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Mismatched by starrysoso88
Chapter 9 : What You Stole
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Chapter 9

Oh, this is it. That pinnacle moment where everything bad that’s ever happened ties together in your mind right before you reach your certain and gory demise. This would happen to me, wouldn’t it? I’m going to be flayed. No, I’m going to be shish-ka-bobbed. With things like pineapples and green bell peppers marinated in a sweet vinegar sauce on either side of me. I really hope the universe is getting a laugh and tickle out of this.

“Er, hello…”  I want to smack my head into the ground right now. Like, bury it deep, deep, deep, underground something like an ostrich does when it knows it’s up shit creek without a paddle.

“Five seconds. Explain. Now,” Teddy is practically growling as he takes a step forwards and fingers his wand dangerously. If I didn’t know he was really all soft and cuddly I’d have wee’d in my britches. Maybe I should get off Scorpius. Just a thought.

“Right. Well, you see…” I bluster while I ungracefully clamber off the object of my wacky affections, “it’s like this…” I pause again, brushing the dirt off my palms, looking for a good reason as to why I was straddling the Weasley family’s sworn enemy. I hear Scorpius sigh as he too rights himself and picks leaves out of his still gorgeous hair.

“We fell,” I finally supply, glad to be able to form a coherent phrase, “and rolled down the hill. All the way down….oh wow, that’s actually quite far,” I look up and survey the distance, doing anything I can to bide time and attempt to avoid the imminent disaster I see looming on the horizon.

“That’s not at all what it looked like, Rose. If he’s touched you in any inappropriate way –“ James is seriously worked up now, and it think there’s a bit of spittle in the corner of his mouth.  That poor boy is going to get an ulcer and throw out a disk. But Scorpius just scoffs indiscreetly at my side. Like this is some sort of bleeding joke. Right, it’ll be humorous and all right for a laugh once I don’t have three angry, armed, and intelligently equipped with a vast knowledge of spells, family members glowering down on us. But the idiot takes his scoff and turns it into running commentary.

“Like it would ever be that way. Your oaf of a cousin practically ambushed me. I’m going to be scarred not only physically,” he motions to a scrape on his cheek, probably from a rogue twig, “but emotionally from having to endure being in the same space as her.”

Teddy takes a very large step forward, eyes flashing dangerously and wand twitching violently in his hand. “You do not talk about Rosie like that, are we clear, Malfoy? You’d be lucky if she ever got closer than 200 ft.”

“I’d be lucky if she stayed 200 ft away from me at all times, Lupin.” Oh great, now he’s gone and got Teddy all cheesed off.  My spidey-sense is tingling, and trust me; this is going to end very badly indeed.

“You want to try that again you little snot-nosed git?” Teddy raises his wand slowly and makes a circular movement with it. Oh, balls.

“No need to get out of sorts, Theodore. We’re all civilized gentlemen here, not animals. Well, at least some of us are.” And now the gloves are off. Scorpius doesn’t need to say ‘half-breed’ but he may as well have.  James, Fred, and Lorcan flank Teddy on either side, each having drawn their wands. Well, to be fair, Lorcan is sort of staring at his like he doesn’t quite know which end is up. It looks like it’s only going to be three against one, but still the proverbial clouds are gathering.

“Look, boys,” I try in a lame attempt to placate both my family and the most obnoxious love of my life, “there’s no need to squabble. I’m sure we can all be mature –“

“Stuff it, Weaslette,” Scorpius snaps as his eyes lock with Teddy’s. It’s literally fire and ice as Teddy takes his stare to a frightening inferno of red and orange.

“Stay away from Rosie, Malfoy. Stay far, far, away.” Teddy’s voice is low and growly, something one would only expect from an uber stroppy wolf.

“Teddy –“ I protest, but I’m cut short.

“And I take it you’re  going to make me?” Scorpius’ eyes roll in a bored fashion. “You really don’t have to be so dramatic.” Teddy is already about to lose it and this idiot is just feeding the flames. Why would you piss off someone who’s part wolf? Why? In what book of sense and good conduct is that one written in?

“If you don’t heed my warning, boy,” Teddy spits, “I’ll make sure you deeply regret it. I promise you that.”

Scorpius’ eyes narrow frighteningly, and he’s giving Teddy a look I’ve never seen before, not even when I botch up our daily assignment because I saw him briefly smile. This glare, this look, of pure malice and hatred is like nothing I have ever witnessed and for the first time in my life, I’m actually scared of Scorpius Malfoy.

“I’d like to see you try, Lupin. You, and your asshat, pansy Gryffindor army.” Scorpius sneers, jerking his head towards James, Fred, and Lorcan. And that’s the last straw. Normally, such a remark wouldn’t have gotten to Teddy, especially from a fifteen year old wizard in training. But I can tell things have finally gone too far, and it’s not like having a sensitive wolf gene written into his DNA is helping anything. Cheese and crackers, are we in for it now.

Teddy’s pulling back his arm, the one with the dangerous stick-like object in it; James, Fred, and Lorcan are closing in as well, and things look bad, really bad. Before I know it Teddy snaps. Like literally, he gnashes his teeth.

Teddy, no!” I try, but it’s no use.

Petrificus Totalus!” Teddy roars, and sends a powerful bolt of light right towards Scorpius’ head. Oh, tits. I squeeze my eyes shut.

“Protego!”  I crack one eye open just in time to see the two spells collide and dissipate. I have to do something. Merlin, anything.I don’t even take the time to consider my actions. I just let my body take over and do the only thing I can think of. And we all know how well that worked out last time.

YOU GREAT BUFFONS,” I scream as I dive towards the melee, shielding Scorpius for all I’m worth, “STOP IT –“

STUPEFY!” I hear three deep voices chorus, and there’s a massive, ungodly amount of red light. I don’t even have time to mutter something witty or explicit as three fully developed stunners hit me right in the face.


“Rose? Rose?” I hear a soft voice calling me, but it sounds like I’m underwater and they’re super far away. Like, an entire lake away, maybe.

 What? I mentally snap at them, angry for being disturbed in the middle of what must certainly be a very decent nap.

“Is she going to die?”

“Shut up, Lorcan,” I hear a bevy of baritone voices growl, and would have been trembling in my socks if I knew what was going on. I just want everybody to shut the bloody hell up.

“Can it, you tosspots,” I mutter, but it looks like this time I’ve spoken aloud. Bad idea, very bad idea indeed.  I crack open one eye and let the blurry room come into focus. The Hogwarts hospital wing is utterly deserted. I chance the other eye and see a rather tall group of boys standing around the bed I’m occupying. It’s like Christmas come early…if most of them weren’t my family.

Teddy comes into my vision as quickly as it clears. “Rosie, speak to me. Oh, Rose,” His eyes are wide and keep shifting colors, creating a dizzying effect. Besides all that, he really sounds like a bad telly drama. He wraps his arms around me as well as you can in a hospital bed, and squeezes until I can’t breathe.

“How can I assist you today, Theodore,” I grumble as I detach our bodies and push myself up onto the pillows into an almost comfortable sitting position. I take a closer look at him and realize he’s a scruffy mess. Everyone in the room seems to be looking worse for wear.  “You all look like a pile of shite. What truck did you ride in on?”

“You’re alive!” James cries dramatically and throws himself at the foot of my bed. Really? Is that necessary? Fred starts laughing and Lorcan grins like he knows what’s going on. Welcome, back to Earth, Rose. And if this is the welcoming party, I’m less than thrilled.

“Ted,” I ask, squinting my eyes at him, “why are you sporting a wicked black eye?” It gets quiet for a moment and I notice James has a bruised cheek and Fred is rocking a deep cut above his eyebrow.

“Right, I suppose that’s my cue to leave then,” I hear a velvet voice sigh from the chair by the door. I suck in my breath as Scorpius Malfoy eases himself up from his seat and limps a little toward the exit. His tie is ripped and his shirt, untucked. 

“Hold on,” I call, “Were you here the whole time? Waiting?” I’m sure my eyes are wide, and the tips of my ears are starting to go pink. I see Scorpius’ hand pause on the doorknob and realize the knuckles there are bruised and there’s a bit of blood on them.

“Make sure you’re in potions tomorrow, Weaslette. Wouldn’t want to fail without you,” the smallest trace of a smirk graces his lips, and he’s gone out the door, like smoke.

“I hate that git,” Teddy growls and I stare in wonder.

“He’s the one that kicked your arse? All of you? At once?” The four boys scoff and ruffle their hair, but in the end I watch as the nod sheepishly and scuff their shoes against the floor.

“Don’t worry Rosie,” Fred says with fervor, “we’ll get him back. We’ll defend your honor.” I raise my eyebrows at my cousins, Teddy, and Lorcan.

“Are you all mental? You’re the ones that stunned me at point-blank range! Might as well have been in cold blood!”  I steam at them, and work on towering while sitting in the bedsheets. They all look appropriately abashed.

“And as far as I’m concerned,” I continue, “You lot were ruddy immature and should be ashamed. The only person that seems to have defended my honor, is Scorpius!” Whoa, never thought I’d say that one out loud. Feels kind of nice.

“He insulted you! He insulted us! He’s the one that got bloody physical!” Teddy protests, and I can’t argue there. But it seems as though the heated discussion is just between us now, as my two cousins and the less mentally inclined Scamander twin drift off towards the rack of very intricate and probably dangerously valuable medical potions.

“Yeah, well he’s not the one who decided to get fancy with the wand work. And you had just practically murdered his potions partner who gets him an ‘O’ every time. “ You know, unless I knock something over or spend too much time gazing at him and muck everything up. But Teddy can live without those details.

“What is it with you two?” Teddy whispers, his voice rising quickly, “He’s not good for you Rosie, you must see that.”

I shake my head. “You don’t see what I see. And you don’t know what I know, Ted. He’s everything to me.”

“He’s nothing,” Teddy insists, becoming more agitated by the second. “Rose, you can’t tell me that he’s not awful to you. You deserve so very much more than some dark, brooding, scum who can’t even produce a single redeeming quality.”

Sometimes I wonder if what Teddy says is right. Sometimes I wonder what sort of malfunction of the heart makes me care for this stupid boy who could rip my world to shreds with a single word, and has on more than one occasion.

“Teddy…maybe the fact that he’s so deeply loved is the perfect saving grace.” Teddy chuckles at me and smoothes a piece of my untamable hair back.

“How very philosophical of you, Rosie Red. And how very mad.”

I sigh, lie back against my pillows, and stare at the ceiling.

“I love him, and that’s that. No circumstances, no maybes, no changes. I’d love that stupid wanker through a brick wall.”

Teddy ruffles my hair and stands before kissing my forehead.

“I suppose everyone needs something to be passionate about. I’ve got to get back to business, but I really am sorry I stunned you. You took it like a champ,” he laughs as I smile back at him.

“Always do, Ted. Always do.” He’s about to leave when I remember one tiny, yet important detail.

“Teddy,” I call out to him as he reaches the door, “you never did tell me what you’re doing here.” He only turns on his famous grin, letting his eyes sparkle an unnerving violet color.

“I’ll see you around, Rosie Red.”  I cross my arms and scowl. What an utter wank. 

The hours are passing painfully slowly, and I’ve taken to staring out the windows at the snow. It just keeps falling, falling, falling, relentlessly, like me for Scorpius Malfoy. Had he really punched out a small governing branch of the Weasley Militia? For…me? The thought that he’d been concerned about me, even waited in the hospital wing, well it’s dizzying. Or maybe that’s just the effects of being hit head on by three fully developed stunners. I don’t really know anymore.

I sigh, my head aching, my body not much better. From what I could tell Scorpius had shown new depths to his already maddening personality. Why he abandoned his usually cool and debonair persona, I can’t quite fathom. He must really be anal retentive about his marks in Potions.

I turn over on my side, painfully lonely in the hospital wing. It isn’t empty, but a small second year with vines growing out of his orifices is hardly much company. I really can’t think of a single good thing that’s happened today.  Besides kissing Scorpius, which now that I take the time to think on it, is very baddy McBadson indeed. But maybe that’s what makes it so good…

ROSE WEASLEY YOU GREAT FOOL,” The silence I was half enjoying and half hating is shattered utterly and completely by a blur of pale white skin and ebony hair.

“Oof!” I grunt as Sarah Samuels flings herself onto my bed and curls up at my side like an oversized cat. “Can I assist you?” I whimper once I’ve got my breath back. And I say whimper because she’s jumped back off the bed and is standing there with her hands on her hips and giving me the oddest glare ever. I mean, this is Sarah we’re talking about.

“Do you know how worried I was?” She taps her foot for emphasis and I shrug. Her amber eyes give a slight twitch to show her distaste. “Well I was worried. Poor Albus nearly had a coronary. He fainted, Rose!”

“It’s not my fault he’s a dramatic little sod. Did you resuscitate  him?” She turns bright pink, nothing on my famously flaming cheeks, but still aesthetic ally pleasing.

“I…I…well what I mean to say is…he’s fine, okay? I’m sure he’ll be by some time tonight.” I grin widely as she stutters.

“When I get out of here, you’re going to tell me exactly what happened.” Sarah shakes her head furiously in protest.

“Nothing happened!” She even puts her hands up in front of her face and waves them back and forth for added effect. I can only raise an eyebrow and call her out.

“Lies, Samuels, lies.”

“No, honestly. I swear. Okay…I mean…I sort of…” The more she stutters, the more I smile.

“Yes, go on.”

“Don’t rush me, I’m telling you aren’t I?”

“Only a little.  Come on, you can do better.” I give her a nudge with my foot and she pushes my toes away.

“Fine. I sort of…well I sort of sat on him.”

“…you sat on him?” I’m not quite sure if I’ve heard her right. I was expecting a little mouth to mouth over here. Maybe that’s just me. I did snog Scorpius while he was most likely knocked out….Merlin I hope he was knocked out.

“Enough with the questions, I’m here for two reasons,” Sarah Samuels holds up two alabaster fingers to demonstrate. Jeez, she is frighteningly pale.  “The first reason, is that I was worried you had gone and gotten yourself killed. But apparently you’re fine, so no big deal.” I give her an undignified snort in reply as she continues.

“Second thing is this: I’ve found you the perfect bloke. Hands down guaranteed to make Scorpius go mad, mad, mad.” Then she flashes me one of those brilliant Sarah-Samuels-smiles and I’m practically flabbergasted.

“Well, who is it?” I demand, sitting up straighter in my cot and leaning towards her. So far my dastardly plot to woo Scorpius Malfoy has pretty much been dormant. Other than making him my slave. And call batty old Professor Trelawney, but I have a feeling that’s not exactly winning him over.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Sarah waggles those freakily white fingers at me, “that’s not for you to worry yourself over right now. We’ll have a meeting once you’re discharged from the hospital wing. Albus has been dying to take minutes.” Dear Lord in heaven, why are my friends so weird?

“Okay –“ I start to say, but she’s already skipping silently out the door. “Bye, Samuels,” I mutter and she waves before making her final exit. Alrighty then…

Before I can lament any longer about once again being deserted, the door swings open. I lift my head up quickly hoping for company. And I’m not disappointed.

“Al,” I whoop, as I throw the covers back and swing my legs over the side of the bed. It’s as if the matron knows my toes are about to touch the floor because she sticks her neck out from her office and glares. “Sorry, sorry,” I quickly apologize, and turn my attention back to my best friend and cousin.

“Rosie,” he smiles back at me and gives me a good clap on the back. “James and Fred are such tools.” I don’t have the heart to tell him that Teddy, practically his idol, was in on my hospitalization, albeit by accident.

“I know,” I nod, just happy to see him. “Did you pass Samuels on your way in?” Albus goes quiet and he clears his throat, cheeks showing some color. “Albus?” I try again, smiling like mad, “Did she sit on you?”

He makes an odd noise and tangles his hand in his hair. “What? No! I mean…I suppose sort of.” I raise my eyebrows at him as he sits on my bed and looks the most confused I’ve ever seen him.

“Albus?” I’ve never seen him look so, so…so odd. He’s looking everywhere but at me and his hand is still stuck in his hair and it looks like he’s searching desperately for words.

“It’s the oddest thing,” he mutters, “she didn’t sit on me, per se.”

“Well how does that one work out?” I’m desperate to know. Albus is acting like he’s been confounded and I’ve got to get to the bottom of this. “Spill. Now.” I dictate. He sighs, never having been one to keep things from he anyways.

“Well, you see I suppose it happened when we got the news you’d been mortally injured.” I scoff and he shoots me a look. Albus hates being interrupted. You’d think he’d have just gotten used to it with me. But I guess not. I put my hands up in mock apology and nodded for him to continue.

“As I was saying, it was right after Professor McGonagall told us you were in the hospital wing, gravely wounded. You know how I get in stressful situations, I panic. I may have fainted, just a tad. But not a lot.” I roll my eyes at him.

“And then, then I’m coming to, and I’m lying on the ground. But as soon as I open my eyes I look up and Samuels is sort of sitting on me, shaking my shoulder, telling me I had to wake up. Her eyes were all watery and misty and they’re really really gold…her hair was all around my face and it smelled nice…”

I widen my eyes as he finishes. “Oh,” is all I can say, beyond surprised. I usually am never caught unaware by Al. But this is a new one.

“Yeah, it was weird. She jumped up really fast and apologized and that was that. She was normal when I just saw her, well as normal as she can be.”

“Oh, Albus.” He may not be able to see it now, but I think my darling cousin might just be on the cusp of his very first ever crush. Oh, Merlin’s bright striped pajamas I hope it’s true. He just needs a little push in the right direction. All in good time, all in good time.

“What Rosie?” I smile at him and lean forward to try and make his hair stop sticking up.

“I’m tired and visiting hours are long since up. Go talk to Sarah about tomorrow’s meeting. Apparently she’s found some bloke.” Al rolls his eyes but smiles anyways.

“Alright, Red. Sleep well,” He gives a jaunty wave and leaves the same way Sarah did. I’m alone once again, it’s dark, it’s quiet, and I’m actually quite sleepy. I settle back into the pillow and pull the blankets up around my shoulders. The second year with the vines growing out of his orifices is making little gurgling noises. I pretend it’s the ocean, and it’s even a little believable.

I’m just about to slip into unconsciousness when I hear the door creak open again. I assume it’s someone who’s gotten sick this evening. I squeeze my eyes a little tighter so I can delve into my dreams, hopefully finding Scorpius there. Sometimes it works. I hear heavy footsteps coming closer, and it’s a little unnerving.

The mattress moves as a weight sits on it, making it squeak. My eyes fly open as I search the dark for whoever is sitting on my bed. It’s nearly impossible to see.

“Who’s there –“ A hand quickly covers my mouth, muffling all sound. It’s a large, warm hand, mostly soft with a few calluses here and there. Definitely a boy hand.

“Stuff it, Weaselette,” a voice says, but it’s soft with no malice. Shivers rocket down my spine. I would know that voice anywhere.

“Scrrffius?” I mumbled from behind his hand. My eyes adjust in the dark enough for me to see his outline as he nods.

“I’m going to take my hand away. Are you going to scream?” I narrow my eyes at him as he moves his hand.

“Why are you going to kill me for getting you beat up?” I whisper and he sniggers under his breath.

“Oh please, I left your cousins and your past lover in worse shape.” I have to admit it, he’s right. I shrug noncommittally, still trying to make my brain work after almost falling asleep.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, shivers still shooting up and down my spine and butterflies running rampant in my entrails. He’s quiet for a second and looks down, fiddling with the bed sheets.

“That is a very, very good question.” He’s mysterious as ever, his stormy eyes locking with mine as I’ve completely adjusted to the dark.

“Yeah…that’s kind of why I asked it,” I whisper, instinctually leaning closer. He stiffens as the space between us becomes less. I look down and frown a little, but try not to let it show.

Before I know it, his hand is holding my chin and forcing my gaze back up. “I’m here about something you stole.” I shudder at his touch; it’s so much warmer than I expected.

“I didn’t take anything,” I protest, eyes wide. He smiles at me then, a perfect smile that goes all the way up to his eyes. I’m like putty in his hands.

“Didn’t you?” He leans closer as he murmurs, “Because I remember quite differently.”

And as quickly as he came does he leave, running a hand through my hair before standing up from my cot and slipping out the door.

And here I am, a puddle of goo and confusion, not knowing which way is up or down. Until I realize one thing quite clearly.

Scorpius Malfoy knows I snogged him senseless. And now he’s going to toy with me until I die.


A/N I'm so so sorry all, I know it's been forever. I've become absolutely ghastly at updates. I still care, I swear I do. 

If you like it, or even if you don't, please review! Thanks!



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