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For Old Time's Sake by hail_rowena
Chapter 10 : Timing Is Key - Part I
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A/N: Just a warning, this chapter again very much goes with the book and is sadly, one of my less original chapters. However, it’s necessary to Anne’s story, and I don’t have enough creative licence to change everything. But just bear in mind that a lot of the dialogue when they enter the Hog’s Head is not mine, but that of J.K. Rowling.

The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of.
- Blaise Pascal

I have found the reason for abandoned classrooms. You know what that is? Making out with your boyfriend in private. And it’s not just classrooms. I have found a new appreciation for the many things in the school that I had taken for granted. Even places I went with Pucey seemed that bit better because it was with George.

And it wasn’t just that we spent all our time making out, although I wouldn’t of had a problem with that. We actually spent a lot of time talking like we used to. It was like it was the same relationship as it was before the kiss except… well, I just winked, if that’s a big enough hint as to what was added after the kiss.

The only thing that was disappointing about the making out, was that I would really have rather had a more private setting. Anyone could walk into a classroom, and you were really on open ground when it came around to the outside. Nevertheless, I made do with what we had. And we certainly used as much of the advantage of secret space as possible, and only over a couple of weeks, I might add.

However, the magic was momentarily broken when we just found out the news – we had been rather… preoccupied beforehand.

“But, there’s no such thing as a ‘High Inquisitor’ in Hogwarts,” I stated, after I had been moaning on and on about it for the past couple of weeks.

George glanced at the day old Daily Prophet. “Well, there is now.”

“Oh put it away,” barked Magda bleakly. “I see enough of her face in class.”

Laughing, I folded the Daily Prophet, still cautious about the fact that George and I were wasting these precious moments here, when we could be snogging and-slash-or having some wonderful form of intimate discussion.

George clearly felt the same, because he squeezed my hand, but his brother came over and he was immediately stolen from me. Fair enough, who was I to separate siblings? It took a lesbian couple to break Verity and me apart, so I highly doubt that anything would be breaking up the Weasley twins any time soon. In fact, they’re so close I think that the only thing that could possibly make them fly solo would be death, but that won’t be happening within the next hundred years.

“On the plus side, there’s a Hogsmeade trip soon! You know what that means!”

“Work,” said Magda plainly.

“What?” Bella looked at Magda with a shocked expression.

“We promised that we’d help out with Madam Rosmerta whenever she needed us. I could do with the money.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, “I’m saving up for a broom.” I laughed to myself, but I understood that I only got the joke so I stopped and my friends started to not look at me like I was a raving lunatic again.

“So you’re not going to go around with us?” asked Amy calmly.

Magda shrugged her shoulders. “You guys can have a drink of Butterbeer. We’ll see you then.”

“It’s still not the same,” murmured Bella.

“Of course, because you missed us so much on Valentine’s day?”

“That was different,” argued Amy.

“Yes, you two weren’t single,” I said coolly.

Bella rolled her eyes. “Well now you’re the one who’s not single, so feel free to gloat.”

“Oh, I shall when the time seems right,” I said with a distant smile. “However, this means that I also can’t be with him, so there’s not much to gloat about really.”

“Yes, but –”

“You can back out if you want to,” said Hermione irritably to Lavender and Parvati, “but if you want to really learn Defence Against the Dark Arts, then there’s no other way, really.”

“What’s going on?” I mouthed to the others, who shrugged their shoulders.

After a while of eavesdropping, Magda sighed and yelled, “Granger.”

Hermione lifted up her head, looking slightly insulted, but came towards Magda anyway when she was beckoned. Honesty, Hermione should really consider getting some assertiveness. If I was her, I would have barked back. But that’s just because I know Magda more.

“What’s going on?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, just a little…”

My eyes were wide. “I like ‘nothings’.” When they looked at me, I explained, “The last time I heard that something was nothing, it turned out that George wanted to kiss me.” I then turned towards Hermione, remembering she was there, and said, “So, come on, what is it?”

“Well,” Hermione bent down and said in a low whisper, “every one agrees that Professor Umbridge is an awful teacher –”

“Oh, are we calling her Professor Umbridge, now?” Magda mouth twisted slightly, concealing the grin that was about to form. “I thought we just called her Umbridge, or toad face… or uptight b-”

“Yes well, anyway, the point is that some of us have decided to do something about it.”

“We’re going to kill her?” I asked eagerly. “Excellent.”

“No.” Hermione’s face looked aghast. “No, we’ve just decided that maybe we could have our own lessons… on the side.”

“You’re mad,” stated Amy severely. “We might not kill Umbridge, but if she found out about it, she will kill us.”

“But, we need to learn these things, and Harry – what?”

I could tell that the other three was looking at me. Finally able to catch my breath, I said, “Harry – Harry’s leading this group of yours?”

“Well… yes… he’s teaching it. I know that people doubt him –”

“I’m in.”

“Anne! We could get into serious trouble –”

“I’m in,” I repeated.

Bella gave me a pleading look. “If Umbridge finds out –”

“I’m in.”

“I think it’ll be fun,” said Magda brightly. I love this girl. Why on Earth did I ever hate her? Oh yeah, the Oliver thing. No matter, that’s done with now. We were both fools in love.

Not that I loved him.

Just a little infatuation.

And Magda certainly didn’t love him. Or did she? She could have been lying all that time and just holding it in. But I technically wanted him first. It was just a secret from everyone… including myself. But I don’t want him in that way – or any way. You know what? Magda can have him! Not that I want him.

He’s not the one I love.

I love Harry – no George – wait. OK, let’s just figure this out. Oliver Wood is a prick – decided. Harry is a godsend – fair enough. George – well, he’s my boyfriend, my boyfriend George Weasley. He’s amazing, and kind, and – as it turns out, a bloody good kisser. So, that’s it. I love George.

But can you actually love someone so early on in a relationship? Well, we have technically been dating since late June so it has been… four months. Is that enough time to realise that you love someone? It took me until early June to realise that I l – was infatuated with Oliver. However, I suppose you can’t control these things. So that’s settled then? I love George.

Now if I could find out a way to tell him…


I was brought back to the room. “Erm… I’m in?”

Hermione grinned lopsidedly. “Great. Well, anyone’s who’s interested can come to the meeting. It’s in the Hogs Head, on the next Hogsmeade –”

“You’re kidding?” asked Magda and I in unison. Notice the amazing grammar. Eh? Eh?

Amy beamed wholeheartedly. “I guess you two can’t go then.”

“Unless someone takes our place?” suggested Magda, looking to Amy and Bella.

“Now you’re kidding,” retorted Bella.

“Come on, you two don’t really want to go, anyway.”

“You can keep the gold you earn,” I added brightly.

Tapping her fingers on the table, Amy finally breathed out in aggravation and said, “Fine.”

“Fine?” Bella did not seem half as pleased as me or Magda.

“Yes, fine. I know, we spoil them,” said Amy, much to our amusement, “but you know they won’t stop until she gets to talk to Harry anyway.”

Hermione raised an eyebrow and I turned red, hissing, “Shut up.”

I stood with Magda and Bella, waiting for Amy in the Great Hall. Honestly, I don’t get why she has to spend so much time on her hair. She has a wand. And besides, what’s the actual point in doing her hair anyway? She has no one to impress. Unless… unless she’s finally seen sense and started liking Fred again. Maybe. I mean, yes, she’s probably still choked up about Cedric, but it’s good to know that she’s moving on. It could happen, she’s been getting better at a very impressive rate.

“Anne!” Seamus came strolling towards us and Bella immediately ran her fingers through her hair elegantly. You have to love her sometimes.

“Hey, Seamus.”

“Is Amy not with you?” he asked curiously.

“She’s on her way,” said Magda. “We can be apart, you know?”

“I know – I was just – how’s everyone?”

I looked to Bella for her to answer, but she didn’t say anything. Now was not the time to lose a nerve! Why are women always so dumb when it comes to love? I would say that I would have been better in the situation, but I probably wouldn’t have been.

“We’re fine,” I said finally. “Although, me and Magda have landed Amy and Bella into working at the Three Broomsticks, just because we’re amazing.”

“Yeah, amazing… but seriously, why?”

“Because Anne and Magda have to head off to a meeting,” said Bella nervously.

Seamus smiled at Bella and she immediately started looking down at the ground. Seamus glanced at me, confused, and then said, “Are you going to see Harry and people?”


“So you’re going to that?”

“That’s the plan,” I said cautiously. I had forgotten that he was still anti-Potter at the moment.

“I’ll walk with you and – Amy!”

Amy stopped dead in front of us and politely smiled. “Hey, Seamus.”

“I’ll come with you guys, since I’m not going –”

“Oh, you don’t need to,” interjected Amy.

While I glared at Amy, Bella thanked him and we continued onwards. Was Amy stupid or something? We need him around as much as possible, if we want him to get over Lavender. Sometimes I just don’t get people… Do I have to do everything to make Bella and Seamus work? I have to say, part of me is rather pleased with myself. It’s as if I’m growing up even more, by making a romance plan actually work.

Once we had left in two groups, which Amy still didn’t seem pleased with – the dunce – Magda and I began to head off towards the Hog’s Head, even though neither or us were completely sure where it was. I remembered passing it every now and again, but I had never particularly looked out for it or anything. I had always heard that it was a bit of a dodgy place, but anything that involved Harry couldn’t seem dark in any way.

I managed just to catch up with the Weasley twins, and after a hello kiss from George, we entered, and I found out that it certainly wasn’t a small group. There had to be a whole bunch of us there. Fred came back to order Butterbeers for us... all twenty five of us.

Even though the barman, who looked strangely familiar, didn’t seem happy by the increase in numbers, he still obeyed and got all the bottles out. After we all paid for our drinks, we sat down and then looked towards Harry. I was sitting beside George, so I made a note not too look too excited to see him, especially since I needed to redeem myself since the last crash landing.

Everyone then became silent and I was under the impression that something had begun, because Hermione was looking nervously around as they all looked at her. I felt kind of bad, considering how nervous she was. This was then interrupted by some kid asking about the importance of OWL grades, in her opinion, and whether or not she cared. No, Hermione Granger, the hardest working person on the planet, was actually planning on failing. Who is this kid?

“Of course I do. But more than that, I want to be properly trained in defence because… because… because Lord Voldemort is back.” - J.K Rowling, OOTP, pg 303 (British Version)]

This generally shocked the room, and I was with them on this one. Nobody had said anything about him for so long that it was rather frightening to hear his name out loud. Even though Magda pretended not to be scared, her hands were firmly gripped on the seat. And as for me, well I don’t think George appreciated me almost breaking his hand.

Zacharias then began to be a complete prick. This is hardly surprising. Zacharias has made a point of annoying me until I'm on the verge of punching him. However, he was finally forced to end his argument at a complete halt, when Harry calmed down Hermione. It was the first time in the meeting that Harry had spoken and he now had our complete and utter attention. Well, he certainly had mine at least, but the silence showed that everyone else was with me on this one. I didn't even immediately listen to his words, but rather watching the sombre way that he was saying it.

Even though nobody else would have dared to say anything, Zacharias replied about how all we knew was that Cedric died, and hinted that we might want to hear what had happened. This was true, in a sense, but seriously, shut up.

Harry then gave an ultimatum. That if we just wanted to know how Cedric died, we should leave. I could tell that Magda was under a dilemma, but I knew exactly what I was going to do, since I was practically glued to my seat. I was half expecting random people in the room to walk out, but everyone stayed in their seats, completely drawn towards Harry’s presence. Oh, so now it’s all right to stare at Harry like that, but when I do it – OK, I’m going off topic, especially since it’s a rather important one at the moment. In fact, a great amount of enthusiasm began, asking him about how he could make a patronus.

"I didn't know that," commented Magda.

Pulling on imaginary straps and letting it free, I replied, "Well, you really need to be a big fan to know these things."

Then came the real bomb shell when we found out he killed a Basilisk. Harry agreed and this made the crowd in front of him even more impressed. Not even I knew that – I just knew that he managed to get out alive after saving Ginny Weasley. But now that I did know it, I loved him even more. But I also loved George Weasley. I can’t forget that I love George Weasley. I have to remember to tell him that at some point.

"I'm so glad I have a big fan like you as a mate," said Magda in response to my blank expression, rather smugly.

"Shut up."

There were then some other stories about Harry brought up. The first was Neville talking about the Philosopher’s Stone – which I also had never found out before, making me feel like less of a stalker by the second. And then Cho talked about the Triwizard Tournament, which surprised me. I would have thought that she would never want to talk about that again. I know that Amy would never.

Then again, Zacharias was back to being his pricky self, to which I asked George, "Can't anyone stop this guy?" This is where he and his brother and promptly threatened him with some sort of metal contraption. Wow. Talk about scary… I really want to be apart of this family.

After everyone agreed that the lessons would continue, people then began to decide on when or where, which generally got us nowhere because people desperately needed to train for Quidditch. I mean, apart from me and Magda, it seemed like everyone did Quidditch.

“I, personally,” began Ernie Macmillan, “am at a loss to see why the Ministry had foisted –” OK, what does ‘foisted’ mean? “- foisted such a useless teacher on us at this critical period.” I mean, he’s certainly fancy, isn’t he?- J.K Rowling, OOTP, pg 307 (British Version)]

I zoned out slightly when Hermione began to speak, made worse when Looney Lovegood began discussing how Fudge had an army of some sort of creature, Magda began shaking with laughter. When I looked at her suspiciously, she said, “Well, we’re not much of an rebel force, are we? I think some of us are more likely to kill one of the people here rather than anyone in the Ministry.”

There was some more non Harry talking - which I think I should’ve been listening to. But Harry was looking just so cute, I just wanted to throw my arms around him. Sadly, I had George’s arms around me. No, not sad, I love him! What is wrong with me?

Finally, it came to filling in our names on the registration form. I'm not sure if that was its actual name; I'm not kidding, it's impossible to give your utter attention to Hermione. It's her voice. Even though me, the twins, Magda and a few other people got up, others were seeming a bit hesitant about putting their name down. For Merlin’s sake, it’s just a piece of parchment, it won’t bite. Or will it? I learnt after our third-year, after a nasty incident with my Care of Magical Creatures book, that you really have to watch out for these things.

There was some disagreement from Ernie and – surprise, surprise – Zacharias Smith.

Standing up, Fred said, “Well, time’s ticking on. George, Lee and I have got items of a sensitive nature to purchase. We’ll be seeing you all later.” - J.K Rowling, OOTP, pg 309 (British Version)]

When they began to leave, I grabbed hold of George’s arm. “Are you going to be leaving me?”

“Sorry, don’t miss me too much,” he commanded.

“I’ll try.”

Walking away, he said, “See you.”

“OK, I love you!”

When I said to tell him, I didn’t mean now!

A/N: I know that it might seem like there wasn’t that much originality in this chapter, and that it was slightly AU because of Anne being at the meeting, but come on, did you really think that I would not have Anne joining the DA.

Also, present A/N: I've submitted this to the queue, but I was pretty stupid, and forgot to credit JK for her amazing dialogue. But I have it sorted, and plan to keep my steady flow of updates. So, just don't forget about me, OK? Because I'm actually almost done writing this thing and only the final of the trilogy. Exciting, huh? But I still want readers around, so don't you DARE leave me! x

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For Old Time's Sake: Timing Is Key - Part I


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