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Twenty-Six Stories by fluffball
Chapter 2 : B is for Buckbeak
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters.

Thanks to my beta Choices HP


B is for Buckbeak


I lost my best friend.

Hagrid had been really nice to me ever since I hurt that annoying blond brat’s arm, I’ve gotten to sleep inside his hut and everything.  Except he’d seemed sad, too and I wanted to know why but I couldn’t ask because I don’t speak human.  Neither does that annoying black thing Hagrid calls a “fang”.  I understand enough human to know that thing definitely isn’t a fang, but Hagrid seems to have an awful lot of people convinced that it is.  Like that scrawny black-haired kid who had a little redhead girl following him everywhere.  I don’t think he knew she’s there, but I’d seen her.  And that other redheaded kid who kept staring at the bushy brown-haired girl.  The bushy brown-haired girl stared at him, too.  I wonder why they hadn’t noticed yet?  I think I’d notice if whoever I was staring at was staring back.  The brown-haired girl always seemed smart, but she thinks the annoying black thing is a fang, too, so maybe she isn’t.  In any event, I couldn’t ask the black thing what’s wrong with Hagrid because I don’t speak annoying explode-y sound language either.  But Hagrid had seemed real sad since I gave that blond kid what he deserved.  He insulted me, after all!

I guess I figured out why Hagrid had been all sad.  He took me off to see new places and I loved that, but he seemed kind of scared then, too.  And then, one day, these people came to his hut!  One of them had a giant axe and kept looking at me all mean.  It was even worse because for some reason Hagrid put me outside that day!  So I was all cold and I didn’t like how that bloke with the axe was looking at me.

When he walked by, Hagrid’s back door opened up and he started to talk to no one.  You know the weird thing?  The empty space talked back!  It sounded like Redhead Boy, Dark Boy, and Bushy Girl.  I heard them walk away and heard them talking but couldn’t see them.

Then, all of a sudden, Bushy Girl and Dark Boy came out of the forest even though I could hear them way off to the side of where I was.  It was weird!  Bushy Girl didn’t come close but Dark Boy did.  He bowed to me and I knew he wasn’t afraid of me and that he must be nice because he was Hagrid’s friend, so I bowed back.  Besides, he was the boy I gave a ride to before I attacked Blond Kid, so I knew he was okay.  He undid the rope and tried to make me move, but I knew he was taking me away from Hagrid and I love Hagrid, so I tried to stop him.  Then I heard people about to come outside and Dark Boy told me to move.  I remembered Axe Man.  I was kind of scared of Axe Man, so I decided to follow Dark Boy into the forest even though I didn’t really want to leave Hagrid.

We hid in the forest forever.  I played with bugs for a while, but then I saw Hagrid!  Hagrid looked really happy for the first time since I attacked Blond Kid, so I really wanted to see him, but Dark Boy and Bushy Girl stopped me.  So we waited some more.

After a while, things started to get really weird and I mean really weird.  Nice Teacher, a bloke who visited Hagrid for tea and I really like came out from the roots of Crazy Tree attached to some person I’d never seen and Redhead Boy.  Then there was Skinny Man who I sometimes saw around Bushy Girl’s cat and who always left the area whenever Nice Teacher came near.  Hagrid only ever saw him as a black thing like that annoying animal he kept calling a fang, but I knew he could turn into a person because one time he did to hide from Nice Teacher behind a tree.  He didn’t like Redhead Boy’s rat.  Skinny Man was making Mean Teacher, who I hardly ever saw and never liked very much, levitate in front of him.  And with all those people were Dark Boy and Bushy Girl!  I looked over, but they were beside me, too.  There were two of them! 

Then, Nice Teacher froze and started shaking really bad.  I wanted to help him but then Bushy Girl said something about him transforming and Dark Boy said we had to move because he was going to run right at us.  I didn’t know what they meant until I saw what was happening.  Nice Teacher was turning into something like the annoying black thing and like what Skinny Man was most of the time, but it looked meaner and was grey.  I thought it was a good idea to go wherever Dark Boy and Bushy Girl took me because Nice Teacher was really scary now. 

We went back to Hagrid’s hut and I was really happy for a while because I thought I’d get to stay and we’d see Hagrid again.  But a while after Dark Boy left, Bushy Girl dragged me outside to yell at Dark Boy for something.  We watched the other Dark Boy and Bushy girl with Skinny Man, who all looked really hurt, being taken away on stretchers by Mean Teacher.  I didn’t like that. 

Then, suddenly, the Dark Boy and Bushy Girl I was with pulled be away and then got on my back and made me fly to a window.  Skinny Man was in the room behind the window and Bushy Girl opened the window for him.  He climbed out onto me back.  I was glad he was so skinny because I had three people on my back now.  That was a lot! 

They made me land on top of a tower and talked to Skinny Man for a while.  Skinny Man got on top of me and we flew off.

He made me go all sorts of weird places and got this really annoying bird thing who kept talking about how great he was and bouncing off the walls and stuff.  Skinny Man said his name was Sirius, but he didn’t seem very serious to me.  He kept making jokes; I think to make me feel better because he took me away from Hagrid.  It was kind of weird because I don’t think people normally talk to hippogriffs like that.  He was different from Hagrid.  Hagrid never got rid of his annoying black thing, but Sirius got rid of his annoying bird thing.

The next time I saw the annoying bird thing was when it brought me and Sirius some food with a less annoying bird thing.  Sirius was a big black thing when they came and the not-so-annoying bird thing asked me if Harry had gone mad.  I remembered Sirius, Hagrid, and Bushy girl call Dark Boy Harry, so I assumed that meant that this bird, who said her name was Hedwig, belonged to Dark Boy like I used to belong to Hagrid and now belonged to Sirius.  She didn’t know why she was sending food to a dog and a hippogriff.  Dog.  Maybe that was what the annoying black thing and the thing Sirius could turn into was called. 

I told Hedwig that Sirius was really a person, not a dog and she looked a little confused, but was nice about it.  I liked Hedwig, but I wished the annoying bird thing hadn’t come. 

Afterwards, Sirius kept calling the annoying bird thing a “pig” and I decided maybe humans are just weird because I knew what a pig was and that annoying bird thing was nothing like a pig. 

Harry, Redhead Boy, and Bushy Girl visited us once.  Then, a bunch of stuff that happened and Sirius left for a while, then he came back and took me all over the place.  He talked to a bunch of people I didn’t know and one person I did.  It was Nice Teacher!  But I don’t think he was a teacher anymore.  Sirius seemed kind of confused because he couldn’t decide whether to call him Remus or Moony. 

We stayed there for a while, then we went to a place that Sirius said was his house and we brought Nice Used-To-Be-Teacher with us.  I don’t know why Sirius and I went around in caves for so long if he had a house, but I liked him a lot (maybe even more than Hagrid!) so I didn’t mind, really.  Nice Used-To-Be-Teacher lived in the house with us and loads of other people kept coming and going.  Most of them called him Remus, so I think Sirius was just confused when he called him Moony.

There was this really, really, really annoying thing there that everyone called a “creature” and I actually think that might have been what he was supposed to be called.  Loads of redheads came and lived with us for a long time and so did Bushy Girl and Harry.  Then, everybody left and I was just with Sirius and Remus for months.  I think they were friends, so I don’t know why Sirius used to hide from Remus. 

The creature didn’t seem to like Remus very much and Sirius didn’t seem to like the creature very much.  I decided that I didn’t like the creature, either.

One day, all the redheads and Harry came back.  Bushy Girl came back after a while, too.  Harry spent a lot of time with me for a few weeks and he seemed really, really sad, but then he had to go away.  I was starting to really like Harry and I could tell Sirius liked him, too, because he seemed really sad when he left. 

Then, not too long ago, the creature hurt me really bad!  Sirius came to make sure I was okay, but then Mean Teacher came in to tell him and Remus that Harry had gone of to some place because he thought someone called “the dark lord” had Sirius there.  I didn’t know why Harry thought that, but when Mean Teacher left, it made Sirius and Remus have a row.

They shouted a lot which surprised me because I’d never seen Remus shout before.  Remus was begging him not to go and almost had water come out of his eyes but not quite.  Sirius went anyway and Remus went with him.

When they came back, Sirius wasn’t there anymore and Remus looked very sad.  Way sadder than Hagrid was after I attacked Blond Kid.  Sadder than Sirius was after Harry left.  A lot sadder even than Harry was when he spent a bunch of time with me.  I knew why.  Something happened to Sirius.

After a while, Long White Beard Man took me back to Hagrid.  I liked living with Hagrid again, but that annoying thing he called a fang was still there and he called me Witherwings even though my wings weren’t withered at all and I didn’t see Sirius again and I didn’t see Remus until some crazy stuff happened and there were a bunch of people fighting.  Someone shot a green light at Remus and he fell down and I don’t think he got back up and that made me sad.  I didn’t feel good after that fight, even though Hagrid was still there and Harry still visited me.

Nothing was ever the same again after Sirius left.

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Twenty-Six Stories: B is for Buckbeak


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