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renaissance by wishfulthinking97
Chapter 3 : Project
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(A/N: I am finally finished with this chapter!!! I am actually not 100% happy with this chapter but maybe i'm just paranoid? I went through a partial writers block during the middle of this story but I pulled through!
APOLOGY: I am SO sorry this is up soooo late!! I really do have a good reason though: I posted this on december 20th at 2:00am and the sole reason was so you guys could read it on time; well what do you know the backlog just kept getting longer and longer until finally mine was up. I got a message and guess what i saw? REJECTED. Because I used the word slut without a warning and you can imagine my annoyance at that because The queue was closed until jan 5th. But I apologize for this major delay!!!
Now my dear readers...enjoy chapter 3!! :)) also happy 2010
(New update at the foot notes)

Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns all of the characters in this story except Ryan!! The hottie Ryan and the plot is COMPLETELY mine! :D

It was a dream. She was 99.9% sure it was. It was the same dream that haunted her ever since the beginning of summer. Outside her small two storied house in England, the sky was darkening quickly as if a bottle of black ink had been spilled across the sky and the only lighting was the dim glow of the old fashioned streetlights around her. There she stood with him just a few feet in front of her, eyes full of apology. Then slowly, he took a step forward, then another and another until finally his body was just inches away from hers.

“…Hermione.” The deep smooth voice said tenderly.

Hermione shivered and gazed at the spot behind him, willing herself not to look at the boy standing in front of her. She felt a warm hand stroke her face from her cheekbone all the way to the bottom of her chin, then tilting her chin upwards forcing her to look into his eyes. Oh those eyes. They were like the color of a deep sapphire gemstone mixed in with the blue that you would see in the depth of the waters in the Caribbean sea. She quickly averted her eyes because she just couldn’t afford to get lost in them as she had millions of times before.

“Hermione,” He repeated. “Look at me ‘Mi.”

Slowly she shifted her gaze back to his face, drinking in every single glorious feature. His finely tanned skin without a single imperfection, the exotic way his face was structured and the locks of straight, shiny, dark coffee colored hair that were slightly swept to the side so it wouldn’t cover his clear, sparkly eyes. “Ryan.” She whispered.

Ryan breathed a sigh of relief. “’Mi. I’ve missed you.” He then proceeded to tuck the lock of curls that fell loose into her face, behind her ear carefully and cautiously, not breaking eye contact.

Hermione felt her body stiffen and practically heard her foolish heart beat itself against her chest wildly and out of rhythm. “Just stop Ryan.” She said her voice quivering and not coming out as strong as she had hoped. “I don’t…need you.”

Ryan’s eyes widened and he hurriedly tried to explain, talking so fast that his words were jumbling together. “Hermione I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. I really was stupid and I promise I would never do anything like that again. Please ‘Mi just give me another chance to make it all back to you, if you want me to get down on my knees and beg for forgiveness I swear I will.” He now had both the palms of his hands cradling each side of her face. “Please forgive m-“ He continued but Hermione now was shaking her head and gently took ahold of each of his wrists so his hands no longer held her face.

“You just don’t get it do you?” she said softly. “It’s not the forgiveness part, because if that is it, then sure, I forgive you. No, it’s because I would never be able to forget what you did, and every time I’d have you near me, I would always be reminded that our relationship has a big hole torn into it. I don’t need to deal with that kind of burden in my life.”

“But ‘Mi-“

“No Ryan.” Hermione said firmly. “Don’t you remember what you did? What you said?  Go find someone who isn’t a freak.”

A desperate and worried look crossed Ryan’s face as he tried to embrace her into a hug of forgiveness. Hermione quickly put the palms of her hands against his chest and pushed him back.

“Go.” She said darkly.

“’Mi…” Ryan said, his face now clouded with anger.

“Just. Go.”

“I swear Hermione you will regre-“ He warned.

“I SAID GO!!!” Hermione screamed feeling the grasp she had on her tears slipping. She could not have him see her crying.

Ryan looked at the bushy haired witch standing in front him and shook his head, a sign that he gave up and just couldn’t bother anymore.

“Whatever.” He said in a flat dry voice. “You know you love me.”

Hermione tossed and turned in her sleep. She knew what came next. This was the part she dreaded.

Then slowly, Hermione watched as Ryan turned his back and began to walk away. ‘Wait, Stop, Don’t go. I didn’t mean it.’ She wanted to call out. But instead she kept her mouth shut and slid down onto the cold concrete ground letting out a sob as tears fell down streaking her face. So she sat there, crying, breaking and trying to hold the last pieces of herself together as she watched the figure of  boy she once loved, grow smaller and smaller, until he finally disappeared.

Hermione woke up with a start. She looked around groggily and was confused for a second. Then her stomach twisted into a knot as she remembered the dream she had once again. She stumbled off the bed and went to the bathroom to wash her face. Her face was wet with tears that must have fallen while she was asleep and Hermione angrily wiped them away. Don’t think about him, don’t think about him, she repeated over and over in her head as she slipped into a heather grey short-sleeved sweater over a white tank top and shimmied into black school pants that surprisingly hugged her figure nicely. She then proceeded to mutter a couple of spells that made her hair fall into soft curls that framed her face. Then she swiped on a few of coats of mascara and lined her eyes. Finally she brushed her teeth vigorously and looked in the mirror. Not bad, Hermione thought, then grabbed her book bag and headed down towards the kitchen.

Once she was halfway down the stairs she saw that she would not be eating breakfast alone. Draco was already seated at the dining table wearing a deep emerald button up shirt with black formal pants, digging away at his scrambled eggs and bacon with a glass of pumpkin juice.

“Oh great. Mudblood’s up.” Draco loathingly sneered up at Hermione.

“Hello ferret.” Hermione rolled her eyes and opened the refrigerator, taking out pancakes with syrup that were already pre-made and a glass of orange juice. She then sat down at the seat across from Draco and began to eat her breakfast.

“Why were you crying your eyes out Granger?” Draco asked with slight jeer.

“What makes you think I did that?” Hermione snapped.

“Your filthy eyes are bloodshot. Plus, they are red and puffy around the corners.” He said simply, shrugging his shoulders.

“Whatever.” Hermione muttered.


“Well what?”

“Well why were you crying? Did the w’ittle mudblood loose a book?” Draco taunted in a baby voice of fake sympathy.

“Sod off Malfoy.” Hermione glared furiously at him.

“I think I will. I was getting a little lightheaded from breathing the same air as a filthy mudblood like you.” Draco got up and with his school bag swung around his shoulders, he left the common room and headed for the Great Hall.

Hermione sat there stiffly in her seat glaring into her breakfast and feeling her eyes grow strangely moist. No tears for that ferret Hermione. It’s not like you haven’t been called a mudblood before. Malfoy is such a toe rag. Hermione thought to herself. Then one lone tear slid down her cheek and she internally slapped herself hard when she realized she was not thinking about Malfoy at all. Instead, she had her mind on a certain brown hair, blue eyed boy. Don’t think about him!! Just go on with your life and he will go on with his.” After breathing in and out deeply, Hermione felt her body relax. That’s right Hermione. You don’t need to hurt for him. You are a free woman now! You have been for a while so it time to start enjoying your freedom!  After pushing all thoughts of Ryan to the back of her mind, she left the common room with the portrait door swinging shut behind her.

The Great Hall was buzzing with the usual excitement coming from students of all years. As Hermione pushed open the large set of doors and walked towards the Gryffindor table, she noticed boys checking her out and nudging each other in the ribs while girls tried to conceal their jealousy by unsuccessfully looking for something imperfect about her.

 “Conner, look at that ugly mass of a nest on her head that she calls hair.” One Hufflepuff girl whispered to her boyfriend in bitter envy.

“Amanda, what’s wrong with her hair? I think it looks great.” Conner replied absentmindly then winked at Hermione as she passed by.

Amanda scowled furiously at both her boyfriend and at the head girl.

Hermione was not use to so much attention and hoped it wasn’t because of her puffy, red eyes. They can’t notice it can they…it’s not that distinct….But then again, even the ignorant Malfoy noticed. Oh dear Merlin! It’s the eyes. She thought in despair. Hermione quickened her pace until she finally reached her house table. She snuck up behind a red-haired beauty and tickled her sides from behind. Ginny Weasley jump a foot in the air squealing then took a few minutes to regain herself once she sat back down.

“HERMIONE!!” Ginny laughed in between breaths.

“Hello Gin!” Hermione said cheerily. Good, keep up the happy attitude, no one will notice anything different. And it certainly will be much healthier for yourself. She thought.

“Merlin Hermione! You changed so much over the summer! I mean look at you!! Every guy in this school might as well be literally drooling over you. In fact I think some of them already are.” Ginny exclaimed eyeing Conner.

“Oh shut up Ginevra. So what about you pretty lady? I bet you’ve gotten a ton of arm candy this summer.” Hermione responded.

“Nah, just guys here and there.” Ginny said waving her hand as if to brush the topic away.

“We didn’t talk yesterday at all. The only time I saw you was when you snuck off into a compartment with Dean Thomas on the Hogwarts Express. Not to mention you guys ate dinner together yesterday while practically sitting on top of each other.”

Ginny turned beet red. “Well…he’s a nice guy.”

“So are you guys officially dating again?” Hermione interrogated.

“I guess we are…”

“What happened to you and Harry?” Hermione thought back to the end of last year when Ginny and Harry were hopelessly head over heels for each other. Of course Harry had to end the relationship for Ginny’s safety when him and Ron tricked Hermione and left her behind to go fight Hocruxes. Hermione shuddered at how close she was to losing her two best friends.

“I don’t know. It used to be so perfect between us. He said once the war was over he would come running to me, and beg me to take him back again. After it really was over, he never actually did anything. Came over to the Burrow and pretended like the whole relationship never existed. So…I guess that’s that.” Ginny said sadly.

Hermione gaped at Ginny. “But Gin! He obviously still likes you! I don’t know what’s up with him but I know he still feels the same way. You should talk to him about this.”

Ginny shook her head. “No it’s not that easy. Whenever I try to start a conversation about me and him, he would always suddenly need to go somewhere or abruptly change the subject. Oh ‘Mione, I just don’t know what to do.”

Hermione gave her best girlfriend a big hug. “Speaking of Harry, where is he? And Ron’s not here either!”

Ginny shrugged halfheartedly. “Oh you know them. Probably overslept again, I bet they will come running through those doors in a few seconds.” She then looked at the grand doors of the Great Hall expectantly.

“Gin-ners!” A voice called, and Ginny was once again tickled from behind sending her into a laughing spasm, but this time, the ambusher was none other than Dean Thomas.

“Hiya Dean!” Ginny sang then kissed him quickly but Dean deepened the kiss turning it into an intense makeover session. Nearby Gryffindors whooped and cheered while watching them.

“Alright you guys! Get a room or stop snogging each other’s face off!” Hermione laughed, pretending to be shocked. “You two are depriving me of my youthful innocence!”

Ginny and Dean broke apart both looking fairly disheveled and embarrassed.

“What youthful innocence?” Ginny muttered sarcastically.

Just then, the doors of the Great Hall burst open as Harry and Ron rushed furiously towards their house table, unaware of the stares and whispers they were attracting.

“We made it Harry!” Ron cheered. “Oh hi ‘Mione! Hey Gin.”

Ron laid his eyes on Dean and his smile dropped. He then gave the Gryffindor a death glare and a cold nod of acknowledgement. Hermione rolled her eyes at what an overprotective big brother her best friend could be.

“Just barely Ron.” Harry breathlessly said then hugged Hermione and Ginny as he sat down. “We would have been here earlier if Ron hadn’t been so caught up in the bathroom. I swear I don’t even know what he does in there…”

Dean snorted and gave a slight chuckle causing Harry looked at him with a surprised expression, noticing for the first time that Dean was sitting in their little group. Harry’s sparkling emerald eyes asked hundreds of questions as they found their way over to Ginny’s bright brown ones. Then he seemed to finally realize what was going on and decided resulted in glaring furiously at Dean’s arm that was casually swung around Ginny’s shoulders.

“Hey!” Ron exclaimed, insulted but then forgot about it as soon as he saw all the food and started stuffing his face with huge blueberry muffins.

“How was sharing a dorm with Malfoy?” Harry suddenly asked Hermione, after quickly snapping out of his silent anger.

“Horrible!” Hermione exasperated. “That boy is a bloody prick!

Harry sighed. “What did he do this time ‘Mione?”

“Just being his usual bloody self.” Hermione grunted.

Harry, Ginny and Ron exchanged glances but shrugged it off. Dean busied himself by playing with Ginny’s hair, receiving many scowls from Harry that went by unnoticed.

Hermione looked over at the head boy who was chattering away with what her and her friends liked to call “The Malfoy Posse.” Next to him was his personal slut Pansy Parkinson who had her hand practically groping the poor boy. Across from them was Malfoy’s best friend Blaise Zabini, and then on the outside were the minions, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle.

Suddenly, hundreds of owls flooded the room each carrying a piece of parchment in their beaks. The owls flew around dropping off new times tables for each student.

After everyone had gotten their schedules, Dumbledore stood up and tapped his spoon against his glass cup quietly until a majority of the Great Hall fell silent.

“Good Morning students, I hoped that you slept well last night. This year we decided to give you your times tables in the most convenient and fastest way, which was agreed to be delivered all at once by owl. Please read over your schedules carefully, and head off to class as soon as the bell rings. That would be all, thank you.” He announced.

After a polite applause for the headmaster, everyone began chattering away about their schedules.

“Free Period first thing in the morning! Bloody brilliant!” Ron exclaimed.

“Me too mate!” Harry cheered and the boys hi-fived each other. “What do you have ‘Mione?”

“Oh it’s nothing too bad. Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, DADA, Charms, Lunch, Free Period, Muggle Studies, History of Magic and Potions in that order.” Hermione read off.

“Bloody hell Hermione. That a whole lot of classes you got there.”  Ron ogled.

“Is there something wrong with that Ronald?” Hermione asked dangerously.

“Uhh…No, nothing at all ‘Mione.” Ron said backing off.

“Hey ‘Mione! We have Muggle Studies together!” Harry exclaimed looking over Hermione’s shoulder at her schedule. “Oy, Ron, What do you have two periods after lunch?”

“Uhh….Muggle Studies? Why?” Ron responded feeling very out of it.

“Hey that’s great! Now at least I know I have some friends in that class even if it is just Muggle Studies.” Hermione whooped.

The Golden Trio high-fived happily. Then after a few more minutes of light conversation, Hermione could see the two boys’ attention spam drifting and their eyelids growing heavy.

“Mate, let’s go back and get as much sleep as we can.” Harry said yawning standing up and gesturing for Ron to follow. “See you guys!” He then called out to Hermione and Ginny.

“Bye Harry, Ron.” Dean called out but the poor Gryffindor received nothing but a cold glare from the other two boys. Ginny rubbed his shoulder fondly, shaking her head as if to tell him not to think too much of it.

“What do you have First Period, Gin?” Hermione asked after the Harry and Ron had left the Great Hall.

“Herbology. Oh joy.” Ginny sighed and Dean patted her back. Everyone knew how much Ginny hated Herbology.”

“Well I have Care of Magical Creatures, so I’ll walk you there Gin-ners?” Dean proposed.

“Of course.” Ginny simply stated. “See you at lunch ‘Mione!”

“Bye!” Hermione called. 

The Head girl heard the first bell and decided to head off to Ancient Runes with Professor Babbling. As soon as she went in the classroom she chose a seat up front because it would surely guarantee that no one would come and sit by her. She was not in the mood to have a decent conversation with anyone at the moment, for last night’s dreams were sinking into her once again. Soon, seats were taken by many sixth and seventh year students. Hermione curiously looked around at the faces of her classmates and died a little on the inside when she saw the faces of some people that she knew all too well.  There was Blaise Zabini, Gregory Goyle, Amanda Beyhezner, Lavender Brown and Pavati Patil. Besides them, the rest of the class were practically strangers to Hermione. Then the Professor walked in and immediately started the school year off with a lecture.

A couple of minutes after Professor Babbling had begun class, the doors banged open and a boy rushed in.

“Mr. Malfoy, kind of you to join us. Please take a seat and come to class on time in the future.” The Professor scolded looking annoyed. “You are wasting at least one minute of everyone’s time right now so adding that all up, you just cost us all around half an hour.”

The class murmured to each other, snickering at the nonsense Professor Babbling just said.

Hermione watched as Draco nodded impassively and looked around at his seat options. There were now only two free seats left, one next to the Hermione and one next to a weird sixth year Slytherin named Jimmy who still wet himself at night and ate his own boogers.

Draco seemed to debate over his small seating dilemma for a while but then made up his mind and pulled up the chair next to Jimmy. He began to unpack his things, smirking at the insulted while relieved look on Hermione’s face.

Hermione huffed trying to keep her dignity and quickly started taking down notes as Professor Babbling continued on with her lecture.

Hermione stormed in the Great Hall at lunch in a very foul mood. Draco Malfoy had been in two out of her four classes before lunch and she had no doubt he would be in more of her classes after lunch. He and Zambini had been doing everything they could to remind her she was nothing but filth. She hated that bastard from the bottom of her heart, and her hands twitched in yearning for a wand so she could hex the said boy.

“Hi Hermione!” Harry and Ron cheerfully  called out. Their faces were bright and sunny but fear passed over them when the head girl came closer and they got a good look at Hermione’s face. It was quite obvious that she was in a bad mood, for one could literally see the steam coming out of her ears and the fire flashing behind her honey brown eyes.

“What a nightmare!!!” Hermione bellowed. “That boy is the most despicable, ugly, repulsive, lousy, obnoxious GIT I have ever met!” 

“I assume you’re talking about Malfoy?” Ron stupidly asked.

“Who else?” Harry rolled his eyes at his best mate.

“Well in that case, we already know he is, ‘Mione.”

“Did he do something to you?” Harry asked, a concerned look crossing over his face.

“Do you really think he would be sitting over there, calmly having lunch if he did?” Hermione responded darkly.

“She’s scaring me…” Ron whispered to Harry.

“Stop being a wuss Ron.” Harry quietly hissed back. “Well what happened then?” he interrogated Hermione.

“Did you know that he was in half of my classes so far? Let me tell you, he NEVER lets the fact go that I’m Muggle-born. Him and Zabini kept silently shooting spells at me during class that made me involuntarily write “I am a filthy Mudblood” all over my parchment. There was even one that made me say it out loud during Charms! It’s TORTURE I tell you.” Hermione furiously said.

“WHAT?! That son of a… Just he wait and see, I’m gonna…” Ron spat out angrily but Harry put his hand on his best friend’s shoulder, silencing him. Ron looked at him questionably but Harry had his eyes trained on a certain blond Slytherin. 

“Harry what are you d-”Hermione started to ask.

Caput Capitis Ferrio” Harry muttered with a flick of his wand.

There was a gasp at the Slytherin table, then silence, and finally, roars of laughter. In place of Malfoy’s head, there was now an enlarged head of a ferret connected to Malfoy’s usual body. The Malfoy Ferret let out a yelp of surprise then started hopping up and down frantically while vibrating the table so much that he spilled pumpkin juice and tomato sauce onto his crisp, clean shirt. The laughter increased to a deafening level when students from all houses now realized what was going on.

“Oops, must have said the spell wrong.” Harry innocently tried to say, but him and Ron began to double over in laughter once again. “You know ‘Mione, this sure pays him back for what he did to you, eh?”

Hermione just stared in horror at Harry, then at Draco, then back at Harry and ran out of the Great Hall without another word.

The Professors watched the scene in shock and McGonagall quickly rushed over to Draco, scolding the head boy while she tried to think of spells. “Caput Capitis Puer.” She finally said with a flick of her wand. The ferret head disappeared and Draco’s human head was back once again with a frightened look on his face. The frightened look quickly transformed into a look of annoyance while he scanned the laughing students in the Great Hall.

“What are you all laughing at??!!” He bellowed and then surprisingly enough, the laughter died down except for a few snorts and snickers every now and then.

“Mr. Malfoy, you are in no position to be yelling at anyone. Now, what I want to know is how and why you managed to turn your own head into a ferret’s.” McGonagall scowled.

“But Professor, I didn’t!” Malfoy cried out.

“Well then may I ask who did?”

“I don’t know!! Apparently someone else bloody did!”

McGonagall looked at the boy’s helpless expression but found nothing suspicious about it.

“5 points from Slytherin for foul language.” She said, and then briskly walked away.

Harry and Ron held in a breath when Professor McGonagall passed the Gryffindor table, waiting to be punished, but instead, they got a look of acknowledgement from the deputy headmistress as she walked out of the Great Hall.

Draco was pissed. Like REALLY pissed. Despite being called Ferret-Head numerous times from students of all houses, he also had gotten tomato sauce stains all over his best shirt that was imported from overseas.

Having your head turned into a ferret’s was one of the worst feelings you could ever imagine. It feels like your head is being stretched open from all directions, the invisible pull would slowly get so strong it hurt, and then suddenly you would freeze over completely from your neck up.

And Draco knew exactly who did this. Or so he thought anyways.

“Drakie did you hear me?” Pansy whined in a nasal voice.

“I said that it took so long to get today’s look and outfit right but I think I made it work pretty good. What do you think?” Pansy gestured at her face and body while looking at Draco expectedly.

“Uh…yea, sure, whatever.” The head boy got up and abruptly walked away.

Pansy turned to Blaise with a confused and hurt look on her face, “What’s his problem?”

"Ice Mice!” Draco shouted.

“No need to raise your voice, lad.” Adam said, about to let the head boy in when a weird look crossed his face and he tried to hide a snort. “Look laddie, word around the portraits is that you got your head turned into a ferret’s. Is that true?”

“ICE MICE!” Draco bellowed again at the top of his lungs.

“Alright, Alright…Merlin,” Adam muttered and swung the portrait door open.

Draco barged in furiously looking around for Hermione, seeing her nowhere.

“GRANGER!!!!” He angrily yelled.

After a few moments, the head girl’s door opened, and Hermione hesitantly walked out.

“What, Malfoy?” She said coldly.

Draco walked heavily and quickly up the stairs until he was just a few feet away from her.

“YOU!!!! YOU DID- I KNOW- WHY YOU- HOW COULD- IN THE NAME OF MERLIN- BLOODLY- I COULD JUST- MUDBLOOD!!!” He furiously spluttered, so enraged he couldn’t even form a comprehensible sentence.

“What do you want?” She bitterly asked.


A worried look crossed Hermione’s eyes and Draco mistook her hesitance as a sign that proved his suspicions.


“Malfoy, it wasn’t me.” Hermione answered in a defensive tone but there was something off about it.

“Just shut up Granger. Don’t lie.”

“I said I didn’t do it!!!” She angrily said and took a step towards him, eyes flashing.

“Then who did?!”

“That isn’t your concern.” She muttered.

“It was Potter then, wasn’t it? It has to be. Weasel isn’t smart enough to form a spell like that.”

“What do you know Malfoy? You have no idea what Ron is capable of.” Hermione hopelessly tried to defend.

“Great. It was Potter.” He said in a monotone. Then after a few seconds of silence, Draco exploded. “DO YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO HAVE YOUR BLOODY HEAD TURNED INTO A FERRET’S?!?!? YOU JUST DON-”

“I didn’t ask them to do it.” Hermione quietly said.

“…What did you say?” Draco was taken aback.

“I didn’t ask them to do it, nor did I want them to.”

“But…Why?!” Draco asked confused.

“Because I’m not you, Malfoy. I hate your guts and I think you’re a bloody bastard, but I would never do something like that to anyone no matter how much I hate them. I’ve read about how horrid it feels to get any part of you transformed into an animal’s when you’re not an Animagus and I wouldn’t go that far, even to you.” Hermione said with pride and confidence.

“You don’t know what it feels like. It’s almost as bad as a werewolf transformation.” He bitterly said.

“I know of pain, Malfoy.”

“You wouldn’t know pain if it hit you in the face.”

Draco watched Hermione’s confident expression turn into one of shock. Then slowly, he saw her eyes glaze over and it was as if she was concentrating hard on something. Draco didn’t get what her problem was. I bet this is just an act, he thought. Suddenly he realized how close he and Hermione were to each other. They probably had involuntarily taken a defensive step forward after each comeback to one another. Gross. Standing this close to a Mudblood cannot be healthy for me. He was about to turn away when he realized Hermione had snapped back to life and a furious look was on her face. She pushed him with all her might, making him stumble back a couple of steps.

“GO AWAY!!” She screamed. “Sod off you horrible Ferret-head!

At the last word, Draco felt like a bomb was set off inside him. He quickly stepped forward and did the first thing he thought of: He spat in her face with a look of disgust.

“That’s what all dirty Mudbloods like you deserve.” He said coldly, then hurriedly walked down the stairs and out of the common room leaving a insulted and angered Hermione behind.

Hermione wiped away the tears that fell down her eyes after she heard the slam of the portrait door. She hated him, hated him with all her might. For when he challenged her with the fact that she never experienced pain, all thoughts and memories that were safely bottled up, were let loose once again. She let loose a fresh round of tears as she thought of the time she saw Ryan before she left for Hogwarts in sixth year.

The afternoon sun shone down on Ryan, giving him a surreal but healthy glow and complimenting his skin tone perfectly. They were taking just another one of their walks around the neighborhood park wasting away the last few rays of the summer sun.

“You’ll write to me often right ‘Mi?” Ryan asked worriedly.

“Of course I will!” Hermione laughed squeezing his hand.

“Why do you have to goooo?” He whined jokingly.

“Silly Ryan.” Hermione reached up to ruffle his hair fondly. “I love Hogwarts and you know that. Plus my friends need me, I mean who knows what will happen this year…”

“Oh yea, the battle between your friend Harry Potter and Voldesnort or whatever his name is right?”

Hermione burst out laughing. “Voldemort.” She corrected.

“Same difference.” He joked indignantly.

Hermione looked up at Ryan and love suddenly poured through her.

Ryan sensing her eyes on him, looked down and smiled at the gorgeous girl gazing up at him. He bent his head and kissed her gently on the lips, slowly but sweetly.

“I love you Ryan.” She contently said afterwards.

There was a hesitant pause from Ryan and Hermione glanced up.

“Did you hear that Ry? I said I love you.”

“I love you too Hermione.” He responded.

“You know, I can see us together a long time from now.” She sighed happily.

He nodded. “Forever.”

It’s strange how ironic things could be, Hermione thought bitterly to herself. She heard the bell ring somewhere outside, signaling that it was time for another class and then, for the third time that day, Hermione forcedly locked the thoughts of Ryan safely in her mind again and wiped away the last tears and mascara streaks that were left on her face.

The earth spins at exactly 0.464 kilometers per second and Hermione felt like she was spinning right along with it. In the opposite direction.

Hermione rushed into Muggle Studies at record time, making her way through the rows of desks and plopping down next to Harry who was also seated next to Ron.

Professor Burbage started class with some introductions and Hermione began to diligently write down notes.

Harry nudged Hermione and gave her a small questioning smile, remembering how she had barged out of lunch so abruptly. Hermione glanced once at Harry, and then returned back to her note taking. A few minutes later she felt Harry silently slid a piece of parchment onto her desk. She sighed in defiance and took a look at the note.

Why are you mad? I thought you would have gotten the most laugh out of it.


Hermione began to scrawl on the same piece of parchment and handed it back to Harry.

You just don’t understand the gravity of it Harry. Do you know that transforming any part of someone into an animal’s hurts almost as bad as a werewolf transformation if the person is not an Animagus? I don’t mind you hexing him, but that was just too far. I wouldn’t want to see that happen to anyone, even if it was Malfoy.


Hermione received a response from Harry quickly.

Oh wow ‘Mione. I didn’t know that. I’m sorry.


She smiled to herself, forgiving her friend quickly.

It’s alright. I guess he deserves it now anyways.


She saw Harry frown slightly while reading the note and watched his quill fly across the parchment.

What happened...?


The note passing between Harry and Hermione continued from there.

He spit in my face




I just told you.


Well aren’t you going to do anything?! He’s in this classroom right now…that git. Maybe I could hex him again?


Wait, he’s in this classroom? Merlin.


Yea look behind us, 5 seats to the left.


Hermione looked back and indeed there sat Draco next to Pansy Parkinson looking very annoyed. He felt her eyes on him and looked up, glaring directly at her. Hermione felt her insides freeze with hate and she coldly glared at him back.



Harry looked at Hermione and nodded.

“Ms. Granger what would that be?” Professor Burbage asked.

Hermione stiffened up for she had not heard the question let alone know the answer.

“Uh, I’m sorry Professor but could you repeat the question?”

The Professor sighed. “What’s the Muggle holiday they celebrate in the United States in November?”

Hermione breathed a sigh of relief. She knew this. “Thanksgiving.” She confidently responded.

“Very good Ms. Granger. 5 points for Gryffindor. Now everyone, there is a very important project I’m going to assign to you today and it won’t be due until the last day before winter break. This year, Professor Dumbledore insists on creating House Unity so that is one important part of this project. I have already assigned everyone partners in which I will announce in a short while. The theme of this project is renaissance. What does renaissance mean?” Professor Burbage asked.

Hermione’s hand shot up.

“Yes Ms. Granger?”

“Renaissance is the renewal of life, vigor or interest. So for instance, if someone is very depressed and there was one person that helped them slowly come back to life again, figuratively of course, then the second person is the first person’s renaissance.”

“Excellent. Another 5 points for Gryffindor. The only thing I would add is that renaissance doesn’t exactly have to be a person, it could also be an object or activity that renews your life and interest. The first part of this project is probably what you’ve already guessed. Each one of you will write a 15 feet essay on your renaissance by talking about what renews your life and interest. The second part however is the part where you will work with a partner. For at least two days each week until winter break, the both of you will have to get together and share an important moment in your life. This is the house unity part. Dumbledore believes that if two people were to know enough about each other, they will slowly warm up to one another.” The Professor went on. There were some eye rolling amongst the students but many of them were captivated by this interesting project.

“Professor, how will you know if we’ve shared things about each other every week though?” One Gryffindor girl asked.

Professor Burbage had a gleam in her eye. “Professor Dumbledore will place a truth charm in this class every Monday that will be activated from when I start class, to when the bell rings. So when I ask each of you if you’ve confided in with each other, then you can’t help but tell the truth.”

There were some appreciative murmurs and nods around the room

“Now I will start reading off each partner.” She announced.

“Harry Potter and Millicent Bulstrode”

Draco smirked at the pained expression on Harry’s face as he groaned.

In truth, this sounded like a reasonable project to do, and Draco was just anxious to see who his partner was. He would be fine with anyone in this room but Granger or Weasel. Thinking about being assigned to Granger, he felt like he almost died a little on the inside. Almost.

“Pansy Parkinson and Ronald Weasley.”

Hermione saw Ron grit his teeth together as he muttered a bunch of unintelligent words. Harry patted Ron’s back in sympathy for Millicent was nowhere near as bad as Pansy.

Hermione was pretty excited about this project. It beat all her other ones in the past that made you research about trolls or different types of strength potions. As long as her partner wasn’t Malfoy. She couldn’t imagine the horror of being assigned to him. Having to tell him important moments of her life made her almost want to hurl. Almost.

“Theodore Nott and Lavender Brown.”

Draco sat at the edge of his seat waiting for his name to be read. The Professor had already gone through half of the class already, and he was getting worried because his partner choices were beginning to get very limited. If it keeps going down like this, there would be a bigger chance that he really might end up with the Mudblood.

“Daphne Greengrass and Neville Longbottom.”

Why isn’t my name being called yet? Hermione thought frantically. The people that were left were none too pleasant and the worst part yet was that Malfoy was one of them. What if she really does end up with Ferret-Head? She silently and solemnly said her prayers.

Draco watched the Professor’s lips part, and he felt himself sink lower and lower in his seat.

This is it.

Hermione had a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach as she watched the Professor begin to announce the name of the second last set of partners. It can't be me. Dumbledore may have been dim witted enough to make me work with Malfoy as heads but Professor Burbage knows better. Yes, this next pair will just be Malfoy and Seam-

“Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger.”

The whole room fell in an eerie silence. Draco and Hermione barely noticed because in their head, they could only hear one word repeating itself over and over, each time getting a bit more unbearably loud.

Bollocks. Bollocks. Bollocks.

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