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Lonely Lily by life_writtendown
Chapter 3 : David
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  A/N - my worst nightmare, my chapter was rejected RIGHT as the queue closed. so to make up for it I merged a two chapters for one mega chapter!!!! wooooo!


After Levi said those fateful words he stood up and just walked away. He stole the dramatic last words from me this time. I looked down at my old antiquated watch that Grandpa Weasely gave me for my 16th birthday and checked the time. David’s shift ended in five minutes and I haven’t seen him since last year. My stomach now had stomach growling but that sensation was replaced by a deep nervous feeling in my gut. Had he changed? Had I changed? I walked quickly to the Library, not wanting to waste a single second that I could spend with him. Madame Lewis keeps him on a strict schedule and he had to be in his room by 9:30, and right now it was 8:45. I had to hurry if I wanted to get the full story of what happened over his summer break.



I burst through the wooden door and began to peer down the lengthy rows of the books searching for that familiar mop of brown hair. I walked up and down twice and finally got on my knees to see if I could find his tattered black converses propped up against the bottom of one of the shelves. I was halfway down the aisle when I heard a deep chuckle resonate through the floorboards. I tilted my chin upwards to see the tall and lanky Russian heart-throb towering over me like a giant. He extended his right arm and pulled me up into his chest for a long hug. I sighed into his shoulder and he nestled his head into my hair.


“I missed you Vily, I veally did.” I smiled when he missed pronounced my name. David had a problem with the English language. But I’m trying my best to teach him. We broke from the embrace and moved to the comfy armchairs in the corner. He collapsed into the chair and studied my appearance while I did the same.


He hadn’t changed a bit. And it was wonderful. He still had the same straight shoulder length brown hair and the same striking green eyes. I wondered what he was thinking of me. 


“How’d your summer go?” I asked politely, interrupting the weird lengthy stare.


“It vas okay, my mother almost made go vack to Durmstrang. “She wanted me to be a book keeper there.”


My eyes widened at the possibility that David wouldn’t be around and he quickly raised his hand to ward off the bubbling emotions of distraught.


“Vut, I convinced her to let me stay, so don’t worry Vily I’m hear vor good.”


“Thank goodness, I wouldn’t know what to do if you weren’t there to-” My cheeks turned red and I ducked behind my hair. Well that came out wrong. I took a gulp and continued.

“What I mean is that you are my only friend, and without you I truly would be Lonely Lily.” I slowly raised my head to evaluate the look on his face.


“Who called vou that, that Emma girl?”


“No, Levi Wood.”


“Well don’t vorry about it; I’m going to stick around to be your best friend forever.”


“Forever’s a long time David.”


“That’s the idea.”


“How is Moodle doing?” Referring to his rather fat orange tabby, I thought it was the perfect time to change the topic to something more….friendy.


“He gained about five pounds over break; he’s around here somewhere…” David sat up and arched his neck searching for the orange beast. “How’s Vola?”


“Lola?” I reached into my large purse and pulled out the unbelievably small gray tabby.


“You still carry her around all va time?” David laughed and watched as Lola let out a happy mew and rubbed her head against the palm of my hand.


“It’s a magical purse, she has a whole kitty habitat in there, so why not?”


“Yes, why not?” David’s eyes were now sparkling and he had a wide grin on his perfect face.


Oh boy, do I love him or what?

We talked up until 9:44, to be exact, about our summer adventures. But one little bit of our conversation reminded me of how David couldn’t become more than a friend. He has a girl back at home. Not a girlfriend, he assured me, a girl. She didn’t want to be tied down to someone who was never around. And ­­­I kind of understood that, but I don’t think David does.

Every time he mentioned her his eyes brightened and he stared off into space. I could only sit there and watch him bask in the beauty of some girl who didn’t want to be “tied down”. He probably just stood there like an idiot and grinned when she broke up with him.  

I really wanted to shake him and tell him it wasn’t worth it. But, stupid me, just sat there.

9:44. David leaned forward to check the time off my wrist. He said his good byes and vowed to meet me the following afternoon. He left me with Lola in the cavernous and drafty library, alone.


I slammed the door to my room in frustration. Leaning my forehead against the oak door, I took a deep breath and inhaled. I didn’t have to worry if the door would open and slam me in the face, no one dared to enter my 7,000 galleon “school donation” bedroom. Money can get you places. Carefully, I undressed and folded my uniform onto the trunk at the end of my bed. A loud tap came from the window and I opened the glass and braced myself for the half hazard landing of my family’s decrepit owl.  And there it came, a handful of matted fluff busted through the pane, even though he surely had already come to a complete stop.


“Oh Hedwig the Second!” I buried my nose and smelled in home, even though I hated practically everything about the people I live with, home smelled fantastic. And Hedwig the Second was probably the only family member who I could stand to be around for more than a couple of hours. He lives up to the original Hedwig, he’s loyal and spoiled as hell. Which is pretty much what I’ve heard about the old Hedwig.

The letter tied to his ankle looked bulky and serious. I slipped on my pajamas, got out my reading glasses and prepared to read one doozy of a letter. I immediately noticed my mother’s seal.


Dear Lillian,

Honey, we were invited to celebrate the 900th birthday of Merlin with the Ministers of Magic’s from all over Europe! It’s a wondrous celebration out in Ireland. It’s very prestigious and your father and I think that it will prove to be a very educational experience for you and your siblings and cousins. I’ve already talked to everyone at Hogwarts and they were very apprehensive to let you go for a whole week in the middle of your term. But, I assured them that since you were top of your class and such a well liked lady, it would be a snap copying all those notes. Oh and the party also works as a Debutante, so you will have to come home a week in advance to prepare. Grandma Weasley has agreed to be your advisor and its up to you to find and escort. Oh Honey, I know this is a lot to ask! But, you’re our baby girl and we want you to be the best you can be. Your father think’s this Debutante is the worst idea I’ve ever had. He nearly tripped me on my way to the letter desk so I wouldn’t write this letter.


 Dominique did this Debutante ceremony two years ago and she called it (and I quote) “One hell of a time”. She may have been a bit intoxicated at the time, but you know how honest she is? Oh and I talked to Dr. Eloise and she fully endorsed my decision.  Oh and the dress will be gorgeous!


Anyway, I’ve enclosed the rules and regulations. Play close attention to the bit about confidence. We will be picking you up by Floo next Saturday!


Love, your mum


Pure and utter disgust, I couldn’t even hold the parchment in my hand. How could she do this to me? I’m not Dom. I’m Lily. And of COURSE Dom was intoxicated, she always bloody is. No way am I participating in any of their elitist shenanigans. I leaped out of bed and snatched a scratch of parchment and a quill and etched an uppercase large NO and tied it to Hedwig the Second’s ankle and tossed him out the window. I reached out to shut the window behind him, when I heard a loud grunt come from outside. But, that was impossible because I’m on the highest level, right? Leaning more than halfway out, I turned my head to right and was greeted by the wide grin of a certain Levi Wood.


“What are you doing here?” I whispered, but he didn’t hear me because all he did was laugh.

“Hey Lilly Billy!” He said very loudly while tiptoeing on the ledge closer to my window. I could smell him from a mile away. He smelled just like dear old Dom and Rosie; I call it the Firewhiskey parfum.

“Get inside!” I cried, ushering the giggling mass in. “What are you suicidal?”

“Nawwww just adwennturus” His head drooped onto my shoulder and I cringed and lugged his dead weight corpse, regretfully onto my bed. He rolled onto his back and tilted his head to meet my eyes.

“Have any hot roommates?” Giggling he reached for my wrist, but I was standing too far away and he tumbled onto the floor.

I hate to say it, but Levi still managed to look unbelievably attractive while being sloppy drunk and rolling around the floor in fits of hysterics. At least he wasn’t a lusty drunk like Dom. She practically started molesting my father once or twice.

Not in the mood to have a memorable conversation with the lunatic, I just stood there with my arms crossed and stared until he got himself together. But, minutes started passing and Levi began to doze off. I couldn’t just leave him on my floor! But when I looked to see that it was already midnight, I stepped over the snoring slum and laid right on the edge of my bed so I could keep an eye on his ass.  I always had to watch over the drunkards at home so they wouldn’t die choking on their own vomit. So it’s practically instinct to make sure Levi didn’t do just that.  But this also meant no sleep. I groaned thinking about all the exams I had to take tomorrow. But, then again, maybe if I failed an exam here and there, mum couldn’t brag about me being a top student and I would have to forfeit my Debutante candidacy, or whatever its called!



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Lonely Lily: David


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