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The Adventures of the Next Generation: The second year by demongurl
Chapter 13 : Lost and Found
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Lost and Found

“Stay away from me.” She said fearfully, backing towards the wall. “Stay away, no, I’m sorry.” She said as she hit the wall and slid to the floor. “I’m so sorry.” She muttered. Dylan and Sophie rushed to her. Dylan couldn’t believe his eyes. Just hours ago he had gotten a letter saying that Colette was dead. She was supposed to be dead and here she was alive and scared for her life!

“Colette, it’s me Dylan.” Dylan said reaching to touch her. Colette pulled her arm away and curled up into a sobbing ball.

“I’m so sorry, I don’t want to.” Colette muttered. Dylan looked at Sophie. She looked as amazed and bewildered as he did.

“Go and get a teacher, I’ll look after Colette.” Dylan said quickly. Sophie nodded and ran off to the staff room. Dylan turned back to Colette. “Colette, don’t you recognise me?” Colette looked at Dylan. Dylan could see the fear in her eyes, she’d been through a lot, he could tell.

“Piper.” She said, “Piper she, you. I’m so sorry.” She muttered again.

“Sorry for what?” Dylan asked.

“I don’t know.” Colette whined as she started crying. Dylan looked at Colette worriedly. He felt his heart hurt, she was like his sister and she was completely broken. “I don’t know. I’m so sorry.” Colette said shaking her head.

“She’s over here Professor.” Sophie said from the staff room.

“Weasley, what’s going on?” Came McGonagall’s strict voice. Dylan turned to see McGoangall looking at him. Dylan moved aside to reveal Colette. McGonagall stoped in her tracks. “Colette Potter.” She said. Colette looked up and gave another frightened scream.

“STAY AWAY FROM ME!” She screamed. She pushed herself into a corner made by a broom cupboard. McGonagall got out a small quill and pointed her wand at it.

“Portus.” The quill glowed blue for a few moments. “Weasley, go straight to Jenny Potter and tell her we’ve found her daughter. We don’t know where Harry is. Tell her to get here as soon as possible.” Dylan nodded and got up to go and take the quill when Colette grabbed the bottom of his robes.

“NO!” Colette screamed, “No, Piper!” she cried, “She’s- I’m so sorry.” Colette said. Dylan pulled his robes away gently. “No.” Colette cried weakly as she curled up again. Dylan took the quill reluctantly. He felt a jerk at his navel and felt the world spinning slightly. He landed roughly on the floor and looked around. There was a crowd cheering somewhere.

“Who are you? Where’d you come from?” a burly looking man asked. He was wearing a black suit. Dylan looked up.

“I need to talk to Jenny Potter.” He said quickly. “Where is she?”

“She’s in the middle of an interview, you can get out.” The man said. He made for Dylan.

“Petrificus Totalus.” Dylan said getting his wand out. The security guard fell to the floor as rigid as a board. Dylan got to his feet and ran in the direction of the cheering.

“That’s very good Jenny, so when’s your next single out?” someone asked. Dylan came to a stop as he reached a stage. On the stage was a set of sofas, on of them had the blond haired Jenny Potter, Colette’s mother. And a random man that Dylan had never seen before. Jenny looked like she was straining to keep a happy face.

“Oi, you.” Someone said behind Dylan. Dylan turned and saw another security guard coming at him.

“Stupefy!” Dylan said, the red light shot out of his wand and hit the man. The light caught Jenny’s attention and she looked straight at Dylan. Dylan ran onto the stage. The lights were blinding and there were camera’s everywhere. Dylan stumbled slightly in shock but carried on to Jenny.

“Dylan?” Jenny said confused. Dylan skid to a stop and put his mouth to Jenny’s ear.

“We found Colette.” Dylan said urgently. Jenny backed away and looked at Jenny.


“School.” Dylan said. Jenny looked at the crowd and the presenter that was sitting opposite her.

“Sorry, I have to go.” Jenny said. The presenter looked at her confused. “Come on Dylan.” Jenny followed Dylan.

“Wait, we paid good money to have you on this show.” The presenter said angrily.

“I’m sorry.” Jenny said, “But my daughter has just been found.”

“Found from what?” he asked. “Never mind, Security!” A few men came onto the stage

“Stupefy.” Jenny said pointing her wand at one of the guards. There were gasps coming from the audience. Jenny’s wand had appeared from no where. “Dylan, take my hand.” Jenny said eyeing the guards. One approached.

“Petrificus Totallus” Dylan shouted at the one that approached.

“Apparitio Hogwarts.” Jenny said. Dylan’s vision went black and then with a sudden Crack they had apparated just outside the Hogwarts gates. Dylan stumbled slightly, he’d just apparated. He let go of Jenny’s hand. He still felt slightly dizzy from the apparating. This was why wizards couldn’t apparate when they were this young then! He thought

“Where’s Colette?” Jenny asked urgently. Dylan ran for the school with Jenny right behind him.

“Mum!” Colette screamed as Jenny approached her. Jenny pulled her into a tight embrace. Colette started crying again as she held her tightly.

“It’s ok.” Jenny whispered to her. Colette started crying even more

“I’m so sorry.” Colette said quietly.

“Finally someone she recognises.” McGonagall said, sounding slightly releived. A few students had gathered around, as they had been passing to see Colette. There were quite a few people there and were watching curiously. The teachers had been trying to keep them back.

“Why didn’t you move her?” Jenny asked.

“She wouldn’t let us.” Genevieve said helplessly. Jenny turned back to her daughter.

“What happened?” Jenny asked gently.

“Pain.” Colette muttered, “Lots of pain, light.” Colette started shaking and she went paler then she already was. “Piper, she…she-” Colette started crying again.

“Colette!” Hilary said as she pushed through the crowd. “Oh, Merlin Colette” Hilary started for Colette when Colette screamed again.

“Mum!” She said desperately clinging to Jenny.

“It’s me.” Hilary said.

“Miss. Silverstone, she doesn’t recognise anyone. Nick Potter has already tried. He’s currently regaining his strength in the staff room.” McGoangall said.

“What do you mean?” Jenny asked as she helped her daughter to her feet.

“I mean, that he got so distressed when Colette didn’t recognise him he needed somewhere quiet. She doesn’t recognise anyone but you.” McGonagall said. Jenny stroked her daughter’s hair as Colette cuddled against her mum. It was slightly disturbing for everyone to see the eighteen year old look so helpless.

“What happened to Piper?” Dylan asked. Colette looked at him and started crying.

“Piper.” She managed to say. She looked at something in her hand and gave it to her mum. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” Colette repeated again. Jenny looked at her hand and held onto a small bit of chain and dropped what she had. It was the necklace that James had given to Piper. It looked quite dirty and the shine had gone from it. Colette started crying again. The whispers of the students died away and everyone was silent. Jenny handed it delicately to Dylan.

“Is Piper dead?” Hilary asked. Colette looked at Hilary and held onto her mum.

“We need to get her to St. Mungos.” Jenny said as she held Colette. McGonagall nodded and made another portkey.

“What about Harry?” McGonagall asked.

“I can contact him.” Jenny said, “I can always contact him. Just get us to St. Mungos.” They were handed the portkey. “Colette, take the portkey, just hold it.” Colette eyed it suspiciously and hesitantly held it. Jenny held it and they disappeared. McGonagall turned to the students.

“All students back to their common rooms.” McGonagall said. The students filtered away until the only people who were left were Sophie, Dylan and Hilary.

“Piper’s dead?” Dylan breathed. He wouldn’t believe it. It wasn’t possible, she couldn’t be dead.

“Come on.” Genevieve said putting a hand on Dylan’s shoulder. She looked like she was trying not to cry as well. Hilary wasn’t having as much luck.

“I’m sorry Dylan.” McGonagall said. Unable to think of anything else to say. Dylan held the necklace and looked at Sophie. Sophie looked at him sympathetically. He could just see his red headed sister running through the crowd of students. Holly burst through the crowd of students and looked at Dylan.

“I heard Colette was here.” Holly said anxiously.

“She was Miss. Weasley, you have just missed her” McGonagall said. “Once I have word from Jenny that Colette has settled into St. Mungos then I will give you permission to see her” McGonagall said gently. Holly’s eyes widened and she looked at Dylan.

“Colette’s alive!” She asked. Dylan nodded solemnly. Holly’s face lit up briefly then she went serious. “What about Piper?” Dylan gave her the necklace before storming up towards the Gryffindor common room. Sophie ran after him but Dylan just ignored her. He stormed through the portrait hole and nearly ran into Harper and Rachel, who were just walking up to their dorms with their homework.

“Oh sorry.” Rachel said, not seeing Dylan. She looked up and looked at him worriedly.

“What happened?” Harper asked. Sophie caught up with them, very out of breath.

“Dylan-calm-down-” She said, panting.

“It’s not your sister who’s dead Sophie!” Dylan snapped. He didn’t mean to sound as harsh as he did.

“But it’s not the end of the world.” Sophie said back but not as harshly as Dylan. Dylan looked at her then at Harper before going to the boys dorm. Steve and the other Gryffindor boys were standing there making impressions of someone. Dylan just went straight to his bed and closed the hangings. He didn’t want to see anyone. No that was a lie he wanted to see Piper again. Just to see if she was ok. She had always looked after him. Always been the one who was there for him, gave him hugs and a kind word. Dylan didn’t want to think of the worst thing possible. Dylan heard the door of the boys dorm open and a girl’s voice.

“In there.” Came Fraser’s reply.

“Thanks.” The hangings opened and Harper appeared in the crack. She didn’t go on the bed she just stood where she was.

“You want to talk?” She asked. Dylan shrugged.

“If you want.” He said. Harper smiled and glanced at, Dylan thought, Fraser then sat on the bed, closing the hangings behind him.

“So, what happened? Sophie gave me a really garbled confusing account.” Harper said.

“There’s not much to tell. Found Colette, she gave me Piper’s necklace. Piper’s dead.” Dylan said. Harper looked at Dylan and sighed.

“Maybe Piper isn’t dead.” Harper suggested.

“She is.” Dylan muttered.

“Well everyone thought Colette was dead and she blatantly isn’t dead!” Harper said. Dylan looked at Harper.

“But the-”

“Fuck the prophecy Dylan.” Harper said like she was losing her temper. “Prophecies can be wrong, they can be swung either way! Just because you saw a flash of green doesn’t mean that it was Piper that got killed! Did you see the curse hit Piper?”

“No” Dylan muttered. “But-”

“I prove my point, you didn’t see the curse hit Piper so how can you know for certain that she’s dead. She could still be alive, just probably not as strong as Colette. You saw her at Christmas, she could barely stand!” Harper said. Dylan looked at Harper. She was right. Dylan hadn’t seen the curse hit his sister. There was nothing to say she was in fact dead! She could still be alive, even though the likelihood of that being the case was very small. Prophecies could be wrong, they didn’t always show just one outcome. Look at the prophecy that had been made about Harry Potter! Either Harry or Voldemort could have been killed, it was all up to the will of the individual. Dylan gave Harper a smile and she smiled back

“How do you know these things?” He asked.

“You’re not the only one who does extra reading.” Harper said. “I look stupid but I know quite a bit about Divination. I’m going to take it next year.”

“You do extra reading?” Dylan asked. “You must be kidding me.”

“Hey! Don’t mock me Weasley or I’ll dump you.” Harper said with a smile. Dylan suddenly felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders at Harper’s mini lecture at him. He realised she was probably right. There wasn’t any proof that Piper was alive or dead except Colette’s mutterings but she didn’t really seem completely sane right now.

“You try and dump me.” Dylan said with a smirk. Harper’s eyes narrowed and she laughed with Dylan.

“I prefer you when you laugh, keep smiling” Harper said, “No more grumpiness” She made a pretend grumpy expression and continued laughing with Harper.

“You’re right.” Dylan said. “No more grumpiness until I have proof that my sister is really dead.” Harper grinned.

“That’s my boy.” She said patting Dylan’s shoulder.

* * * * *

“Welcome to today’s Quidditch match, Gryffindor versus Slytherin. This will be a tough game as the Gryffindor team hasn’t really been in the best of shape for a while. The Slytherin captain seems to have kept his team working. The winners of this match will go on to face Hufflepuff” The quidditch commentator said. Dylan flew out onto the pitch with Sophie. She looked quite pale. They had both been to Slytherin’s match against Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw had been completely steam rollered and the most painful bit was probably watching Amy getting hit by two bludgers at once. She had been out cold for a week and even when she woke up it took her a while to remember what house she was in!

“You’ll be fine.” Hilary said as she beckoned us to her. “Just do what you normally do.”

“Did you see what they did to Amy!” Sophie said almost hysterically.

“Sophie, relax. Nothing will happen to you.” Nick said. “Kevin and I have you covered.”

“Thanks. That means a lot” Sophie said but everyone could tell she was being sarcastic. Madam Hooch indicated for everyone to get into their positions ready for play. Sophie shot into the air while Dylan took his place next to Daniella Thomas and Hilary Silverstone.

“Ready, Go!” The balls were all released and Dylan shot forwards to try and get the quaffle but the Slytherin Chaser got their first.

“Jackson gets the quaffle first. He speeds down the pitch, narrowly misses a bludger and passes to Jenkins. Jenkins passes to Cunnington but Silverstone intercepts and quickly passes to Weasley, who weaves his way between the players.” Dylan felt relief that he was on a broom. When he was flying and had the quaffle the other team didn’t seem to matter. He did a roll as a Bludger shot towards his head and he passed to Daniella.

“Thomas in possession of the quaffle. Does a strange twist and she scores, Gryffindor are ten points up. Quaffle is back in play. Cunnington in possession, she passes to Jackson again who nearly gets halfway down the field and ow! Good shot Kevin!” The Slytherin Chaser fell off his broom after being hit by a bludger. Dylan shot forwards and caught the quaffle and threw it into the goal hoops before Madame Hooch could say anything. Once the quaffle was through Madame Hooch blew her whistle and awarded a penalty to Slytherin.

“But it was a legal attack!” the Commentator shouted, “So unfair-” Dylan saw McGonagall give the commentator a harsh look and he shut up immediately and carried on with the commentary. “Zabini aims a bludger for Papageorgis, oh, and misses by a fraction of an inch. She turns and gives him quite a harsh look good one, anyway, one with the game” Sophie had just given the beater that aimed the bludger at her a piece of her mind in the form or a hand gesture. Dylan smirked and turned to keep an eye on the quaffle. Hilary caught the quaffle and passed it straight to Dylan. He caught it and was about to pass it on to Daniella when a bludger caught him in the chest. Dylan dropped the quaffle as he felt like his chest had just been hit with a sledge hammer.

He tried to breath in but winced as a sharp pain erupted in his chest. He tried to ignore the pain and dived to catch the quaffle before it hit the floor. He managed to catch it at first but the pain was just too much and he fell onto the grass, that was only a few feet below him and lay in pain.

“Dylan!” Hilary shouted as she called a time out. She landed on the ground next to him and helped him up. Holly shot over from the goals and tried to help him up.

“OW!” Dylan said between his gritted teeth.

“Oh sorry.” Holly said.

“Do you think you can carry on playing?” Hilary asked concerned. Dylan tried to shrug but it just hurt. Hilary gave a defeated sigh. “I’ll take that as a no. Dylan, you go to the hospital wing and get fixed up.” Dylan got to his feet with the help of Hilary and Holly.

“Not I’m fine.” He said breathlessly. He leaned against his broom. Holly looked at him slightly concerned.

“No Dylan. You’re not good enough to play right now.” She said. Dylan looked at his sister. Like everyone in his family her eyes had that dark look in them.

“Have you finished?” Madame Hooch said flying over.

“Dylan needs to go to the Hospital wing.” Hilary said. “We’ll be a chaser short. Can we call on a reserve Chaser?” Madame hooch looked at Dylan for a moment then nodded.

“Very well, you have ten minutes.” She flew back into the air to tell the teams the decision. Dylan stumbled off the pitch with Holly and Hilary disappeared off into the stands. She returned a few moment later followed by Rachel.

“What-” Dylan started to say but Hilary cut him off.

“We haven’t got time. Take off your quidditch stuff and see how well it fits Rachel. She’s the only reserve I could find.” Hilary said. Dylan nodded and painfully took off his robes. Fortunately he was wearing a shirt and a pair of shorts underneath the uniform. Rachel looked at Dylan worriedly before putting on the robes. They fit very well in spite of Rachel being a bit smaller then Dylan. Hilary smiled with relief.

“Thank Merlin. Ok. Rach, what broom are you using?”

“She can use mine.” Dylan said handing Rachel his broom.

“Are you sure?” Rachel asked.

“I’m not going to use it.” Dylan said.

“Just take it Rachel. We’re running out of time. I need to be back at the goals before the ten minutes are up other wise it’s just Danni out there on her own to protect and score goals.” Holly said. Rachel nodded and gave Dylan a smile before disappearing with the other older girls. When they left Dylan took off his top and looked at his chest. There was a large blue and purple bruise forming already. There was a opening and closing of a door and Fraser appeared with Harper.

“You ok?” Fraser asked. Dylan nodded and put his shirt back on but Harper saw and winced.

“Are you sure, that looks really painful!” Harper said sitting next to Dylan and putting a hand on his chest.

“It’s fine. I might have broken a rib though.” Dylan said. He pulled out his wand and changed his clothes quickly using his wand and stood up painfully. Fraser went and helped him by letting Dylan put an arm around his shoulders.

“Thanks.” Dylan said. He winced and they headed up towards the castle. Harper kept looking at Dylan anxiously.

“I’m fine.” He said painfully. Harper didn’t look like she believed him.

“I don’t think so.” She said. Dylan, Fraser and Harper managed to get to the castle relatively quickly, considering that Dylan was fairly hurt. He lay down on a hospital bed and bit his lip as Madame Pomfrey went and got some potion for him to dull the pain. Fraser stood on one side of the bed while Harper stood on the other, holding Dylan’s hand tightly.

“Harper, I can’t feel my hand.” Dylan said.

“Oh, sorry.” She said letting go.

“You people and your Quidditch!” Madame Pomfrey muttered, “Every time there’s a quidditch match there’s always someone in here. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of you died soon!” Dylan glanced at Fraser who looked slightly clueless.

“It’s not that bad Madame Pomfrey. And it wasn’t Dylan’s fault.” Harper said.

“I suppose. Hold still for a moment.” Madame Pomfrey flicked her wand and touched Dylan’s chest. Dylan felt like his ribs were being jerked all over the place then the pain was gone.

“Now you’ll just have a bruise there for a few days but then you should be fine. I want you to stay here for the night.” Madame Pomfrey said.

“Yes miss” Dylan said. Madame Pomfrey left muttering under her breath. Harper turned to Dylan and hugged him tightly. “I’m still in pain.” He managed to say.

“Sorry.” Harper said. “At least you’re ok.” She said with a smile. Dylan smiled.

“So who do you think will win?” Fraser asked them.

“Oh, Gryffindor, definitely!” Harper said as they began a long discussion on Quidditch

A/N:-OH MY GOD!! i went to London today to go to leicster square (i'm not sure how you spell that) to go and see the Harry Potter Premiere. I didn't actually get in but i saw the entire cast as well as the wonder woman herself.....J K ROWLING!!! i have blurry pictures up on my website but i feel sooo good. Will update again soon.

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