what I was thinking was that if you joined the team, and from the looks of it you are trying, you and Harry would have more male bonding time or whatever you wanna call it, because I will be the first to admit, I am very demanding attention-wise."

"No, really?" He asked sarcastically. I slapped his arm playfully in response.

"Don't be mean," I ordered. "But I could always help you practice."

"No offense or anything, but you don't really know anything about Quidditch," Ron said.

"Who says?" I asked.

"Well, you're more of a girly girl," Ron said, shrugging.

"Stereotype! I can play sports, I just choose not to," I defended.

"Sure," He said disbelievingly to receive a glare from me.

"Well, wait until tomorrow when I start training you, and then you won't think the same," I said.

"Oh, I'm so scared," Ron mocked.

"You are bloody evil, you know that, right?" Ron asked, panting slightly because of all the hard work I had put him through.

"Yup, and I'm proud of it. That's what you get when you say I can't do something," I said happily.

"Bloody evil, I swear," He muttered.

"Ron? Emily? What are you guys doing down here?" Harry asked for a panicked look to appear on Ron's face. "Were you flying, Ron?"

"," Ron said, very conspicuously hiding his broom behind his back. If people are going to lie, they should at least learn how to do it well.

"Oh Merlin, you guys weren't-" Harry started, looking totally panicked.

"EW! Of course not!" I shrieked before calming down. "Besides, he's in love with 'Mione."

"What? I am not," He said, blushing furiously.

"Sure..." I said, making it obvious that I didn't believe him, especially because I knew better.

"Can you guys just tell me what's going on then?" Harry demanded and he was obviously getting annoyed.

"Just tell him Ron, he won't laugh," I urged him. Ron had been worried that if he told Harry that he was going to try out for the Quidditch team, that Harry would laugh at him. I kept telling him that we was being stupid to believe that, but would he believe me? Of course not. Just like how he chose not to believe I knew how to play Quidditch. And boy was he wrong.

" thought that maybe...I'd try out for the Quidditch team. And Emily...was helping me," He said, not making eye contact with either of us, his spirits looking down for the count.

"Really? That's awesome!" Harry exclaimed. "That would be so cool to have you on the team!" Ron automatically looked much, much happier.

"Yeah, that's what Emily said," Ron said, beaming now. "She's been a huge help, and she really knows what she's talking about, even though her training is like suicide."

"Since when do you know anything about Quidditch?" Harry questioned. Now I knew why they were best friends; they both thought alike. But how dare they think that I can't be athletic, especially when it involves Quidditch! That's when I got an idea.

I burst into tears and both boys looked panicked as Harry wrapped his arms around me, trying to comfort me but not even knowing what this all was about. I started giggling and he pulled away, looking at me as I wiped the tears away from my eyes.

"Did you just start fake crying?" He asked.

"I had to get back at you for making me feel bad last year in the Hospital Wing, and besides, I'm an actress, it's not that hard," I shrugged and he just glared at me. "Wait, what's wrong with your hand?"

"It's nothing," He muttered, pulling his sleeve over it father and not making eye contact.

"Do I have to do everything myself?" I asked, snapping my fingers so that his sleeve flew up his arm, and I got a clear view of his hand. It was bleeding slightly and read "I must not tell lies". "Oh Merlin."

"When did this happen?" Ron asked.

"It's nothing, honestly," Harry said, trying to pull his sleeve back over it.

"Harry, I am about to hurt you even more, so you better tell me who did this!" I demanded.
"Umbridge, she's got this quill," Harry said.

"Oh how I loathe that wicked quill," I muttered to myself but apparently both of them heard.


"Oh, how that makes me feel ill to think of that," I improvised.

"You should go to McGonagall or Dumbledore about this," Ron said to Harry.

"No. I'm not letting her have the satisfaction of knowing she's gotten to me," Harry said.

"It's not about the satisfaction of letting her know she's gotten to you, it's about how she's torturing you! I'm pretty sure that's illegal no matter where you are," I said and Ron nodded.

"Dumbledore has got enough on his mind at the moment," Harry mumbled.

"Stop being such an angst bucket," I said, rolling my eyes at his antics.

"Angst bucket?" Both boys asked.

"You know, being all angsty? It's just a different way of say-"

"Are you going to give the password or am I going to have to wait until the end of your conversation?" The fat lady asked rudely, before I gave her the password and we walked through.

Friday approached quickly which meant that the Quidditch tryouts were today. And I got to record tomorrow. I was sitting at the Quidditch Pitch, watching the tryouts while Harry was in detention. No one was really spectacular to be brutally honest. Ron went up and blew the competition away. Of course, he wasn't amazing or anything, and he could still use some more training, but he was doing alright.

"Okay, we have made the decision for our Keeper and we have chosen..." Angelina started, building up the anticipation, "Ron Weasley!"

Ron turned bright red as I clapped and cheered loudly from the stands. We went back to the common room and Fred and George decided it called for a party. So we were all drinking Butterbeer and talking excitedly amongst ourselves when the portrait swung open and Harry came trudging through it.

"Harry, I did it! I'm Keeper!" Ron said excitedly.

"What? Oh - that's brilliant!" Harry said, looking totally out of it. Something was wrong, I could tell.

"Have a Butterbeer," Ron pressed a bottle into Harry’s hands, being oblivious to the fact that something was wrong. I walked up to Harry and hugged him tightly for it to be returned. While hugging him I whispered, "Meet me up in your room in five minutes, and you can tell me what happened."

I walked away, looking around me quickly before jogging up the stairs leading to the boys' dormitories, and jumped onto Harry's bed. I waited a while before he came up, looking distraught.

"What happened?" I asked as soon as he had sat down on his bed with me.

"Well, I was up in Umbridge's office, right? And when she touched my arm..." Harry started. I listened closely, carefully going over each detail in my head.

"So you're worried that Voldemort is controlling her?" I asked.

"Well, it's a possibility, isn't it?" He asked as I stood up, careful not to hit my head on the canopy and moved so I was sitting in Harry's lap. Man oh man, was he comfy or what?

"I guess so," I said unsurely, "but I don't think he would be possessing her like he did with Quirrell, because he's fully alive now, right? So, he might have her under the Imperius, but I don't think he would do that. That'd be too obvious, don't you think? But last year, your scar hurt and no one was touching you, and Dumbledore told you it was because Voldemort was experiencing a particularly strong feeling. This could have nothing to do with Umbridge having any relation to Voldemort. It's probably just a coincidence that it happened when you were with her."

"She's evil," Harry emphasized. "Twisted."

"I agree, but the world isn't split up into good and Death Eaters, now is it? She's a different kind of evil," I explained and he nodded. "Well, I'm going to go to bed, as should you. So goodnight Ducky, love you tons.”

"Love you," Harry said, kissing me before I left his room to go to my own.

Next time on "Chaos in the Order"

"I-I h-h-have a n-note for E-Emily W-W-Williams fr-from the h-headmaster," He stuttered, receiving a few sympathetic looks from the girls in class.

Wait, did he say he had a note for me? From Dumbledore? Surely it couldn't be any Order business, because he would've waited until the end of class for that. I walked up to the front of the class, as was Professor Umbridge. She tried to take the note from Professor McGonagall but she passed it to me before Umbridge could see it.

"Surely as High Inquisitor I should be checking any notes being given during class hours," Umbridge said.

"But you see, Dolores, this is addressed to Miss Williams, not to you, making it none of your business," McGonagall said, totally shutting Umbridge down as she went back to corner, sulking.

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